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пятница, 28 декабря 2012 г.

Tragedy in coach’s family caused troubles for Philadelphia Eagles

Garrett Reid, a son of the coach Andy Reid, was found unconscious at his dormitory room. Although Omar Elkhamra, the team doctor of the Philadelphia Eagles, tried to revive him, the efforts of the doctor turned out to be in vain. The county coroner claimed that this young person (29 years old) died of a heroin overdose.
The death of Garrett Reid was a serious tragedy for the family of the coach. Furthermore, the case caused several problems for the Philadelphia Eagles. The football players had to clear themselves from suspicions connected with usage of steroids. Several anabolic steroids were found by police officers in the dormitory of Garret Reid. Moreover, syringes and needles were found in his possession too. The steroids were identified by police. It was reported that Garrett Reid possessed Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Boldenone Undecylenate, Testosterone Propionate and Trenbolone Acetate. Since these medicines were found at Garrett Reid’s dormitory room, several suspicions arose. It was noted that the coach’s son probably provided these forbidden preparations to members of the Philadelphia Eagles. So, the death of Garrett Reid turned out to be a trouble for the total sport organization.
Some of steroids revealed at Garrett Reid’ dormitory room are fast-acting. These medicines are commonly liked by athletes that submit to drug testing. Since they are eliminated from the body in short period of time after application, it is more difficult to catch those who have taken these medicines. Thus, it is suspected that such medications must have been taken by players of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Although suspicions are pronounced, it has not been proven that Philadelphia Eagles dope. It was not revealed yet whether steroids were found in the system of Garrett Reid.
The NFL spokesman assured that he would report when it will be clear whether steroids found in Garrett Reid’s room were linked to Philadelphia Eagles.

Why are college athletes suspected of steroid use?

A few college sportspersons are caught administering prohibited drugs. Does it mean that they don’t take doping products? Less than 1% of college football players have been caught violating anti-doping policies. They have tested positive for anabolic steroids and/or other doping products. Such situation must assure anti-doping agencies that they win in the fight against doping. But certain suspicions appear. It is believed that numerous college football players apply steroids and/or other related medications but they avoid detection successfully.
Why do such suspicions appear? Changes in appearance of college football players lead to controversial points of view. Thus, changes in body weight of more than 61,000 college football players were recently analyzed by the Associated Press. Results showed that many college football players enhanced their body mass in short period of time obviously. Over 20 pounds were gotten by more than 4,500 college football players during a year. Moreover, near 100 persons increased the body mass by over 80 pounds during a year. As you see, the gains were significant.
Some experts affirm that these aspects should not trouble anti-doping officials. They notice that anti-doping officials shouldn’t subject college football players to drug tests only because they have increased body mass evidentially.
But other experts have another opinion. Although they agree that it is impossible to affirm that certain football players have taken steroids and/or other related products, basing only on changes in body mass, they note that the changes may be a factor which leads to suspicions linked with usage of steroids. Thus, such individuals that have enhanced body weight in short time should be subjected to drug testing.
Certain college football players that increased body weight significantly in short period of time were asked about their changes. The sportspersons claimed that they had never applied any banned medicines. They assured that they achieved such great changes naturally. The college athletes noted that they had consumed much food for this need. So, they assured that such great results were reached by them with the help of proper nutrition. According to them, it was not difficult to gain many pounds in short period of time.

вторник, 25 декабря 2012 г.

Ways to stop hair loss while using steroids

Anabolic steroids are widely used in medicine and in bodybuilding and sports. A lot of individuals apply these medications in order to improve their health. These drugs are prescribed to treat certain diseases. Furthermore, many sportspeople and bodybuilders administer steroids in order to increase muscle mass, add strength, restore exercise-damaged muscle tissues, etc. But some persons are not ready to assume certain risks connected with these medicines. It is known that anabolic steroids may lead to some unwanted effects. One of adverse consequences of these products is hair loss. So, several individuals try to avoid administration of anabolic steroids because they don’t want to suffer from this adverse result. Moreover, certain individuals are predisposed to this problem genetically. If they administer some steroids, they may get baldness.
Fortunately, several side results of anabolic steroids may be prevented or at least minimized and treated. As for hair loss, there are certain drugs which can help to prevent this problem. There are also such preparations which have ability to promote re-growth of hair. Those that have to apply steroids may apply certain remedies to prevent hair loss or cause re-growth of hair. Which medicines are useful for this need?
Since hair loss occurs because of increased levels of dihydrotestosterone, several persons take Propecia that blocks dihydrotestosterone and prevents hair loss. But this is not the best product for prevention of hair loss while applying anabolic steroids. Blocking of dihydrotestosterone by this drug may lead to sexual problems.
Rogaine, Retin-A and Lattisse are useful. Rogaine has got FDA’s approval for treatment of hair loss. Rogaine may be taken together with Retin-A or Latisse. Rogaine and Latisse have ability to prevent hair loss that may occur because of anabolic steroids. As for Latisse, it is approved by the FDA for eyelash growth. But it is not approved by the FDA to be used in case of hair loss. Nonetheless, it is stated by several experts that this drug may be applied for re-growth of hair successfully.

Kidney failure in consumers of steroids

Anabolic steroids are frequently blamed for various health problems of consumers. Of course, these medications may cause several adverse results. Nevertheless, steroids are often demonized without any reason. It is affirmed frequently by the media that these medications lead to different health problems, crimes, deaths. But it is important to understand essence of these medications and see when these medicines should not be blamed.
Let analyze 2 situations. One of the cases is related to the former American bodybuilder Flex Wheeler. Another case is related to another former bodybuilder Luke Wood.
The former American bodybuilder Flex Wheeler experienced kidney disorders. He submitted to a kidney transplant. Since he took steroids, the media decided to blame these preparations for kidney failure of Flex Wheeler. In fact, Flex Wheeler had a hereditary kidney disease. Of course, intake of steroids contributed to the complications. But did the bodybuilder apply steroids correctly? Did he follow reasonable guidelines related to dosages and length of usage? No, he didn’t. The bodybuilder administered very enhanced doses of steroids. Furthermore, he used these products long period of time. In addition to these factors, the former American bodybuilder took also other medicines that had negative influence on his kidneys. So, anabolic steroids should not be demonized for Flex Wheeler’s disease.
As it has been already noticed, another case is related to the former bodybuilder Luke Wood. His death followed after a kidney transplant, being a young person. The media also decided to demonize steroids in this situation. It was reported that steroids caused kidney disorders in Luke Wood. But you should be informed that the bodybuilder took not only steroids. He took also insulin, pain drugs, DNP and other products that influenced on the kidneys negatively. So, it is impossible to assure that steroids were responsible for his kidney failure and death.
According to numerous experts, if steroids are administered properly, severe kidney dysfunctions don’t occur.

воскресенье, 23 декабря 2012 г.

Mark McGwire made mistake, when he used steroids

The American baseball player and coach Mark McGwire acknowledged that he had applied anabolic steroids and HGH.
There are various points of view which are related to the baseball player’s admission. According to many persons, Mark McGwire admitted to administering banned medicines because he desired to come back to professional baseball.
Being interviewed, Mark McGwire affirmed lately that he made a mistake when he decided to take steroids. But Mark McGwire noted that he had taken steroids not for enhancement of performance. The American professional baseball player and coach affirmed that he had applied steroids and HGH just for clinical needs.
It is interesting to notice that when Mark McGwire admitted to administering prohibited substances, his fans and other persons were not surprised at all. Why were not they surprised? They knew about it. Certain persons revealed that Mark McGwire took steroids before he admitted. A FBI informant said that the American baseball player had bought Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Equipose and Winstrol from the steroid dealer Curtis Wenzlaff and taken these preparations.
Another person that reported about administration of steroids by Mark McGwire was the “godfather of steroids” Jose Canseco. He noted that he injected Mark McGwire with anabolic steroids. But Jose Canseco was not the first individual that helped Mark McGwire to take anabolic steroids. Jay, Mark’s brother, was the first person who injected the baseball player with anabolic steroids.
Although Mark McGwire acknowledged that he had applied steroids, he said nothing about affirmations provided by his brother, Jose Canseco and the FBI informant. He didn’t disclose whether these statements were true or not.
Mark McGwire notes that he knows that he will never enter the Baseball Hall of Fame. Moreover, the admitted steroid user says that he will never fight to be voted for the Hall of Fame. Mark McGwire expresses respect to all rules related to baseball. He realizes that those that have ever taken prohibited products must not enter the Hall of Fame.

May fungal meningitis be caused by anabolic steroids?

Over 500 individuals were contaminated with fungal meningitis after they had applied Methylprednisolone injections produced by the New England Compounding Center (NECC). Over 30 individuals died from this condition. Nobody must have doubted that the contamination was a great tragedy for certain persons and their families. Nonetheless, anti-doping organizations put efforts to benefit from the situation. What did they do? They began to blame anabolic steroids. It was noted by the media that anabolic steroids could lead to the fatal condition fungal meningitis.
Lately the Bay County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation related to illegal manufacture of anabolic steroids. It learnt that anabolic steroids were produced by certain underground lab in unsterile conditions. The Bay County Sheriff’s Office reported that they conducted the investigation for prevention of contamination with fungal meningitis in future. According to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, if anybody applies anabolic steroids produced in unsterile conditions, he/she may be contaminated with fungal meningitis.
Actually, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office showed own ignorance related to anabolic steroids and risks connected with contamination with fungal meningitis. Someone may get fungal meningitis, if he/she applies drugs that are injected directly into the central nervous system. Methylprednisolone Acetate injections are applied into the central nervous system. That’s why these contaminated corticosteroids led to the fungal meningitis outbreak. As for anabolic steroids, they are not injected into the central nervous system. They are mainly introduced into muscles. That’s why it is impossible to face fungal meningitis while taking anabolic steroids. If you take anabolic steroids which are manufactured in unsterile conditions, you may face some additional health problems. But you will never get fungal meningitis while taking anabolic steroids for medical or even for athletic purposes.  
So, the fungal meningitis outbreak caused by usage of contaminated Methylprednisolone Acetate injections was just a condition to blame anabolic steroids.  Notice, please: Methylprednisolone Acetate is not an anabolic steroid. It belongs to corticosteroids.

вторник, 18 декабря 2012 г.

Admitted steroid user wants to live so, as God says

Tammy Thomas, a former American cyclist, took the steroid THG. As a result, she was suspended from professional sports for the whole life.
Tammy Thomas desired to participate in the 2004 Olympics. That’s why the cyclist decided to use steroids to improve her performance and make her dreams related to the Olympics real. But since she was caught administering banned medications, she was not permitted to compete at the Olympic Games.
Tammy Thomas was charged with lying to the Grand Jury. She turned out to be targeted during the BALCO investigation. It was affirmed that Tammy Thomas didn’t say truth about application of anabolic steroids and getting of THG. While she was accused of lying to the Grand Jury, she presented some arguments in order to defend herself against the accusations.
The American cyclist affirmed that she hadn’t used any prohibited preparation. Actually, she said truth. At that time THG was not written on the list of prohibited drugs. It was claimed to be just an unapproved new preparation. THG was elaborated by the chemist Patrick Arnold.
While the BALCO foundation sold THG to numerous sportspersons, it was stated that Tammy Thomas obtained this product from Patrick Arnold. But the female cyclist denied this statement. Finally, she claimed that Patrick Arnold’s former girlfriend supplied her with THG.
The arguments of Tammy Thomas were not accepted. She was given a home detection of 6 months and probation of 5 years.
Tammy Thomas repented completely. She acknowledged that she acted wrongly. So, she decided to change her life. Being a religious individual, Tammy Thomas believes that God has a plan linked with her life. She claimed that she would do anything in order to act so, as God desires. She founded a fitness center and decided to help others to keep their health.

Mariusz Wach trusted his trainers totally

It was affirmed by the German newspaper Bild that the polish boxer Mariusz Wach violated anti-doping laws. This athlete tested positive for steroids. The drug testing was conducted before the fight between this athlete and the Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klichko.
According to A-sample of Mariusz Wach, he administered steroids. Results of his B-sample are not known yet.
It is interesting to note that the German newspaper Bild announced about the steroid positive of Mariusz Wach before it was done by the German Boxing Federation. Mariusz Kolodziej, the promoter of the boxer Wach thinks that it manifests that the German Boxing Federation doesn’t do its job appropriately. It lacks professionalism totally.
What did Mariusz Wach say in order to defend himself? Actually, Mariusz Wach didn’t try to defend himself. The athlete only said that he had never applied any steroids or other banned preparations intentionally. He even noticed that he didn’t know what he really took. Mariusz Wach cared only about trainings and proper nutrition. When it comes to dietary supplements, they were chosen and provided by his trainers. The polish athlete trusted his trainers entirely. The boxer didn’t even ask which supplements were administered by him. He decided to put the total responsibility connected with supplements on his trainers and he was not interested in the nature of products which were given by his trainers.
Mariusz Wach didn’t want to accuse his trainers of his steroid positive. The polish boxer only revealed the reality.
Thus, it is possible to suggest that Mariusz Wach has applied a contaminated supplement. As you probably know, it happens quite frequently that sportspersons use nutrition supplements that turn out to contain steroidal compounds. Thus, troubles begin.
If Mariusz Wach’s B-sample indicates that the boxer has used banned medicines, he will be probably banned for one year. He will be also sentenced to pay a fine.

понедельник, 17 декабря 2012 г.

It is allowed to take steroids since 18

You may come across numerous articles about dangers linked with intake of steroids by 18-year old boys. It is often claimed that those that are under 21 years old must not administer steroids for performance-enhancing effects. Usage of steroids by 18-year old boys is claimed to be too dangerous for their health. But you should comprehend that there are also other points of view. Several experts affirm that 18-year old boys may use anabolic steroids without any fear to experience serious unwanted reactions. Teenagers are encouraged by such affirmations. They think that if they take anabolic steroids since the age of 18, they are likely to reach great results in professional sports. Is it true? Although it is allowed for boys since the age of 18 years old to administer steroids, it is better for them to avoid taking these products. Why? There are several reasons which are written below:

1. Adolescents don’t become successful athletes with the help of steroids.
Adolescents are informed that numerous professional athletes take anabolic steroids. Teenagers see that these persons have success. Thus, they suppose that sportspersons achieve great success with the help of steroid use. But this is a wrong point of view. Steroids are not mysterious medications which can make any person a professional athlete.

2. Adolescents don’t possess sufficient knowledge about steroids.
Since teenagers don’t have knowledge about anabolic steroids, they apply these preparations wrongly. As a result, they don’t get needed benefits; on the contrary, they may face serious side effects.

3. Adolescents don’t accompany application of anabolic steroids by suitable workouts and nutrition.
Adolescents fail to have proper workouts and nutrition during application of steroids. They should understand that it is very important to have proper workouts and nutrition that are required for their athletic goals.

USADA tries to clean cycling totally

The USADA desires to learn whether you have ever applied anabolic steroids, EPO, HGH and/or other prohibited substances. This fact may surprise you but the anti-doping organization doesn’t plan yet to stop the investigation connected with Lance Armstrong’s doping case. Thus, the investigation goes on. The USADA plans to investigate every cyclist. Especially suspected steroid users will be investigated.
The USADA wants to apply the best ways in order to catch those that have ever taken prohibited medications. What is the best method to clean cycling of steroid use? The USADA tries to define and utilize the best methods. This anti-doping organization is even ready to compare eradication of doping in cycling with that in South Africa.
The USADA affirms that those that take anabolic steroids and other related products should be punished. Consumers of anabolic steroids and/or other performance-enhancing drugs are demonized as if they were criminals. They are often compared with those who commit violence and other serious crimes. Anabolic steroids are harshly blamed in the society. Thus, the USADA suggests that if steroids and consumers of steroids are blamed, it will be easier to elude doping.
Actually, the USADA asks the International Cycling Association to organize a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The commission will investigate different cases connected with doping. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission will try to determine why certain cyclists have taken anabolic steroids and/or other doping products but avoided detection.
Moreover, the USADA promises that “amnesty” will be provided to those who admit to taking anabolic steroids and/or other prohibited substances, ask for forgiveness, repent and tell everything linked with doping to the anti-doping agency, team doctors, teammates, friends, etc. If a former steroid user says just truth, he will get the full amnesty. So, the USADA hopes to clean cycling entirely.
Travis Tygart, the CEO of the USADA, says that there are some cyclists related to Lance Armstrong that have remained undetectable. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission should identify them.

среда, 12 декабря 2012 г.

Adderall is excuse utilized by NFL football players

The National Football League is not allowed to make public details, when players fail drug tests. It is only affirmed that certain persons have tested positive for banned drugs. But the League must not report which substances have been applied by these sportspersons. Thus, some football players cheat about drugs that have resulted in positives.
Why do certain football players choose to cheat about products that have been administered by them? Let explain.
Numerous football players that fail drug tests say that they have administered Adderall. In fact, they have administered anabolic steroids. Why do they affirm that they have tested positive for Adderall? What does Adderall represent? This is a product that is prescribed to treat attention-deficit disorder. But this medicine is taken not just for this clinical need. Athletes and bodybuilders administer this medicine for performance-enhancing effects.
As for steroids, they are widely blamed. Many reporters, specialists, anti-doping officials and ordinary persons say that these medicines are too dangerous. They may lead to different grave unwanted effects. Steroids are demonized even for several crimes. But when it comes to Adderall, this drug is not blamed in the society. So, many football players try to avoid criticism. They don’t want to be demonized for application of such forbidden medicines, as steroids. Since consumers of Adderall are not criticized harshly, football players affirm that they have failed drug tests because they have applied Adderall.
A football player compared this situation with following cases: those that are arrested with cocaine tell others that they have taken marijuana because cocaine is more harshly demonized than the last one.
You should not suggest that every football player that says that he has tested positive for Adderall has really used anabolic steroids. But it is possible to affirm that those that administer Adderall are less demonized than those that take anabolic steroids.

Freddie Roach presents best way to make boxing clean

Freddie Roach is a well-known American trainer in boxing. He coaches the well-known boxer Manny Pacquiao. He says that he knows the best way to eliminate the problem of doping in boxing. According to this coach, strength and conditioning coaches should be blamed for application of steroids and other related substances in this sport. He states that they teach boxers to administer doping products. Thus, the trainer Freddie Roach thinks that it is necessary to get rid of every strength and conditioning coach. It will lead to eliminating of steroid use from boxing.
What does Freddie Roach think about essential changes that have occurred in physique and performance of Juan Manuel Marquez. Actually, there are various opinions about this boxer and substantial changes in him. Numerous individuals believe that he has taken anabolic steroids that have caused these changes in him. When it comes to Freddie Roach, he supposes that Angel Guillermo Memo Heredia has provided anabolic steroids to Juan Manuel Marquez.
Memo Heredia is an admitted steroid dealer. He acknowledged that he had provided steroids to numerous top athletes. Since he collaborated with prosecutors and revealed names of certain sportspersons that administered steroids, he was not charged with any crimes related to distribution of anabolic steroids.
Thus, Freddie Roach states that strength and conditioning coaches like Memo Heredia should be pushed from boxing. It is the best method to eliminate usage of anabolic steroids and other related medications from boxing.
It is interesting to notice that Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach’s client, also has a strength coach. Does it mean that this boxer applies anabolic steroids and/or other related medicines? The trainer Freddie Roach affirms that the strength coach Alex Arizo doesn’t provide steroids to Manny Pacquiao.
Alex Arizo and Memo Heredia are friends. So, Alex Arizo tries to defend his friend, claiming that Freddie Roach’s accusations are not true. In fact, the trainer Freddie Roach says that he doesn’t like to pronounce any accusations related to intake of anabolic steroids and other related preparations. But he has to do it because this is the essence of boxing.
While Alex Arizo affirms that Memo Heredia doesn’t provide steroids to Marquez, Freddie Roach has own point of view. He continues to believe that Marquez is tainted. According to Freddie Roach, dramatic physical transformations of this athlete display that he administers steroids and/or other doping products.

воскресенье, 9 декабря 2012 г.

What do you think about largest arms in world?

The Egyptian bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail has the largest biceps in the world. His name was recorded in the Guinness book of the world records. This guy says that his large biceps are natural. He claims that he has the largest biceps in the world because he has very strict diets and trainings. The Egyptian bodybuilder eats chickens, almonds and fish each day. Moustafa Ismail also consumes much water and protein shakes.
However it is evident that diets and workouts have essential role, many individuals doubt about natural arms of Moustafa Ismail. It is hard to believe that suitable workouts and nutrition can cause such increase in arms. Which factors are responsible for the massive arms of the Egyptian bodybuilder?
When it was published that Moustafa Ismail’s arms were 32 inches, accusations linked with steroid use appeared soon. Some people suppose that anabolic steroids are responsible for the large arms of this guy. What did Moustafa Ismail say about usage of anabolic steroids? He claimed that he had taken anabolic steroids while living in Egypt. Purchase and administration of these products are legal under laws of this country. These products are offered for sale at any pharmacy in Egypt. Furthermore, steroids are cheap there. But Moustafa Ismail said that he had to stop using these drugs, when he moved to the USA. It is know that purchase and usage of these drugs without a prescription are considered to be criminal under laws of the US. These drugs are bought on the black market by those that administer them in the US illegally. So, Moustafa Ismail discontinued applying these drugs after he moved to the USA.
But if even Moustafa Ismail administers anabolic steroids, it doesn’t matter because these products don’t increase arms. They are not responsible for the bodybuilder’s large arms.
There are other remedies that can increase arms. They are called “site enhancement oils” (SEO). Synthol is one of the most often taken SEO. This preparation is administered by bodybuilders. It is administered in order to enhance muscles in circumference. So, it is supposed that Moustafa Ismail administers Synthol. However, the Egyptian bodybuilder claims that he doesn’t use this product.
The bodybuilder affirms that he is hurt by accusations related to anabolic steroids and Synthol. He has been subjected to examination conducted by an independent doctor that hasn’t seen any abnormality in the arms of this person. Thus, it is not clear whether his arms are natural or not.

Nobody should blame legendary American cyclist for doping in pro cycling

However you probably don’t know anything about Scott Mercier, his affirmations related to usage of performance-enhancing drugs in professional cyclist spread very quickly. This man belonged to the US Postal Cycling team before Lance Armstrong’s arrival. Some affirmations of Scott Mercier discovered the truth that was hidden in cycling.
Actually, the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) made incorrect conclusions linked with role of Lance Armstrong in doping. The 7-time Tour de France winner was accused and found guilty of intake of forbidden medicines throughout his cycling career. While it may be true, the USADA claimed that Lance Armstrong induced doping in professional cycling. But these statements turned out to be wrong. Why? Which words were said by Scott Mercier?
Scott Mercier noted that their team doctor Pedro Celaya offered a specific program for the US Postal Cycling team. Pedro Celaya discussed about the program with each rider. Pedro Celaya said that they had to ride 200-250 km each day. Moreover, the doctor organized doping program that had to accompany workouts. So, he supplied US Postal Cycling team’s athletes with steroids, EPO and some other products.
These recommendations were offered by Pedro Celaya, when Lance Armstrong didn’t ride professionally. This man experienced testicular cancer that time. There was no any doubt that Lance Armstrong would not be able to be involved in professional cycling. His cancer spread on other parts of the body, including brain. After this man experienced chemotherapy he got recovery. So, Lance Armstrong didn’t have any relation to the team. He didn’t induce doping in professional cycling. It became obvious that doping was organized by Pedro Celaya before Lance Armstrong’s arrival.
During 1990s professional riders used Andriol. Then they applied testosterone patches. Under indications of Pedro Celaya riders utilized the method of overdosing in order to avoid detection by anti-doping agencies.

вторник, 4 декабря 2012 г.

Melky Cabrera continues his athletic career after ban for steroid use

Usage of steroids and several other products is banned in numerous sports organizations, including the Major League Baseball (MLB). Sportspeople that are caught administering forbidden substances are sentenced to bans, fines, etc. However athletes know about these aspects, many of them continue applying anabolic steroids and/or other prohibited medicines. As a result, certain sportspersons spoil their athletic reputation wholly. Nonetheless, certain sportspeople succeed, if even they are caught by anti-doping officers.
Let take the Dominican baseball player Melky Cabrera as an example. This athlete played baseball for San Francisco Giants. He was considered to be one of the best baseball players. It was believed that he promoted winning evidentially. But after he tested positive for a steroid, he was sentenced to a 50-game suspension.
Melky Cabrera put efforts to modify the decision and appealed it. He tried to prove that a dietary supplement was responsible for his positive. Certain individuals desired to help him in that situation. Thus, a fake site was formed. An advertisement for non-existing supplement was posted. But the trick was unmasked. The athlete had to serve the suspension.
While he was suspended, the San Francisco Giants realized that they could win without him.
Recently Melky Cabrera obtained a $16 million contract. He will play for the Toronto Blue Jays.
 As you see, administration of steroids couldn’t destruct the athletic career of the Dominican baseball player. He continues to play baseball professionally and earn essential sums of money.
This is just an example which displays that usage of forbidden remedies doesn’t destroy athletic careers in some situations.

Spawn sold by Myogenix was made of two steroids

Dietary supplements companies frequently label synthetic steroids as dietary supplements. So, they sell these illicit preparations. They bamboozle the Drug Enforcement Administration and customers that obtain such products. As a result, some sportspersons test positive for prohibited substances while they are sure that they have never administered any steroid or another prohibited product. Dietary supplements companies must be demonized for such conditions.
For example, Myogenix is a dietary supplement company that is located in California. This company acknowledged that they sold a synthetic steroid that was labeled as a dietary supplement. It was called Spawn. Its ingredient were following: 19-Norandrosta-4,9 diene-3,17 dione and 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholanol. So, the supplement Spawn contained two steroids but it was labeled as a dietary supplement.
Myogenix admitted to selling Spawn since 2007 till 2009. The company was enforced to pay a $500.000 fine. Furthermore, the company forfeited $100.000 immediately.
According to the decision of the court, products produced and sold by Myogenix will be tested for 5 years by an independent organization. All new nutrition supplements should be checked scrupulously and approved by the FDA before Myogenix will be allowed to sell them.
Actually, the company Myogenix should be thankful to the defense attorney Rick Collins who has defended the company. He defended the owners and other stuff of the company effectively. Nobody was sentenced to jail. This lawyer was hired to defend also other companies that were linked to the site These companies also were sentenced only to fines and money seizures.

пятница, 30 ноября 2012 г.

American baseball coach Mark McGwire gets his celebrity again

Mark McGwire, an American professional baseball player and coach, gets rid of his past related to application of steroids successfully. He gains his popularity again. This person is actively implicated in professional baseball again.
However Mark McGwire comprehends that he doesn’t have any chance to be introduced into the Hall of Fame, he doesn’t become disappointed. He continues to like baseball.
St. Louis Cardinals were coached by Mark McGwire two seasons. Then Mark McGwire intended to stop coaching this team because he wants to spend more time with his family. Luckily, Mark McGwire will not leave professional baseball in order to have more time for his family. The Los Angeles Dodgers asked Mark McGwire to coach them. Mark McGwire agreed. Coaching this team will not disturb this person to spend sufficient time with his wife and children because he it takes for him just an hour in order to drive from his home to the Dodgers Stadium.
Mark McGwire spoiled his reputation because he had used steroids. After the American baseball player and coach was found guilty of doping he didn’t desire to comment anything about these preparations. However journalists asked him about application of steroids by him and other baseball players, Mark McGwire refused to answer these questions. He affirmed that statements about usage of steroids by other sportspersons could jeopardize his family and friends.  
Finally the American baseball player and coach admitted to using banned medicines. He noticed that he made an immense mistake, using these remedies. Mark McGwire acknowledged that he didn’t act properly. He apologized for violation of anti-doping policy. Then this athlete and coach was allowed to come back to professional baseball. Thus, he started to restore his reputation that was spoiled because of the mistake linked with intake of banned substances.

Sports nutrition stores’ employees offer steroids for sale

Sports nutrition shops offer for sale not only true nutrition supplements. They market steroidal substances as dietary supplements and offer them for sale. But authorities put efforts to control and prevent sale of steroids as if they were true supplements. That’s why clerks of sports nutrition shops distribute steroids illegally. Those that come to such stores are often informed that they may buy steroids too.
 But these factors are known not only by consumers of steroids but also by police. So, law enforcements conduct undercover investigations in order to bust sports nutrition shops that offer steroids for sale. Clerks should comprehend that if a customer desires to obtain steroids, arranging a deal outside the store, he must be an undercover officer. That’s why those that are involved in illicit operations related to sale of steroids should be quite cautious to avoid legal troubles. Although they know about these factors, they make common mistakes which lead to arrests, charges and imprisonment.
Let take as an example a clerk of the General Nutrition Centers (GNC) store located in East Walpole (Massachusetts). George Touma sold steroids along with dietary supplements. When law enforcement officers were informed about illegal actions of this person, they began to conduct an investigation. The investigation lasted about a month and was conducted by The Walpole Police Department.
An undercover police officer came to the store often and purchased dietary supplements. He was talking to the clerk very frequently. Thus, a friendly relation was formed. Finally they discussed about anabolic steroids. The undercover officer said that he would like to purchase steroids. So, he agreed to buy two vials of steroids from George Touma. The agent had to pay $300 for the products. The deal was arranged outside the store. After the purchase had taken place police officers arrested the clerk.
As a result, George Touma was accused of illicit possession and distribution of anabolic steroids.

вторник, 27 ноября 2012 г.

Successful tennis players: anti-doping programs must be modified

Significant changes occurred in some types of sports after the USADA released its dossier on Lance Armstrong. The well-known American cyclist was administering steroids and other related medicines throughout the whole cycling career but he never tested positive for any banned medicine. He used certain effective methods to avoid detection. Nonetheless, finally he turned out to be guilty of doping.
Lance Armstrong’s doping case has demonstrated that anti-doping programs failed. So, they should be altered. Otherwise, competitions will be unfair. We’ll never see real sports heroes.
These factors influenced not only on cycling but also on other sports. Some sports organizations stated that anti-doping programs should be modified in order to catch those that take steroids and/or other related remedies.
Not only anti-doping agencies but also sportspeople consider that anti-doping programs should be changed. Some sportspeople desire to assure that their sport is clean. For example, some tennis players believe that more drug testing should take place in tennis. It is important to mention that such tennis stars, as Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray, think that anti-doping program is not quite appropriate in tennis. They affirm that more drug testing is required in order to be sure that tennis is free of doping.
The Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic stated that he would submit to more drug testing in order to promote cleaning tennis of dopers.
The Swiss tennis player Roger Federer also confirmed that more tests for prohibited products should take place in tennis. He noticed that earlier he was subjected to more tests. Then the number of tests became more reduced in tennis.
When it comes to the World №3 tennis player Andy Muray, he said that more out-of-competition testing should take place. While tennis players are always subjected to drug testing during competitions, they are not tested often while being not in competitions.

What do Patrick Jonker and Julian Dean say about doping in Lance Armstrong’s team?

The USADA has publicized a dossier on the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong.
Which impression do people get, when they study this report? It is claimed that numerous individuals think that every teammate of this well-known cyclist has used steroids and/or other forbidden remedies. But is it true impression? Has each Lance Armstrong’s teammate doped?
According to the dossier on this sportsperson, 11 teammates testified against him, affirming that he doped. Moreover, it was claimed that Lance Armstrong and the most mates of his team used sophisticated ways in order to be capable to dope and avoid detection.
Although some Lance Armstrong’s teammates admitted to applying steroids and/or other related products, certain teammates denied doping. For example, Julian Dean and Patrick Jonker were two teammates of the American cyclist that denied using performance-enhancing drugs.
Julian Dean stated that he neither doped, nor saw Lance Armstrong applying steroids and/or other related drugs.
When it comes to Patrick Jonker, his affirmations were like those of Julian Dean. He affirmed that he had never taken any banned remedies. He confirmed that he competed cleanly and didn’t take any unfair advantage.
According to Patrick Jonker, administration of steroids and other related remedies is a serious problem in cycling. He believes that numerous cyclists dope. He believes that it is important to fight against usage of doping products in cycling. But he confirms that suitable methods should be applied by anti-doping agencies. This athlete is full of anger, talking about prosecution linked with Lance Armstrong.  Patrick Jonker believes that killers are less pursued than the 7-time Tour de France winner.

пятница, 23 ноября 2012 г.

Are steroids able to increase performance of tennis players?

Andy Murray, a British tennis player notes that tennis is not tainted by administration of anabolic steroids and other related products. He confirms that administration of performance-enhancing drugs doesn’t represent any problem in this sport. He claims that tennis is relatively clean. If you compare this sport to others, you can assure that it is free from doping, according to Andy Murray. But the tennis player knows that this sport is not entirely clean. This man admits that some tennis players apply forbidden substances as well.
If you take cycling as an example, you may notice that it is associated with allegations regarding doping by the prominent cyclist Lance Armstrong. Cycling commentators and journalists put efforts to manifest that doping reigns in other sports too. Thus, they try to direct attentions of people from cycling to others sports. They note that intake of steroids and other doping products is a problem not only in cycling. Tennis turned out to be pointed out by them quite frequently.
Andy Murray decided to respond to such critic words. He confirms that steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs don’t play any significant role in tennis. He mentions about differences between tennis and cycling.
According to the tennis player, while steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs benefit in cycling evidentially, these remedies can’t cause any essential changes in tennis players. This person considers that while power that is required in cycling can be acquired by doping, the skills that are needed in tennis can’t be perfected by steroids and other doping products.
In fact, similar arguments are utilized in other sports too. Baseball and basketball players also state that steroids don’t represent any serious problem in their sports because these substances don’t have ability to enhance performance in their sports.
But it is impossible to contest effects of steroids on performance of any sportsperson. Since these drugs can increase strength, speed and endurance, they have significant role in tennis and other sports.

Belarusian laws linked with steroids will be changed

The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is also the president of the National Olympic Committee. He was very saddened after the Belarusian female shot-putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk tested positive for a banned medicine. The president was too frustrated. Lukashenko turned out to be a serious fan of sports. He felt angry that representatives of his country spoiled Belarusian’s sports reputation by positives for forbidden products. As a result, he noted that certain changes would take place.
The Belarusian president stated that it was needed to criminalize intake of forbidden drugs in sports. Thus, sports will be probably clean. This statement was pronounced by the Belarusian president after Nadzeya Ostapchuk was caught taking methenolone. This steroid is better known as Primobolan.
The Belarusian president wants to see that his country succeeds in sports on the international scene. If the president of Belarusia desires to clean his country’s sports, he will be able to do it. Some facts show that this person has reached numerous goals related to his country.
Actually, Alexander Lukashenko is a hard president. He was even accused of rights’ violation. He is able to change the situation in sports by force too.
Alexander Lukashenko doesn’t plan to talk about administration of prohibited products in sports. There are other things which should be discussed, according to the Belarusian president.
Anatoliy Tozik, the Vice-President for Alexander Lukashenko, confirmed that they could form a sports scientific center which would be sponsored by the state. The center would conduct scientific researches related to mental and pharmacological support for top athletes. The president agreed to form this center.
It is not yet clear whether Alexander Lukashenko will clean sports at any cost. Will he utilize his force for this need?

среда, 21 ноября 2012 г.

ITF added some drug tests

David Howman expresses his attitude to anti-doping systems in certain sports organizations. While the director general of the WADA is happy with jobs of certain sports organizations, he claims that anti-doping policies in other leagues/teams are not appropriate.
For example, David Howman praises the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for its anti-doping policy. The director general of the WADA notes that anti-doping system is appropriate in tennis.
But as for the National Basketball Association (NBA), it doesn’t agree to adopt its anti-doping policy to that of the WADA. It doesn’t agree to add certain new drug tests in order to catch those that take steroids and/or other banned medications. That’s why David Howman confirms that the anti-doping system of the NBA is not good enough to catch those who dope. He states that the NBA should add more sophisticated new methods as well.
The director general of the WADA says that drug tests conducted in tennis have high quality. But there is a defect in tennis’ anti-doping policy. Numerous tests take place during competitions. But few tests are conducted out-of-competition. That’s why ITF’s anti-doping system is also criticized.
Undoubtedly, nobody can affirm that anti-doping policy of ITF is perfect. It has some lacks too. But it is quite adequate.
So, you should not think that tennis is clean from doping wholly. Certain tennis players probably apply steroids and/or related products. But it is not as tainted, as some other sports.
 Only one tennis player was banned for application of prohibited substances. However it seems to prove that tennis is not tainted, it is important to consider that there are some ways to avoid positives. As you probably know, the cyclist Lance Armstrong used steroids and other related drugs and avoided detection much time. Couldn’t tennis players dope and use the same methods?

Livestrong suffers because of Lance Armstrong’s doping

The USADA released a dossier related to doping by the famous American cyclist Lance Armstrong. According to the report, this sportsman took steroids and other related preparations. After publishing certain sponsors that donated for Lance Armstrong’s charity organization Livestrong decided to cut their relations with this cyclist and his charity organization.
One of companies that decided to discontinue sponsoring the foundation which fights against cancer is Nike. This company was working much time with the athlete. Ultimately Nike affirmed that it would not have anything longer with the sportsperson who was cheating more than 10 years.
24 Hour Fitness also refused to work with Lance Armstrong anymore.
Certain other companies also made the decision to discontinue sponsoring Lance Armstrong’s charity organization.
However, Lance Armstrong tried to do anything in order to prevent negative influence of his athletic reputation on the organization which helps persons that suffer from cancer to survive. He announced that he would not be the chairman of the foundation anymore. However the sportsperson tried to keep sponsors, he couldn’t do it.
When it comes to the USADA, it affirmed that Lance Armstrong was found guilty of doping. As a result, the sportsman received lifetime suspension. Moreover, he forfeited all 7 titles obtained at Tour de France.
But the International Cycling Union (ICU) affirmed that the USADA made a wrong decision. Although Lance Armstrong discontinued fighting against accusations pronounced by the USADA, the ICU claimed that it would appeal the decision even without involvement of the cyclist.
However Lance Armstrong never tested positive for any forbidden medication, it was concluded that he was guilty of doping. It was confirmed that he used steroids and other forbidden medications but he utilized some simple as well sophisticated methods in order to prevent positives. Thus, he was capable to dope and remain undetectable.
Now Lance Armstrong pays for his cheating. The decision of several companies to discontinue sponsoring his foundation is a great loss for this person.

воскресенье, 18 ноября 2012 г.

Role of steroids in NBA

The director general of the WADA David Howman states that the National Basketball Association (NBA) anti-doping policy is not sophisticated enough to detect those who take banned drugs. He claims that steroid testing conducted in the NBA is not appropriate. While the NFL and the MLB accepted additional tests, the NBA refused to do the same things.
Derrick Rose, a former basketball player, also said that a lot of NBA players applied steroids and other related preparations. This sport is not clean, according to the former basketball player. It is believed that David Howman’s opinion connected with application of steroids in the NBA is resulted from words pronounced by the former basketball player.
The NBA doesn’t desire to adopt its anti-doping policy to that of the WADA. The NBA officers affirm that steroids and other related medications don’t have ability to influence on games and make them unfair. They think that just natural abilities and workouts play role in the NBA. According to NBA officers, steroids and other doping products are not able to increase performance of basketball players. They consider that doping products don’t benefit this sport.
Do NBA officers have a correct opinion? Aren’t steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs capable to enhance performance of those who play basketball? What does the reality manifest? What does scientific literature note about effects of steroids and other related drugs?
Actually, everyone knows that steroids and some other drugs benefit in any sport. They just should be applied properly and accompanied by suitable meal and trainings. These products play great role in sports. It is impossible to doubt about effectiveness of steroids and other doping products in basketball. Affirmations of NBA officers are wrong.
Of course, any league wants to consider that their sport is not tainted. Nevertheless, it is important to see the reality. That’s why David Howman confirms that it is important to conduct more and more sophisticated steroid testing in order to catch those that take prohibited drugs.

Policeman Keith Gidelson distributed steroids and other doping products

Illicit sale of steroids prospers. However law enforcement officers try to prevent illegal production, sale, possession and administration of anabolic steroids, some policemen are also involved in such illegal operations. Furthermore, as it is determined, some police officers mastermind illegal deals linked with anabolic steroids and other related medications.
The former Philadelphia police officer Keith Gidelson pleaded guilty of illicit distribution of anabolic steroids and certain other drugs, such as HGH, IGF-1, anti-estrogen preparations, etc. The preparations which were sold by this man were marketed as Sciroxx products.
Keith Gidelson turned out to be the leader of a drug chain. Thus, he was not selling steroids alone. He was working together with several other individuals, including his wife and two other police officers.
Those who wanted to acquire anabolic steroids contacted the Philadelphia police officer per internet. Thus, customers placed orders for needed anabolic steroids or/and other related medicines. Then these preparations were shipped to the clients.
When shipments arrived, the police officer informed his clients per handy. He called them or wrote messages. That’s why it was easy to bust this illegal drug chain. The Philadelphia police officer talked to his customers about anabolic steroids and other doping products quite openly. As for his co-workers, they discussed about anabolic steroids among them, using several terms.
Such anabolic steroids, as Testosterone Enanthate, Trenbolone Enanthate, Nandrolone Decanoate, etc. were sold by the Philadelphia police officer and his co-workers. These drugs were acquired from China and Europe. Then they were delivered to those that ordered them per internet.  
The police officer will be sentenced in January 2013.

вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

Avoid exceeding speed while having steroids in your car!

Certain bodybuilders are caught possessing anabolic steroids and other illegal medications because they make certain mistakes while possessing these preparations. For example, a bodybuilder intends to apply doping products. He finds a trustworthy online drug store and orders certain medications. Then he pays for these medicines. The products are shipped. The bodybuilder goes to a post office and takes the package that contains the medications which have been ordered by him. It seems to him that everything is successful. The package has not been intercepted. The drugs have not been seized. This man takes the drugs and goes home.
Undoubtedly, this man can’t wait until he arrives home to begin his cycle with these drugs. He desires to be at home, take the drugs and look in the mirror and see wanted results. Thinking about potential effects and improvement of appearance, this bodybuilder violates traffic rules. He exceeds speed because he wants to be at home sooner. Moreover, this man has another problem. He has a suspended driver’s license. When policemen see that he has violated any traffic rule, they stop him. The police officers learn that this man has a suspended driver’s license. They search the vehicle. So, the policemen find that this person possesses steroids and other illegal preparations. This person gets legal troubles. His hope doesn’t become real. He gets problems instead of wanted effects.
 Let take Michael Vazquez of Kenmore (New York) as an example. This person had a suspended driver’s license while violating traffic rules and possessing steroids. Thus, he got legitimate problems. Since he violated certain traffic laws, he was stopped by policemen that saw that he had a suspended driver’s license. When they searched this person’s car, they found that this person possessed steroids, needles and syringes.
So, if you possess steroids and/or other related medicines while driving your car, don’t make common mistakes! Don’t violate traffic rules! Don’t drive with a suspended driver’s license! Thus, you can avoid legal problems.

Numerous supplement stores located in India sell steroids

Sale and administration of steroids without a health care provider’s prescription are claimed to be illegal in India. But illicit distribution and administration of steroids and other related medicines prosper in this country. A lot of athletes obtain these drugs at drug stores and supplement stores and administer them for enhancement of muscles and performance.
When Indian National Team’s sportspersons tested positive for banned products at the 2012 London Olympics, attention of authorities was drawn to drug stores and supplement stores. Local police officers decided to search drug stores and supplement stores regularly in order to control illicit sale of anabolic steroids and other related products. After certain raids some pharmacies and supplement stores had been shut down.
Lately police officers raided a drug store and two supplement stores located in the southern part of India.
The Parola Pharmacy located in Valancherry was raided by law enforcement officers. As it was found out, steroids and other related products were sold at this drug store illegally. Nandrolone phenylpropionate was one of steroids which were found by police officers. Certain other steroids were sold illicitly as well. Thus, this drug store was shut down.
The Health World supplement store located in Kottakkal was also recently searched. Law enforcement officers defined that Methandienone, Equipose, Testosterone Undecanoate and some other steroids were offered for sale at this supplement store. So, it was shut down too.
Another supplement store that was raided was the AM Nutrition store. But it was not prosecuted because no any steroids were found at the store.
Law enforcement officers plan to continue raids. Certain pharmacies and supplement stores may lose their licenses for illicit sale of steroids and other related medications.

понедельник, 12 ноября 2012 г.

Risks associated with Tommy John surgery

High school athletes are ready to do a lot in order to enhance their muscles and improve performance. While several sportspersons try to enhance speed, baseball players put efforts in order to enhance throwing speed.
What do high school athletes really do for this purpose? As you know, a lot of sportspersons administer anabolic steroids in order to get muscles and enhance performance. But intake of steroids and other related products is not the only method which seems to be effective for several athletic needs. Certain high school athletes want to have the operation ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction which is also known as Tommy John surgery.
In fact, high school athletes don’t know about certain aspects connected with Tommy John surgery. They base their opinions on the case connected with the baseball player Tommy John that received UCL damage during a baseball game. After the damage he was very discouraged. Tommy John thought that didn’t have any chance more to play professional baseball. This man came to the surgeon Frank Jobe. The health care provider operated this person successfully. After the surgery the baseball player returned to baseball. Tommy John’s further career was quite successful. Tommy John won numerous games. So, this surgery was called after this person: Tommy John surgery.
When high school athletes learn about Tommy John, they desire to be as good players, as he was. They believe that the surgery promoted winning because this person won more games after the surgery than before. However high school athletes may suggest appropriately, they have some wrong conceptions about this operation. They believe that they may be operated in absence of any damage and improve their performance. But high school athletes don’t consider that nobody can come back to playing baseball soon after such surgery. Certain period of time is required to get recovery. Moreover, it is important to consider that some dangers linked with Tommy John surgery. They may experience permanently stiff elbow. Certain other risks are also associated with this operation.
So, high school athletes don’t understand the essence of this surgery properly. When they have elbow pains, they inform their doctors about this problem, trying to convince them they need to be subjected to Tommy John surgery.

Arnold Schwarzenegger found report about side effects of steroids on his wife’s desk

Maria Shriver didn’t get pregnant during the first three years of her marriage to the famous American bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her mother was in trouble. Since the bodybuilder took steroids, she feared that he could get infertility. That’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mother-in-law gave a scientific report about steroids to her daughter. The report described potential adverse results of steroids, including infertility.
Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that he found this report on the desk of his wife occasionally. So, he studied it. He laughed much. He confirmed that his mother-in-law was out of control.
But the bodybuilder’s mother-in-law troubled without any reason. Her daughter and Arnold Schwarzenegger became parents of four children. Moreover, Arnold Schwarzenegger got a child as a result of his extra-marital relations. Thus, it was evident that steroids didn’t have any negative impact on reproductive system of this man.
Do steroids produce infertility in male users? These drugs suppress natural secretion of the hormone testosterone. That’s why men who apply these preparations may have infertility. But it is necessary to notice that this undesirable consequence is not irreversible. When males stop administering steroids, their natural production of testosterone is restored. So, this unwanted result disappears.  
The autobiography published by Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals many interesting aspects linked with steroids. This bodybuilder applied steroids during his competitive career. Anabolic steroids promoted winning. Usage of these drugs was not banned in professional bodybuilding, when Arnold Schwarzenegger competed.

вторник, 6 ноября 2012 г.

Strategies used to make war on steroids more successful

Timothy Armstrong of the World Health Organization claims that anabolic steroids are dangerous for public health. While these medicines are frequently administered by sportspeople, bodybuilders and ordinary persons for increase of muscles and energy, they may have negative influence on physical and mental health of consumers. Unfortunately, risks linked with these products are not taken seriously. Although numerous experts warn that these medications may cause grave undesirable results, many persons continue to apply them for athletic purposes.
Timothy Armstrong tries to protect public health. He has presented a speech about intake of steroids at a conference organized by the chairman of the International Olympic Committee Arne Ljungqvist. Thus, Timothy Armstrong helps to eradicate illicit administration of steroids.
As for Arne Ljungqvist, he tries to fight against administration of steroids in sports. According to the chairman of the International Olympic Committee, intake of steroids represents a moral problem. Those that apply doping products don’t compete fairly. They take unfair advantage over those who don’t take these drugs. So, they act inappropriately.
Of course, Arne Ljungqvist is happy that Timothy Armstrong is also against usage of steroids. He affirms that anti-doping agencies should work with the World Health Organization more closely. The united efforts will be capable to eliminate application of doping products from professional sports.
Timothy Armstrong claims that anti-doping agencies should have direct relations with law enforcements and customs officers. If they work together, their war on illegal deals linked with steroids and other controlled substances will be more efficacious. They should inform each other about individuals that have something to do with illegal medications. So, they will be able to reach their goals.

Steroid user killed his friend’s daughter

Audrey Allen, an 18-month old child, was killed by Joshua Allen Kruzik.
The little girl was murdered because she cried in the middle of the night. Joshua Allen Kruzik, an US marine, a friend of Audrey Allen’s parents, decided to spend weekends at their friends’ home. Before he came to them, he was at a local bar where he consumed much alcohol. He had to care about the little child, when she cried. But Joshua Allen Kruzik beat the little girl very cruelly. As a result, the baby got multiple serious head injuries. The little girl died at a local hospital.
David Kohn, the defense attorney for Joshua Allen Kruzik, confirmed that steroids were responsible for the aggression of his client. It was stated that the murderer administered anabolic steroids. Before the incident he attempted to discontinue applying these medications but he couldn’t do it. David Kohn affirmed that anabolic steroids caused “roid rage” in Joshua Allen Kruzik. He couldn’t not control his behavior and beat the little girl. According to the defense attorney, Kruzik was unconscious. However he confirmed that his client was ready to assume the total responsibility, he added that he was not guilty.
The victim’s parents also said that the murderer used anabolic steroids. The mother of the little girl affirmed that she had syringes at her home. Thus, she injected Kruzik with steroids, when he came. Certain other individuals also claimed that he took steroids.
It is strange that anabolic steroids are blamed in this case. Are these drugs responsible for the crime? Take in consideration that Kruzen has been drunk, when he has beat the baby!
It is not clear whether the juries will accept the steroid excuse.

воскресенье, 4 ноября 2012 г.

Muscle and strength gains obtained with steroids are much greater than those acquired naturally

Although natural bodybuilders put efforts to demonstrate that they can be as muscular as steroid users, they fail to do it. Even those that have correct nutrition and hard trainings can’t get the same muscle mass and energy like consumers of steroids. Gains that can be obtained because of suitable administration of steroids and other related remedies are much more obvious than those which are acquired naturally.
But you should know that steroids and other doping products can’t increase muscle mass and strength, if consumers don’t have intensive trainings and proper nutrition. However steroids have ability to promote gaining muscles and endurance, it is not sufficient only to administer these drugs. Consumers of steroids must not be lazy individuals. Otherwise, they will fail to acquire desired effects. If consumers of steroids don’t train hardly during application of doping products, they may get additional problems instead of positive effects.
Those that are going to apply steroids in order to get muscles and increase strength should plan their trainings and diets. It is important to train hardly. Nevertheless, it is important to consider that muscles don’t grow, if they don’t have any rest. That’s why it is necessary to have well-planned trainings. Trainings and time of rest should be rotated suitably.
Furthermore, it is needed to plan which kinds of exercises should be performed. Your heart must act properly, if you desire to enhance your muscles with steroids. That’s why cardio exercises should take place 3-4 hours weekly.
Another factor that should be considered is nutrition. Muscles can be increased, if sufficient protein is consumed. Steroids and other related preparations can’t enhance muscles and add energy without usual physiological processes. Keep in mind that steroids don’t work magically! They work through stimulation of natural processes that occur in the body.
If you want to enhance your muscle mass and endurance with steroids, you should study and follow certain guidelines connected with nutrition which are useful for this purpose.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: current bodybuilders take very high doses of steroids

Arnold Schwarzenegger applied anabolic steroids. These remedies helped him to have success. The prominent bodybuilder admitted that he succeeded because of these medications obviously. But he also confirmed that other competitive bodybuilders took these medicines too. He was aware of the fact that all top athletes and bodybuilders used anabolic steroids. If Arnold Schwarzenegger had not used performance-enhancing drugs, other bodybuilders would have had unfair advantage over him.
However the well-known bodybuilder admitted to intake of steroids, he never apologized. Intake of these medicines was not banned, when Arnold Schwarzenegger competed. Administration of steroids and other related preparations didn’t represent any problem in bodybuilding during that time.
Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that he didn’t know about risks linked with intake of these drugs. But he also added that earlier bodybuilders didn’t take increased quantities like current bodybuilders.  That’s why it was not dangerous to administer these drugs.
Nowadays it is important to take in consideration that sportspeople and bodybuilders administer very enhanced dosages which may have negative impact on health. Intake of high dosages normally results in grave permanent undesirable results. That’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger is against usage of steroids for athletic purposes. Quantities which were applied by the prominent bodybuilder were lower by 20 times than those used by current bodybuilders. That’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger worked together with International Federation of Bodybuilders against usage of doping products in professional bodybuilding.

четверг, 1 ноября 2012 г.

Usage of HGH for athletic purposes is illegal

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been originally introduced for therapeutic needs. This medicine is recommended to treat children with growth disorders and grown-ups that suffer from deficiency of growth hormone and associated troubles. But this product is widely abused. Numerous weightlifters and other athletes take this medication for athletic purposes. Under laws of certain countries, including the USA, purchase and usage of this product for non-therapeutic purposes are considered to be illegal.
Although this medication is illegal without any prescription, it is not difficult to buy it. This preparation is widely available at online pharmacies. Moreover, steroid dealers sell this drug. Since the price is not increased, a lot of athletes have possibility to obtain it.
Those who administer HGH illegally abuse also other products. They are not limited just by illegal intake of this preparation. Which products are also used by consumers of HGH?
Some scientists decided to conduct a study connected with illicit usage of HGH. They enrolled 230 weightlifters aged 18-40 into the study. The experts could learn that the most of these weightlifters used not only HGH but also anabolic-androgenic steroids and insulin-like growth factor-1. Furthermore, many of them administered recreational drugs, such as cocaine, ecstasy, etc.
Which dangers are faced by those who take enhanced quantities of HGH prolonged period of time? Unluckily, adverse results resulted from enhanced quantities of this medicine are not studied sufficiently because health care providers usually don’t prescribe enhanced doses.  High measures are commonly taken by those that administer this medication for performance-enhancing effects. But it is known that administration of high quantities during long period of time may result in grave negative results. This preparation may negatively influence on various systems, including endocrine, respiratory, cardiovascular, etc. It is necessary to be very cautious because enhanced doses of this preparation are linked even with cancer.

Bleeding events after tonsillectomies

More and more kids are subjected to tonsillectomies. The number of surgeries in children younger than 15 years old has enhanced substantially.
After tonsillectomy or adenotonsillectomy kids may suffer from vomiting and nausea. So, physicians recommend applying corticosteroids during operations in order to reduce these post-operation adverse consequences.
Unluckily, while corticosteroids decrease risks/severity related to nausea and vomiting, they are associated with some other problems. They may lead to bleeding during and after tonsillectomies. Some researches have manifested that the number of complications after tonsillectomies has increased during certain last years. Since number of tonsillectomies becomes more enhanced, complications occur more often as well.
Some specialists decided to determine whether bleeding occurs after tonsillectomies because of corticosteroids. They attempted to find out whether there is any significant difference in appearing of bleeding between kids who use the corticosteroid dexamethasone during tonsillectomies and those that don’t receive this medicine. Thus, the scientists enrolled over 300 children in the research.
Results of the trial have manifested that bleeding of the levels I and II are enhanced by 5% in those that take a single dosage of dexamethasone during tonsillectomy.
Thus, corticosteroids don’t increase the risk connected with post-operation bleeding significantly. However health care providers doubt about safety of corticosteroids taken during tonsillectomies, they don’t increase severe bleeding events obviously.

понедельник, 29 октября 2012 г.

Steroids’ influence on health of teenagers

Leslie Henderson worries about adolescents. She is troubled because a lot of adolescents administer anabolic steroids which may be dangerous for them. These medications may make adolescents aggressive. Furthermore, steroids may affect various systems of consumers. According to Leslie Henderson, the most dangerous aspect connected with application of these medicines by teenagers is following: these products influence on the brain negatively. They affect not only functions of the brain; they also change the way it works.
Anabolic steroids have been developed in order to treat several illnesses. These drugs have capacity to promote development of secondary male features in males with delayed puberty. They can prevent muscle wasting in individuals that have HIV/AIDS and other health problems. But these drugs are also often abused. They are taken for increase of muscle mass and strength. When health care providers recommend taking steroids to treat certain diseases, they prescribe relatively low quantities that don’t produce grave undesirable consequences. When these drugs are taken for performance-enhancing effects, quantities are enhanced. But it is necessary to know that enhanced dosages may lead to serious undesirable results.
Non-therapeutic application of steroids is very dangerous for adolescents. Their systems have not been yet developed. That’s why these medications may cause irreversible changes in them. Steroids may affect their physical as well psychological health of adolescents. As a result, negative consequences of steroids are seen in them not only during adolescence but also when they grow up. If adult people abuse steroids, they usually don’t suffer from such long-term serious side reactions, as teenagers experience. That’s why Leslie Henderson and other experts confirm that it is important to teach teenagers about negative impact of steroids on them. They should know about all potential risks. If adolescents know about dangerous adverse reactions of steroids, they will probably stop using these medicines for improvement of physique and performance.

Valuable research linked with development of obesity

A new study has showed that glucocorticosteroids induce enhancing fat deposits. These compounds have direct influence on androgen receptors that are responsible for reduction of body fat deposits.
This research may be useful in our era, when numerous people suffer from obesity. According to statements of some specialists, it is necessary to decrease amount of glucocorticosteroids in order to prevent or treat obesity.
When scientists conducted this research, they had the following goal: they attempted to comprehend ways, causes and stages of development of fat deposits. Basing on results of the study, the scientists have affirmed that androgen receptors should be activated in order to lower fat accumulation. So, obesity could be cured even at the early stages of development.
The androgen testosterone binds itself to androgen receptors. So, androgen receptors become able to control creation of muscle mass, increase lean muscles, etc.
According to the scientists, glucocorticosteroids decrease activity of androgen receptors. Thus, they become ineffective to manage buildup of muscle mass and decrease of fat storage. That’s why fat is stored especially in abdominal area.
The researchers suggest that this research has ability to promote developing new ways to treat and prevent obesity. The new methods will be connected with glucocorticosteroids and androgen receptors.

вторник, 23 октября 2012 г.

Health of steroid users may suffer because of new amendment to steroid law in UK

British citizens are not allowed to order steroids at online pharmacies. Importation of steroids into the UK is claimed to be illicit under a new amendment to the steroid law. Those who live in the UK and import steroids into the country are sanctioned by authorities. But British people may freely purchase, possess and use steroids.
According to the “personal custody”, those who arrived to London for the Olympics were allowed to import steroids for self-administration. It was not considered to be illegal under British laws. Nevertheless, those who live inside the UK don’t have any right to purchase steroids at online pharmacies and import them from other countries to the UK.
Earlier British people were allowed to purchase steroids from outside the country. The amendment was presented by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) in order to protect health of those that administer steroids. But could the amendment do it?
Numerous underground labs produce anabolic steroids inside the UK. They prosper on account of the amendment. But it is necessary to take into account that many underground labs produce steroids of low quality. So, British people have to purchase steroids of low quality because it is forbidden to import steroids that are produced outside the country by safe pharmaceutical companies.
The government warned Needle-Syringe Program (NSP) workers that they would have to work more. It was claimed that the amendment would increase the number of steroid users.
Actually, the amendment is likely to have negative influence on health of steroid users. Steroid-using sportspersons and bodybuilders may get grave side reactions because they switch from quality steroids produced by trustworthy pharmaceutical companies to worse preparations produced by underground labs located in the UK.

Wikipedia is guide of feds on steroids

Federal prosecutors don’t have sufficient knowledge about anabolic steroids, however they pursue those that manufacture, administer and/or sell these preparations. They don’t study scientific literature about these medicines. The government uses information which is provided in Wikipedia. Although federal prosecutors speak about undesirable consequences of steroids, they don’t know about these conditions sufficiently. Citing statements about steroids provided in Wikipedia, they punish consumers/manufacturers/distributors of these drugs, confirming that these medicines represent evil.
Certain important questions appear here: Is it correct to base upon statements presented in Wikipedia in such cases? Are these affirmations true? Aren’t they exposed to manipulations? Aren’t they mixed with individual opinions of sponsors?
Maurice Hall, the associate professor of communication and culture at Villanova University, says that it is not reasonable to base wholly upon statements written in Wikipedia. He claims that Wikipedia serves a good guide for footnotes. But information presented in Wikipedia may be not true entirely.
For example, when John Isaac Hudelson was sentenced to prison, federal prosecutors based their conclusions linked with illegal operations of this person upon affirmations cited from Wikipedia. Federal prosecutors affirmed that Hudelson deserved to serve 47-54 months in prison because he applied and distributed steroids. Stephen Greubel, the defense attorney for Hudelson, argued that 47-54 months in jail were too much for his client. He noted that Hudelson distributed steroids, preparations which differed from such drugs, as amphetamine, methamphetamine, codeine, morphine, etc. The defense attorney noticed that steroids didn’t lead to addiction.
Federal prosecutors confirmed that John Isaac Hudelson manufactured, applied and distributed steroids to his friends. They confirmed that while steroids didn’t cause addiction, desire to be muscular could be addictive. Moreover, they added that steroids could lead to severe adverse results. All statements of feds were based upon those written in Wikipedia.
Finally, the government sent Isaac John Hudelson to 37 months in prison.

среда, 17 октября 2012 г.

Tyler Hamilton provides ways to use steroids and remain undetectable

Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle have published a book about administration of EPO and anabolic steroids. Tips given in the book can prove that the prominent cyclist Lance Armstrong applied forbidden medicines. The book has the following title: “The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at all Costs”. The book contains instructions linked with intake of EPO and steroids in cycling and ways to avoid detection. It shows that drug testing is ineffective in this sport.
Tyler Hamilton confirms that sportspersons can take steroids without being detected. The author affirms that the WADA doesn’t have any possibility to win. Hamilton describes weakness of the WADA in testing athletes for forbidden medicines.
According to Tyler Hamilton, it is easy to avoid detection while applying EPO. It is needed to apply the procedure “microdosing”. What does it actually represent? Sportspersons should not inject 2,000 Units of EPO under the skin every 3-4 days. They should introduce 400-500 Units of EPO each 3-4 nights into veins. This method is named “microdosing”. Utilizing this way of intake, cyclists can avoid detection without any significant effort.
Since microdosing is a suitable way to avoid detection while administering EPO, this way must be appropriate in case of steroid use too. Thus, Tyler Hamilton supposes that cyclists and other sportspersons can avoid detection while taking anabolic steroids. He presents guidelines on this issue in details in the book.  The author explains how it is possible to hit tests of anti-doping agencies.
In fact, it is unlikely that guidelines provided in Tyler’s book will modify essence of cycling. While introduction of the biological passport into anti-doping system can’t stop doping, elaboration of microdosing into usage of EPO is not the new beginning of doping in cycling. Instructions of Hamilton may modify just the nature of doping in this sport. Usage of doping products is a part of cycling. Let notice the truth. Like there is no Santa Claus, there is no clean sport at the high level.

Steroid use for medical and athletic needs

There are three groups of steroids: corticosteroids, estrogens and progestogens, and anabolic-androgenic steroids.
Nature of corticosteroids is similar to that of hormones produced in the adrenal cortex. Corticosteroids may be in form of creams, ointment, inhalation preparations, etc. They are taken to treat inflammations, allergic reactions, diseases of respiratory, nervous, musculoskeletal and other systems.
Estrogens and progestogens represent female sex hormones. These compounds promote developing female secondary features. Birth control pills contain these substances.
Anabolic-androgenic steroids represent products which are also widely utilized in medicine. They can treat several types of breast cancer, testicular cancer, anemia, etc. These drugs are often prescribed to get better and faster recovery after several operations. Burn victims, persons with HIV/AIDS administer anabolic-androgenic steroids in order to prevent muscle wasting. Some steroids are also prescribed for treatment of osteoporosis. These medications are also prescribed for treatment of infertility.
Moreover, anabolic-androgenic steroids are applied for athletic needs. These products can create muscles and increase strength. That’s why a lot of athletes and bodybuilders administer them for performance-enhancing effects. Some anabolic-androgenic steroids are able also to burn fat, making muscles distinctive.
Intake of anabolic-androgenic steroids for non-therapeutic needs is forbidden under laws of some countries. Those who manufacture, sell, buy and use these products illegally may be sentenced to prison and/or fines. These medicines belong to illicit preparations in several countries because they may lead to different adverse reactions. While certain unwanted effects are insignificant and disappear after discontinuation of application, others are sever and even irreversible. Those that desire to obtain positive effects, using steroids for clinical purposes, should apply these preparations under recommendations of doctors.

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Anna Watson refuses to take steroids

When it is mentioned about cheerleaders, we imagine active and thin women. But we have to realize that sometimes the reality differs from our imagination. The cheerleader Anna Watson is an example in this situation. She has great muscles. But she is very nice.
A fitness modeling agency offered her a $75000 contract. But she refused to get it. Actually, it is surprisingly because numerous ladies dream to obtain such contracts. But she didn’t want to obtain it because she had to take steroids for this need.
When Anna Watson began to study at Hawaii Pacific University, she started weight lifting. She trained hardly and consumed about 3000 calorie per day. Finally she had ability to lift 230 pounds. But her weight was not enough to get a modeling fitness contract. Although she ate much protein, she could not gain required pounds.
A modeling agent said that Anavar could help her to add weight. Anna Watson needed to get 50 pounds in order to obtain the contract. Thus, she began to apply the steroid Anavar in order to increase body weight. The cheerleader was eating “forever”, even if she wasn’t’ hungry. Despites of her efforts, nutrition regimen and application of the steroid Anavar, she could not gain 50 pounds. The cheerleader got just 10 pounds.
Anna Watson is a religious person. She belongs to a local church. Finally, she made a decision to ask a weight lifting champion for advice. Hugh Kirby who is also a member of the church has advised her to stay far from intake of steroids. He mentioned that these drugs could cause different adverse reactions. This person also added that steroids could lead to infertility. Thus, Hugh Kirby claimed that it would be better to refuse the contract instead of experiencing health problems, especially infertility.
Thus, Anna Watson didn’t agree to obtain the contract. But she decided not to leave her trainings. Anna Watson dreams to become a personal trainer.
In fact, the cheerleader made an appropriate decision. It is reasonable to keep female characteristics without a modeling contract instead of having the contract and suffering from signs of masculinization owing to intake of steroids.

Steroid dealers should be punished more harshly

However it is illegal to distribute anabolic steroids in some countries, several steroid dealers are not sanctioned appropriately. For example, recently two individuals who sold steroids illegally didn’t go to jail. They were sentenced only to work several hours. However these individuals advertised and sold steroids online, they avoided prison successfully. These individuals distributed products that could destroy health of users. That’s why they had to be sanctioned more harshly.
A lot of consumers of steroids don’t know anything about risks connected with them. They don’t know that intake of steroids may cause several health troubles. It is necessary to take into account that some steroids are aromatizable. It means that they may convert into estrogen, enhancing levels of this hormone. As a result, male users of such steroids may suffer from gynecomastia, fat accumulation, fluid retention, etc. Undoubtedly, gynecomastia is very unpleasant effect for men. Sometimes it can’t be treated with medicines. Thus, it may require a surgery.
Some steroids are dangerous for females. They may lead to masculinizing effects in them. So, certain females that administer androgenic steroids have deep voice, hirsutism, male-pattern baldness, menstrual irregularities, infertility, etc.
Many steroids may influence on liver negatively. They may cause liver disorders. If anyone has had liver troubles before intake of steroids, these preparations may lead to severer complications.
Nonetheless, nobody can doubt about positive effects that can be gotten owing to application of steroids. These products induce developing new muscle tissues. They also enhance existing muscles. Furthermore, these medicines help to gain strength. Certain steroids promote fat burning, making muscle harder.
Although possible positive effects of steroids are amazing, it is necessary to consider possible adverse effects. It is stated that steroids may lead to depression and uncontrolled aggressiveness. Thus, several users of these medications commit various crimes. While several consumers may commit suicides, others violate, murder other individuals.
Steroids may lead also to other adverse effects that are not noted in the article. People should be aware of what they use. Those that distribute these preparations illegally should be punished appropriately.

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Football is not “clean”

Numerous articles report about administration of steroids in baseball. Sportswriters and reporters describe steroid scandals which take place in this sport. It is often discussed about steroid era in baseball. MLB players are subjected to numerous drug tests. It seems that every individual interested in sports demonizes baseball players for intake of doping products. Do just baseball players use steroids and other related preparations? What do you think about football players? Don’t they dope? Why do we demonize only baseball players for intake of banned medications?
Application of doping products is widespread among football players. Since 1960s administration of performance-enhancing drugs plays a great role in this sport. It is impossible to imagine football without application of steroids and other related medicines.
Strength and size are substantial features in football. Some people believe that football players have great strength only because of intensive trainings and appropriate diets. But it is a wrong point of view. A lot of football players use banned substances in order to obtain strength and increase muscle size.
As you see, usage of forbidden medications is widespread in football. Nevertheless, baseball players are more widely blamed for administration of steroids and other related medications. Such baseball players, as Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were exposed to public shame on account of doping. But such football players, as Lyle Alzado, Shawne Merriman, Chris Cooper and Thomas Romanowski, also administered banned drugs. Nonetheless, they were not so widely demonized, as dopers in baseball.
Furthermore, it is necessary to take in consideration that administration of steroids is related to more risks in football.
It is confirmed that football is unlikely to be cleaned from doping.

Steroids are dangerous for teens

Adolescents’ addiction to anabolic steroids becomes a significant problem today. Why do teens take these medications? They do it in order to enhance their muscles, reduce fat deposits and add definition to muscles. They want to be more attractive. Actually, adolescents use these medicines because they desire to look like models, sports figures and heroes. Since teens want to be celebrated so, as well-known sportspersons are, they try to improve their physique and performance with anabolic steroids.
But teenagers don’t take into account several important factors in this situation. Firstly, professional athletes and bodybuilders ask doctors for recommendations. Thus, doctors indicate how they should take steroids. That’s why usage of anabolic steroids by celebrated sportspeople is relatively safe. When it comes to teens, they don’t know what they administer; they don’t know how steroids should be used. Secondly, the process of development is not over in teens. That’s why steroids may be dangerous for them. Anabolic steroids may destruct functions of reproductive, cardiovascular and other systems in adolescents.
Unluckily, a lot of adolescents apply anabolic steroids. Certain surveys of the Michigan University show that the number of steroid users in high schools continues to grow.
Furthermore, it is not a problem to purchase these preparations. High schools students obtain steroids without essential efforts.
As a result, some adolescents become addicted to steroids. While several teens try to cease administering these medications, they can’t do it. In fact, it is quite difficult to get rid of this addiction. Addicted steroid users can’t stop using these preparations without help of high-qualified specialists. They must stay in special centers of rehabilitation where well-trained experts help them to get rid of the addiction.
It is necessary to educate adolescents about dangers linked with anabolic steroids. Teens must know not only about benefits of these products. They should be taught also about negative effects of these medicines. If schoolchildren and high school students are not educated about dark sides of steroids, they will take these products. Ultimately, their systems will be destructed. If the society doesn’t care about adolescents, they will experience many health problems.