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вторник, 31 января 2012 г.

It is unclear what caused rhabdomyolsis in some players of the Iowa Hawkeyes football team

More than 10 players of the Iowa Hawkeyes football team were taken in hospital due to  rhabdomyolsis. This is an illness connected with quick destruction of skeletal muscle that results in leakage into urine the muscle protein myoglobin. People with this disease suffer from severe muscle aches, weakness and soreness. Since byproducts of the muscle destruction become toxic to the kidneys, there is a high risk of kidney failure in this case.
Experts started immediately to blame nephrotoxic supplements or anabolic steroids in occurring of rhabdomyolsis in the Hawkeyes’ football players but there was no any  relation between these drugs and this illness in them. The doctor James Williams told to CBS during an interview that nephrotoxic supplements were responsible for rhabdomyolsis in these football players. He claimed that individuals had dehydration, when their muscles became broken due to hard trainings. When supplements are administrated in such situations, they are turned to be toxic to kidneys directly, according to James William. He added that this condition led to rhabdomyolsis.
Unluckily, the media didn’t interview real high-qualified experts. Only so-called experts were asked by media. That’s why the conclusions were misleading.
It is supposed that Mike Gimbel of a Maryland anti-steroid and anti-supplement organization doesn’t have needed knowledge. Mike Gimbel just confirms that although they do not know how the supplements act in body and whether they lead to any benefits, these products are very dangerous for health.
Nonetheless, certain facts showed that anabolic steroids were not responsible for rhabdomyolsis of the football players. These players submitted to tests for prohibited products and they tested negative. Moreover, an expert has studied and shown that there was no any relation between muscle disorders and anabolic steroids or HGH. Richard J. Auchus, a specialist on steroid metabolism at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, confirms that gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid is the only product which could lead to this disease. Sometimes this medicine is taken for anabolic effects as well. Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid is an illicit medicine. Certain specialists like Auchus, a consultant of the U. S. Anti-Doping Agency, are sure that no any preparation is to be blamed for this condition of these football players. He assures that the muscle destruction is caused by extremely hard training to which the trainers pushed the sportspersons.
The coach Chris Doyle will be probably blamed for rhabodomyolsis of the football players, if steroids or other supplements will be not turned to be the reasons of the disease. Who knows? Even sport in itself is associated with some risks.

Sportswriters try to create associations between steroid scandals and the Pittsburgh Steelers

When it is said that the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to play, sportswriters seem to have responsibility to write about their links with steroids. They put efforts to create a steroid scandal and to define any probable links of this team with it.
Mike Fish of ESPN showed the same attitude, when this football team competed in the 2009 Super Bowl.  This reporter turned to be successful in writing news connected with the Pittsburgh Steelers and steroids.
However sportswriters do not have always success, when it comes to allegations of a team or a person with performance-enhancing drugs before a competition, the situation is altered, if it is spoken about the Steelers. Sportswriters prefer writing about their history, about the lesson connected with anabolic steroids which took place in 1970s.
David Fleming wrote about historical lessons of the Pittsburgh Steelers before a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. This person reported about time, when the NFL hadn’t yet forbidden intake of steroids. So, according to certain sources, players of the Pittsburgh Steelers used steroids in the late 1970s. It is noted in the 1991 book “False Glory: The Steve Courson Story” that more than 70 % of the offensive linemen of the Steelers  took steroids.
It must have been true but you must understand that application of steroids was not banned. Why are the Pittsburgh Steelers condemned, if intake of steroids was allowed?
Jim Haslett told the New Orleans Saints that the Steelers had won a lot if times in 1970s and in 1980s because of steroids. According to this coach, the players of the team became much more powerful due to administration of steroids.
But it is important to be cautious here. The Steelers were not the first football team that administrated steroids and other medications that enhance performance. There were other professional football teams that utilized steroids even in well-organized way.
Matt Chaneygives the better explanation related to application of steroids by football players. He noted in his book “The Spiral of Denial: Muscle Doping in American football” that the Pittsburgh Steelers hadn’t to be demonized for the steroid revolution in football. There was another team which was responsible for this factor. The San Diego Charges took steroids before the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1960s.  
However the Steelers administrated steroids in 1970s, it is impossible to suggest that they won due to steroids. There were also players of other teams who used these products too. Nonetheless, the Pittsburgh Steelers were successful!

воскресенье, 29 января 2012 г.

Recent studies will probably change the common attitude to Trenbolone

Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid that is used by bodybuilders for many years. Unfortunately, this preparation has never been claimed to be  an appropriate medication for clinical needs. It is not approved for human use by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This drug has been demonized many times by media. Many articles have proclaimed that this preparation is very  dangerous. But recent researches have displayed opposite facts. It is supposed that common attitude to trenbolone can be soon  changed. Joshua Yarrow and his colleagues from the University of  Florida claim that this preparation can be administrated as testosterone for hormone replacement therapy.  The experts say that it is an appropriate alternative product to testosterone for the need mentioned above. Results of researches conducted by these experts have been published in the American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism.
Moreover, the specialists proclaim that trenbolone enanthate has even some priorities over testosterone for some patients. Bodybuilders  know and support the statements linked with this medicine. It is known that testosterone aromatases. As for trenbolone, it is turned neither to estradiol, nor to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). That’s why it doesn’t lead to adverse effects related to estrogen and DHT.
Joshua Yarrow  reports about the researches conducted by him and his colleagues. Castrated rats have been given trenbolone enanthate.  Even reduced doses of this preparation have induced their muscle size and kept bone mineral density. There have not been reported such negative effects, as enlargement of prostate or polycythemia in these lab rats.
But too enhanced doses of testosterone enanthate were required to cause the same anabolic effects in muscles as were produced by reduced dosages of trenbolone enanthate. But such unexpected reactions, as prostate enlargement and induced hemoglobin accompanied the enhanced measures of testosterone enanthate. It is suggested by the researchers that trenbolone acts like selective androgen receptor modulators, causing anabolic effects in muscles and bones without androgenic adverse consequences.
Professional competitive bodybuilders prefer taking trenbolone certain weeks before competitions because it causes fat loss. Furthermore, the studies have shown that the same dosages of trenbolone have stronger lipolytic effects than those of testosterone. It has been determined that more trenbolone an individual applies, the greater the fat loss is caused.
Since trenbolone lacks aromatization, it is commonly combined with such steroids, as testosterone, Dianabol or with another aromatizable steroid. The lack of aromatization leads trenbolone to disability to be used alone for testosterone replacement therapy. The non-aromatizable feature of this preparation is responsible for just partial protective effect of bones.
Nonetheless, it is possible to conclude that additional studies are required in order to use trenbolone for hormone replacement therapy.

The WADA seems to be completely intolerable when it comes to Clenbuterol

The Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador who won the 2010 Tour de France tested positive for Clenbuterol. Quantities of this substance in his body were extremely small. They were 40 times less than its minimum standard of the detection capacity. But the WADA doesn’t have any tolerance when it comes to this drug. Any quantity of this product uncovered in a sportsperson’s body causes ban.
The Spanish cyclist Alberto contador confirms that contaminated meat is responsible for his positive for Clenbuterol. A lot of experts are inclined to believe him, since the quantity uncovered in his urine are very small.   Neveretheless, this Spanish cyclistwas banned.
The anti-doping expert of Contador’s defense team Douwe de Boer proclaims that he becomes disappointed in decisions of the WADA day by day. This expert notes that it seems as if the WADA were happy to ban innocent athletes but not to define cheaters.
Zhao Jian of China’s Anti-Doping Agency says that a person may test positive from contaminated meat. It isn’t just anyone’s opinion. This statement has scientific basis. The specialist Detlef Thieme of the Institute of Doping Analysis and Sports from Germany supports this statement too.  He points out that nobody can doubt about it.
Wilhelm Schaenzer of the Laboratoty for Doping Analysis at the German Sports University in Cologne proclaims that it is a real problem that they do not have ability to investigate and detect doping clearly.
According to anti-doping studies led in Cologne, it is more likely to detect Clenbuterol from contaminated meat than from intentional intake of this medication for athletic needs.
National Anti-Doping Laboratory from China announces that experiments conducted by them have displayed that consumption of pork meat containing Clenbuterol may lead to positives for this substance.
Nonetheless, there are skeptic individuals that suppose that the Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador has taken prohibited medicines.
Skeptic attitude to Contador can be explained by the condition that usage of EPO, anabolic steroids, HGH and other drugs that have performance-enhancing effects is widespread in cycling. The former cyclists Floyd Landis and Bernhard Kohl that have been caught by the WADA proclaim that all cyclists take performance-enhancing product. The chemist Patrick Arnold has the same point of view.

понедельник, 23 января 2012 г.

Why can’t certain athletes realize their dreams?

Decisions of anti-doping agencies are not fair in certain situations. While several sportspersons test positive for steroids, the whole teams are suspended. Thus, sportspersons who do not lie suffer together with liars. Can’t you find it  unfair? Why must good sportspersons be kept from making their hopes and dreams real, if other individuals cheat?
The football program of the college from Waterloo was shut down for a year. It was due to results of an investigation.  Everything started due to a bust of a player that was caught having numerous  vials of anabolic steroids and HGH. It led to numerous investigations conducted in Canadian colleges. The investigations were led by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.
An investigation resulted in eight positives of the Waterloo football players. The positives caused the decision to suspend the whole team for a year.
Unluckily, fair players of the Waterloo College were punished together with cheaters that applied prohibited performance-enhancing drugs. The players Matt Vonk and Steve Ples  played at Laurier before the scandal related to steroids and the suspension. These two football players dind’t utilize steroids. That’s why The football players Matt Vonk and Steve Ples hadn’t receive the suspension.
These two players decided to transfer to another college to realize their dreams connected with football. But these two football players received refusal. Thus, these players will be kept from playing football the whole year.

Incorrect spelling of a trade name for a popular steroid in an article

Since themes related to steroids are popular around the world, numerous reporters write about them even lacking appropriate knowledge related to these drugs. Several journalists are not able even spell names of the preparations about which they write news. In case an article’s theme is connected with a popular steroid utilized by numerous athletes, readers expect to find out about important features and studies related to this steroid. A journalist that writes about a steroid has to possess at least general information about it.
Unfortunately, you can come across significant ignorance, when you read news related to steroids. For example, Matthew Kelly has written an article about Nandrolone Decanoate which was published in the Newcastle Herald newspaper. It is known that the trade name of this medication is quite popular. Sportspersons often call it shortly: they name it just Deca instead of Deca Durabolin.  The name  “Deca Durabolin” has been applied for about 50 years. But the journalist of the Newcastle Herald has done mistakes even in the name of this steroid. He has written it following: Decca Duarbulon. Can you trust this reporter? Could you be sure that the other aspects that are provided by Matthew Kelly  are true, if he can’t even write the name of the preparation correctly? Furthermore, it is not the only example of ignorance  about the things he writes. The Newcastle Herald seems to lack researches related to steroids. Kelly asks the local trainer to support his confirmation about steroids that is following: black market of anabolic steroids is full of young sportspersons that look for products that possess performance-enhancing effects to build muscled bodies. Since it must be true, the trainer is not able to support the confirmation because he knows just the things he has been said. He can report nothing actually because he is not involved in this problem directly.
Another ignorance is displayed in the Newcastle Herald’s description of the methods to detect steroid users. It is written that if a person has muscled arms but not chest or  an increased chest and not arms, he\she is an user of steroids. This is the “depth” of researches presented by the Newcastle Herald.