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среда, 23 января 2013 г.

Testifying against Barry Bonds, Kimberley Bell is accused of attempts to earn money

Kimberley Bell, Barry Bonds’ ex mistress appeared in the trial to testify against the sportsman. This woman said that there were significant changes in body of Barry Bonds. She noticed that the baseball player’s head enhanced. Kimberley Bell also mentioned that he had shrunken testicles. Furthermore, he suffered from hair loss and acne. According to this woman, Barry Bonds also had uncontrolled behavior. He was very aggressive and impatient. Such changes are commonly linked with administration of anabolic steroids.
Barry Bonds threatened to his former girlfriend. He asked her disappear. Otherwise, he would murder her.
So, Kimberley Bell’s testimonies served as a basis to continue charging Barry Bonds with perjury and obstructing justice. Several years ago the baseball player claimed under oath that he had never applied steroids. But as it turned out, he might have lied under oath.
Providing information about Barry Bonds, Kimberley Bell started to cry two times during the course. Once she was interrupted by a defense attorney for Barry Bonds.
Kimberley Bell was asked whether steroids were discussed by her and Barry Bonds. Bell said that once Barry Bonds affirmed that he was taking anabolic steroids. The baseball player got an elbow injury around 1999-2000. The injury was too serious, according to Kimberley Bell. Thus, she asked Barry Bonds about the severe injury. The baseball player said that anabolic steroids induced enhancing muscles evidentially and rapidly. As a result, the joint couldn’t handle so rapid and significant growth.
Chris Arguedas, a defense attorney for Barry Bonds, accused Kimberley Bell of attempts to become prominent and make money because of her relations with Barry Bonds. She tried to promote selling a book about her relationships with Barry Bonds.

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