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вторник, 16 октября 2012 г.

Steroid dealers should be punished more harshly

However it is illegal to distribute anabolic steroids in some countries, several steroid dealers are not sanctioned appropriately. For example, recently two individuals who sold steroids illegally didn’t go to jail. They were sentenced only to work several hours. However these individuals advertised and sold steroids online, they avoided prison successfully. These individuals distributed products that could destroy health of users. That’s why they had to be sanctioned more harshly.
A lot of consumers of steroids don’t know anything about risks connected with them. They don’t know that intake of steroids may cause several health troubles. It is necessary to take into account that some steroids are aromatizable. It means that they may convert into estrogen, enhancing levels of this hormone. As a result, male users of such steroids may suffer from gynecomastia, fat accumulation, fluid retention, etc. Undoubtedly, gynecomastia is very unpleasant effect for men. Sometimes it can’t be treated with medicines. Thus, it may require a surgery.
Some steroids are dangerous for females. They may lead to masculinizing effects in them. So, certain females that administer androgenic steroids have deep voice, hirsutism, male-pattern baldness, menstrual irregularities, infertility, etc.
Many steroids may influence on liver negatively. They may cause liver disorders. If anyone has had liver troubles before intake of steroids, these preparations may lead to severer complications.
Nonetheless, nobody can doubt about positive effects that can be gotten owing to application of steroids. These products induce developing new muscle tissues. They also enhance existing muscles. Furthermore, these medicines help to gain strength. Certain steroids promote fat burning, making muscle harder.
Although possible positive effects of steroids are amazing, it is necessary to consider possible adverse effects. It is stated that steroids may lead to depression and uncontrolled aggressiveness. Thus, several users of these medications commit various crimes. While several consumers may commit suicides, others violate, murder other individuals.
Steroids may lead also to other adverse effects that are not noted in the article. People should be aware of what they use. Those that distribute these preparations illegally should be punished appropriately.

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