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четверг, 2 августа 2012 г.

Huge Polish underground lab is busted

Anybody must have seen that the US tries to bust international companies that advertise steroids on internet and send them to clients around the world.
Recently the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has worked together with Poland’s law enforcement officers in order to bust individuals that have been suspected in shipment of steroids and other related medications to various countries of the world.
This investigation started circa one year ago. The polish Border Guard Straz Graniczna intercepted huge quantities of steroids that were shipped to clients in the US and Canada. Injectable and oral steroids were seized at the Warsaw mail terminal.
Straz Graniczna co-worked with US DEA. Finally 2 men from Poland were arrested. One of them was detained, after he left the post office. More than 7, 000 steroid tablets and 19, 000 steroid vials and 47, 000 Polish zloty or more than 14, 000 US dollars were found in this person’s car. But it was only the beginning of seizures.
It was learnt that an apartment located in Warsaw served as a base of the underground lab that produced steroids which are commonly used by American bodybuilders. When law enforcement officers searched the apartment, they found drug paraphernalia there. The apartment was used not just for manufacture of steroids but also for storage of ready steroids. Circa 666, 000 steroid pills, 19, 000 vials of steroids and more than 5, 000 steroid ampoules were seized during the search. The drugs were estimated. The cost was claimed to be 6 million Polish zloty or 1, 8 million US dollars.
It is believed that the US will ask Polish authorities to extradite these two persons.
The USA becomes aggressive, when it comes to struggle against steroids. Multinational steroid companies are busted.
But the US doesn’t have essential success collaborating with Europe and Asia. The US presses other countries to arrest and extradite steroid dealers.
Steroid dealers who were linked with British Dragon and Musclebear were arrested and extradited to the US from Thailand and Cyprus.
The US pressed Austria to arrest Mihael Karner, the leader of an international drug company. So, he was arrested. Then the USA pressed Austrian authorities to extradite him to the US. But feds didn’t succeed that time. Karner paid one million Euros to Austrian authorities to avoid the extradition and reach his home country Slovenia.

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