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вторник, 29 января 2013 г.

Pete Rose doesn’t share his wife’s disappointment

The former baseball player Pete Rose is a reasonable person. He sees own mistakes and don’t blame others for his problems. He is an example for other baseball players who have been dishonored for usage of steroids or other faults.
As for Pete Rose, he was never associated with anabolic steroids. This athlete had significant success while playing baseball professionally. He obtained 3 World Series rings, a MVP award, 3 batting titles, 2 Gold Gloves, etc. However Pete Rose didn’t administer anabolic steroids and other prohibited preparations, he made another mistake. This person bet on baseball games. As a result, he was banned from the Hall of Fame permanently.
Pete Rose hopes that the decision will be altered and he will be elected for the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Being in Cooperstown, Pete Rose’s wife was full of anger. She and her husband, a former successful baseball player, had to watch Hall of Fame festivities like ordinary individuals. While Pete Rose’s wife was too unhappy, the former professional baseball player seemed not to have similar feelings.
Pete Rose says that he has patience. He will continue to wait until he gets the second chance. The sportsperson promises that he will never gamble on games again. He affirms that the second chance will be enough for him to demonstrate that he is a trustworthy person. He will not need to receive the 3rd chance.
Pete Rose tries to urge his wife that he is not in the Hall of Fame due to own behavior. He adds that they shouldn’t demonize others. He is guilty. That’s why he is banned.
Pete Rose acknowledges that he is like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens and other baseball players related to the steroid era. Pete Rose says that Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are amazing baseball players that should be elected for the Hall of Fame. He underlines that Roger Clemens hasn’t entered the Baseball Hall of Fame just because of suspicions. This sportsperson hasn’t failed any drug test. You haven’t seen Roger Clemens having anabolic steroids and needles in his hand. That’s why you don’t have any right to affirm that he has administered these drugs. Thus, it is not correct to demonize and punish the famous athlete while lacking proof.

Rich consumers of steroids are unlikely to go to prison

Does money leads to happiness? Undoubtedly, it doesn’t. But money has great power. Although it can’t bring happiness, it can help to prevent imprisonment in some cases. Let review the cases connected with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. One has probably believed that these sportsmen will lose. But you should not forget that rich guys are unlikely to lose. Since they have money, they have a lot of possibilities to win.
Barry Bonds was charged with lying to a grand jury. He affirmed under the oath that he had never administered any forbidden substances. It seemed that Barry Bonds’ cheating was obvious and he would be sentenced to prison. But remember: this athlete has much money. However he was convicted for obstruction of justice, he received just house arrest and community service. Furthermore, even this light sentencing was appealed.
Roger Clemens, another athlete, was accused of lying under oath too. He affirmed that he had never used any banned preparations. Ultimately, the sportsman was cleared of all charges. Roger Clemens didn’t lose too.
These cases display power of money. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have engaged the most experienced defense attorneys. Of course, you need much money in order to engage the most experienced defense attorneys. Since Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have money, they could engage Albert Pujols, Allen Ruby or Rustin Hardy. Thus, it is not surprisingly that federal prosecutors have lost under these circumstances.
Feds lost also in other situations. For example, let notice the case against the well-known American cyclist Lance Armstrong. The government made the decision to drop the case because it would lose.
Although the government spent much money for these cases, it couldn’t win. Feds had just minor results in the cases linked with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.
Thus, if you are a professional sportsperson, you may administer steroids and/or other related preparations, if you have money. You should be rich enough to avoid imprisonment. Otherwise, you will be disgraced and sentenced to prison.

среда, 23 января 2013 г.

Testifying against Barry Bonds, Kimberley Bell is accused of attempts to earn money

Kimberley Bell, Barry Bonds’ ex mistress appeared in the trial to testify against the sportsman. This woman said that there were significant changes in body of Barry Bonds. She noticed that the baseball player’s head enhanced. Kimberley Bell also mentioned that he had shrunken testicles. Furthermore, he suffered from hair loss and acne. According to this woman, Barry Bonds also had uncontrolled behavior. He was very aggressive and impatient. Such changes are commonly linked with administration of anabolic steroids.
Barry Bonds threatened to his former girlfriend. He asked her disappear. Otherwise, he would murder her.
So, Kimberley Bell’s testimonies served as a basis to continue charging Barry Bonds with perjury and obstructing justice. Several years ago the baseball player claimed under oath that he had never applied steroids. But as it turned out, he might have lied under oath.
Providing information about Barry Bonds, Kimberley Bell started to cry two times during the course. Once she was interrupted by a defense attorney for Barry Bonds.
Kimberley Bell was asked whether steroids were discussed by her and Barry Bonds. Bell said that once Barry Bonds affirmed that he was taking anabolic steroids. The baseball player got an elbow injury around 1999-2000. The injury was too serious, according to Kimberley Bell. Thus, she asked Barry Bonds about the severe injury. The baseball player said that anabolic steroids induced enhancing muscles evidentially and rapidly. As a result, the joint couldn’t handle so rapid and significant growth.
Chris Arguedas, a defense attorney for Barry Bonds, accused Kimberley Bell of attempts to become prominent and make money because of her relations with Barry Bonds. She tried to promote selling a book about her relationships with Barry Bonds.

Integrity of baseball is in danger

Such famous baseball players, as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza, have not been introduced into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Is it fair? These athletes have achieved amazing results while playing baseball professionally. But it is affirmed that there is no any place for consumers of steroids in the Hall of Fame.
Thus, several persons believe that if dopers enter the Hall of Fame, it will have negative impact for future generations. Young persons should realize that successful baseball players are those that haven’t administered any prohibited medicine. Actually, this is nonsense. Barry Bonds, Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens are always considered to be the best baseball players. If even they are not introduced into the Hall of Fame, they will be always praised. These sportspersons have obtained great results. Nobody can doubt about their accomplishments.
Let analyze logically. For example, you see the prettiest girl in the town. But she fails to win Miss of America. Does she lose its beauty? Do you discontinue admiring of her beauty only because she hasn’t win Miss of America? Answers are obvious. The same case is with Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Mike Piazza. They are great players, regardless whether they will enter the Hall of Fame or not.
Barry Bonds got several MVPs before he was associated with steroids. Roger Clemens became celebrated for his baseball skills before he was accused of doping. As for Mike Piazza, nobody can contest that he is one of the best catchers.
It is claimed that the Baseball Hall of Fame is the place for the best baseball players that have ever played the game. Let suppose that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza must not enter this category. Then we must create another category within the Baseball Hall of Fame. These players must be elected for the Hall of Fame. Otherwise, it loses its meaningfulness. Since the Hall of Fame is associated with greatness, it can’t exist without such excellent players, as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza. Barry Bonds could make games exciting. He showed unbelievable baseball skills long before he was accused of doping. The same things may be said about Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza. The Hall of Fame loses its significance without these great players. That’s why it is needed to consider these conditions and change the attitude to these players and the Hall of Fame. Otherwise, the integrity of baseball will be destroyed.

воскресенье, 20 января 2013 г.

What should you do to lose weight effectively?

The New Year is considered to be a time to produce modifications in life. A lot of persons intend to do certain things for improvement of physique since January. January is time for new beginnings. A lot of persons start using weight loss drugs since January. They want to lose extra fat since the New Year. The New Year is time of certain new beginnings for athletes and bodybuilders too. Numerous sportspersons and bodybuilder start applying steroid cycles in January. So, since the New Year some individuals desire to burn fat, others want to add muscle mass and endurance. Certain other individuals desire to achieve several other goals connected with their physical appearances.
It is naturally that a lot of individuals desire to lose fat since the New Year. It is set that an individual usually adds 1-2 pounds since the Thanksgiving till the Christmas. As for those that are predisposed to obesity, they get up to 5 pounds of fat during the same period of time. Undoubtedly, it is impossible to affirm the same things about professional sportspeople and bodybuilders because they usually can control weight gains. They are guided by strict dieting habits. That’s why they are unlikely to gain essential body mass, despites of holidays.
However numerous persons start doing something for improvement of physical appearance, not everybody reaches his/her goals. Unluckily, a lot of individuals that don’t belong to professional bodybuilders don’t achieve results connected with fat loss. We don’t plan to discourage anyone but this is the reality. Why do numerous persons fail to achieve results connected with fat loss? Numerous persons apply FDA-approved medications for this need. But it is important to notice that these products are not effective for fat loss. You should know that bodybuilders usually don’t apply FDA-approved weight loss preparations. Moreover, ordinary individuals don’t possess knowledge about correct nutrition which would be appropriate for weight loss. In addition to these aspects, it is needed to perform some physical exercises in order to achieve evident results.
That’s why it is a good idea to do own research related to efficacious methods applied for weight loss. Don’t get troubled! You may find appropriate information on different sites. Study what athletes and bodybuilders do and apply for fat loss. This knowledge can help you to apply right methods and reach obvious results.

Former American cyclist decided to admit to doping

A person that didn’t desire to be indentified has reported that Lance Armstrong intends to admit to administering forbidden medications during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Is this a right decision of the prominent cyclist? Points of view differ. Several individuals believe that if the American cyclist admits to doping, his reputation will be restored. Others suppose that the admission will alter nothing. Some other persons believe that if Lance Armstrong does it, he will be probably sentenced to imprisonment.
It is known that Lance Armstrong denied using steroids and other forbidden medications. He seemed to succeed till the USADA released a report on him. The USADA’s dossier provided doping evidence. As a result, the cyclist was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles. Furthermore, his sponsors dropped him. In addition to these negative conditions, Lance Armstrong had to distance himself from the cancer-fighting foundation Livestrong in order to prevent hurting it.
Will Lance Armstrong admit to using prohibited drugs? Which will be consequences?
Several experts affirm that prosecution will take place, if Lance Armstrong admits to doping. The cyclist has claimed under the oath that he never applied any prohibited drugs. So, if he admits to doping, it means that he acknowledges that he has lied under the oath. As a result, he may be sentenced to imprisonment. That’s why several experts say that Lance Armstrong should continue denying doping.
But there are persons who claim that the admission will alter nothing. Millions of persons with cancer that have survived because of Livestrong praise Lance Armstrong. The cyclist is a hero for them. These persons like the former cyclist, regardless of whether he has doped or not. If even Lance Armstrong admits to using forbidden drugs throughout his cycling career, these persons will continue to support him.
But there is also another opinion. If Lance Armstrong provides important information about administration of steroids and/or doping products in the US Postal Service Cycling Team, his ban from competitions may be reduced. So, the disgraced cyclist will probably compete again.
It is unclear whether Lance Armstrong will really admit and which results will follow.

вторник, 15 января 2013 г.

Lance Armstrong’s success in cycling didn’t make him Texan of the Year

The Dallas Morning News represents a daily newspaper which is quite popular in the USA. Certain persons whose deeds have great impact on the society are chosen every year for the “Texan of the Year” award. It is important to notice that not only positive actions are taken in consideration. Even actions that have been influenced on the society negatively may promote obtaining the “Texan of the Year” award. So, Lance Armstrong’s doping case made the cyclist the finalist for the “Texan of the Year” award.
As you know, Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal is not pleasant. Although this case disgraced the celebrated American cyclist, it made him more prominent. The doping case had significant impact on the society. A lot of persons discussed the situation connected with his application of anabolic steroids, EPO and other related medications. Numerous persons focused on the following questions: “Have Lance Armstrong actually taken doping products?”, Why has he cheated?”, Which medications have been taken by him?”, How could he avoid detection?”, etc.
The Dallas Morning News didn’t fail to present positive deed of Lance Armstrong as well. The newspaper noted about efforts of the cyclist for the foundation that helps persons with cancer to survive. The sportsman also induced developing centers for researches connected with treatment of cancer. The Dallas Morning News noticed also about accomplishments of the sportsman which were done during his cycling career. Since young age Lance Armstrong succeeded in cycling. He got many awards. Lance Armstrong won Tour de France 7 consecutive times.
Even testicular cancer couldn’t defeat the prominent cyclist. However the cancer spread over the body, Lance Armstrong got rid of this dreadful trouble. Furthermore, he returned to professional cycling after his treatment and continued succeeding. While all positive deeds of Lance Armstrong didn’t make him a finalist for the “Texan of the Year” award, his doping case did it. Of course, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) contributed to his award. A dossier on Lance Armstrong’s doping case was written by the USADA. Moreover, the cyclist’s sponsors left him after it was proven that he had doped. Thus, numerous persons were convinced that the cyclist had applied banned preparations.
Texans praised Lance Armstrong, when he had success in cycling. But when this athlete crashed, they began to demonize him. It is not surprisingly because this is the essence of Texans. While they prefer to make some persons heroes, they prefer to demonize them too.

Which drugs represent problem in MMA?

The UFC president Dana White suggests that numerous MMA fighters administer marijuana. This person is troubled by this issue. While anti-doping organizations put efforts to clean sports from intake of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, the UFC president claims that it is needed to test fighters for recreational drugs randomly. The UFC president says: “Forget about steroids!” He claims that it is the time to be troubled by usage of marijuana and other recreational drugs by MMA fighters.
It is known that those who are caught administering anabolic steroids and/or other related medicines are banned from competitions. Which sanctions are for those that test positive for recreational drugs? You should know that the punishment is the same.
Don’t you wonder how many athletes are caught using marijuana and/or other related remedies, if random testing for recreational drugs will be established in the UFC?
475 fighters have signed contracts with the UFC. It is supposed that if random testing is conducted, about 80% of these fighters will be caught using these drugs.
The United State Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) would be glad to sign a contract with the UFC in order to promote cleaning it from doping. They consider that the UFC should have the same anti-doping program like other sports organizations have. But Dana White doesn’t want to sign a contract with the USDADA and the VADA. He affirms that the State Athletic Commission test fighters for banned substances. It is enough in order to clean the UFC from administration of banned medicines, according to Dana White.
It becomes obvious that the UFc president doesn’t wish to clean MMA from doping. Previously he has pronounced several affirmations for support of testosterone replacement therapy among fighters. He has said that any fighter should take steroids under recommendations of his doctor, if he has hypogonadism. Sportspersons must obtain therapeutic use exemptions in order to compete professionally while administering several steroids. But it is possible to note that therapeutic use exemptions often serve as an excuse for doping. A lot of successful fighters have gotten therapeutic use exemptions and use steroids while fighting. So, doping continues prospering in MMA.
Why doesn’t Dana White put efforts to eliminate usage of doping products and smoking pot from MMA? Think logically! The fight against doping and smoking will influence on business negatively.

воскресенье, 13 января 2013 г.

Hypocritical society blames steroid users

Reporters often write articles about those that have unnatural muscles and strength. Reading their affirmations, you can notice that those who administer anabolic steroids and/or other related medicines are harshly blamed. Such individuals are criticized in the society. They are called “cheaters”. It is claimed that those who administer anabolic steroids for bodybuilding purposes may become addicted to these products. Many articles also contain information about potential side effects of steroids. However several negative reactions appear in consumers of steroids, others are not proven scientifically. For example, it is widely reported about violence and murders committed by steroid users. It is claimed that anabolic steroids may lead to uncontrolled behavior that results in crimes. However, so called “roid rage” related to these medicines is claimed to be a controversial issue.
Many persons claim that administration of anabolic steroids for increase of muscle mass and strength, hardening of muscles and fat loss is a moral issue. Let think! Is this statement free from hypocrisy? Why are only anabolic steroids demonized? Do only these preparations make the society unnatural? Let analyze other conditions of our society! What do you think about sexual stimulants? It is claimed that you should not suffer from sexual dysfunctions, when there are appropriate drugs to get rid of such problems. Furthermore, what do you think about anti-aging products? Why should you have evident wrinkles, if there are methods to hide your age? Models and actors apply several medications but they are not called “cheaters”. Students apply certain medications in order to increase their cognitive abilities. They are not demonized too. Certain specialists that have conducted some researches claim that those that take steroids for enhancement of physical abilities are more harshly blamed than those that administer some medications to increase cognitive capacities. Is it fair?
As you see, our society is full of hypocrisy, ignorance and unfair accusations. May you demonize consumers of steroids in this society? May you affirm that administration of steroids for enhancement of physical performance is a moral issue? Be real! If you start blaming steroid users, don’t forget about other aspects in the society!

Athletes that have steroid-induced hypogonadism should be allowed to use steroids

Usage of steroids for testosterone replacement therapy by sportspersons is a controversial issue. There are a lot of debates linked with it. It is known by anyone that anabolic steroids and some other related products are prohibited in many sports organizations. But if a person should administer these preparations under guidelines of his/her doctor for clinical needs, he/she should obtain a therapeutic use exemption. However it is allowed to use even anabolic steroids for therapeutic needs, such athletes are frequently blamed and named “cheaters”. In fact, it is unfair.
What does Dana White, the UFC president, affirm about intake of steroids for testosterone replacement therapy? Does he demonize fighters that administer steroids in order to increase their low levels of testosterone? Dana White claims that any person with hypogonadism should apply steroids, if these products are prescribed by his health care provider. Although it is fair, let mention why certain sportsmen have low levels of testosterone. It is proven scientifically that steroid abuse may cause suppression of natural testosterone secretion. So, certain fighters and other athletes that have administered previously steroids for performance-enhancing effects may have hypogonadism. Hence, their doctors prescribe them administering some steroids in order to increase their testosterone levels.
According to the UFC president, testosterone replacement therapy is legal for all men, including professional sportspersons. Thus, if any sportsperson suffers from hypogonadism, he should be allowed to take steroids recommended by his physician. He should reach normal testosterone levels which characterize any healthy man of his age.
But the UFC president underlines that any fighter or another athlete that takes anabolic steroids and/or other prohibited medicines for athletic needs must be banned from competitions. It is needed to make difference between those that apply steroids for medical purposes and those that want to obtain muscle mass and strength with the help these medications. No one is allowed to apply anabolic steroids for athletic needs. It is prohibited in sports. Those that break anti-doping rules must be punished. Sports must be free from doping.
It seems to be surprising that affirmations of Dana White differ obviously from statements presented by anti-doping officials. As you know, words of several anti-doping officers for steroid users are much harsher than those pronounced by Dana White.