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среда, 21 марта 2012 г.

However Jose Canseco will probably never escape from his steroid past, he tries to continue playing baseball professionally

Jose Canseco is a former player of the Major League Baseball. He was banned for intake of steroids. This former baseball player wrote a book “Juiced” in which he confirmed that many players of the MLB administrated steroids.
Now he has been invited to play for the Tigres de Quintana Roo of Cancun. He has proclaimed about his desire to play in the MLB again. Jose Canseco has written on Twitter that Cancun is his following step towards the MLB.
Jose Canseco has not played professional baseball since 2001 after he had played for the Chicago White Sox. This player was probably blackballed by baseball because of his affirmations connected with steroids and presented in the book “Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big”.  He has called himself the “godfather” of steroids in baseball and took credit for introducing these substances in baseball. This baseball player openly admitted in his book that he had taken anabolic steroids and other medicines that have performance-enhancing effects. This writer mentioned also names of other baseball players who administrated steroids. Such baseball players, as  Mark McGwire, Juan Gonzalez, Rafael Palmeiro, Ivan Rodriguez, and Jason Giambi were named by Jose Canseco.
However anabolic steroids can be purchased without any prescription at Mexican pharmacies, they are prohibited in MLB.
According to several reports, Jose Canseco will be tested for forbidden medications by the Quintana Roo Tigers.
Jose Canseco claims that he has stopped taking steroids several years ago. According to some sources, since discontinuing taking steroids it had been recommended testosterone replacement therapy for him to cure some troubles linked with low level of testosterone.
The Cuban-American former baseball player said that he had had several undesirable reactions due to intake of steroids. So, his physician had to recommend him a testosterone gel to relieve from low sex drive and depression.
While he put efforts to restore his natural production of testosterone, he got several problems with laws. This person was detained for about 9 hours by the San Diego Immigration and Customs Enforcement after he had been caught possessing a vial of HCG at the international border. Jose Canseco’s house was raided by law enforcement officials but no any steroids were discovered.
Although Jose Canseco will never escape from his steroid past, he tries to continue playing professional baseball.

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