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воскресенье, 13 января 2013 г.

Athletes that have steroid-induced hypogonadism should be allowed to use steroids

Usage of steroids for testosterone replacement therapy by sportspersons is a controversial issue. There are a lot of debates linked with it. It is known by anyone that anabolic steroids and some other related products are prohibited in many sports organizations. But if a person should administer these preparations under guidelines of his/her doctor for clinical needs, he/she should obtain a therapeutic use exemption. However it is allowed to use even anabolic steroids for therapeutic needs, such athletes are frequently blamed and named “cheaters”. In fact, it is unfair.
What does Dana White, the UFC president, affirm about intake of steroids for testosterone replacement therapy? Does he demonize fighters that administer steroids in order to increase their low levels of testosterone? Dana White claims that any person with hypogonadism should apply steroids, if these products are prescribed by his health care provider. Although it is fair, let mention why certain sportsmen have low levels of testosterone. It is proven scientifically that steroid abuse may cause suppression of natural testosterone secretion. So, certain fighters and other athletes that have administered previously steroids for performance-enhancing effects may have hypogonadism. Hence, their doctors prescribe them administering some steroids in order to increase their testosterone levels.
According to the UFC president, testosterone replacement therapy is legal for all men, including professional sportspersons. Thus, if any sportsperson suffers from hypogonadism, he should be allowed to take steroids recommended by his physician. He should reach normal testosterone levels which characterize any healthy man of his age.
But the UFC president underlines that any fighter or another athlete that takes anabolic steroids and/or other prohibited medicines for athletic needs must be banned from competitions. It is needed to make difference between those that apply steroids for medical purposes and those that want to obtain muscle mass and strength with the help these medications. No one is allowed to apply anabolic steroids for athletic needs. It is prohibited in sports. Those that break anti-doping rules must be punished. Sports must be free from doping.
It seems to be surprising that affirmations of Dana White differ obviously from statements presented by anti-doping officials. As you know, words of several anti-doping officers for steroid users are much harsher than those pronounced by Dana White.

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