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воскресенье, 29 января 2012 г.

The WADA seems to be completely intolerable when it comes to Clenbuterol

The Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador who won the 2010 Tour de France tested positive for Clenbuterol. Quantities of this substance in his body were extremely small. They were 40 times less than its minimum standard of the detection capacity. But the WADA doesn’t have any tolerance when it comes to this drug. Any quantity of this product uncovered in a sportsperson’s body causes ban.
The Spanish cyclist Alberto contador confirms that contaminated meat is responsible for his positive for Clenbuterol. A lot of experts are inclined to believe him, since the quantity uncovered in his urine are very small.   Neveretheless, this Spanish cyclistwas banned.
The anti-doping expert of Contador’s defense team Douwe de Boer proclaims that he becomes disappointed in decisions of the WADA day by day. This expert notes that it seems as if the WADA were happy to ban innocent athletes but not to define cheaters.
Zhao Jian of China’s Anti-Doping Agency says that a person may test positive from contaminated meat. It isn’t just anyone’s opinion. This statement has scientific basis. The specialist Detlef Thieme of the Institute of Doping Analysis and Sports from Germany supports this statement too.  He points out that nobody can doubt about it.
Wilhelm Schaenzer of the Laboratoty for Doping Analysis at the German Sports University in Cologne proclaims that it is a real problem that they do not have ability to investigate and detect doping clearly.
According to anti-doping studies led in Cologne, it is more likely to detect Clenbuterol from contaminated meat than from intentional intake of this medication for athletic needs.
National Anti-Doping Laboratory from China announces that experiments conducted by them have displayed that consumption of pork meat containing Clenbuterol may lead to positives for this substance.
Nonetheless, there are skeptic individuals that suppose that the Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador has taken prohibited medicines.
Skeptic attitude to Contador can be explained by the condition that usage of EPO, anabolic steroids, HGH and other drugs that have performance-enhancing effects is widespread in cycling. The former cyclists Floyd Landis and Bernhard Kohl that have been caught by the WADA proclaim that all cyclists take performance-enhancing product. The chemist Patrick Arnold has the same point of view.

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