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суббота, 31 марта 2012 г.

Baseball is not yet steroid-free

There is a topic that causes hot discussions. Especially baseball fans are excited, if they hear about steroids and their influence on this sport. So, in case you desire to cause hot discussions, you only have to notice that certain superstars win due to usage of steroids.
Different individuals have various opinions, when it comes to the topic about steroids. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why certain individuals that are involved in baseball use steroids. Do they play baseball only for money? Are they so blinded by money and other awards that they do everything for these perspectives? Undoubtedly, the most respected baseball players are those that don’t use steroids and win due to natural talents. Those deserve respect, honor and awards that are not lured to dope for achievement of their goals.
It is believed that steroid users must not be elected for the Hall of Fame. It represents trying to avoid shame related to the steroid era. You may see efforts to leave all unpleasant aspects in past and to move further. But do these efforts to condemn users of steroids mean that the steroid era is over? In fact, a wrong perception is created here. The steroid era is not over. Those who believe that condemnation of steroid users mean that baseball is drug-free are mistaken.
Everybody knows that many players of baseball have used anabolic steroids and other related medications. Moreover, nobody doubts that nowadays there are such baseball players that continue to administrate banned preparations. Numerous persons discuss whether a player with average skills may become great due to intake of prohibited products. Several persons claim that without proper talents steroids don’t profit. Talents must present. Others do not agree with this statement. They claim that steroids have ability to increase performance whatever talent an athlete has.
But the problem is that we condemn players who dope alone. But not only players should be condemned for the steroid era. Everyone knows what happens really during the steroid era.
It is unlikely that the steroid era has come to the end. Baseball hasn’t yet past the dark clouds. Usage of steroids is still deeply in the soul of baseball. Decisive efforts should present to be convinced that doping doesn’t affect baseball anymore.

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