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вторник, 15 января 2013 г.

Lance Armstrong’s success in cycling didn’t make him Texan of the Year

The Dallas Morning News represents a daily newspaper which is quite popular in the USA. Certain persons whose deeds have great impact on the society are chosen every year for the “Texan of the Year” award. It is important to notice that not only positive actions are taken in consideration. Even actions that have been influenced on the society negatively may promote obtaining the “Texan of the Year” award. So, Lance Armstrong’s doping case made the cyclist the finalist for the “Texan of the Year” award.
As you know, Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal is not pleasant. Although this case disgraced the celebrated American cyclist, it made him more prominent. The doping case had significant impact on the society. A lot of persons discussed the situation connected with his application of anabolic steroids, EPO and other related medications. Numerous persons focused on the following questions: “Have Lance Armstrong actually taken doping products?”, Why has he cheated?”, Which medications have been taken by him?”, How could he avoid detection?”, etc.
The Dallas Morning News didn’t fail to present positive deed of Lance Armstrong as well. The newspaper noted about efforts of the cyclist for the foundation that helps persons with cancer to survive. The sportsman also induced developing centers for researches connected with treatment of cancer. The Dallas Morning News noticed also about accomplishments of the sportsman which were done during his cycling career. Since young age Lance Armstrong succeeded in cycling. He got many awards. Lance Armstrong won Tour de France 7 consecutive times.
Even testicular cancer couldn’t defeat the prominent cyclist. However the cancer spread over the body, Lance Armstrong got rid of this dreadful trouble. Furthermore, he returned to professional cycling after his treatment and continued succeeding. While all positive deeds of Lance Armstrong didn’t make him a finalist for the “Texan of the Year” award, his doping case did it. Of course, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) contributed to his award. A dossier on Lance Armstrong’s doping case was written by the USADA. Moreover, the cyclist’s sponsors left him after it was proven that he had doped. Thus, numerous persons were convinced that the cyclist had applied banned preparations.
Texans praised Lance Armstrong, when he had success in cycling. But when this athlete crashed, they began to demonize him. It is not surprisingly because this is the essence of Texans. While they prefer to make some persons heroes, they prefer to demonize them too.

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