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среда, 29 августа 2012 г.

WADA can’t make competitions fair

Recently Alan Abramson wrote an article where he noted whether tests conducted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) were efficient.
The WADA conducts more and more tests for steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs every year. It seems that those that apply steroids and/or other related drugs are caught. One may believe that the world of sports and bodybuilding will be soon cleansed from intake of banned products. For example, a lot of tests for banned drugs have been conducted at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
But certain questions appear here. Are these tests sophisticated enough to catch any sportsperson who dopes? Are these tests effective?
Let examine results of certain tests. In 2010 the WADA published statistics according which 258,267 samples were analyzed by 35 WADA-accredited labs. Out of these samples 4,820 results were atypical findings. Circa 60 % of positives indicated about steroid use. Numerous positives were for cannibinoids. 10 % positives indicated about usage of marijuana. As you observe, just 60% out of those who administered forbidden medications applied steroids. Is it real? Don’t show the results of the tests that the WADA doesn’t do the job suitably?
Dick Pound, the former president of the WADA, believes that at least 10 % of athletes that competed at the 2012 London Olympics took steroids. He confirms that those steroid users that are not clever are caught by anti-doping agencies. He also confirms that a sportsperson that has been caught doping will fail an IQ test. He adds that only unwise sportspersons don’t avoid detection.
Thus, when you read that the WADA has conducted many tests to make sports clean, think whether these statements are true. Is able the WADA to make competitions fair? Why does the WADA publicize about number of tests?
It seems that the WADA just wants to convince people that the job is done properly. The WADA put efforts to secure future funds. This is the reality.

Athletes continue using steroids without being caught by anti-doping agencies

There are disputed points of view about anabolic steroids. Consumers praise these drugs because they cause great positive effects. Experts conduct different studies, trying to determine whether these medications are safe for application. Sports organizations ban intake of these drugs because they have significant impact on performance. As for governments of some countries, they have made purchases, usage and distribution of anabolic steroids illicit. So, those who are caught violating these laws may be sentenced to a fine and/or imprisonment.
You may find a lot of articles that blame steroids for some crimes. Although there are many affirmations about these medicines, the most of people don’t understand the essence of these medicines.
Anabolic-androgenic steroids have ability to increase muscle mass and help to get significant strength. While anabolic features of these drugs promote creating new muscles, androgenic properties are responsible for development of male sexual characteristics.
What induced elaboration of these drugs? It is known that there were numerous battles between different cultures since ancient time. Thus, various cultures tried to elaborate something that could help soldiers to become braver and have strength enough to win. They administered rhinoceros horn, shark tooth and other several extracts. Later testicles of animals started to be studied. It promoted elaboration of anabolic steroids.
 The hormone androstenone was isolated from numerous other substances in 1930 for the first time by the scientist Adolf Butenandt. Then other types of hormones were synthesized. By 1939 testosterone was synthesized for the first time.
1940s and 1950s were years of great steroid development. Many researches were conducted in different countries in the whole world. Specialists studied influence of these medications on performance of athletes and bodybuilders. Certain physicians promoted intake of steroids among professional sportspersons. John Ziegler was one of such doctors. He administered the steroid Dianabol to Olympic athletes.
Steroids were also widely administered in the world of sports and bodybuilding in 1960s and in 1970. Over 50 % Olympic athletes used these medications. However new kinds of tests were introduced by anti-doping agencies, it was impossible to combat taking these medicines by athletes.
Nowadays more sophisticated tests for steroids and other related preparations have been introduced. Nevertheless, these medications are still widely taken in the world of sports and bodybuilding. Clever users know some methods to apply steroids without being caught.

понедельник, 27 августа 2012 г.

Not only athletes use steroids

It is confirmed that the most of steroid users are professional athletes and high school students who go info sports. It seems to be true because anabolic steroids are able to enhance muscle mass and strength. These are effects which are valuable for athletes because they put efforts to win competitions. Furthermore, you read numerous articles which present steroid scandals that occur in sports: in Major League Baseball, National Football League, Olympics, etc. You become convinced that steroids are such products which are chiefly spread in sports. You also read many pieces of news which notice about usage of performance-enhancing drugs by high school students who look at professional athletes and desire to become so famous, as they are.
But the sportswriter Lena Butler affirms that the most part of steroid users are not sportspersons. The most of steroid users are bodybuilders that don’t take part in any competitions. So, non-competitive bodybuilders compose 80 % of steroid users. The most of them are over 25 years old. These are those who work as military professionals, police officers, etc. So, these are those who have such jobs that require strength. These individuals administer steroids in order to increase their strength and do their jobs appropriately.
It is also interesting to mention that a lot of individuals who have own business use steroids. They have sufficient money to look attractively. So, they administer steroids for improvement of physique and anti-aging needs.
As for high school students who are involved in sports, they administer steroids because they desire to succeed in sports. These individuals want to win competitions, become famous and get millions of dollars. Steroid-using prominent athletes have great impact on the decision of high school students to take steroids. In fact, it is unsafe. Health of high school students may be affected because of steroids essentially. Unfortunately, this group of steroid users doesn’t desire to change their attitudes to steroids. However they are warned about risks connected with steroids for young consumers, they continue to use steroids. The number of high school students who take these preparations rises. If several years ago 1% of high school students took steroids, today the number is doubled.
Although there is a tendency to condemn steroids, it is important to keep in mind that these drugs are applied not only for performance-enhancing effects. They are utilizable for clinical purposes. Physicians prescribe these drugs for patients that suffer from various health disorders. These products are prescribed for individuals with cancer. HIV/AIDS- patients use steroids in order to combat muscle wasting. These medicines efficaciously cure other conditions too.

Most common adverse reactions of steroids

No one can contest benefits which are caused by application of steroids. Users of these medicines obtain endurance and enhance their muscle mass. As a result, those who take part in competitions win medals. But there is  a bad piece of news here. Anabolic steroids, like any other drugs, may lead to side results. Functions and even structure of several organs can be destroyed because of steroid use.
That’s why before using anabolic steroids it is necessary to know about each possible negative effect which may appear on account of these products. It is reasonable to study information about these preparations before you make a final decision to apply them. You should know that certain side reactions of these medicines may be even irreversible.
It is also important to know guidelines linked with usage of steroids and follow them. Improper usage may cause fatal unwanted effects.
There are also recommendations which note how you can lower dangers connected with certain undesirable reactions or reduce their severity. Those who have appropriate trainings during intake of steroids, use standard quantities, have suitable nutrition and take certain ancillary preparations for reduction of unwanted reactions will not suffer from severe health problems.
Grave  negative reactions usually trouble those that administer high dosages and don’t follow other important recommendations.
However it is affirmed that soon application of steroids will become safe, you may observe that this time has not come yet. That’s why you should know about all potential dangers in order to prevent several troubles or at least to decrease severity.
The most common troubles linked with usage of steroids are listed below:
- liver problems;
- kidney problems;
- skin troubles;
- cardiovascular problems;
- psychological troubles;
- troubles linked with reproductive system.
Why may be liver functions affected by steroids? Let see. Steroids contain toxins. The body tries to get rid of them. Liver participates in this process actively.  Thus, its functions may be disordered because of the toxins contained in steroids. Cysts and tumors may be developed. It is true also about kidneys which also play significant role in excretion of toxins. It is known that toxins can be also excreted through skin. That’s why  common negative reactions of steroids include acne, oily skin and other related troubles.
Steroids may also enhance cholesterol levels; so, arteries around the heart are blocked; blood clots are formed. The heart may become unable to circulate the blood through the body properly. Hypertension may also appear in consumers of steroids. Even heart attacks may be caused by steroid use.
Psychological health may be destructed by steroids too. Those who use these medications may become aggressive; they may suffer from abnormal changes in mood and depression. Other mental problems may occur as well.
As for reproductive system, it may be destructed as well. Male users of steroids may experience shrinkage of testicles, changes in size of prostate, abnormal development of breast tissue, infertility, etc. Female consumers of steroids may face such problems, as enlargement of clitoris, hirsutism, irregularities in menstrual cycles, etc.
Unfortunately, steroids can influence on other systems negatively as well. Only the most common unwanted consequences are mentioned in the article.

вторник, 21 августа 2012 г.

Avanafil, Zoraxel, Zydena and Bremenalotide are news drugs for treatment of erectile problems

Some diseases appear in numerous individuals and destroy good life. One of such diseases is erectile problems. This condition occurs in 50% of men that are over the age of 40. Undoubtedly, this is a problem that may destroy relations between partners. Men put great efforts to escape from this trouble. There are certain medications which are prescribed for treatment of erectile troubles. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are claimed to be the best remedies for this need.
Numerous pharmaceutical companies comprehend that the drugs that are applied for treatment of erectile problems are in a high demand. They receive 500-600 million dollars for the drugs which are recommended in case of this dysfunction in males. Thus, pharmaceutical companies see that they may get even greater profits, if they introduce new efficacious products for this purpose. Of course, scientists try to do it.
Recently certain new medicines to cure erectile troubles have been created. But they must be approved by the FDA before they may be purchased and used legally. These drugs are following: Avanafil, Zoraxel, Zydena (Udenafil) and Bremenalotide.
Let present substantial information about each of these drugs.
The pharmaceutical company Vivus has developed the medicine Avanafil. Some studies have demonstrated that positive effects of this medication become evident just 15 minutes after it has been applied. But the FDA has not yet approved this product. So, it is necessary to wait till its safety will be proven.
The company Rexahn Pharmaceuticals has created the preparation Zoraxel. It influences on the brain, treating erectile problems. It is confirmed that this medication will get the FDA’s approval by 2013.
The product Zydena has been developed by the Korean pharmaceutical company by Dong-A Pharmaceuticals. Certain studies have shown that this is an efficacious drug which is able to treat erectile dysfunctions. While Malaysians and Russians may take it, Americans don’t have access to this product because it has not been yet approved by the US FDA. It is affirmed that Zydena works faster than Viagra.
The product Bremelanotide has been developed by the pharmaceutical company Palatin Technologies. This product has certain advantages over others. It is useful for both men and women that experience sexual problems. Moreover, it is capable to increase sexual arousal and desire, influencing on central nervous system.
These are new products for treatment of erectile troubles. We may hope that they will have capacity to improve quality of men’s health.

Negative impact of steroids on brain’s structure and functions

If you belong to those that read news about steroids, you can confirm that almost every article mentions about “roid rage” that is considered to be one of the severest negative reactions of these medications. Anabolic steroids are blamed for several violations, murders and other crimes. It is noticed that these drugs can lead to uncontrolled aggression that is responsible for abnormal behavior. However it is not proven scientifically whether steroids can really cause “roid rage”, media notes about this unwanted effect too often. Unluckily, several other serious negative consequences are rarely mentioned in news.
Adolescents must be especially informed about certain specific adverse results that may trouble them, if they take steroids in their adolescent years. The specialists Leslie Henderson and Ann Clark of the Giesel School of Medicine in Dartmouth note that these medicines can have very negative impact on adolescents’ brains. These specialists have conducted several researches and made conclusions, basing on the results of their researches. These specialists affirm that steroids can cause in teenagers something graver than uncontrolled aggression.
According to Leslie Henderson and Ann Clark, steroids are very dangerous for adolescents because this group of consumers may have several specific grave unwanted results that don’t trouble adult steroid users. The specialists affirm that steroids can affect the brain in teenagers. So, the brain’s structure and functions may be destroyed in teenagers because of steroids. Moreover, these unwanted consequences may be permanent. It means that brain’s dysfunctions that are manifested through abnormal behavior may present even when the adolescents grow up. So, side psychological effects can be displayed even in their adulthood.
But it is important to notice that the studies conducted by Leslie Henderson and Ann Clark have enrolled animals. So, the conclusions have been done on the basis of animals’ reactions to steroid use. One can doubt whether effects of steroids on teenagers’ brains are the same as those on animals. Nonetheless, Leslie Henderson is sure that these conclusions are true for humans as well.
Moreover, it has been determined that adverse consequences of steroids on adolescents are more lasting than those which occur in adult consumers of steroids.
Leslie Henderson collaborates in her researches with such specialists, as Marie Onakomaiya, Donna Porter and Joseph Oberlander.
Leslie Henderson confirms that it is seen that steroids affect adolescents’ behavior. As we know, behavior is controlled by brain. Since behavior is abnormal, the brain’s structure and functions have certain disorders.
Thus, it is necessary to inform teenagers about all possible risks related to application of steroids. If they know about these probable unwanted results, they will be capable to make a right decision related to steroids.

вторник, 14 августа 2012 г.

Retired baseball players: steroid users should not be elected for Hall of Fame

What do retired players of the Major League Baseball state about steroid use? This is the question which is often asked by reporters and widely discussed by media. Various persons have various points of view about this issue.
Recently some retired players of the Major League Baseball were interviewed by several reporters who tried to learn opinions of the retired players about the steroid era in baseball. Should steroid users be in the Hall of Fame?
Reggie Jackson, Goose Gossage, Dave Henderson, Curt Schillling, Mike Piazza, George Brett and Morgan Ensberg don’t want to see steroid users in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Later Wade Boggs was interviewed too. He played professional baseball for 18 years. He was asked whether steroid users could be allowed to be elected for the Hall of Fame. The retired baseball player said that steroid users should not be elected for the Hall Of Fame. According to his point of view, it is not the best message for American youth. No one should be allowed to be in the Hall of Fame and confirm that he is one of the most successful players because he has used anabolic steroids. This is the bad message for the youth of the whole world.
As for the case linked with Roger Clemens, Boggs said nothing negative about him.
Roger Clemens was accused of lying before the Congress about administration of steroids and HGH. Obstruction of Congress, perjury and false statements were charges against this person. But recently the jury acquitted him. The decision of the jury dismissed the affirmation that Roger Clemens succeeded due to intake of forbidden medicines.
While Wade Boggs refused to say anything negative about Roger Clemens, he had several harsh words about pitchers who use steroids and take unfair advantages.

Patrick Mendes tested positive for HGH; Joshua Gilbert tested positive for furosemide

Patrick Mendes and Joshua Gilbert, top Olympic weightlifters, were banned from “Average Broz’s Gymnasium” (Las Vegas, Nevada). They tested positive for forbidden preparations. Steroids were not the drugs administered by these sportsmen. They used non-steroidal medicines that are also banned under Code of the WADA.
Patrick Mendes tested positive for prohibited preparations in February 2012 before the United States Olympic Team Trials for Weightlifting determined who would represent the US at the 2012 Summer Olympics. The athlete tested for HGH; as a result, he was sentenced to a suspension.
Joshua Gilbert tested positive for the diuretic medicine furosemide at the 2012 National Weightlifting Championships. It was in March 2012.
Furosemide is a preparation that is administered by those that apply steroids in order to mask steroid use. Furthermore, this drug helps sportspersons to lose weight in order to correspond to certain weight categories.  Weightlifting, boxing and wrestling are sports where athletes belong to certain weight groups.
HGH and furosemide are preparations that are forbidden by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). The anti-doping system of the IWF is in the harmony with the WADA Code.
Mendes and Gilbert were trained by John Broz. Broz lived and trained with the celebrated Bulgarian weightlifter Antonio Krastev during his career. Krastev broke a world record snatch of 216 kg in 1987. John Broz studied the Bulgarian system of trainings and brought several methods to America. He established own training gym in Las Vegas.
Mendes went to 2-year suspension. As for Gilbert, he was suspended for 3 years.
The suspensions of these athletes are failure for “Average Broz’s Gym”. Thus, the greatest weightlifters were not allowed to represent their home country at the 2012 Olympic Games.

вторник, 7 августа 2012 г.

Unusual doping case

The heavyweight boxer Larry “War Machine” Olubamiwo used several anabolic steroids, HGH, IGF-1 and other doping drugs during 6 years. However several tests have been conducted earlier, he was caught just in January 2012. After a fight against Sam Sexton Larry Olubamiwo tested positive for prohibited preparations. Metabolites of steroids were not discovered in his sample. The boxer tested positive for EPO. EPO is a blood boosting preparation.
Long-term application of forbidden medicines by Olubamiwo was a real embarrassment for the United Kingdom Anti-Doping. Andy Parkinson, the CEO of the UKAD, tried to note that the ban of Olubamiwo for application of 13 different prohibited medicines is a real success of the UKAD in the struggle against doping.  
Andy Parkinson confirmed that it was an unusual case. The boxer administered steroids and other related medicines for long period of time without fear to destroy his health, career and reputation. He was sentenced to 4-year suspension.
But the alarming fact is following: Olumamiwo could avoid detection for prolonged time, despites essential efforts of anti-doping officers to “clean” sports from intake of doping products.
Olubamiwo was caught just because the UKAD was informed by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that he became the target of an investigation linked with illegal sale of anabolic steroids and other related drugs in the US. Then the UKAD conducted a test which resulted in positive results for EPO.
Robert Smith, the General Secretary for the British Boxing Board of Control, supported the statements of Andy Parkinson about efforts and success of anti-doping officers. He noticed that the case manifested that cheating couldn’t be hidden.
What is your opinion about the case? Do positives for EPO and the suspension of Olubamiwo manifest that anti-doping agencies succeed? Or does the case show that anti-doping policy is not appropriate?
Anyone may make own conclusion. But it is clear that the athlete could administer numerous banned preparations for 6 years without being detected by anti-doping officers.

Many persons criticize Linda McMahon for intake of steroids in WWE

Linda McMahon puts significant efforts to manifest that she is a politician who deserves to be trusted. She tried to escape from steroid associations that have destroyed the reputation of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) throughout many years. Undoubtedly, her opponents ever utilized opportunities to mention about great problems associated with administration of steroids in the WWE.
It is always noticed that Linda McMahon is the former President and CEO of the WWE. The WWE was founded by her and her husband Vince McMahon in 1990. Almost 60% of the traded stock of the WWE is owned by them. They succeeded due to profits related to the WWE Empire. One billion dollars was got by the McMahons due to the business connected with the WWE. Mrs. McMahon ended her tenure of the WWE in 2009 and started her political career. She joined the Republican Party seeking a Senatorial Seat for the State of Connecticut.  The politician wasted approximately 50 million dollars on the campaign. But it was unsuccessful. She lost to the Democratic Party. Now Linda McMahan is seeking the Republican nomination to replace Joe Lieberman, another retiring Senator for Connecticut’s State.
Since Linda McMahon got involved in politics, numerous individuals began to criticize her for intake of steroids in the WWE.
 A newspaper claims that McMahon loves to mention that she has created several jobs but she doesn’t answers questions about the jobs. An article confirms that the CEO of the WWE ridicules stupid men that humiliate women and promotes intake of steroids.
The WWE responded quickly to these affirmations. The Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for WWE Brian Flinn has affirmed that the WWE worries about health of wrestlers and random drug testing demonstrates that the WWE is against administration of steroids. At least 4 random tests are conducted per year for each wrestler. Those that test positive for forbidden medications are sentenced to suspensions. So, the WWE bans intake of steroids. Furthermore, Brian Flinn has mentioned that the WWE has one of the best wellness policies in sports and entertainment.

понедельник, 6 августа 2012 г.

Victor Conte: athletes adopt to anti-doping system

Recently Victor Conte, the founder of BALCO, shared his thoughts about testing of anti-doping agencies and the current state of doping among sportspersons.
Conte has claimed that it is unlikely that the 2012 Olympic Games would be free from intake of steroids and other prohibited medications. The founder of BALCO said in an interview that Olympic anti-doping testing system had different defects. Thus, steroid users were also chosen to take part in the 2012 London Olympics.
The founder of BALCO doesn’t believe that administration of prohibited medications has diminished. He doesn’t agree with persons that state that low performance in different sports is a proof that steroids and other related medications are almost excluded from sports.
Conte claims that steroids are widely taken now too. Efforts of anti-doping agencies led to adoption of sportspersons. Thus, athletes don’t use as increased measures as have been administered before.  Nevertheless, administration of steroids and other banned medicines remains to be a concern.
Conte is sure that sportspersons don’t administer such designer steroids, as THG. Instead of applying such preparation, athletes administer the steroid testosterone which is claimed to be the grandfather of all steroids.  Victor Conte adds that since testosterone is fast-acting and it is getable in form of creams, gels, patches and injections, it is widely administered by sportspersons. Moreover, not very increased dosages of testosterone are required in order to cause dramatic effects. This steroid is widespread among professional baseball players.
Victor Conte criticizes anti-doping system. He confirms that anti-doping agencies have significant ambiguities. Even a truck may go through loopholes that are in doping rules, according to the founder of BALCO.

President of Singapore Bodybuilding & Fitness Foundation tries to reduce harm in steroid users

Journalists exaggerate any situation related to steroids in sports and bodybuilding. Many facts are presented in misleading ways. So, steroid scandals appear without any reason. One of the cases is presented in the article.
Rano Izhar, the president of the Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (SBFF), has acknowledged that he provided recommendations linked with intake of anabolic steroids.
Any individual that belongs to the world of bodybuilding knows that steroids, HGH and some other related products are widely spread and applied by bodybuilders. Certain news websites have written numerous articles, presenting the actions of the SBFF president as a steroid scandal. But be careful! He has not sold anabolic steroids, he has just spread information.
“The New Paper”, a Singapore’s English-language newspaper, revealed emails between a bodybuilder and the president of the SBFF which were written before Izhar became the president. Izhar provided instructions connected with steroids cycles to the bodybuilder. The cycles suggested usage of 14 different products, including such steroids, as Anadrol 50, Dianabol, Primobolan Depot, etc. Clomid was also advised.
Izhar noticed that the guidelines were only for his friend that was an amateur bodybuilder. Moreover, Izhar was not the president of the SBFF, when he provided this information.
Izhar’s friend was going to utilize steroids. It was his friend’s decision. Izhar didn’t promote it. He just wanted to help his friend. He wished he used steroids in the safest way.
Izhar acknowledged that he had provided instructions connected with steroid cycles. He claimed that he needed to tell his friend which preparations were effective and which preparations didn’t work properly. Izhar added that when someone asked him about ways to apply steroids, it meant that they would apply them, regardless of the answer. Thus, the president just felt that he had to notice at least the most important things which should be known about steroids.
Izhar has gotten the degree of Doctor in “lifestyle medicine” at the Harvard Medical School. He realized that he had to do anything he could for harm reduction for those that use steroids and other related drugs.

четверг, 2 августа 2012 г.

Huge Polish underground lab is busted

Anybody must have seen that the US tries to bust international companies that advertise steroids on internet and send them to clients around the world.
Recently the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has worked together with Poland’s law enforcement officers in order to bust individuals that have been suspected in shipment of steroids and other related medications to various countries of the world.
This investigation started circa one year ago. The polish Border Guard Straz Graniczna intercepted huge quantities of steroids that were shipped to clients in the US and Canada. Injectable and oral steroids were seized at the Warsaw mail terminal.
Straz Graniczna co-worked with US DEA. Finally 2 men from Poland were arrested. One of them was detained, after he left the post office. More than 7, 000 steroid tablets and 19, 000 steroid vials and 47, 000 Polish zloty or more than 14, 000 US dollars were found in this person’s car. But it was only the beginning of seizures.
It was learnt that an apartment located in Warsaw served as a base of the underground lab that produced steroids which are commonly used by American bodybuilders. When law enforcement officers searched the apartment, they found drug paraphernalia there. The apartment was used not just for manufacture of steroids but also for storage of ready steroids. Circa 666, 000 steroid pills, 19, 000 vials of steroids and more than 5, 000 steroid ampoules were seized during the search. The drugs were estimated. The cost was claimed to be 6 million Polish zloty or 1, 8 million US dollars.
It is believed that the US will ask Polish authorities to extradite these two persons.
The USA becomes aggressive, when it comes to struggle against steroids. Multinational steroid companies are busted.
But the US doesn’t have essential success collaborating with Europe and Asia. The US presses other countries to arrest and extradite steroid dealers.
Steroid dealers who were linked with British Dragon and Musclebear were arrested and extradited to the US from Thailand and Cyprus.
The US pressed Austria to arrest Mihael Karner, the leader of an international drug company. So, he was arrested. Then the USA pressed Austrian authorities to extradite him to the US. But feds didn’t succeed that time. Karner paid one million Euros to Austrian authorities to avoid the extradition and reach his home country Slovenia.

Roger Clemens jurors are criticized by federal prosecutors

Names of 12 individuals (four men and eight women) that belonged to jury at the governmental case against Roger Clemens were released by the judge Reggie Walton.
The government wanted the jury to be convinced that the athlete had lied before the Congress about application of steroids and HGH. But since the jury didn’t believe it, the government criticized the persons who acted as the jury. Some individuals who acted as the jury were interviewed.
A political activist, an art historian, a teacher of deaf children, an official of Treasury Department and an employee of the Canadian Embassy composed the jury.
Joyce Robinson-Paul, a political activist, was interviewed by the New York Daily News some days after Roger Clemens was acquitted. She confirmed that the jurors understood that they had to be fair to both the government and Roger Clemens. But they didn’t find anything that had to be prosecuted.  Later she also affirmed that the  federal prosecutors were not able to prove their suspicions.
The employee of the Canadian Embassy Bradford Weaver claimed that the government acted wrongly. He noted that such situations should not happen again. This person also confirmed that there was nothing to be pursued. This person was interviewed by the Associated Press. He also pointed out that every juror understood from the very beginning that Clemens was not guilty of any charge. Weaver confirmed that every juror was unanimous.
The employee of the Canadian Embassy was also asked whether he thought that Roger Clemens really administered steroids. The Associated Press also asked him whether he believed that the governmental case against Roger Clemens represented only the waste of taxpayers’ funds. But the employee of the Canadian Embassy didn’t answer the questions.
Another juror that chose not to be named noticed that the jurors were wondering how the government could spend essential sums of money during 5 years in order to prosecute the baseball player. This person confirmed that it was impossible to comprehend why the prosecution took place 5 years.
Other jurors didn’t present any information.
As for federal prosecutors, they seemed to be totally disappointed. They refused to respond to the statements presented by the jurors.