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пятница, 29 марта 2013 г.

Tony Thompson expresses his thoughts about doping

Steroids are widely used around the world. While several individuals administer these preparations in order to treat some illnesses, others take them in order to increase muscle mass, get strength, decrease fat deposits, etc. Of course, nobody will be ever able to contest positive results that can be achieved with the help of these medications. But it is necessary to take in consideration that steroids cause adverse effects along with benefits. That’s why those that plan to use these products should study probable dangers before they begin to use these medicines.
Knowing about potential risks, you can find several methods in order to avoid or decrease them. Those that have ever administered anabolic steroids know that some of them convert into estrogen in the body, leading to such adverse reactions, as water retention, gynecomastia, fat accumulation, etc. Anti-estrogen preparations can prevent or at least to reduce severity of these health problems. Anabolic steroids also suppress natural production of testosterone. Fortunately, there are certain remedies that can restore this process.
Besides of medications, there are also other ways to avoid or minimize side consequences. Doses should be reduced; cycles must not be prolonged; proper stacks should be chosen, etc.
While some undesirable consequences of anabolic steroids are obvious, others can be detected only with the help of lab tests. So, steroids may increase hematrocrit levels. This unwanted reaction is quite dangerous. Elevated hematocrit levels lead to other serious undesirable effects. Persons with this problem may face illnesses of cardiovascular system and problems connected with blood circulation. Even heart attack and death may occur because of elevated hematocrit levels. That’s why it is needed to check hematocrit levels while administering steroids.
If a consumer of steroids learns that he/she has elevated hematocrit levels, this individual should consult his/her treating doctor. Usage of steroids must be stopped. Doctors appoint products for reduction of hematocrit levels. Thus, hematocrit levels should return to their normal levels. Otherwise, additional problems will appear.
Hematocrit levels should be kept within normal range. There are certain simple rules that should be kept by athletes for this purpose. Those who train intensively should drink much water. Furthermore, it is recommended consuming grapefruit. It is stated that this fruit contains a compound that can reduce high hematocrit levels.
In case you want to avoid having elevated hematocrit levels, don’t administer steroids!

Why are high hematocrit levels dangerous for health and life?

Tony Thompson, a boxer, states that steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs should be permitted in boxing. The athlete claims that anti-doping laws and gun laws are identical. Who doesn’t break gun laws? Only good guys do it. As a result, good guys are at a disadvantage. So, the similar situation is linked with anti-doping laws. Just honest athletes don’t use anabolic steroids and/or other performance-enhancing drugs. So, they fight with those that have enhanced their performance with the help of anabolic steroids and other related medications.
It is stated that anabolic steroids are prohibited in sports because they are dangerous. What would you say about boxing in itself? Is boxing safe? The answer is evident.
But it is also claimed that it is necessary to ban steroids and other related drugs in order to make boxing safer. Anabolic steroids and other doping products increase performance. The more increased performance is, the more dangerous rounds are. Although it is true, would you ban anything that promotes performance of boxers? So, you ban anabolic steroids because they enhance performance. Then prohibit trainings as well since they promote performance too! Thus, you will reduce performance while reducing possible risks. What do you think about this condition?
The boxer Tony Thompson also adds that detection tests are not efficacious at all. While a lot of athletes take banned medications, only some of them are caught and suspended. Thus, dopers have unfair advantage over those that obey anti-doping rules. There is no fairness.
Of course, arguments provided by Tony Thompson are reasonable. Anti-doping rules make matches more unfair. Moreover, the prohibition of doping doesn’t make fights safer. Numerous boxers continue to administer anabolic steroids and/or other prohibited substances without being detected. They continue to fight and succeed with the help of doping, while honest guys are at a disadvantage because they keep anti-doping rules.
So, if doping is permitted in boxing, matches will be fairer. Undoubtedly, they will remain unsafe. But they will be at least fair.
The boxer Tony Thompson has been harshly criticized for his statements pro legalization of doping in boxing.

четверг, 21 марта 2013 г.

Athletes dope from ancient time

Steroids are regularly applied by sportspersons, bodybuilders and by ordinary persons. Since these products are prohibited in sports, doping scandals appear each day. Other remedies are applied along with anabolic steroids. A lot of sportspersons are inclined to apply heroin. You would probably wonder why heroin is used in sports. It is believed that heroin is applied by sportspeople for relief of pain.
Studying history of doping in sports, you can notice that athletes are ready to utilize many strange things, if these remedies have capacity to increase muscle size, reduce fat deposits, add strength, speed recovery from injuries and relieve pains. Gorgets and pickle juice represent only some remedies which are utilized along with steroids.
Doping is not a new factor in sports. Sportspersons dope from ancient times. They put efforts to introduce new remedies that can help them to reach several goals through enhancement of performance. It is frequently claimed that sports are good for health. Athletes and bodybuilders are normally viewed as healthy persons. But it is a wrong opinion. Sports are associated with some dangers for health. Sportspersons push their bodies till limits. They apply several dangerous remedies which promote their succeeding, acquiring awards and getting money. Although certain sportspersons achieve splendid results linked with prizes, they ruin their health essentially. Some sportspersons and bodybuilders even apply such preparations that threaten to life. They do it in the name of physical performance and success in sports.
However new remedies for increase of performance appear, you probably notice that the most of scandals are related to steroids and growth hormones. While several preparations appear and disappear quickly, steroids are unlikely to disappear. Although anti-doping officials try to eliminate intake of steroids from sports, their efforts turn out to be unsuccessful. While anti-doping agencies introduce more efficacious tests for detection of steroids and other related medications, athletes and bodybuilders find more sophisticated methods to dope and avoid detection. So, many athletes dope while not being caught by anti-doping agencies. Nobody can contest that anabolic steroids and certain other performance-enhancing drugs are widely abused in the world of sports and bodybuilding. Usage of steroids is unlikely to be eliminated from sports.

Did steroids cause aggression in Oscar Pistorius?

Oscar Pistorius acknowledged that he had shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. But the sportsman claimed that he had killed her because he had mistaken her for a thief.
Police officers try to define why the Olympic athlete really shot his girlfriend. They discovered steroids at the athlete’s home.
Since anabolic steroids have been discovered in Oscar’s bedroom, it would be possibly argued that steroids caused uncontrolled behavior in the sportsman. Steroids would be demonized for the murder.
In fact, you should understand that it is quite hardly to state that anabolic steroids are responsible for aggression and violent behavior. Studies related to this issue are quite limited. According to results of several studies, users of steroids are predisposed to aggression, paranoia, jealousy, etc. It is stated that those that use steroids are more likely to be involved in crimes than those that have nothing to do with these medicines. But it is important to take in consideration that steroids may just contribute to aggression. Just these medicines alone can’t lead to aggression. They turn out to be just contributive factors. Other factors should be also present in order to cause aggression. Circumstances play great role in such situations. Thus, it is even impossible to determine whether anabolic steroids cause aggression or several circumstances. Cases should be reviewed as a complex of steroid use and circumstances.
It is also stated by experts that high levels of testosterone are linked with aggression in several persons. Thus, it is important to notice here that while certain persons with enhanced levels of testosterone experience aggression, others with elevated testosterone levels are not predisposed to uncontrolled aggression. This condition differs from one person to another.
You can see that the connection between intake of steroids and violence is a complicated issue. Specialists have not studied this condition well enough to engage it. So, if defense lawyers of the Olympic athlete desire to argue that steroids have made their client to murder his girlfriend, they should understand that they are going to utilize controversial affirmations.

пятница, 15 марта 2013 г.

Collaboration of drug manufacturers with anti-doping officers

Today numerous drug manufacturers are ready to cooperate with anti-doping officers in their fight against intake of forbidden drugs in sports. It sounds strange but it is the reality. In fact, if you look at the fate of EPO, you can comprehend why pharmaceutical companies agree to support efforts of anti-doping officers. EPO is really an effective remedy for treatment of anemia. A lot of persons with anemia that have used EPO have been treated. But what do you think while hearing about this drug? Almost every individual associates this remedy just with doping in sports. This medication has been abused by the American cyclist Lance Armstrong that has cheated the whole world. Thus, EPO is associated just with cheating, disgrace, etc. Looking at this situation, pharmaceutical companies try to “defend” their drugs from the similar fate. That’s why they work together with anti-doping agencies.
Although several pharmaceutical companies began to cooperate with anti-doping agencies earlier, sometimes there were certain problems between them. Anti-doping officers criticized some pharmaceutical companies for their links to doping.
Nowadays relations between anti-doping officers and pharmaceutical companies are better. Pharmaceutical companies share detailed information about new products with anti-doping agencies. It is valuable information for development of detection tests for these products. While anti-doping agencies find out how drugs are manufactured, how they pass into body, how they work in the body, they can elaborate more efficacious tests for these drugs.
For example, the pharmaceutical company Roche that developed the medication CERA helped anti-doping agencies to introduce a detection test for it. Later other drug manufacturers followed the example of Roche. The pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline went so far, as it sponsored an anti-doping lab during London Olympics.
While relations between anti-doping officers and huge pharmaceutical companies become stronger, smaller drug manufacturers started to cooperate with anti-doping agencies too. While previously pharmaceutical companies haven’t wanted to discuss about their relations with anti-doping officers publicly, now they don’t fear to announce about this condition.

Anti-doping rules are illogical in sports

It is not necessary to subject sportspersons to tests for doping substances. A lot of cases manifest that tests for forbidden medications aren’t effective. Furthermore, it is important to understand that application of tests by anti-doping officials is not logical at Olympics. The main purpose of Olympic athletes is following: to become faster, stronger and to be at the highest level. Thus, why should you keep athletes far from medicines which could help them to achieve this result?
As you know, steroids and other related medicines increase performance. Thus, athletes should be allowed to administer these remedies in order to increase physical performance.
A lot of individuals say that anabolic steroids and other doping products make competitions unfair. Is this opinion true? No, it wrong. You should recognize that tests for anabolic steroids and other related medications make competitions unfair. Numerous sportspersons apply performance-enhancing drugs while avoiding detection. Thus, several athletes apply steroids; others don’t violate anti-doping rules. As a result, users of doping products have unfair advantage over non-dopers. It’s unfair. Let all athletes have similar access to performance-enhancing drugs. Thus, competitions will be fairer.
But discussing unfairness in sports, you should not forget about other conditions which have more essential impact of fairness/unfairness than steroids and other related medicines. Certain athletes live in developed countries; others are in less developed countries. Some sportspersons have money to purchase necessary equipment; others can’t afford it. Several countries can sponsor athletes, coaches, sport physicians and managers; others are not able to do it. So, unfairness should be discussed here.
Olympic athletes spend much time while training. They sacrifice time, money, etc. That’s why it is illogical to suspend those that are caught applying steroids and other doping products.
While sportspeople are sentenced to bans for usage of steroids and some other chemical substances, they are never suspended for usage of herbs and certain potions. It is claimed that steroids and other chemical substances are suspended in sports because they can enhance athletic performance. But what is for herbs and potions? They are also capable to increase strength. Nevertheless, these remedies are not prohibited in sports.  Chinese sportspersons use herbal remedies and win.
Of course, you may claim that anabolic steroids and certain other products may result in severe adverse effects. Undoubtedly, some banned products may cause serious health troubles. But those that plan to take these medications do own research. They are aware of possible dangers. Let sportspersons decide whether it is worthy to use such preparations. If they are ready to worsen health, let them do it because they are masters upon own bodies.

вторник, 12 марта 2013 г.

Steroids sold on streets come from underground labs

The WADA director general David Howman considers that China is the chief source of raw materials utilized by underground labs for manufacture of anabolic steroids, HGH and other related drugs. Raw powders are sent from this country. Then underground labs produce illicit drugs that are offered for sale by dealers at gyms and on the streets.
The black market of anabolic steroids controls sales of illegal medications on the white market. The black market is the source of medicines which are purchasable on the white market. It is believed that almost all products which are sold have been originally obtained from underground labs that have used raw materials from China.
Top athletes are often demonized for administration of steroids and other doping products. Since steroid scandals appear daily, thousands persons believe that anabolic steroids and other related medications are mainly administered by elite athletes. But it is necessary to notice that this a wrong opinion. Several experts have defined that steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs are more frequently applied by high school students and aged persons who try to improve their appearance. While students want to increase muscle mass with the help of anabolic steroids and certain other illicit drugs, aged persons try to gain strength and lower fat deposits with the help of these drugs.
Unluckily, legal supplements frequently contain steroidal ingredients. Companies add such substances intentionally. As a result, those who take only nutritional and/or sport supplements turn out to be consumers of steroids. According to the WADA director David Howman, it is necessary to supervise supplement industry in order to prevent appearing of supplements which contain steroidal ingredients.

It’s easier to allow athletes to use whatever they desire

What is your point of view linked with legalization of doping in sports?  Some individuals claim that it is time to legalize it. Others don’t agree. What is your opinion?
Those that are against legalization of doping in sports say that steroids and other related medicines represent great evil. They may cause severe negative effects in consumers. Moreover, a doper has unfair advantage over a non-doper during competitions.
According to another point of view, application of anabolic steroids and other doping products should be allowed in sports. Let sportspersons apply whatever they desire! If they desire to use anabolic steroids, let them do it! If they plan to use other medicines, let them do it! If they want to administer certain drugs, let physicians manage their administration! Physicians know what their patients should do in order to avoid certain undesirable consequences. Thus, doping products will not lead to serious unwanted effects. As a result, application of steroids and other related preparations will be relatively safe for health and life of consumers.
As you know, steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs are currently banned in sports. When athletes are suspected and/or found guilty of doping, scandals appear. Such cases are widely discussed during TV shows, in magazines, newspapers, on internet, etc. You must know that each scandal commonly contains not only truth but also gossips, exaggerations, etc. As a result, you can’t be sure whether certain affirmations are true or not.
Those who are against legalization of doping in sports claim that sportspersons enhance performance unnaturally with the help of anabolic steroids and other related products. Speaking about enhancement of athletic performance, you should remember about enhancement of sexual performance, cognitive skills, improvement of health, etc. Why do we apply several preparations and supplements, improving our health and life, while blaming athletes who try to promote performance with steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs? Is it fairly? You would note that steroids and some other doping products lead to health problems. Yes, it is true. But what do you think about usage of caffeine and nicotine? They are accepted in the society. But it is important to note that caffeine and nicotine result in more severe health problems than anabolic steroids and other related medicines. Nevertheless, users of caffeine and nicotine are not so harshly blamed, as users of steroids.
Anti-doping agencies believe that they will soon eradicate doping from sports. “Competitions will be fair”, - they exclaim. But it is needed to realize that doping will be never eliminated from sports. Anti-doping officials will not be ever able to do it. While they elaborate new methods of detection and enhance punishment for application of banned substances, athletes find new ways to avoid detection. So, everyone should comprehend that this conflict will never end, if doping is not legalized in sports.

вторник, 5 марта 2013 г.

Don’t blame one doper while praising another!

The reporter Dan Le Batard notes that it is necessary to think over our attitude to doping. Do we evaluate various sportspersons the same way? Do we accept intake of anabolic steroids and other related products by sportspersons? What is our real attitude to sportspersons that apply anabolic steroids and/or other performance-enhancing drugs/procedures? Do we praise those that are successful in sports due to anabolic steroids and other related remedies?
Sometimes the society is guilty for doping of athletes. The society should be blamed for abnormal actions of athletes. The society praises abnormal things which occur in the world of sports. The society praises those that have ligaments removed from cadavers. The society admires of athletes that are involved in different abnormal actions: competing with catheter, cutting fingers off, etc. Sportspersons do a lot in order to become famous. They submit to various procedures which are not needed for their health. Moreover, they use such medicines and procedures that cause various health problems in them. Why do they do such things? The answer is evident: they want to be praised; they desire to become celebrated. So, they do it for physical performance. While athletes use remedies which result in significant harm in them, we support their actions through our admiration, awards, money, etc.
Actually, the society is hypocritical. While we are used to blame steroids and several other banned drugs, we don’t condemn athletes that use different procedures for increase of their athletic performance. While we blame several dopers, we praise others. Why are certain preparations and procedures prohibited for increase of performance, while others are allowed? Let be reasonable! If you demonize steroids, don’t support those that utilize alternatives to these products which are also able to promote physical performance. If you want to see natural talents of athletes, don’t admire of those that submit to various procedures for increase of athletic performance! Before you blame or praise someone/something, ponder over this aspect! Don’t hurry and be reasonable!

Steroids are bought at anti-aging clinics by athletes

Numerous anti-aging clinics are linked with steroid scandals. It’s not surprisingly because they supply athletes and bodybuilders with steroids and other related medications. When appropriate authorities raid anti-aging clinics and confiscate documents, they find out that several famous sport figures belong to clients of the clinics.
Recently some anti-aging clinics located in Miami were investigated. Feds defined that the clinics offered prescription drugs for sale illegally. The clinics sold products for enhancement of muscle mass, weight loss, increase of strength, etc.
According to the newspaper the Miami New Times, the anti-aging clinic Biogenesis was found guilty of illegal sale of performance-enhancing drugs. Furthermore, such famous baseball players, as Alex Rodriquez and Melky Cabrera purchased doping products at Biogenesis of America. So, the anti-aging clinic turned out to be related to one of the biggest doping scandals in the sport of baseball.
Medical records of Biogenesis were taken from an employee of the clinic. The records were presented on the site of the newspaper Miami New Times. Reporters noticed that the employee who gave the records didn’t want to be identified.
It is reported that anabolic steroids, HGH, IGF-1 and other prescription preparations are widely offered for sale illegally by anti-aging clinics. Furthermore, clinics hire doctors that provide fake prescriptions. Prescriptions for anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs are often given to clients without appropriate evaluation of their personal conditions. Moreover, doctors provide prescriptions even without seeing their patients. In additions to these aspects, certain corrupt doctors permit anti-aging clinics to utilize their prescription pads. So, anti-aging clinics sell anabolic steroids, painkillers and other prescription preparations illicitly, as if they worked legally.
When illegal activities of anti-aging clinics become evident, owners of clinics, doctors and some employees are sentenced to certain penalties. Nonetheless, the risk to get punishment doesn’t stop clinics from their illicit operations. Although proper authorities try to eliminate illicit sale of prescription preparations, their success is not yet essential.

понедельник, 4 марта 2013 г.

Frank Thomas is glad that he has never used doping products

Numerous professional athletes got anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs from the Miami anti-aging clinic Biogenesis. The famous baseball players Alex Rodriquez, Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon also belonged to individuals who purchased steroids at this clinic.
What is unusual here? - Nothing. Steroids and other related medications are widely abused in baseball and in other sports. Athletes buy these medicines at pharmacies, clinics, etc. Numerous anti-ageing clinics, pharmaceutical companies and other related establishments distribute steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs illegally. The Miami clinic Biogenesis is not the only clinic that is involved in illicit actions linked with anabolic steroids and other prescription medications. Sportspersons find different ways to obtain anabolic steroids and other related preparations and take them. However anti-doping officers try to eradicate doping from sports, their efforts are not successful.
Do you think that anti-doping officers don’t work enough well? Do you mean that they should elaborate more sophisticated drug testing systems? Do you think that they don’t do their job properly?
It is needed to see that no any drug testing policy is able to eradicate doping from sports totally. Athletes find many methods to avoid detection. Doping is a part of sports. It exists from ancient time. Even ancient Greeks and Romans had some methods to enhance their performance to win. Will athletes discontinue using steroids and other related medicines now?
Several athletes buy undetectable medications and administer them. Furthermore, they hire experts that supply them with tips for usage of anabolic steroids and/or other performance-enhancing drugs. Thus, certain sportspersons have unfair advantage over others. Anti-doping officials can’t change the situation. They can’t make sports “clean”. What is it necessary to do under such circumstances? It is probably needed to legalize doping in professional sports. So, anyone will be permitted to use whatever he/she desires. As a result, no any sportsperson will have unfair advantage over another.
But since steroids and other related medicines are not permitted in sports, athletes try to find ways to purchase and apply these drugs, avoiding detection. When it becomes obvious that several athletes dope, scandals are reported.

Doping products should be permitted in sports

Numerous professional athletes acquired steroids and other doping products from the Miami anti-aging clinic Biogenesis. The famous baseball stars Alex Rodriquez, Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon also belonged to individuals who bought steroids at this clinic.
What is uncommon here? - Nothing. Steroids and other related preparations are widely used in baseball and in other sports. Athletes purchase these medications at pharmacies, clinics, etc. A lot of anti-ageing clinics, drug manufacturers and other related establishments distribute anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs illegally. Biogenesis is not the only clinic that is involved in illicit operations linked with anabolic steroids and other prescription products. Athletes find various ways to purchase anabolic steroids and other related medicines and use them. However anti-doping officials try to eradicate doping from sports, their efforts are not successful.
Do you consider that anti-doping agencies don’t work enough well? Do you mean that they should establish more sophisticated drug testing policies? Do you think that they don’t do their job properly?
It is needed to realize that no any drug testing program is capable to eliminate doping from sports totally. Athletes find several ways to avoid detection. Doping is a part of sports. It exists from ancient time. Even ancient Greeks and Romans had several methods to increase their performance to win. Will athletes discontinue using anabolic steroids and other related medications now?
Certain athletes buy undetectable medications and administer them. Moreover, they hire specialists that supply them with recommendations on administration of steroids and/or other performance-enhancing drugs. Thus, certain sportspersons have unfair advantage over others. Anti-doping officials can’t change the situation. They are not capable to make sports “clean”. What is it necessary to do under such circumstances? It is probably needed to legalize doping in professional sports. Thus, anyone will be permitted to administer whatever he/she desires. As a result, no any athlete will have unfair advantage over another.
But since steroids and other related preparations are prohibited in sports, athletes try to find ways to buy and apply these drugs, avoiding detection. When it becomes evident that certain athletes dope, scandals are reported.

вторник, 26 февраля 2013 г.

Drug testing is not sophisticated enough to catch dopers

Lance Armstrong was denying using doping products for years. Although he was accused of taking forbidden medicines numerous times, he continued to claim that he never administered forbidden preparations. Even when the USADA proved that the cyclist doped, he cheated about doping. But ultimately, Lance Armstrong decided to admit to taking EPO, testosterone and blood transfusions.
However many athletes used performance-enhancing drugs and avoided detection successfully, there was something uncommon in the doping case of the legendary American cyclist. The American cyclist achieved great success in sports. He won 7 Tour de France titles. He got also certain other awards. The American cyclist obtained worldwide success. Although he submitted to a lot of drug tests, he never tested positive for any banned preparation.
Undoubtedly, Lance Armstrong is not the only sportsman who has doped. Athletes have applied prohibited preparations during past years. They continue to apply anabolic steroids and other related medicines today. And professional sportspeople will administer them in future. Administration of anabolic steroids and other doping products is spread in professional sports. Almost every athlete applies forbidden preparations. While several athletes test positive for banned medications and receive bans, others avoid detection.
As for the attitude towards Lance Armstrong’s doping, it’s mainly negative. Many persons got significant anger, when the famous cyclist admitted to applying EPO, the steroid testosterone and blood transfusions. Numerous persons believed in him. They thought that Lance Armstrong was “clean”. That’s why their disappointment was significant.
And what is about “clean” sports? Anti-doping officers should think about this issue. While anti-doping officers state that they have sophisticated tests to combat doping in sports, a lot of sportspersons administer anabolic steroids and/or other related medicines and remain undetectable.
While the legendary cyclist has admitted to applying forbidden products, anti-doping officials should realize that their policies are inappropriate.

Steroids are indispensible in such sports, as cycling

Przemyslaw Saleta’s opinion about Lance Armstrong’s deception differs from that of many persons. The polish boxer doesn’t condemn the American cyclist. Przemyslaw Saleta notes that Lance Armstrong has acted like almost each professional athlete. The 7-time Tour de France winner has used forbidden medications and cheated about his doping. Nothing is surprising. Almost each sportsman applied steroids and other related preparations.
While many sportspersons that use forbidden drugs are caught by anti-doping agencies and sentenced to bans, Lance Armstrong has never tested positive for any forbidden medicine. He was not caught, despites of having been subjected to thousands drug tests. Of course, It goes without saying that Lance Armstrong is not the only sportsperson that has avoided detection successfully. Let take Chinese athletes as an example! They are sponsored by the state. The state provides money enough to acquire such medications which are undetectable. So, numerous Chinese sportspersons administer doping products without being caught. It becomes evident that athletes that have much money may take doping products and avoid detection. Lance Armstrong tuned out to be just one of such athletes.
The polish boxer Przemyslaw Saleta has an unusual proposal. He considers that steroids and other related preparations should be legalized in professional sports. According to this sportsman, anabolic steroids and other doping products are not dangerous for health, if they are administered by adults that possess sufficient knowledge about ways to consume them correctly. Przemyslaw Saleta claims that administration of anabolic steroids and other related products by sportspersons should be supervised by doctors. So, sportspersons are likely to avoid grave unwanted reactions.
Furthermore, Przemyslaw Saleta considers that anabolic steroids and other related products are indispensible in such sports, as cycling. Cycling is a sport where athletes should endure too extreme conditions while training and competing. Thus, steroids and other related preparations help cyclists to maintain health in better conditions. Cycling in itself is dangerous without steroids and other related preparations.
But Przemyslaw Saleta warns that anabolic steroids and other related preparations should be banned in amateur sports. Moreover, young athletes must not be also permitted to administer these medications because they may cause significant harm in them. Teenagers must not take such drugs because they may get grave adverse results.
Nonetheless, Przemyslaw Saleta notices that it is wrong to suppose that anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs represent the key to success. According to him, success can be obtained with the help of hard working.

понедельник, 25 февраля 2013 г.

Thousands compounding pharmacies that violate laws avoid punishment

Numerous drug manufacturers violate laws. But just some of them are punished properly. A lot of pharmaceutical companies avoid serious penalties successfully. But just when serious scandals are caused by illicit actions of pharmaceutical companies, they are sentenced to appropriate punishments. For example, anyone knows about the meningitis outbreak which has spread across the country because of contaminated steroids manufactured by a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy. Undoubtedly, owners and officers of the company will be punished appropriately. But when illicit operations of compounding pharmacies don’t lead to such serious troubles, they go on with their business successfully.
The media reports about illicit operations linked with steroids, painkillers and other prescription preparations daily. But you may see that pharmaceutical companies get just insignificant sentencing for illegal distribution of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. So, athletes and bodybuilders have free access to doping products. They get anabolic steroids and other related drugs from compounding centers and take them for athletic needs. Moreover, certain drug manufacturers provide fake prescriptions for steroids. Corrupt physicians supply customers of pharmacies with prescriptions which are given without needed evaluation of customers’ individual conditions.
Pharmaceutical companies are responsible not only for illegal sale of steroids. Some companies manufacture medicines in unsterile conditions. As a result, numerous persons get tainted products and experience serious complications, using  these products. Several individuals even die from contamination caused by usage of contaminated preparations. As you are possibly informed, 39 individuals died because of fungal meningitis resulted from contaminated methylprednisolone acetate injections.
The late contamination with fungal meningitis should have an impact on decisions of proper authorities. Criminal sanctions should take place. Otherwise, health of thousands persons is in a great danger. Prescription preparations must be sold just under real prescriptions. All products must be manufactured in sterile conditions. If drug manufacturers don’t obey all laws, they must be sanctioned. They must not be allowed to continue with business, if they violate laws. Loss of licenses should be accompanied by other harsh sanctions.

Whoopi Goldberg: Lance Armstrong got testicular cancer because of steroids

However the disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong has already lost his Tour de France titles and other awards, his steroid scandal is still widely discussed. A lot of persons are still expressing their attitudes towards this case. Not only his possible usage of performance-enhancing drugs is debated but certain individuals also speak about Lance Armstrong’s testicular cancer. Why has Lance Armstrong experienced this disease in his young years? What has caused this illness in him?
Whoopi Goldberg, a famous American actress is also implicated in disputes linked with Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal. While she has been mainly involved in discussions related to marijuana and other related drugs, now she has chosen to join those that fight against anabolic steroids and other related medicines.
According to Whoopi Goldberg, Lance Armstrong has experienced testicular cancer because of steroids. The actress supposes that steroids are likely to lead to cancer. She argues that these medications may promote appearing and developing cancer. Whoopi Goldberg thinks that experts should inform people about probable links between steroids and cancer. The actress notes that experts can define whether steroids have sickened Lance Armstrong.
But what do other celebrated persons think about Lance Armstrong’s testicular cancer? Bob Weiner, a prominent political commentator, notes that anyone should be very careful while suggesting that anabolic steroids are responsible for development of cancer. This person acknowledges that these medicines are demonized for many undesirable reactions that are quite harmful for users’ health and even life. But he adds that it is unusual to demonize steroids for cancer. Such statements are serious. Bob Weiner believes that this issue has nothing to do with anti-doping morality.
Nonetheless, Bob Weiner is ready to believe that Lance Armstrong’s testicular cancer has developed because of anabolic steroids. This illness usually doesn’t occur in young men. Why then has Lance Armstrong experienced it? Since scientific literature suggests that links between cancer and steroid use may exist, Bob Weiner doesn’t deny affirmations of Whoopi Goldberg.
But as it has been already noted, this issue doesn’t belong to those of anti-doping policies. Anti-doping officers focus on morality and they don’t care about protection of athletes’ health.

четверг, 21 февраля 2013 г.

Steroids without any prescription

Manufacturers of medications are inclined to illegal operations. Numerous companies produce and distribute counterfeit preparations. As a result, users don’t obtain wanted effects. Moreover, counterfeit medicines may cause severe unusual adverse consequences in consumers. In addition to these illegal activities, drug manufacturers also sell prescription medications illegally. Anabolic steroids, HGH, painkillers and other drugs are sold without any prescription. Thus, numerous individuals use these medications for non-medical purposes. Anabolic-androgenic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs are widely administered for athletic purposes. Sportspeople and bodybuilders obtain and apply these drugs in order to enhance muscle mass and add endurance. Numerous individuals want to be more muscular and combat tiredness during workouts and competitions. That’s why they choose to take anabolic-androgenic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. Some other individuals try to look nicer. So, they use some prescription preparations for anti-aging purposes.
Steroids, HGH and other doping products are widely sold at online pharmacies. Several companies even hire corrupt doctors that supply customers with needed prescriptions. These physicians provide prescriptions without needed examination of clients and even without seeing them. Obtaining prescriptions, many persons purchase anabolic steroids and other related drugs and use them for non-medical goals.
Although distribution and administration of anabolic steroids for non-clinical purposes are forbidden under laws of many countries, a lot of pharmacies avoid punishment successfully. While certain pharmacies and persons are found guilty of illegal activities linked with medications, they are rarely punished properly. Furthermore, they continue to produce and distribute steroids illegally.
Another problem linked with illicit manufacture and distribution of steroids and other related medications is following: several pharmacies manufacture products in unsterile conditions. Thus, individuals that use such medicines may be contaminated with certain diseases. Sometimes contamination with a dangerous disease may be fatal for some users. The meningitis outbreak that has recently occurred in the USA is widely known around the world. 39 persons died because they administered tainted steroid injections. Thus, proper officials should monitor manufacture of drugs. If safety is not at the top level, health of users is in a great danger.

NECC was linked to contaminations many times

In 2003 the FDA designed to shut down the New England Compounding Center (NECC) which last year caused the meningitis outbreak in several states of America. The NECC produced tainted Methylprednisolone Acetate injections. More than 400 individuals that administered the contaminated steroid injections were sickened with fungal meningitis. This disease turned out to be fatal for 39 persons.
According to a late report written by the House of Energy and Commerce Committee, the meningitis outbreak could have been prevented. The report revealed many cases linked with the Massachusetts pharmacy which should have been shut down by the FDA earlier.
The FDA stated in 2003 that the Massachusetts pharmacy should not have produced medications till improving of the situation. But finally the FDA didn’t prohibit manufacture of products at the NECC. Since the NECC was claimed to be a pharmacy, it should have been ruled by Massachusetts officials. So, the FDA let Massachusetts colleagues to resolve the problem. As for Massachusetts officials, they didn’t prohibit manufacture of medications at once. The NECC continued to manufacture preparations. Only Barry Cadden, the owner of the NECC, received reprimand.
Moreover, the Massachusetts pharmacy was guilty of certain illegal actions. The company acted inappropriately under its license. Being a pharmacy, the NECC acted as a manufacturer and shipped thousands dosages of preparations to hospitals and individual patients.
In 2002 several persons got unusual negative results after they had used bethamethasone injections manufactured by the Massachusetts pharmacy.
Later several individuals who used methylprednisolone acetate injections manufactured by the NECC were sickened with bacterial meningitis. Since these persons received complete recovery because of treatment with antibiotics, the case was forgotten. The Massachusetts pharmacy was not punished for the contaminated medications.
These and even certain other cases show that the NECC should have punished earlier. The pharmacy should have been closed for its illicit and improper actions. But the NECC was never sentenced to any serious penalties. As a result, the company continued to produce drugs that were dangerous for consumers’ health. Ultimately, the meningitis outbreak caused by tainted injections of the NECC spread to several states and sickened many individuals. If the pharmacy had been closed earlier, the contamination with deadly fungal meningitis would not have taken place.

понедельник, 18 февраля 2013 г.

FDA failed to use its authority properly

The meningitis outbreak resulted from tainted epidural steroid injections could have been prevented. But since the FDA didn’t utilize its power for this purpose properly, over 500 persons were contaminated with this disease and 39 persons died.
Tennessee officials displayed competence under these circumstances. They were praised by legislators for their definite actions.
It was announced that many individuals that had received steroid injections produced by the NECC experienced complications. When Tennessee health officials found out about this situation, they enforced all health facilities to stop utilizing products manufactured by the compounding pharmacy from Massachusetts. Moreover, they informed immediately about contamination health officials of other states. Actions of Tennessee health officials were quick and definite. They acted with no doubts and did everything in order to prevent further contamination and improve help those that were already contaminated with meningitis.
If Tennessee health officials hadn’t been so decisive and competent, more individuals would have been contaminated with fungal meningitis and more deaths would have occurred.
When it comes to the FDA, it showed incompetence. It didn’t utilize its authority definitely in order to improve the situation. Then it tried to justify its negligence, claiming that its authority was not cleared and established enough to interfere in such large-scale compounding pharmacies, as the NECC. However, legislators didn’t accept the FDA’s excuse.
Tennessee health officials deserve to acquire a gold medal for their efforts.
Although several individuals consider that they could avoid contamination, warnings about risks continue to exist. Numerous individuals are still at the hospital. Others are contracted by health officials. If any adverse symptoms occur at injection sites of those who have administered the tainted steroids, they should inform physicians immediately.

Manny Pacquiao inspires people of third world to advance

Each Filipino knows and loves the professional boxer Manny Pacquiao. This fighter represents own country proudly. So, Filipinos are proud of him. This athlete is devoted to his fighting career. Manny Pacquiao is claimed to be a national sports hero and an international star. The fighter is known around the world.
It is necessary to note that Filipinos love Manny Pacquiao not just for his success in boxing. While several Filipinos claim that they are not interested in fighting at all, they note that they love Manny Pacquiao. It’s not strange. Manny Pacquiao is a very gentle and unselfish person. Certain persons claim that he is modest and proud at the same time. While he successfully represents his country in rings, he serves other persons. Have you heard that Manny Pacquiao is involved in politics? This person is a public servant. It is interesting to note that he doesn’t expect others to serve him. He wants to serve and help others.
Manny Pacquiao has distressful experience. His life has not been always easy. This person has suffered from numerous difficulties like other Filipinos. His father has left the family, when Manny Pacquiao has been little. So, Manny Pacquiao has not had an easy life. He has gone through poverty. He knows what other Filipinos experience and what they feel. That’s why being a civil servant, Manny Pacquiao puts efforts in order to improve his people’s life.
The boxer is also a religious person. He reads the Bible each day. His deeds display that he believes in God.
 There is just one condition which causes controversy. Manny Pacquiao is accused of steroid use. Many individuals suggest that physical changes in this boxer point at doping. But Manny Pacquiao claims that he has never administered steroids. His strength coach Ariza says that the fighter succeeds because of new training methods elaborated by him. Ariza notes that he is a scientist that has elaborated new training regimen which has been adopted by Manny Pacquiao successfully.
Manny Pacquiao notes that he succeeds because of God’s help and workouts. He makes it clear that he is not bothered by steroid accusations because he knows that he has never used any illegal medicines. Manny Pacquiao also reminds about the downfall of the legendary American cyclist Lance Armstrong. He notices that he doesn’t want to have success with the help of forbidden products because such methods can ruin his good name.

вторник, 12 февраля 2013 г.

Other medicines produced by NECC could cause infection

It is widely reported about the meningitis outbreak that has occurred in certain states of America. Contaminated Methylprednisolone Acetate injections led to fungal meningitis in over 500 patients. The contamination turned out to be tragic for 39 individuals: they died. The majority of deaths took place in Tennessee.
It was said that contaminated steroid injections had been manufactured by the New England Compounding Center (NECC) that is based in Massachusetts. The FDA tested the pharmacy in order to determine what caused contamination and see the situation at the NECC. It was affirmed by the FDA that the contaminated steroid injections were really manufactured by this company.
According to the Associated Press, the FDA reported that it was evident that preparing of preparations was unsterile at the NECC. The FDA noticed that leaking water and uncontrolled temperature were just several problems at the compounding center. The equipment used for preparing of solution for injections was unsterile.
Furthermore, the FDA stated that there were certain other contaminants. Several bacterial contaminants were found at the compounding center. Although these contaminants were not real pathogens, they were able to result in infection too. These bacterial contaminants were found in such preparations, as Betamethasone and Triamcinolone. There were not any situations reported about contamination resulted from administration of these medications. But it was claimed that these products could also produce contamination. Although the bacterial contaminants presented anywhere in the environment, they had not to be in medicines. This fact pointed at unsterile conditions at the NECC and affirmed that the Methylprednisolone Acetate injections turned out to be contaminated with fungal meningitis because they were manufactured in inappropriate conditions.
The situation made it clear that new rules on compounding pharmacies should be implemented. Contamination should be avoided. Otherwise, public health is in danger in the USA.

Barry Larkin: players associated with steroids must not enter Hall of Fame

The retired baseball player Barry Larkin notices about his negative attitude towards athletes who have ever applied anabolic steroids and/or other banned medications. He thinks that such baseball players that have ever been linked to doping products must not be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. To be elected for the Hall of Fame is the highest honor which is received by baseball players. Barry Larkin has been introduced in the Hall of Fame last year. He considers that dopers should not obtain the greatest honor. They should understand that they have made a serious mistake, when they have decided to administer steroids and/or other related products. Their decision means that they should be out of this club forever.
Barry Larkin is one of  the most successful baseball players. He has obtained certain awards, while playing professional baseball.
Barry Larkin also notices about Pete Rose that is kept out of the Baseball Hall of Fame. This person has gambled on baseball games. That’s why he has been banned from professional baseball for the entire life. So, he doesn’t have any chance to be elected for the Hall of Fame. Barry Larkin notes that those who have ever applied forbidden medicines should get similar sanction. They must not be in the Hall of Fame.
Barry Larkin has played during the steroid era. He doesn’t desire to blame those that have played with and against him. He doesn’t make hasty conclusions about other baseball players. Barry Larkin notices that no any sportsperson should be punished, if his guilt has not been proven. He remains to be innocent until it will be obvious that he has actually taken steroids and/or other related medications.
Barry Larkin also takes part in educating young sportspeople about dangers associated with usage of anabolic steroids. He has formed a charity foundation which has been called after his name. So, the retired baseball player puts great efforts in order to make baseball clean. He convinces young athletes not to administer anabolic steroids and other doping products. Barry Larkin wants to see baseball drug-free.

понедельник, 11 февраля 2013 г.

Anderson Silva is real MMA fighter

The UFC president Dana White continues to state that the fight between Anderson Silva and George St-Pierre will take place. However Anderson Silva has said that he is not interested in the fight, the UFC president doesn’t lose his hope. The UFC president maintains that the fight between these men will take place before Anderson Silva ends his athletic career.
Anderson Silva will also fight against Jon Jones. But now Jon Jones trains in order to face Chael Sonnen. The fight is scheduled to be in April this year.
Since Anderson Silva and St-Pierre don’t express any antipathy to each other, fans wish more fervently to watch the fight between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.
During interviews both Anderson Silva and George St-Pierre have argued that they don’t desire to face one another. Despites of their words, the UFC president specifies that he knows the situation better. He says that while Anderson Silva and George St-Pierre state that they don’t desire to face each other in the ring, it isn’t true. Dana White claims that entirely opposite statements are pronounced behind the scenes. Moreover, Anderson Silva never refuses fans’ proposals. The fighter always does what he has to do.
The UFC president praises Anderson Silva. He notes that this fighter possesses unbelievable skills. Anderson Silva has displayed his great performance many times.
It is interesting to notice that Anderson Silva has defeated Stephan Bonnar that has taken anabolic steroids.
Saying about the fight against Anderson Silva, Stephan Bonnar noted that his opponent showed amazing abilities. He added that Anderson Silva defeated him totally. He felt as if he hadn’t had any success in MMA in his life. So, Stephan Bonnar lost the fight, despites of his usage of forbidden medicines.
The UFC president doesn’t stop expressing admire of Anderson Silva. Dana White thinks that the fighter evaluates his abilities correctly and he knows that he can win any match. That’s why Anderson Silva is ready to face any fighter anytime.

Meeting of FDA with states’ representatives for prevention of contamination in future

The fungal meningitis outbreak which began in September 2012 had evident impact on America. Contaminated injectable steroids were produced by the New England Compounding Center (located in Massachusetts) and administered by a lot of persons. As a result, more than 400 persons sickened with fungal meningitis in more than 20 states. 39 individuals sickened with this illness died. 14 deaths happened in Tennessee.
It became obvious that it was necessary to do something for prevention of such situations. Contamination must not occur in future. The FDA had to meet with representatives of all states for discussion of this situation. So, recently a conference took place in order to prevent occurring contamination in the future.
It was affirmed during the conference that new laws on compounding centers should be implemented.
Representatives of several states claimed that they did good job in their states and no any person experienced troubles linked with contamination. Moreover, they specified critically that they were not aware of what happened in other states.
As for the FDA, its authority over such situations is not established properly. Federal court cases that were during past years reduced the authority of the FDA substantially. Furthermore, several laws seem to be unclear.
Margaret Hamburg, the FDA Commissioner, proposed to improve the situation through the following changes:
- to control training of state regulators;
- to promote sharing information between the FDA and states;
- to escape from ambiguity in rules.

These items seem to be prudent. Such changes will probably help to induce improving public health of Americans. Of course, if rules contain ambiguity, no any agreement will be reached. That’s why new rules should be elaborated and existing laws should be modified.
The FDA believes that state regulators will work together with it in order to prevent producing and shipping contaminated preparations.

среда, 6 февраля 2013 г.

Lance Armstrong’s accomplishments and downfall will be discussed even 100 years later

The year 2012 has gone away. Thinking about 2012, what will you say about sports? Which names will you pronounce? Will you say about great baseball players? Will you note about the disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong? Will you talk about the Summer Olympics? Will you discuss concussions of football players? Will you note about suicides committed by several professional football players? What will you mention about Melky Cabrera?
Of course, everyone will remember the case connected with Lance Armstrong while speaking about sports of 2012. Each person will mention about the role of steroids in cycling and in other sports. Any individual will note about possible adverse results of steroids used for muscle and strength gains. Any person interested in sports will remember what reporters have stated about steroids, lying in sports and certain ways of sportspeople to succeed in professional sports.
Thinking about sports of 2012, you will probably comment the steroid era in baseball and integrity of this sport. You will also notice about criminal deeds of Jerry Sandusky and his coaching career at Penn State.
But let guess what future generations will remember. What will historians discuss one hundred years later? Will they draw attention on stories connected with James LeBron, Melky Cabrera and Jerry Sandusky? Will they remember concussions of NFL players? However they will possibly talk of these cases, the most heat debates will be linked with Lance Armstrong’s steroid scandal. This is a case that will be never forgotten. A lot of individuals will remember achievements of Lance Armstrong in cycling and his further downfall. Undoubtedly, they will also notice about his foundation Livestrong and influence of his spoiled reputation upon this organization. They will remember that application of anabolic steroids led Lance Armstrong to loss of Tour de France titles, distancing from the organization Livestrong and certain other troubles. The legendary cyclist will be ever in the memory of the American society.

There is no any proof that Roger Clemens has actually doped

Fans of baseball and many other persons seem to be perturbed by results of voting for the Hall of Fame. Some brilliant players have not entered the Baseball Hall of Fame. It is quite naturally that you also ask why they have not been elected. Under guidelines of voting, those that have displayed brilliant baseball abilities and contributed to their teams evidentially should be elected. It goes without saying that such baseball players, as Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire and some other sportsmen have displayed amazing abilities and achievements while playing professionally. Why are they kept out of the Baseball Hall of Fame?
Many voters affirm that they will never support those that have ever been linked to anabolic steroids and/or other doping products. Dopers should get penalty. Future generations should understand that they will never actually have success in sports, if they take performance-enhancing drugs.
What would you do, if you were a voter? Would you support consumers of steroids?
In fact, voters never possess full information about admitted and suspected steroid users. You can’t prove that Roger Clemens has actually administered performance-enhancing drugs. Many individuals have suspicions but there is no any proof. Why should voters refuse to support him? Are they sure that he has used anabolic steroids and other prohibited products? –No, they aren’t. That’s why it is unfair to keep Roger Clemens out of the Baseball Hall of Fame only because of suspicions.
While several voters are ready to support suspected consumers of steroids, they state that they will never vote for an admitted consumer of steroids. Although it seems to be fair, let review the situation better! Have anabolic steroids played any essential role in success of certain baseball player? For example, if even Roger Clemens has taken doping products, it is possible to convince anyone that he has had great success not because of steroids. Amazing achievements of this prominent baseball player have been displayed before his alleged steroid use. According to several affirmations, Roger Clemens has taken steroids since 1998 and then in 2000 and 2001.  But the most brilliant accomplishments have been done by him before 1998. So, no one can claim that steroids have helped Roger Clemens to succeed in professional baseball. That’s why he should be elected for the Hall of Fame.
Moreover, why are numerous individuals inclined to blame just consumers of steroids? Isn’t it the society that presses sportspersons to start taking steroids and other related drugs?

понедельник, 4 февраля 2013 г.

Chances of steroid users to be elected for Hall of Fame

Several members of the Baseball Hall of Fame allege that users of steroids must never be elected for their club. They state that such baseball players, as Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should be kept out of the Baseball Hall of Fame. They are very happy that these athletes didn’t get needed percentage of voting to enter the Hall of Fame. According to them, it is fair. They think that otherwise our kids get confused. They will think that they are allowed to use steroids and whatever they want and remain unpunished. Thus, it would be a bad example for future generations. Al Kaline, Goose Gossage and several others who belong to the Baseball Hall of Fame have this opinion. They even point at cycling, as a good example to follow.
What happened actually in the world of cycling? The famous American cyclist was accused of taking banned products. As a result, he lost his 7 Tour de France titles and sentenced to life-time suspension.
So, certain Hall of Famers say that cycling is a good example for baseball. Baseball players that are found guilty of doping should be banned from this sport wholly. Record books must not contain information about success of those that have been caught administering banned drugs. Those that have lied should be punished appropriately.
Nonetheless, not every member of the Baseball Hall of Fame has this opinion. For example, Juan Marichal supports Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, etc. He believes that these baseball players should be in the Hall of Fame. These athletes are stars in baseball. No one could prove that they have really taken doping products. Since there is no any proof, suspicions cost nothing.
Under rules related to voting for the Hall of Fame, baseball players that have great skills and those that have contributed to their teams essentially should be in the Hall of Fame.  Undoubtedly, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were great players. They made obvious contributions to their teams. That’s why they should be in the Hall of Fame.

Manuel Marquez increased muscles because of specific methods

Any fan saw that the physique of the American boxer Juan Manuel Marquez had been altered obviously. What led to such evident changes in the athlete?
Since Juan Manuel Marquez is connected with the admitted steroid dealer Angel “Memo” Hernandez, numerous individuals think that the boxer’s muscles have been enhanced because of steroids and/or other doping products. Angel “Memo” Hernandez has been hired as a strength coach of Juan Manuel Marquez. This individual was linked to the BALCO scandal. As it was found out, this person supplied numerous elite sportspersons with anabolic steroids and other related drugs. He presented information about some athletes that acquired banned medications from him.
Finding out that Angel “Memo” Hernandez has been a steroid dealer, numerous individuals believe that he provides performance-enhancing drugs to Juan Manuel Marquez. Several suspicions and even accusations were pronounced by Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao’s trainer. Freddie Roach claimed that it would be well to subject the both boxers Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao to testing before the fight.
Actually, Freddie Roach’s suspicions were not based on any drug evidence. He focused just on enhanced muscles of Juan Manuel Marquez.
Later Manny Pacquiao’s trainer claimed that he didn’t mean anything serious. He affirmed that he was just joking.
Angel “Memo” Hernandez made it clear that he was not just a coach. Since he is a scientist, he knows a lot of things. He knows the best methods to enhance muscles and add strength. Angel “Memo” Hernandez notices that he knows the methods to do it legally. No any illegal preparation is included in his methods. But he refuses to disclose the ways. The coach claims that this is a secret.
When it comes to Juan Manuel Marquez, he claimed that he never used any forbidden drug. He noted that it was not drugs that caused the obvious changes in his physique. Furthermore, he specified that weight was not the chief factor while fighting. According to Juan Manuel Marquez, a fighter should possess intelligence, speed and strength in order to have success.
Neither Juan Manuel Marquez, nor Manny Pacquiao was subjected to testing for prohibited drugs before the fight. Such tests are commonly conducted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission after matches.

вторник, 29 января 2013 г.

Pete Rose doesn’t share his wife’s disappointment

The former baseball player Pete Rose is a reasonable person. He sees own mistakes and don’t blame others for his problems. He is an example for other baseball players who have been dishonored for usage of steroids or other faults.
As for Pete Rose, he was never associated with anabolic steroids. This athlete had significant success while playing baseball professionally. He obtained 3 World Series rings, a MVP award, 3 batting titles, 2 Gold Gloves, etc. However Pete Rose didn’t administer anabolic steroids and other prohibited preparations, he made another mistake. This person bet on baseball games. As a result, he was banned from the Hall of Fame permanently.
Pete Rose hopes that the decision will be altered and he will be elected for the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Being in Cooperstown, Pete Rose’s wife was full of anger. She and her husband, a former successful baseball player, had to watch Hall of Fame festivities like ordinary individuals. While Pete Rose’s wife was too unhappy, the former professional baseball player seemed not to have similar feelings.
Pete Rose says that he has patience. He will continue to wait until he gets the second chance. The sportsperson promises that he will never gamble on games again. He affirms that the second chance will be enough for him to demonstrate that he is a trustworthy person. He will not need to receive the 3rd chance.
Pete Rose tries to urge his wife that he is not in the Hall of Fame due to own behavior. He adds that they shouldn’t demonize others. He is guilty. That’s why he is banned.
Pete Rose acknowledges that he is like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens and other baseball players related to the steroid era. Pete Rose says that Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are amazing baseball players that should be elected for the Hall of Fame. He underlines that Roger Clemens hasn’t entered the Baseball Hall of Fame just because of suspicions. This sportsperson hasn’t failed any drug test. You haven’t seen Roger Clemens having anabolic steroids and needles in his hand. That’s why you don’t have any right to affirm that he has administered these drugs. Thus, it is not correct to demonize and punish the famous athlete while lacking proof.

Rich consumers of steroids are unlikely to go to prison

Does money leads to happiness? Undoubtedly, it doesn’t. But money has great power. Although it can’t bring happiness, it can help to prevent imprisonment in some cases. Let review the cases connected with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. One has probably believed that these sportsmen will lose. But you should not forget that rich guys are unlikely to lose. Since they have money, they have a lot of possibilities to win.
Barry Bonds was charged with lying to a grand jury. He affirmed under the oath that he had never administered any forbidden substances. It seemed that Barry Bonds’ cheating was obvious and he would be sentenced to prison. But remember: this athlete has much money. However he was convicted for obstruction of justice, he received just house arrest and community service. Furthermore, even this light sentencing was appealed.
Roger Clemens, another athlete, was accused of lying under oath too. He affirmed that he had never used any banned preparations. Ultimately, the sportsman was cleared of all charges. Roger Clemens didn’t lose too.
These cases display power of money. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have engaged the most experienced defense attorneys. Of course, you need much money in order to engage the most experienced defense attorneys. Since Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have money, they could engage Albert Pujols, Allen Ruby or Rustin Hardy. Thus, it is not surprisingly that federal prosecutors have lost under these circumstances.
Feds lost also in other situations. For example, let notice the case against the well-known American cyclist Lance Armstrong. The government made the decision to drop the case because it would lose.
Although the government spent much money for these cases, it couldn’t win. Feds had just minor results in the cases linked with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.
Thus, if you are a professional sportsperson, you may administer steroids and/or other related preparations, if you have money. You should be rich enough to avoid imprisonment. Otherwise, you will be disgraced and sentenced to prison.

среда, 23 января 2013 г.

Testifying against Barry Bonds, Kimberley Bell is accused of attempts to earn money

Kimberley Bell, Barry Bonds’ ex mistress appeared in the trial to testify against the sportsman. This woman said that there were significant changes in body of Barry Bonds. She noticed that the baseball player’s head enhanced. Kimberley Bell also mentioned that he had shrunken testicles. Furthermore, he suffered from hair loss and acne. According to this woman, Barry Bonds also had uncontrolled behavior. He was very aggressive and impatient. Such changes are commonly linked with administration of anabolic steroids.
Barry Bonds threatened to his former girlfriend. He asked her disappear. Otherwise, he would murder her.
So, Kimberley Bell’s testimonies served as a basis to continue charging Barry Bonds with perjury and obstructing justice. Several years ago the baseball player claimed under oath that he had never applied steroids. But as it turned out, he might have lied under oath.
Providing information about Barry Bonds, Kimberley Bell started to cry two times during the course. Once she was interrupted by a defense attorney for Barry Bonds.
Kimberley Bell was asked whether steroids were discussed by her and Barry Bonds. Bell said that once Barry Bonds affirmed that he was taking anabolic steroids. The baseball player got an elbow injury around 1999-2000. The injury was too serious, according to Kimberley Bell. Thus, she asked Barry Bonds about the severe injury. The baseball player said that anabolic steroids induced enhancing muscles evidentially and rapidly. As a result, the joint couldn’t handle so rapid and significant growth.
Chris Arguedas, a defense attorney for Barry Bonds, accused Kimberley Bell of attempts to become prominent and make money because of her relations with Barry Bonds. She tried to promote selling a book about her relationships with Barry Bonds.

Integrity of baseball is in danger

Such famous baseball players, as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza, have not been introduced into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Is it fair? These athletes have achieved amazing results while playing baseball professionally. But it is affirmed that there is no any place for consumers of steroids in the Hall of Fame.
Thus, several persons believe that if dopers enter the Hall of Fame, it will have negative impact for future generations. Young persons should realize that successful baseball players are those that haven’t administered any prohibited medicine. Actually, this is nonsense. Barry Bonds, Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens are always considered to be the best baseball players. If even they are not introduced into the Hall of Fame, they will be always praised. These sportspersons have obtained great results. Nobody can doubt about their accomplishments.
Let analyze logically. For example, you see the prettiest girl in the town. But she fails to win Miss of America. Does she lose its beauty? Do you discontinue admiring of her beauty only because she hasn’t win Miss of America? Answers are obvious. The same case is with Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Mike Piazza. They are great players, regardless whether they will enter the Hall of Fame or not.
Barry Bonds got several MVPs before he was associated with steroids. Roger Clemens became celebrated for his baseball skills before he was accused of doping. As for Mike Piazza, nobody can contest that he is one of the best catchers.
It is claimed that the Baseball Hall of Fame is the place for the best baseball players that have ever played the game. Let suppose that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza must not enter this category. Then we must create another category within the Baseball Hall of Fame. These players must be elected for the Hall of Fame. Otherwise, it loses its meaningfulness. Since the Hall of Fame is associated with greatness, it can’t exist without such excellent players, as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza. Barry Bonds could make games exciting. He showed unbelievable baseball skills long before he was accused of doping. The same things may be said about Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza. The Hall of Fame loses its significance without these great players. That’s why it is needed to consider these conditions and change the attitude to these players and the Hall of Fame. Otherwise, the integrity of baseball will be destroyed.

воскресенье, 20 января 2013 г.

What should you do to lose weight effectively?

The New Year is considered to be a time to produce modifications in life. A lot of persons intend to do certain things for improvement of physique since January. January is time for new beginnings. A lot of persons start using weight loss drugs since January. They want to lose extra fat since the New Year. The New Year is time of certain new beginnings for athletes and bodybuilders too. Numerous sportspersons and bodybuilder start applying steroid cycles in January. So, since the New Year some individuals desire to burn fat, others want to add muscle mass and endurance. Certain other individuals desire to achieve several other goals connected with their physical appearances.
It is naturally that a lot of individuals desire to lose fat since the New Year. It is set that an individual usually adds 1-2 pounds since the Thanksgiving till the Christmas. As for those that are predisposed to obesity, they get up to 5 pounds of fat during the same period of time. Undoubtedly, it is impossible to affirm the same things about professional sportspeople and bodybuilders because they usually can control weight gains. They are guided by strict dieting habits. That’s why they are unlikely to gain essential body mass, despites of holidays.
However numerous persons start doing something for improvement of physical appearance, not everybody reaches his/her goals. Unluckily, a lot of individuals that don’t belong to professional bodybuilders don’t achieve results connected with fat loss. We don’t plan to discourage anyone but this is the reality. Why do numerous persons fail to achieve results connected with fat loss? Numerous persons apply FDA-approved medications for this need. But it is important to notice that these products are not effective for fat loss. You should know that bodybuilders usually don’t apply FDA-approved weight loss preparations. Moreover, ordinary individuals don’t possess knowledge about correct nutrition which would be appropriate for weight loss. In addition to these aspects, it is needed to perform some physical exercises in order to achieve evident results.
That’s why it is a good idea to do own research related to efficacious methods applied for weight loss. Don’t get troubled! You may find appropriate information on different sites. Study what athletes and bodybuilders do and apply for fat loss. This knowledge can help you to apply right methods and reach obvious results.

Former American cyclist decided to admit to doping

A person that didn’t desire to be indentified has reported that Lance Armstrong intends to admit to administering forbidden medications during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Is this a right decision of the prominent cyclist? Points of view differ. Several individuals believe that if the American cyclist admits to doping, his reputation will be restored. Others suppose that the admission will alter nothing. Some other persons believe that if Lance Armstrong does it, he will be probably sentenced to imprisonment.
It is known that Lance Armstrong denied using steroids and other forbidden medications. He seemed to succeed till the USADA released a report on him. The USADA’s dossier provided doping evidence. As a result, the cyclist was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles. Furthermore, his sponsors dropped him. In addition to these negative conditions, Lance Armstrong had to distance himself from the cancer-fighting foundation Livestrong in order to prevent hurting it.
Will Lance Armstrong admit to using prohibited drugs? Which will be consequences?
Several experts affirm that prosecution will take place, if Lance Armstrong admits to doping. The cyclist has claimed under the oath that he never applied any prohibited drugs. So, if he admits to doping, it means that he acknowledges that he has lied under the oath. As a result, he may be sentenced to imprisonment. That’s why several experts say that Lance Armstrong should continue denying doping.
But there are persons who claim that the admission will alter nothing. Millions of persons with cancer that have survived because of Livestrong praise Lance Armstrong. The cyclist is a hero for them. These persons like the former cyclist, regardless of whether he has doped or not. If even Lance Armstrong admits to using forbidden drugs throughout his cycling career, these persons will continue to support him.
But there is also another opinion. If Lance Armstrong provides important information about administration of steroids and/or doping products in the US Postal Service Cycling Team, his ban from competitions may be reduced. So, the disgraced cyclist will probably compete again.
It is unclear whether Lance Armstrong will really admit and which results will follow.

вторник, 15 января 2013 г.

Lance Armstrong’s success in cycling didn’t make him Texan of the Year

The Dallas Morning News represents a daily newspaper which is quite popular in the USA. Certain persons whose deeds have great impact on the society are chosen every year for the “Texan of the Year” award. It is important to notice that not only positive actions are taken in consideration. Even actions that have been influenced on the society negatively may promote obtaining the “Texan of the Year” award. So, Lance Armstrong’s doping case made the cyclist the finalist for the “Texan of the Year” award.
As you know, Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal is not pleasant. Although this case disgraced the celebrated American cyclist, it made him more prominent. The doping case had significant impact on the society. A lot of persons discussed the situation connected with his application of anabolic steroids, EPO and other related medications. Numerous persons focused on the following questions: “Have Lance Armstrong actually taken doping products?”, Why has he cheated?”, Which medications have been taken by him?”, How could he avoid detection?”, etc.
The Dallas Morning News didn’t fail to present positive deed of Lance Armstrong as well. The newspaper noted about efforts of the cyclist for the foundation that helps persons with cancer to survive. The sportsman also induced developing centers for researches connected with treatment of cancer. The Dallas Morning News noticed also about accomplishments of the sportsman which were done during his cycling career. Since young age Lance Armstrong succeeded in cycling. He got many awards. Lance Armstrong won Tour de France 7 consecutive times.
Even testicular cancer couldn’t defeat the prominent cyclist. However the cancer spread over the body, Lance Armstrong got rid of this dreadful trouble. Furthermore, he returned to professional cycling after his treatment and continued succeeding. While all positive deeds of Lance Armstrong didn’t make him a finalist for the “Texan of the Year” award, his doping case did it. Of course, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) contributed to his award. A dossier on Lance Armstrong’s doping case was written by the USADA. Moreover, the cyclist’s sponsors left him after it was proven that he had doped. Thus, numerous persons were convinced that the cyclist had applied banned preparations.
Texans praised Lance Armstrong, when he had success in cycling. But when this athlete crashed, they began to demonize him. It is not surprisingly because this is the essence of Texans. While they prefer to make some persons heroes, they prefer to demonize them too.

Which drugs represent problem in MMA?

The UFC president Dana White suggests that numerous MMA fighters administer marijuana. This person is troubled by this issue. While anti-doping organizations put efforts to clean sports from intake of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, the UFC president claims that it is needed to test fighters for recreational drugs randomly. The UFC president says: “Forget about steroids!” He claims that it is the time to be troubled by usage of marijuana and other recreational drugs by MMA fighters.
It is known that those who are caught administering anabolic steroids and/or other related medicines are banned from competitions. Which sanctions are for those that test positive for recreational drugs? You should know that the punishment is the same.
Don’t you wonder how many athletes are caught using marijuana and/or other related remedies, if random testing for recreational drugs will be established in the UFC?
475 fighters have signed contracts with the UFC. It is supposed that if random testing is conducted, about 80% of these fighters will be caught using these drugs.
The United State Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) would be glad to sign a contract with the UFC in order to promote cleaning it from doping. They consider that the UFC should have the same anti-doping program like other sports organizations have. But Dana White doesn’t want to sign a contract with the USDADA and the VADA. He affirms that the State Athletic Commission test fighters for banned substances. It is enough in order to clean the UFC from administration of banned medicines, according to Dana White.
It becomes obvious that the UFc president doesn’t wish to clean MMA from doping. Previously he has pronounced several affirmations for support of testosterone replacement therapy among fighters. He has said that any fighter should take steroids under recommendations of his doctor, if he has hypogonadism. Sportspersons must obtain therapeutic use exemptions in order to compete professionally while administering several steroids. But it is possible to note that therapeutic use exemptions often serve as an excuse for doping. A lot of successful fighters have gotten therapeutic use exemptions and use steroids while fighting. So, doping continues prospering in MMA.
Why doesn’t Dana White put efforts to eliminate usage of doping products and smoking pot from MMA? Think logically! The fight against doping and smoking will influence on business negatively.

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Hypocritical society blames steroid users

Reporters often write articles about those that have unnatural muscles and strength. Reading their affirmations, you can notice that those who administer anabolic steroids and/or other related medicines are harshly blamed. Such individuals are criticized in the society. They are called “cheaters”. It is claimed that those who administer anabolic steroids for bodybuilding purposes may become addicted to these products. Many articles also contain information about potential side effects of steroids. However several negative reactions appear in consumers of steroids, others are not proven scientifically. For example, it is widely reported about violence and murders committed by steroid users. It is claimed that anabolic steroids may lead to uncontrolled behavior that results in crimes. However, so called “roid rage” related to these medicines is claimed to be a controversial issue.
Many persons claim that administration of anabolic steroids for increase of muscle mass and strength, hardening of muscles and fat loss is a moral issue. Let think! Is this statement free from hypocrisy? Why are only anabolic steroids demonized? Do only these preparations make the society unnatural? Let analyze other conditions of our society! What do you think about sexual stimulants? It is claimed that you should not suffer from sexual dysfunctions, when there are appropriate drugs to get rid of such problems. Furthermore, what do you think about anti-aging products? Why should you have evident wrinkles, if there are methods to hide your age? Models and actors apply several medications but they are not called “cheaters”. Students apply certain medications in order to increase their cognitive abilities. They are not demonized too. Certain specialists that have conducted some researches claim that those that take steroids for enhancement of physical abilities are more harshly blamed than those that administer some medications to increase cognitive capacities. Is it fair?
As you see, our society is full of hypocrisy, ignorance and unfair accusations. May you demonize consumers of steroids in this society? May you affirm that administration of steroids for enhancement of physical performance is a moral issue? Be real! If you start blaming steroid users, don’t forget about other aspects in the society!

Athletes that have steroid-induced hypogonadism should be allowed to use steroids

Usage of steroids for testosterone replacement therapy by sportspersons is a controversial issue. There are a lot of debates linked with it. It is known by anyone that anabolic steroids and some other related products are prohibited in many sports organizations. But if a person should administer these preparations under guidelines of his/her doctor for clinical needs, he/she should obtain a therapeutic use exemption. However it is allowed to use even anabolic steroids for therapeutic needs, such athletes are frequently blamed and named “cheaters”. In fact, it is unfair.
What does Dana White, the UFC president, affirm about intake of steroids for testosterone replacement therapy? Does he demonize fighters that administer steroids in order to increase their low levels of testosterone? Dana White claims that any person with hypogonadism should apply steroids, if these products are prescribed by his health care provider. Although it is fair, let mention why certain sportsmen have low levels of testosterone. It is proven scientifically that steroid abuse may cause suppression of natural testosterone secretion. So, certain fighters and other athletes that have administered previously steroids for performance-enhancing effects may have hypogonadism. Hence, their doctors prescribe them administering some steroids in order to increase their testosterone levels.
According to the UFC president, testosterone replacement therapy is legal for all men, including professional sportspersons. Thus, if any sportsperson suffers from hypogonadism, he should be allowed to take steroids recommended by his physician. He should reach normal testosterone levels which characterize any healthy man of his age.
But the UFC president underlines that any fighter or another athlete that takes anabolic steroids and/or other prohibited medicines for athletic needs must be banned from competitions. It is needed to make difference between those that apply steroids for medical purposes and those that want to obtain muscle mass and strength with the help these medications. No one is allowed to apply anabolic steroids for athletic needs. It is prohibited in sports. Those that break anti-doping rules must be punished. Sports must be free from doping.
It seems to be surprising that affirmations of Dana White differ obviously from statements presented by anti-doping officials. As you know, words of several anti-doping officers for steroid users are much harsher than those pronounced by Dana White.