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понедельник, 27 августа 2012 г.

Most common adverse reactions of steroids

No one can contest benefits which are caused by application of steroids. Users of these medicines obtain endurance and enhance their muscle mass. As a result, those who take part in competitions win medals. But there is  a bad piece of news here. Anabolic steroids, like any other drugs, may lead to side results. Functions and even structure of several organs can be destroyed because of steroid use.
That’s why before using anabolic steroids it is necessary to know about each possible negative effect which may appear on account of these products. It is reasonable to study information about these preparations before you make a final decision to apply them. You should know that certain side reactions of these medicines may be even irreversible.
It is also important to know guidelines linked with usage of steroids and follow them. Improper usage may cause fatal unwanted effects.
There are also recommendations which note how you can lower dangers connected with certain undesirable reactions or reduce their severity. Those who have appropriate trainings during intake of steroids, use standard quantities, have suitable nutrition and take certain ancillary preparations for reduction of unwanted reactions will not suffer from severe health problems.
Grave  negative reactions usually trouble those that administer high dosages and don’t follow other important recommendations.
However it is affirmed that soon application of steroids will become safe, you may observe that this time has not come yet. That’s why you should know about all potential dangers in order to prevent several troubles or at least to decrease severity.
The most common troubles linked with usage of steroids are listed below:
- liver problems;
- kidney problems;
- skin troubles;
- cardiovascular problems;
- psychological troubles;
- troubles linked with reproductive system.
Why may be liver functions affected by steroids? Let see. Steroids contain toxins. The body tries to get rid of them. Liver participates in this process actively.  Thus, its functions may be disordered because of the toxins contained in steroids. Cysts and tumors may be developed. It is true also about kidneys which also play significant role in excretion of toxins. It is known that toxins can be also excreted through skin. That’s why  common negative reactions of steroids include acne, oily skin and other related troubles.
Steroids may also enhance cholesterol levels; so, arteries around the heart are blocked; blood clots are formed. The heart may become unable to circulate the blood through the body properly. Hypertension may also appear in consumers of steroids. Even heart attacks may be caused by steroid use.
Psychological health may be destructed by steroids too. Those who use these medications may become aggressive; they may suffer from abnormal changes in mood and depression. Other mental problems may occur as well.
As for reproductive system, it may be destructed as well. Male users of steroids may experience shrinkage of testicles, changes in size of prostate, abnormal development of breast tissue, infertility, etc. Female consumers of steroids may face such problems, as enlargement of clitoris, hirsutism, irregularities in menstrual cycles, etc.
Unfortunately, steroids can influence on other systems negatively as well. Only the most common unwanted consequences are mentioned in the article.

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