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среда, 14 марта 2012 г.

Lance Armstrong’s case related to a doping program

The case against Lance Armstrong related to doping is announced to be closed. He remains to be considered a champion that won at the Tour de France 7 times.
It is known that federal prosecutors put efforts to determine whether this cyclist and his teammates have joined a doping program. The duration of the investigation has been about 2 years.
Lance Armstrong denied that he has taken prohibited preparations. The charges against this person threatened to his athletic career as well as to his Foundation of cancer research and support. The efforts to prove that this person used steroids were in vain.
Lance Armstrong noticed that he had heard that the US Attorney’s Office decided to close the case. He confirmed that it was a right decision. Armstrong claimed that he was waiting to continue his usual life, being a father, a competitor and an advocate in the fight against cancer.
The attorney Andre Birotte proclaimed during a press conference that the US Attorney’s Office closed the investigation connected with the case of Lance Armstrong. This person didn’t mention about any reason of this decision. But he indicated that previous similar cases were also closed.
For example, the investigation related to Barry Bonds was claimed to be unsuccessful. Prosecutors couldn’t prove that this athlete had cheated about administration of steroids. As for the case related to Roger Clemens, the trial was indicated for another time because the judge declared about previous mistrial.
Investigators suspected that a doping program was formed by Armstrong’s team. They wanted to define whether it was so as they believed. Authorities investigated whether Lance Armstrong encouraged or induced doping.
Actually, prosecutors put efforts to find out whether Armstrong and his team broke federal conspiracy and fraud charges. While Barry Bonds testified before a federal grand jury and Clemens testified before Congress, Armstrong was not forced to testify before a grand jury. Barry Bonds and Clemens were charged with lying under oath.
 The former Armstrong’s teammate Frank and her wife Betsy Andreu charged Armstrong with administration of prohibited forbidden drugs. They noticed that they were shocked by the decision to close the case. They added that such cases happened due to money and corruption.

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