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вторник, 31 января 2012 г.

Sportswriters try to create associations between steroid scandals and the Pittsburgh Steelers

When it is said that the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to play, sportswriters seem to have responsibility to write about their links with steroids. They put efforts to create a steroid scandal and to define any probable links of this team with it.
Mike Fish of ESPN showed the same attitude, when this football team competed in the 2009 Super Bowl.  This reporter turned to be successful in writing news connected with the Pittsburgh Steelers and steroids.
However sportswriters do not have always success, when it comes to allegations of a team or a person with performance-enhancing drugs before a competition, the situation is altered, if it is spoken about the Steelers. Sportswriters prefer writing about their history, about the lesson connected with anabolic steroids which took place in 1970s.
David Fleming wrote about historical lessons of the Pittsburgh Steelers before a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. This person reported about time, when the NFL hadn’t yet forbidden intake of steroids. So, according to certain sources, players of the Pittsburgh Steelers used steroids in the late 1970s. It is noted in the 1991 book “False Glory: The Steve Courson Story” that more than 70 % of the offensive linemen of the Steelers  took steroids.
It must have been true but you must understand that application of steroids was not banned. Why are the Pittsburgh Steelers condemned, if intake of steroids was allowed?
Jim Haslett told the New Orleans Saints that the Steelers had won a lot if times in 1970s and in 1980s because of steroids. According to this coach, the players of the team became much more powerful due to administration of steroids.
But it is important to be cautious here. The Steelers were not the first football team that administrated steroids and other medications that enhance performance. There were other professional football teams that utilized steroids even in well-organized way.
Matt Chaneygives the better explanation related to application of steroids by football players. He noted in his book “The Spiral of Denial: Muscle Doping in American football” that the Pittsburgh Steelers hadn’t to be demonized for the steroid revolution in football. There was another team which was responsible for this factor. The San Diego Charges took steroids before the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1960s.  
However the Steelers administrated steroids in 1970s, it is impossible to suggest that they won due to steroids. There were also players of other teams who used these products too. Nonetheless, the Pittsburgh Steelers were successful!

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