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четверг, 2 августа 2012 г.

Roger Clemens jurors are criticized by federal prosecutors

Names of 12 individuals (four men and eight women) that belonged to jury at the governmental case against Roger Clemens were released by the judge Reggie Walton.
The government wanted the jury to be convinced that the athlete had lied before the Congress about application of steroids and HGH. But since the jury didn’t believe it, the government criticized the persons who acted as the jury. Some individuals who acted as the jury were interviewed.
A political activist, an art historian, a teacher of deaf children, an official of Treasury Department and an employee of the Canadian Embassy composed the jury.
Joyce Robinson-Paul, a political activist, was interviewed by the New York Daily News some days after Roger Clemens was acquitted. She confirmed that the jurors understood that they had to be fair to both the government and Roger Clemens. But they didn’t find anything that had to be prosecuted.  Later she also affirmed that the  federal prosecutors were not able to prove their suspicions.
The employee of the Canadian Embassy Bradford Weaver claimed that the government acted wrongly. He noted that such situations should not happen again. This person also confirmed that there was nothing to be pursued. This person was interviewed by the Associated Press. He also pointed out that every juror understood from the very beginning that Clemens was not guilty of any charge. Weaver confirmed that every juror was unanimous.
The employee of the Canadian Embassy was also asked whether he thought that Roger Clemens really administered steroids. The Associated Press also asked him whether he believed that the governmental case against Roger Clemens represented only the waste of taxpayers’ funds. But the employee of the Canadian Embassy didn’t answer the questions.
Another juror that chose not to be named noticed that the jurors were wondering how the government could spend essential sums of money during 5 years in order to prosecute the baseball player. This person confirmed that it was impossible to comprehend why the prosecution took place 5 years.
Other jurors didn’t present any information.
As for federal prosecutors, they seemed to be totally disappointed. They refused to respond to the statements presented by the jurors.

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