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суббота, 31 марта 2012 г.

American youth try to move each move of their idols in sports

American youth are fans of their sports stars. They have already a lot of such idols from the days of the baseball players Babe Ruth and Shoeless Joe Jackson till the stars of nowadays: the football player Peyton Manning and the baseball player Derek Jeter. Youth observe and repeat their every move.
Is it safe to idolize sports stars of nowadays? It may be risky. Nowadays sports heroes obtain millions of dollars due to administration of steroids. However the NFL and the MLB fight against doping, the war seems to lack success. Administration of steroids like cancer destructs sports. Although American youth are taught about dangerous adverse reactions of these medicines, the results are not satisfactory.
It is said that youth are suppressed to administrate steroids. They put efforts to meet the needed criteria of college admission; they idolize current professional sportspeople. The all these factors induce administrating steroids.
Undoubtedly, all parents desire their children to have success. If children go info sports, their parents desire them to win and to continue to play professionally. Children realize that it is difficult to do it. Which are the consequences? The pressure impacts greatly on American youth.  Over 10 % of teenagers feel that they need to lie in order to have success. College admission levels have dropped due to budget cuts. The Recovery Place supposes that it may lead to the situation, when high school students will look for alternative methods to be able to stand out among crowds. Doping can seem for teenagers to be the best alternative method.
American youth know that numerous professional athletes have succeeded differently. Some of them did it due to their talents and hard workouts; others applied steroids and other related medications. If American youth act like those who dope, which will be the consequences?
Prolonged steroid use may lead to addiction to these drugs.  Moreover, users of steroids may suffer from such negative symptoms, as liver tumors, cancer, high blood pressure, icterus, kidney disorders and bad cholesterol. These negative effects are claimed to be serious; they may be life-threatening.
Undoubtedly, parents don’t want to see their children ill. They want their children to achieve goals due to devotion to sports and hard trainings. But it is difficult to do it because many others lie, applying steroids. Now it is time to do everything to push out steroids. These medicines shouldn’t disturb to reach our goals.

Baseball is not yet steroid-free

There is a topic that causes hot discussions. Especially baseball fans are excited, if they hear about steroids and their influence on this sport. So, in case you desire to cause hot discussions, you only have to notice that certain superstars win due to usage of steroids.
Different individuals have various opinions, when it comes to the topic about steroids. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why certain individuals that are involved in baseball use steroids. Do they play baseball only for money? Are they so blinded by money and other awards that they do everything for these perspectives? Undoubtedly, the most respected baseball players are those that don’t use steroids and win due to natural talents. Those deserve respect, honor and awards that are not lured to dope for achievement of their goals.
It is believed that steroid users must not be elected for the Hall of Fame. It represents trying to avoid shame related to the steroid era. You may see efforts to leave all unpleasant aspects in past and to move further. But do these efforts to condemn users of steroids mean that the steroid era is over? In fact, a wrong perception is created here. The steroid era is not over. Those who believe that condemnation of steroid users mean that baseball is drug-free are mistaken.
Everybody knows that many players of baseball have used anabolic steroids and other related medications. Moreover, nobody doubts that nowadays there are such baseball players that continue to administrate banned preparations. Numerous persons discuss whether a player with average skills may become great due to intake of prohibited products. Several persons claim that without proper talents steroids don’t profit. Talents must present. Others do not agree with this statement. They claim that steroids have ability to increase performance whatever talent an athlete has.
But the problem is that we condemn players who dope alone. But not only players should be condemned for the steroid era. Everyone knows what happens really during the steroid era.
It is unlikely that the steroid era has come to the end. Baseball hasn’t yet past the dark clouds. Usage of steroids is still deeply in the soul of baseball. Decisive efforts should present to be convinced that doping doesn’t affect baseball anymore.

среда, 28 марта 2012 г.

Influence of financial position of the Dominican Republic on steroid use

The Major League Baseball tries to do everything to prevent intake of steroids. It desires to nip doping in the bud. Then it will be capable to reach the big show. A location where the efforts of the MLB are applied and clearly observed is the Dominican Republic.
Those that live in the Dominican Republic want to play professional baseball in the U. S. This is not only a dream. This desire becomes real. Thus, the whole family drives. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals are lured to administrate steroids and other related drugs which increase performance to reach their goal.
The Dominican Republic is a country where a lot of persons administrate steroids and other products that enhance performance. That’s why a sportsperson from this location is asked whether he has taken steroids or other related preparations. Undoubtedly, this individual claims that he has never doped because tests are performed and everybody is afraid to be caught administrating any controlled substance.
The MLB subjects to tests athletes from the Dominican Republic. So, one year 13 persons out of 40 tested amateur athletes from this location tested positive. The MLB intends to tests Dominicans and to punish those who dope.
It is proclaimed that the number of Dominicans that are sent to the MLB is essentially higher than the number of players that are sent from all countries of the Latin America.
The MLB puts significant efforts to push steroids out of baseball. Amateur players are taught about risks for their health connected with steroids. They are taught about unwanted results that can be caused by steroids.
The financial position of the Dominican Republic is a great problem in this case. The average salary is about 8, 5000 dollars per year there. To get a signing bonus of 180, 000 dollars is a real achievement for any player from this Republic. That’s why athletes from this location are especially lured to dope for such perspectives. They want to obtain a contract for playing professional baseball in the MLB. They try to get it for well-being of their families and for improvement quality of life in future. Signing a contract means moving from a rented small house to a private home, from poverty to normal conditions of life, from travelling by public transport to driving own car.
In fact, doping is not a problem only in the Dominican Republic. It is a trouble which corrupts the whole world. No one sportsperson can be sure whether he competes against an individual that has natural skills and talents or against an individual that dopes. That’s why it is important to nip usage of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in the bud.
 Youth must be educated about troubles connected with doping not just in the Dominican Republic or only in the U. S. but around the world.

Drug-free baseball in future

The Major League Baseball endured certain difficult periods of time. It endured two situations that are considered to be two world wars for baseball: the 1919 Black Sox scandal and the betting of Pete Rose on baseball. Nowadays the MLB suffers from steroid era. It is widely believed that it will be capable to survive this period too. There was a case that had a significant influence on baseball as well. It was the case related to Barry Bonds.
Undoubtedly, Barry Bonds was not the only baseball player who administrated medications which enhance performance. Moreover, he is not the last of them. Many baseball players have used forbidden preparations to promote performance. Many players of baseball have received awards and millions of dollars due to usage of banned medications.
The sums of money which may be gotten justify the dangers linked with administration of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. The baseball players who take prohibited medicines don’t worry so scrupulously about their reputation, as they trouble about obtaining of money. Such individuals are responsible for the influence which is spread upon fans who try to be similar to them and upon future generation that will have hot debates about the steroid era in baseball.
Nobody can doubt that any baseball player who takes steroids corrupts his honor. It is made only for money. Such individual trades own reputation only for obtaining money.
Nonetheless, it is believed that future of baseball is light. Many baseball players have talents and appropriate skills; they train intensively and devote themselves wholly to this sport. They are honest individuals. They keep their honor. Such individuals love baseball truly. They do not worry just about money. Such baseball players are motivated by real love to baseball.
In fact, the MLB prohibits steroids. But unfortunately, there are individuals in every sport that profit from usage of steroids.
Our hope is bright: we believe that the day comes, when we’ll observe sportspeople who compete not because of usage of steroids and other related drugs but due to natural talents, skills and intensive workouts.

воскресенье, 25 марта 2012 г.

You are unlikely to recognize how wide spread steroid use is in sports

The theme connected with steroids appears everywhere. It is widely debated by many persons. Everyday many articles report about these preparations. You come across news that report about individuals that use steroids. You come across situations related to those who are caught distributing steroids and sentenced to probation or jail. Although steroids are recommended for many patients to treat them from several illnesses, intake of these medications for enhancement of performance is more widely spread. It seems that it destroy the whole world.
People are controlled by money. If they can earn money due to distribution or usage of anabolic steroids, they do it. They are not stopped by the steroid laws. They administrate and distribute these medicines, although they are considered to be illegal in certain countries. Numerous people violate steroid laws because they can get money, distributing and/or taking steroids.
No one doubts that you have read numerous articles about wrestlers that have administrated prohibited medications for many years. Some of users died of sudden attacks, being young. But no one wants to acknowledge that fatal cases happen because steroids. A lot of people deny connections between dangerous medical conditions and usage of steroids.
The Major League Baseball desires to escape from steroid era. We hope that the time comes, when baseball will be played without steroids and winners will be decided due to natural talent and skills of players but not due to medicines that have performance-enhancing effects.
It is impossible to be sure that you comprehend how wide spread administration of banned products is in professional and non-professional sports. Intake of steroids by competitive sportspeople is cheating. If athletes use medicines which increase performance, they lie. They take unfair advantage during competitions.
Any consumer of steroids who goes info sports should determine whether he/she has talent to be involved in sports. If he/she is not able to compete, he/she should have another job. Each individual must do the job he/she really can do. So, if you are not able to play football, you must choose another job.
There is a hope that administration of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs will be pushed out of sports. It may be that it will be soon in the future. Who knows?

The U. S. judge sentenced to prison a short-time steroid dealer that cares about 2 adopted children and 3 children of his disabled brothers

The laws which ban administration of anabolic steroids have appeared due to certain conditions. They turned out to be responses to widespread administration of steroids in competitive sports. Anti-Doping Agencies thought that ban of steroids would keep professional sportspeople far from intake of illegal drugs. But criminalization of steroids influenced on intake of steroids by competitive sportspersons slightly.
The steroid laws usually do not prosecute sportspeople that take illegal medicines. On the contrary, non-competitive sportspersons and recreational bodybuilders are usually targets of the steroid laws. They suffer due to results of breaking these laws.
This is not only one’s point of view. Real facts display it. Let see: who is sentenced to jail because of distributing steroids? For example, Ashley Dewayne Rivers of Alabama received 5 months in jail because he had sold about $2000 worth of steroids to a doctor. Actually, this person was not the target of a steroid investigation. He only turned out to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The estranged wife of this health care provider said to federal investigators that her husband was involved in operations of black steroid market. Thus, the affirmation of this woman caused the situation, when the doctor was investigated.
In fact, Ashley Rivers was a supplier of steroids for short time. This person sold these medicines to his friends. James Robinson, the defense attorney for Ashley Rivers, noted that his client had recognized his guilty totally and taken the total responsibility for his illegal operations.  The attorney claimed that Rivers was a moral person. Although he broke the steroid laws, he recognized the risks and admitted to his guilty.
The attorney for Rivers Ashley asked the judge to sentence Rivers Ashley only to probation.  Rivers cared about his physically impaired wife, 2 children that were adopted by him  and 3 children of his disabled brother. Moreover, Rivers sacrificed about 40, 000 dollars for individuals that lost their homes because of tornadoes. It would be better, if Rivers Ashley were sentenced to probation. This person would continue his work for his family and other individuals.
But Christopher Brinson, the Assistant U. S. Attorney, refused the request of James Robinson. He confirmed that this man committed a serious crime and he should serve time in jail. However the judge was inclined to agree with the request of the defense attorney  at the beginning, finally he decided to agree with the Assistant U.S. Attorney and sentenced Ashley Rivers to 5-month imprisonment.
You can see that steroid laws don’t influence on professional athletes.

среда, 21 марта 2012 г.

However Jose Canseco will probably never escape from his steroid past, he tries to continue playing baseball professionally

Jose Canseco is a former player of the Major League Baseball. He was banned for intake of steroids. This former baseball player wrote a book “Juiced” in which he confirmed that many players of the MLB administrated steroids.
Now he has been invited to play for the Tigres de Quintana Roo of Cancun. He has proclaimed about his desire to play in the MLB again. Jose Canseco has written on Twitter that Cancun is his following step towards the MLB.
Jose Canseco has not played professional baseball since 2001 after he had played for the Chicago White Sox. This player was probably blackballed by baseball because of his affirmations connected with steroids and presented in the book “Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big”.  He has called himself the “godfather” of steroids in baseball and took credit for introducing these substances in baseball. This baseball player openly admitted in his book that he had taken anabolic steroids and other medicines that have performance-enhancing effects. This writer mentioned also names of other baseball players who administrated steroids. Such baseball players, as  Mark McGwire, Juan Gonzalez, Rafael Palmeiro, Ivan Rodriguez, and Jason Giambi were named by Jose Canseco.
However anabolic steroids can be purchased without any prescription at Mexican pharmacies, they are prohibited in MLB.
According to several reports, Jose Canseco will be tested for forbidden medications by the Quintana Roo Tigers.
Jose Canseco claims that he has stopped taking steroids several years ago. According to some sources, since discontinuing taking steroids it had been recommended testosterone replacement therapy for him to cure some troubles linked with low level of testosterone.
The Cuban-American former baseball player said that he had had several undesirable reactions due to intake of steroids. So, his physician had to recommend him a testosterone gel to relieve from low sex drive and depression.
While he put efforts to restore his natural production of testosterone, he got several problems with laws. This person was detained for about 9 hours by the San Diego Immigration and Customs Enforcement after he had been caught possessing a vial of HCG at the international border. Jose Canseco’s house was raided by law enforcement officials but no any steroids were discovered.
Although Jose Canseco will never escape from his steroid past, he tries to continue playing professional baseball.

Low testosterone level is not a sufficient aspect to obtain a TUE in MMA

Certain mixed martial artists have publicly acknowledged that they take anabolic steroids as a part of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) that has been prescribed by health care providers. Keith Kizer, the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), believes that this factor has created an impression among major people that steroid exemptions are given to allow MMA fighters to take the steroid testosterone.
During an interview with Ben Fowlkes of MMA Fighting Keith Kizer said that some persons thought that any fighter could get exemptions for intake of testosterone. He noticed that he couldn’t say it about other states but he described the situation in Nevada. According to the executive director of the NSAC,  it is 50/50 whether a request for steroid exemption  will be approved.
TRT is a therapy which is required for adult men that have hypogonadism (reduced levels of testosterone). If athletes correspond to the medical criteria, they can be allowed to take steroids.
The NSAC has strict requirements for fighter that desire to get a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for usage of steroids. A sportsperson must have the document that displays that blood levels of testosterone are low.  But if an athlete has reduced level of testosterone, it is not enough to obtain a TUE. Treating doctors should name reasons and medical conditions. The details related to testosterone replacement therapy must be described by physicians as well. Every detail should display that certain sportsperson has to  administrate testosterone for clinical needs and intake of steroids will not give unfair advantage to the sportsperson.
Certain top athletes of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) have used steroids for TRT. Chael Sonnen, Nate Marquardt, Dennis Hallman and Dan Henderson are included in the group of stars that take steroids for clinical needs.
Keith Kizer, the executive director of the NSAC proclaims that prohibition of steroids makes MMA safer. He notices that if a fighter administrates steroids, he/she takes unfair advantage as if it is used knuckles that are hidden inside gloves.  Thus, this is not just cheating. This factor is related to dangers for life. If you say to a fighter that you can put knuckles in the gloves so, as no one will observe it, this athlete will say you not to bother him. But it is strangely that such athlete uses steroids.
No one doubts that usage of steroids has possible dangers to increase the harm that can occur in MMA.

суббота, 17 марта 2012 г.

Some parents affect their children’s health with steroids

James Gahan injected Corey Gahan, his teenage son of 13 years old, with anabolic steroids. He wanted him to become an Olympic athlete.
 Corey Gahan became an inline skating champion at the national level. This boy won the 2004 Inline Speed Skating Nationals. He also won the 2nd  place at the 2005 National Indoor Speed Skating Championship.
James Gahan pleaded guilty in possessing and injecting steroids to his small son. This person cooperated with a coach from Florida in order to supply the young athlete with testosterone, Deca Durabolin, HGH and HCG. James Gahan was arrested in May, 2004. As a result of his illegal actions, he received 6-year imprisonment.
 Since he had already completed his time in a jail, he was released. He started to claim that his attitude to steroids and other banned preparations had been changed totally. This person talked to high school athletes about dangers linked with steroid use. It was a part of his community service to which this person had  been ordered by the court.
This person said nothing about influence of steroids on the life and health of his son. James Gahan mentioned only about own experiences with these products. This person noticed that if one wanted to see adverse consequences of anabolic steroids, he might display them because he administrated these preparations. James Gahan noted that he took 45 tablets daily and his insides had eroded.
In fact, he didn’t explain what he meant, confirming that his insides had eroded due to steroids. He didn’t say anything about his disease that required 45 tablets per day!
James Gahan said about his son Corey that he had known everything they had done. But he noticed that since he was the father, he took the total responsibility upon himself. But he concluded that it would be better for Corey to acknowledge that he had lied.
But Corey doesn’t desire to talk to his father who has injected him with steroids. Earlier he has claimed that his father has never been sorry for giving steroids to him; he has been sorry because he has been caught doing it.

Colin Daynes tested positive for drostanolone, boldenone, tamoxifen and furosemide

A Greco-Roman wrestler, Colin Daynes, hoped to represent Canada at the 2012 London Olympics. Unfortunately, his dreams will not be real. Usage of banned preparations became a reason for it. Colin Daynes was caught taking steroids, diuretics and a selective estrogen receptor modulator.
Earlier this wrestler won the 74 kg division at the Canadian Wrestling Qualification Trials.
According to the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports, Colin Daynes tested positive for such banned medicines, as boldenone, drostanolone, furosemide and tamoxifen. Boldenone and drostanolone belong to anabolic steroids which are better known under their trade names: Equipose and Masteron. As for Tamoxifen, it is known as Nolvadex. This product is usually administrated together with certain others in order to minimize water retention. Furosemide or Lasix belongs to the class of diuretics. Wrestlers use this medication as well as other diuretics to lose body weight in order to correspond to requirements of certain weight classes.
Colin Daynes admitted that he had taken anabolic steroids and other prohibited medications intentionally. This wrestler noted that he had administrated these medicines to receive recovery from a partially-torn bicep and an elbow injury.  But he added that he hadn’t known that these medications were prohibited by the WADA. This wrestler blamed his doctor for this factor. He said that he had consulted a naturopathic doctor that recommended him taking these preparations. The wrestler noticed that if he had known that the products were prohibited, he would not have competed.
The Greco-Roman wrestler represented Canada at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. After he won the national trials in 2008 he intended to participate in the Beijing Olympics. But he didn’t participate in this Olympics because he couldn’t qualify internationally. Recently he won the Canadian Wrestling Qualifying Trials in December, 2011, and was scheduled to secure his allowance for the 2012 London Olympics through the competition at the Pan American Wrestling Championship.
But due to administration of controlled substances Colin Daynes has received 2-year ban. It means that he is not allowed to compete till December 2012, when his athletic career ends as well.
Colin Daynes confirmed that he had represented the native country proudly. He concluded that people could judge him, if they were able to do it after the successful career of 25 years and everything he had done.

среда, 14 марта 2012 г.

Lance Armstrong’s case related to a doping program

The case against Lance Armstrong related to doping is announced to be closed. He remains to be considered a champion that won at the Tour de France 7 times.
It is known that federal prosecutors put efforts to determine whether this cyclist and his teammates have joined a doping program. The duration of the investigation has been about 2 years.
Lance Armstrong denied that he has taken prohibited preparations. The charges against this person threatened to his athletic career as well as to his Foundation of cancer research and support. The efforts to prove that this person used steroids were in vain.
Lance Armstrong noticed that he had heard that the US Attorney’s Office decided to close the case. He confirmed that it was a right decision. Armstrong claimed that he was waiting to continue his usual life, being a father, a competitor and an advocate in the fight against cancer.
The attorney Andre Birotte proclaimed during a press conference that the US Attorney’s Office closed the investigation connected with the case of Lance Armstrong. This person didn’t mention about any reason of this decision. But he indicated that previous similar cases were also closed.
For example, the investigation related to Barry Bonds was claimed to be unsuccessful. Prosecutors couldn’t prove that this athlete had cheated about administration of steroids. As for the case related to Roger Clemens, the trial was indicated for another time because the judge declared about previous mistrial.
Investigators suspected that a doping program was formed by Armstrong’s team. They wanted to define whether it was so as they believed. Authorities investigated whether Lance Armstrong encouraged or induced doping.
Actually, prosecutors put efforts to find out whether Armstrong and his team broke federal conspiracy and fraud charges. While Barry Bonds testified before a federal grand jury and Clemens testified before Congress, Armstrong was not forced to testify before a grand jury. Barry Bonds and Clemens were charged with lying under oath.
 The former Armstrong’s teammate Frank and her wife Betsy Andreu charged Armstrong with administration of prohibited forbidden drugs. They noticed that they were shocked by the decision to close the case. They added that such cases happened due to money and corruption.

Media doesn’t like quoting scientific affirmations about side effects of steroids correctly

The professor of Wisconsin’s University Norm Fost destroys certain common misconceptions connected with anabolic steroids. However certain experts proclaim about severe and even life-threatening unwanted reactions of anabolic steroids, the doctor Fost denies these affirmations, claiming that they don’t have any scientific basis.
But affirmations of this specialist are not so often quoted by media as statements about serious side effects of steroids.  So, the message of Norm Fost that steroids aren’t so dangerous, as it is believed, is noted once for every 500-time statement that steroids represent a real evil.
 Furthermore, editors usually create a wrong perception among readers, writing the quotes of this doctor incorrectly. For example, a headline of a radio talk sounds following: “UW-Madison doctor: steroids aren’t harmful at all”. The headline is not correct. It is misleading. Norm Fost has never confirmed that steroids were not harmful at all. It is obvious that these substances can lead to various side reactions. Norm doesn’t deny probability of occurring  adverse symptoms. Actually, this physician says some other things. This physician notes that possible risks of steroids are significantly exaggerated. Norm Fost denies the statement that steroids cause the rare type of brain cancer. According to certain sources, this led to the death of Lyle Alzado, a player of the NFL. Dr. Fost notes that there is no any connection between the death of this player and steroids.
Alzado blamed his prolonged steroid abuse for the primary brain lymphoma which finally led to his death. Assertion of this person was the only evidence which supported the link between his usage of steroids and the brain cancer.
But a question appears here. Why did Alzado make public his steroid use, blaming anabolic steroids for his diseases? Couldn’t you find this fact strange?
In fact, it was said that AIDS had affected his immune system and promoted destructing his body by the primary brain lymphoma.
A pathologist noted that Lyle Alzado had had T-cell lymphoma which was related to AIDS. According to Dr. Thomas DeLoughery, Alzado feared that the public would know that he died from AIDS because of the cancer.
Pathologists at OHSU claimed that this football player had had B-cell lymphoma which was not connected with HIV or AIDS.
The physician DeLoughery explained the situation. He said that T-cells of this person were inflamed but the malignant cells were B-cells.
While experts disputed about AIDS and the type of cancer that Alzado had, no one of them claimed about links between his brain lymphoma and intake of steroids.

суббота, 10 марта 2012 г.

Anna Watson didn’t agree to take steroids due to her religious principles

The University of Georgia cheerleader Anna Watson said that she was pressured to take steroids to obtain a fitness modeling contract. Her modeling agent indicated her to administrate Anavar to obtain needed 50 pounds of muscles. This person was tempted but finally she rejected this recommendation. She confirmed that her body was “a temple” and she would not destroy it.
Anna Watson mentioned that she had been tempted by administration of steroids numerous times. The agent made everything to present steroids as something good.  
It was said that she would get a $75,000 per year fitness modeling contract, if she administrate steroids and gain 50 pounds of muscles. This lady said that she talked to representatives of Elite Model Management in Paris. Elite is one of the most prestigious modeling networks. Such super-models, as Adriana Lima, Cindy Crawfors and Gisele Bundchen belong to Elite.
But Anna Watson preferred to be a cheerleader at the University to being implicated in the glamorous world. Moreover, this lady refused to administrate steroids because this factor wasn’t in harmony with her religious principles. She confirmed that she didn’t serve a modeling agent but the Lord. Anna Watson added that she had been created as a beautiful creation. Anna Watson made a conclusion that she wouldn’t violate her moral and religious principles just to take photos. This lady  decided not to destroy her health.
Certain questions appear, reading these statements. Somebody can ask whether Elite Model Management looks for models who have the same appearance like competitive female bodybuilders. Or may be Anna Watson just desire to draw people’s attention by taking advantage of negative attitude to steroids?
It is said that if Anna Watson gains 50 pounds of muscles, she will be permitted to compete on national bodybuilding stage. But what is for contract of 75, 000 dollars per year? Sportspeople know that such sums of money are not obtained easily even in sports. But can such large sum of money be received from modeling agency? It is controversial.
Female bodybuilders fight greatly to receive prize money. Females with muscular appearance are more likely to obtain money from “schmoes” (males that have sexual fetish for muscular women) than from the most prestigious modeling agencies.

Lawal’s positive for Masteron

King Mo Lawal acknowledged that he had used a dietary supplement that was tainted. As it turned out to be, that supplement contained 2 ingredients that were synthetic steroids. According to this fighter and his manager, usage of this product led to positive for Masteron.
This fighter noted during an interview for MMA Hour that he had purchased “S-Mass Lean Gainer” in a Max Muscle store in April, 2010. This supplement was produced by Steel Body Production.
But this is not the situation, when steroid ingredients are not written. Synonyms of prohibited drugs are written on the label of this product. Actually, these steroids were the subjects of some debates between anti-doping organizations and federal regulators since 2005. They are following:  2a-17a-Dimethyl-5aandrost-3-one 17b-ol and 4-Chloro-17a-Methyl-a-andro4-ene3, 17b-diol. These medicines are better known under the names: Superdrol and Promagnon.
As for Superdrol, it goes by methyldrostanolone, methasteron and 2a-17a-Dimethyl-5aandrost-3-one 17b-ol. So, methylated version of Masteron was determined in the urine sample of Lawal by a proper lab of the anti-doping agency.
The pharmaceutical company Anabolic Resources was the first which manufactured Superdrol as a dietary supplement. It was more than 5 years ago. This company was charged with introducing of a new unapproved product. Later this pharmaceutical company pleaded guilty and admitted that they had marketed a synthetic steroid as a dietary supplement.  As a result, this company had to pay a fine of 500, 000 dollars.
As for Promagnon, it also initially appeared as a dietary supplement in 2005 by Peak Performance’ Labs. The government didn’t take any action against the company for manufacturing and selling this steroid. But Peak Performance decided to stop producing this steroid in 2006.
Although legal status of these two products is controversial, numerous companies have produced and distributed them as dietary supplements during about 6 years. It goes without saying that those who are involved in this industry know about the status of these products but they continue to sell them.
Mike Kogan, the manager for King Mo Lawal, notices that the full responsibilities must be taken by the companies which market synthetic steroids as dietary supplements. He believes that such companies misguide consumers intentionally.

четверг, 8 марта 2012 г.

Ryan Braun confirms that everything has been done by him with a great respect to baseball

Although Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers faces a suspension for administration of anabolic steroids, he accepted his Most Valuable Player Award at the dinner of Baseball Writers Association. This person didn’t admit to administration of forbidden products. Ryan Braun claimed that he had turned to be a victim of a false positive. This person fights against the results which have been announced.
Altough it has been lately discussed whether steroid users may be voted for Baseball’s Hall of Fame, they don’t forfeit their Most Valuable Player awards. Even admitted users of steroids keep their MVP awards.
Jack O’Connell claimed that Ryan Braun would be permitted to receive the MVP awards. Earlier other consumers of steroids were permitted also to keep their MVP awards. For example, Ken Caminity kept his 1996 MVP award; Alex Rodriquez kept his 2003 MVP award. Both these sportspersons acknowledged that they had administrated steroids.
According to testosterone: epitestosterone (T: E) ratio, Braun had enhanced level of testosterone in October 2011. The T: E ratio has manifested about exogenous type of testosterone. In fact, this test can’t manifest actual quantity of used testosterone.
Another method of testing was used by the World Anti-Doping Agency accredited lab in Montreal to confirm the analysis of the T: E ratio testing. It was applied carbon isotope ratio testing which confirmed about existence of exogenous testosterone.
Numerous sportswriters considered that Ryan Braun should have left his MVP awards due to the positives for banned drugs. But this person made another decision. Ryan Braun decided to accept the awards and address with the speech about false accusations in usage of steroids.  This American baseball player said that characters of individuals are revealed in such cases of adversary. This baseball player claimed that he had a great respect to baseball. Ryan Braun concluded that he made a lot for his career in this sport but he had done everything with respect and appreciation towards baseball.
It was said that Braun had been one of the youngest players of the Major League Baseball that didn’t need to take steroids to be capable to play. When this player heard about positive of Alex Rodriquez for steroids, he was too surprised.  He noted that Alex Rodriquez should have been enough honest to say about usage of controlled preparations.
Ryan Braun decided to fight against the results of his tests, saying that unusual circumstances surrounded this situation. The baseball player announced that he would prove his innocence and false positives.

Positives of Alexandre Dougnier

Usage of anabolic steroids and other medicines which enhance performance is widespread among amateur and professional sportspeople. It isn’t surprisingly, when athletes test positive for controlled medicines. But there are some unusual cases, when a person tests positive for many banned medicines. Here is an example.
Alexandre Dougnier, a teenage amateur French cyclist tested positive for more than 10 banned products, including over 5 steroid metabolites. It was at a race in France in May, 2011. This person has been sentenced to 3-year ban from competitions.
It was determined that this person had taken such steroids, as Anavar, Dianabol and Winstrol. Other steroid metabolites that were discovered in his urine sample included  3-Hydroxystanozolol, 16b-Hydroxystanozolol, 4b-Hydroxystanozolol, Oxandrolone, epi-Oxandrolone, 6b-Hydroxymethandienone and 17-epi-Methandienone.
This cyclist was a member of the Parisian Athletic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt. Some individuals mention that this young cyclist might have been a follower of the club’s doper Jacques Anquetil. This person has been claimed to be a well-known individual of cycling’s history. Jacques Anquetil was a member of the club de Boulogne-Billancourt in 1950s and 1960s. He was the first cyclist who had won the Tour de France 5 times. This person had obtained also 2 Olympic medals.
Jacques Anquetil used steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. Moreover, this cyclist defended doping during a TV debate with the French sports minister. He noticed that it was impossible to endure cold, heat waves and rain in mountains during cycling without doping. He mentioned that only a fool individual would endure this agony connected with the extreme sport of cycling without doping. This well-known cyclist added that drug testing might deprive personal liberty. Jacques Anquetil said that everybody doped.
It is important to mention steroids were not so widespread among cyclists in 1950s and 1960s. Intake of more dangerous amphetamines was more widespread during those years. As for administration of anabolic steroids, it has become more widespread during past two decades.
Let see which affirmations have been said about steroids, when other cyclists have been caught taking them. When the cyclist Floyd Landis was caught using testosterone, it was claimed by his legal team that neither anabolic steroids, nor other performance-enhancing drugs were capable to increase performance in cyclists.  As for the distributor of steroids Joseph Papp, he didn’t agree with this affirmation. He mentioned that usage of steroids was widespread in elite cycling. According to his words, any individual may take testosterone gels in a clever way without being caught by anti-doping programs: users of transdermal testosterone must take in consideration time of detection.
Alexandre Dougnier was not careful and didn’t attempt to avoid detection. He probably didn’t suggest that cyclists would be tested for banned preparations at the race in Aubervilliers.

воскресенье, 4 марта 2012 г.

A fight between Rampage Jackson and King Mo Lawal was waiting by numerous fans

Quinton Rampage Jackson and King Mo Lawal don’t like each other. They didn’t show their negative attitude to each other for several years. During an interview Lawal told about their relationships, mentioning that he doesn’t have good opinion about  Rampage Jackson that also doesn’t like him.
That’s why it is not surprisingly at all that Rampage Jackson expressed his thoughts about the fact related to Lawal’s positive for drostanolone (Masterone).
Jackson said that it was quite obvious that King Mo Lawal had administrated steroids. He pointed out that King Mo wasn’t a true fighter. He applied steroids to be capable to fight.
Rampage Jackson claimed that there were fighters that were permitted to take steroids. He referred to those who had to administrate steroids for testosterone replacement therapy. This fighter noted that it was a significant difference between needs. Fighters and other athletes are permitted to use steroids for TRT and not for enhancement of performance, according to Quinton Rampage Jackson.
This mixed martial artist confirms that there are athletes who experience certain health troubles. They talk to their doctors who prescribe steroids. They take these products in order to become healthier and to stay competitive. But Ranpage Jackson adds that there are fighters that take steroids to increase their performance. It is quite sadly, according to this person.
However, administration of steroids for testosterone replacement therapy by sportspeople is a quite controversial issue.
Such fighters, as Dennis Hallman, Chael Sonnen, Nate Marquardt and Dan Henderson acknowledged that they had taken steroids because of hypogonadism.
Thus, Rampage is a fighter who claimed about permission to take steroids as a part of TRT by athletes. But there are other fighters who don’t support this point of view. Numerous athletes have the same opinion as Michael Bisping has. They claim that usage of steroids is just justified by clinical conditions. They proclaim that all fighters who use anabolic steroids, noting that they are on TRT, are liars.
Lawal says that he is not guilty, claiming that his manager has heard nothing about the steroid Masterone. Both Lawal and his manager claim that they are actually surprised by the results of the test.
A fight between Jackson and Lawal was waiting by many fans. There were several rumors that they would fight in February, 2012. But the dreams of fans were not justified. Lawal has to serve a suspension.

Indignation of Chris Cyborg Santos because of Rousey’s affirmations

The UFC president Dana white announced about the end of the female featherweight division in Strikeforce. He noticed that it was connected with positive of Christiane Cyborg Santos for Winstrol. The president of the UFC claimed that this condition would induce the ending of the whole division. Santos forfeited her title. That’s why the president of the UFC came to the conclusion linked with the end of the division.
It is believed that Dana White didn’t suppose which would be the response of numerous individuals to the Winstrol metabolites that had been discovered in Santos’ sample. He didn’t except that a significant war would begin on Twitter between famous female fighters.
Rowdy Ronda Rousey that is the top of female MMA featherweight and that has won the bronze medal in judo noticed about her negative attitude to intake of anabolic steroids and her attitude to Cyborg Santos.
Rowdy Rousey made her feelings about this question public. She expressed them during an interview with TapouT Radio. Rowdy Rousey said that usage of steroids was caused by uncertainty of fighters in their skills, strength and abilities. This female fighter explained that the decision to use performance-enhancing drugs came from the feelings that the persons were not enough prepared to win in competitions. She claimed that intake of steroids and other related preparations manifested psychological weakness of users. According to this female fighter, this weakness promotes cheating.
Rowdy Rousey noted about her attitude to the ban of Cyborg Santos during certain interviews. This fighter talked to Mauro Ranallo during “The MMA Show” that she knew that Santos had used forbidden medications. She said that she never had respect toward Chris Cyborg Santos. Rowdy Rousey concluded that she was happy to know out that Santos had been caught and suspended.
As for Chris Cyborg Santos, she became incensed because of Rousey’s words. She told her fans on Twitter that Rousey would be her next victim at the fight. The fight will probably be after successful serving of the ban by Santos. She believes that she will be welcomed by Strikeforce.
Santos wrote following words, referring to Rowdy Ronda Rousey: “Proxima victim…Ronda! No mercy!!” Santos hosted a photo of Gina Carano after she defeated her at Strikeforce Female Championship. But she didn’t host the real picture. Instead of it, she used Photoshop to exaggerate the damages which were inflicted by her upon Gina Carano.
Rousey didn’t hesitate a lot; she responded to the comments and the picture at once. She had harsh expressions for Santos, blaming her for cheating and for hosting  the picture, using Photoshop.
Many people claim that the war on Twitter between Rowdy Ronda Rousey and Christiane Cyborg Santos is more entertaining than certain real fights. It seems that this war is the preparation for the fight between Rousey and Santos in 2013.