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пятница, 29 марта 2013 г.

Tony Thompson expresses his thoughts about doping

Steroids are widely used around the world. While several individuals administer these preparations in order to treat some illnesses, others take them in order to increase muscle mass, get strength, decrease fat deposits, etc. Of course, nobody will be ever able to contest positive results that can be achieved with the help of these medications. But it is necessary to take in consideration that steroids cause adverse effects along with benefits. That’s why those that plan to use these products should study probable dangers before they begin to use these medicines.
Knowing about potential risks, you can find several methods in order to avoid or decrease them. Those that have ever administered anabolic steroids know that some of them convert into estrogen in the body, leading to such adverse reactions, as water retention, gynecomastia, fat accumulation, etc. Anti-estrogen preparations can prevent or at least to reduce severity of these health problems. Anabolic steroids also suppress natural production of testosterone. Fortunately, there are certain remedies that can restore this process.
Besides of medications, there are also other ways to avoid or minimize side consequences. Doses should be reduced; cycles must not be prolonged; proper stacks should be chosen, etc.
While some undesirable consequences of anabolic steroids are obvious, others can be detected only with the help of lab tests. So, steroids may increase hematrocrit levels. This unwanted reaction is quite dangerous. Elevated hematocrit levels lead to other serious undesirable effects. Persons with this problem may face illnesses of cardiovascular system and problems connected with blood circulation. Even heart attack and death may occur because of elevated hematocrit levels. That’s why it is needed to check hematocrit levels while administering steroids.
If a consumer of steroids learns that he/she has elevated hematocrit levels, this individual should consult his/her treating doctor. Usage of steroids must be stopped. Doctors appoint products for reduction of hematocrit levels. Thus, hematocrit levels should return to their normal levels. Otherwise, additional problems will appear.
Hematocrit levels should be kept within normal range. There are certain simple rules that should be kept by athletes for this purpose. Those who train intensively should drink much water. Furthermore, it is recommended consuming grapefruit. It is stated that this fruit contains a compound that can reduce high hematocrit levels.
In case you want to avoid having elevated hematocrit levels, don’t administer steroids!