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среда, 21 марта 2012 г.

Low testosterone level is not a sufficient aspect to obtain a TUE in MMA

Certain mixed martial artists have publicly acknowledged that they take anabolic steroids as a part of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) that has been prescribed by health care providers. Keith Kizer, the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), believes that this factor has created an impression among major people that steroid exemptions are given to allow MMA fighters to take the steroid testosterone.
During an interview with Ben Fowlkes of MMA Fighting Keith Kizer said that some persons thought that any fighter could get exemptions for intake of testosterone. He noticed that he couldn’t say it about other states but he described the situation in Nevada. According to the executive director of the NSAC,  it is 50/50 whether a request for steroid exemption  will be approved.
TRT is a therapy which is required for adult men that have hypogonadism (reduced levels of testosterone). If athletes correspond to the medical criteria, they can be allowed to take steroids.
The NSAC has strict requirements for fighter that desire to get a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for usage of steroids. A sportsperson must have the document that displays that blood levels of testosterone are low.  But if an athlete has reduced level of testosterone, it is not enough to obtain a TUE. Treating doctors should name reasons and medical conditions. The details related to testosterone replacement therapy must be described by physicians as well. Every detail should display that certain sportsperson has to  administrate testosterone for clinical needs and intake of steroids will not give unfair advantage to the sportsperson.
Certain top athletes of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) have used steroids for TRT. Chael Sonnen, Nate Marquardt, Dennis Hallman and Dan Henderson are included in the group of stars that take steroids for clinical needs.
Keith Kizer, the executive director of the NSAC proclaims that prohibition of steroids makes MMA safer. He notices that if a fighter administrates steroids, he/she takes unfair advantage as if it is used knuckles that are hidden inside gloves.  Thus, this is not just cheating. This factor is related to dangers for life. If you say to a fighter that you can put knuckles in the gloves so, as no one will observe it, this athlete will say you not to bother him. But it is strangely that such athlete uses steroids.
No one doubts that usage of steroids has possible dangers to increase the harm that can occur in MMA.

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