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понедельник, 4 февраля 2013 г.

Manuel Marquez increased muscles because of specific methods

Any fan saw that the physique of the American boxer Juan Manuel Marquez had been altered obviously. What led to such evident changes in the athlete?
Since Juan Manuel Marquez is connected with the admitted steroid dealer Angel “Memo” Hernandez, numerous individuals think that the boxer’s muscles have been enhanced because of steroids and/or other doping products. Angel “Memo” Hernandez has been hired as a strength coach of Juan Manuel Marquez. This individual was linked to the BALCO scandal. As it was found out, this person supplied numerous elite sportspersons with anabolic steroids and other related drugs. He presented information about some athletes that acquired banned medications from him.
Finding out that Angel “Memo” Hernandez has been a steroid dealer, numerous individuals believe that he provides performance-enhancing drugs to Juan Manuel Marquez. Several suspicions and even accusations were pronounced by Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao’s trainer. Freddie Roach claimed that it would be well to subject the both boxers Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao to testing before the fight.
Actually, Freddie Roach’s suspicions were not based on any drug evidence. He focused just on enhanced muscles of Juan Manuel Marquez.
Later Manny Pacquiao’s trainer claimed that he didn’t mean anything serious. He affirmed that he was just joking.
Angel “Memo” Hernandez made it clear that he was not just a coach. Since he is a scientist, he knows a lot of things. He knows the best methods to enhance muscles and add strength. Angel “Memo” Hernandez notices that he knows the methods to do it legally. No any illegal preparation is included in his methods. But he refuses to disclose the ways. The coach claims that this is a secret.
When it comes to Juan Manuel Marquez, he claimed that he never used any forbidden drug. He noted that it was not drugs that caused the obvious changes in his physique. Furthermore, he specified that weight was not the chief factor while fighting. According to Juan Manuel Marquez, a fighter should possess intelligence, speed and strength in order to have success.
Neither Juan Manuel Marquez, nor Manny Pacquiao was subjected to testing for prohibited drugs before the fight. Such tests are commonly conducted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission after matches.

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