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Steroids’ influence on health of teenagers

Leslie Henderson worries about adolescents. She is troubled because a lot of adolescents administer anabolic steroids which may be dangerous for them. These medications may make adolescents aggressive. Furthermore, steroids may affect various systems of consumers. According to Leslie Henderson, the most dangerous aspect connected with application of these medicines by teenagers is following: these products influence on the brain negatively. They affect not only functions of the brain; they also change the way it works.
Anabolic steroids have been developed in order to treat several illnesses. These drugs have capacity to promote development of secondary male features in males with delayed puberty. They can prevent muscle wasting in individuals that have HIV/AIDS and other health problems. But these drugs are also often abused. They are taken for increase of muscle mass and strength. When health care providers recommend taking steroids to treat certain diseases, they prescribe relatively low quantities that don’t produce grave undesirable consequences. When these drugs are taken for performance-enhancing effects, quantities are enhanced. But it is necessary to know that enhanced dosages may lead to serious undesirable results.
Non-therapeutic application of steroids is very dangerous for adolescents. Their systems have not been yet developed. That’s why these medications may cause irreversible changes in them. Steroids may affect their physical as well psychological health of adolescents. As a result, negative consequences of steroids are seen in them not only during adolescence but also when they grow up. If adult people abuse steroids, they usually don’t suffer from such long-term serious side reactions, as teenagers experience. That’s why Leslie Henderson and other experts confirm that it is important to teach teenagers about negative impact of steroids on them. They should know about all potential risks. If adolescents know about dangerous adverse reactions of steroids, they will probably stop using these medicines for improvement of physique and performance.

Valuable research linked with development of obesity

A new study has showed that glucocorticosteroids induce enhancing fat deposits. These compounds have direct influence on androgen receptors that are responsible for reduction of body fat deposits.
This research may be useful in our era, when numerous people suffer from obesity. According to statements of some specialists, it is necessary to decrease amount of glucocorticosteroids in order to prevent or treat obesity.
When scientists conducted this research, they had the following goal: they attempted to comprehend ways, causes and stages of development of fat deposits. Basing on results of the study, the scientists have affirmed that androgen receptors should be activated in order to lower fat accumulation. So, obesity could be cured even at the early stages of development.
The androgen testosterone binds itself to androgen receptors. So, androgen receptors become able to control creation of muscle mass, increase lean muscles, etc.
According to the scientists, glucocorticosteroids decrease activity of androgen receptors. Thus, they become ineffective to manage buildup of muscle mass and decrease of fat storage. That’s why fat is stored especially in abdominal area.
The researchers suggest that this research has ability to promote developing new ways to treat and prevent obesity. The new methods will be connected with glucocorticosteroids and androgen receptors.

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Health of steroid users may suffer because of new amendment to steroid law in UK

British citizens are not allowed to order steroids at online pharmacies. Importation of steroids into the UK is claimed to be illicit under a new amendment to the steroid law. Those who live in the UK and import steroids into the country are sanctioned by authorities. But British people may freely purchase, possess and use steroids.
According to the “personal custody”, those who arrived to London for the Olympics were allowed to import steroids for self-administration. It was not considered to be illegal under British laws. Nevertheless, those who live inside the UK don’t have any right to purchase steroids at online pharmacies and import them from other countries to the UK.
Earlier British people were allowed to purchase steroids from outside the country. The amendment was presented by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) in order to protect health of those that administer steroids. But could the amendment do it?
Numerous underground labs produce anabolic steroids inside the UK. They prosper on account of the amendment. But it is necessary to take into account that many underground labs produce steroids of low quality. So, British people have to purchase steroids of low quality because it is forbidden to import steroids that are produced outside the country by safe pharmaceutical companies.
The government warned Needle-Syringe Program (NSP) workers that they would have to work more. It was claimed that the amendment would increase the number of steroid users.
Actually, the amendment is likely to have negative influence on health of steroid users. Steroid-using sportspersons and bodybuilders may get grave side reactions because they switch from quality steroids produced by trustworthy pharmaceutical companies to worse preparations produced by underground labs located in the UK.

Wikipedia is guide of feds on steroids

Federal prosecutors don’t have sufficient knowledge about anabolic steroids, however they pursue those that manufacture, administer and/or sell these preparations. They don’t study scientific literature about these medicines. The government uses information which is provided in Wikipedia. Although federal prosecutors speak about undesirable consequences of steroids, they don’t know about these conditions sufficiently. Citing statements about steroids provided in Wikipedia, they punish consumers/manufacturers/distributors of these drugs, confirming that these medicines represent evil.
Certain important questions appear here: Is it correct to base upon statements presented in Wikipedia in such cases? Are these affirmations true? Aren’t they exposed to manipulations? Aren’t they mixed with individual opinions of sponsors?
Maurice Hall, the associate professor of communication and culture at Villanova University, says that it is not reasonable to base wholly upon statements written in Wikipedia. He claims that Wikipedia serves a good guide for footnotes. But information presented in Wikipedia may be not true entirely.
For example, when John Isaac Hudelson was sentenced to prison, federal prosecutors based their conclusions linked with illegal operations of this person upon affirmations cited from Wikipedia. Federal prosecutors affirmed that Hudelson deserved to serve 47-54 months in prison because he applied and distributed steroids. Stephen Greubel, the defense attorney for Hudelson, argued that 47-54 months in jail were too much for his client. He noted that Hudelson distributed steroids, preparations which differed from such drugs, as amphetamine, methamphetamine, codeine, morphine, etc. The defense attorney noticed that steroids didn’t lead to addiction.
Federal prosecutors confirmed that John Isaac Hudelson manufactured, applied and distributed steroids to his friends. They confirmed that while steroids didn’t cause addiction, desire to be muscular could be addictive. Moreover, they added that steroids could lead to severe adverse results. All statements of feds were based upon those written in Wikipedia.
Finally, the government sent Isaac John Hudelson to 37 months in prison.

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Tyler Hamilton provides ways to use steroids and remain undetectable

Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle have published a book about administration of EPO and anabolic steroids. Tips given in the book can prove that the prominent cyclist Lance Armstrong applied forbidden medicines. The book has the following title: “The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at all Costs”. The book contains instructions linked with intake of EPO and steroids in cycling and ways to avoid detection. It shows that drug testing is ineffective in this sport.
Tyler Hamilton confirms that sportspersons can take steroids without being detected. The author affirms that the WADA doesn’t have any possibility to win. Hamilton describes weakness of the WADA in testing athletes for forbidden medicines.
According to Tyler Hamilton, it is easy to avoid detection while applying EPO. It is needed to apply the procedure “microdosing”. What does it actually represent? Sportspersons should not inject 2,000 Units of EPO under the skin every 3-4 days. They should introduce 400-500 Units of EPO each 3-4 nights into veins. This method is named “microdosing”. Utilizing this way of intake, cyclists can avoid detection without any significant effort.
Since microdosing is a suitable way to avoid detection while administering EPO, this way must be appropriate in case of steroid use too. Thus, Tyler Hamilton supposes that cyclists and other sportspersons can avoid detection while taking anabolic steroids. He presents guidelines on this issue in details in the book.  The author explains how it is possible to hit tests of anti-doping agencies.
In fact, it is unlikely that guidelines provided in Tyler’s book will modify essence of cycling. While introduction of the biological passport into anti-doping system can’t stop doping, elaboration of microdosing into usage of EPO is not the new beginning of doping in cycling. Instructions of Hamilton may modify just the nature of doping in this sport. Usage of doping products is a part of cycling. Let notice the truth. Like there is no Santa Claus, there is no clean sport at the high level.

Steroid use for medical and athletic needs

There are three groups of steroids: corticosteroids, estrogens and progestogens, and anabolic-androgenic steroids.
Nature of corticosteroids is similar to that of hormones produced in the adrenal cortex. Corticosteroids may be in form of creams, ointment, inhalation preparations, etc. They are taken to treat inflammations, allergic reactions, diseases of respiratory, nervous, musculoskeletal and other systems.
Estrogens and progestogens represent female sex hormones. These compounds promote developing female secondary features. Birth control pills contain these substances.
Anabolic-androgenic steroids represent products which are also widely utilized in medicine. They can treat several types of breast cancer, testicular cancer, anemia, etc. These drugs are often prescribed to get better and faster recovery after several operations. Burn victims, persons with HIV/AIDS administer anabolic-androgenic steroids in order to prevent muscle wasting. Some steroids are also prescribed for treatment of osteoporosis. These medications are also prescribed for treatment of infertility.
Moreover, anabolic-androgenic steroids are applied for athletic needs. These products can create muscles and increase strength. That’s why a lot of athletes and bodybuilders administer them for performance-enhancing effects. Some anabolic-androgenic steroids are able also to burn fat, making muscles distinctive.
Intake of anabolic-androgenic steroids for non-therapeutic needs is forbidden under laws of some countries. Those who manufacture, sell, buy and use these products illegally may be sentenced to prison and/or fines. These medicines belong to illicit preparations in several countries because they may lead to different adverse reactions. While certain unwanted effects are insignificant and disappear after discontinuation of application, others are sever and even irreversible. Those that desire to obtain positive effects, using steroids for clinical purposes, should apply these preparations under recommendations of doctors.

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Anna Watson refuses to take steroids

When it is mentioned about cheerleaders, we imagine active and thin women. But we have to realize that sometimes the reality differs from our imagination. The cheerleader Anna Watson is an example in this situation. She has great muscles. But she is very nice.
A fitness modeling agency offered her a $75000 contract. But she refused to get it. Actually, it is surprisingly because numerous ladies dream to obtain such contracts. But she didn’t want to obtain it because she had to take steroids for this need.
When Anna Watson began to study at Hawaii Pacific University, she started weight lifting. She trained hardly and consumed about 3000 calorie per day. Finally she had ability to lift 230 pounds. But her weight was not enough to get a modeling fitness contract. Although she ate much protein, she could not gain required pounds.
A modeling agent said that Anavar could help her to add weight. Anna Watson needed to get 50 pounds in order to obtain the contract. Thus, she began to apply the steroid Anavar in order to increase body weight. The cheerleader was eating “forever”, even if she wasn’t’ hungry. Despites of her efforts, nutrition regimen and application of the steroid Anavar, she could not gain 50 pounds. The cheerleader got just 10 pounds.
Anna Watson is a religious person. She belongs to a local church. Finally, she made a decision to ask a weight lifting champion for advice. Hugh Kirby who is also a member of the church has advised her to stay far from intake of steroids. He mentioned that these drugs could cause different adverse reactions. This person also added that steroids could lead to infertility. Thus, Hugh Kirby claimed that it would be better to refuse the contract instead of experiencing health problems, especially infertility.
Thus, Anna Watson didn’t agree to obtain the contract. But she decided not to leave her trainings. Anna Watson dreams to become a personal trainer.
In fact, the cheerleader made an appropriate decision. It is reasonable to keep female characteristics without a modeling contract instead of having the contract and suffering from signs of masculinization owing to intake of steroids.

Steroid dealers should be punished more harshly

However it is illegal to distribute anabolic steroids in some countries, several steroid dealers are not sanctioned appropriately. For example, recently two individuals who sold steroids illegally didn’t go to jail. They were sentenced only to work several hours. However these individuals advertised and sold steroids online, they avoided prison successfully. These individuals distributed products that could destroy health of users. That’s why they had to be sanctioned more harshly.
A lot of consumers of steroids don’t know anything about risks connected with them. They don’t know that intake of steroids may cause several health troubles. It is necessary to take into account that some steroids are aromatizable. It means that they may convert into estrogen, enhancing levels of this hormone. As a result, male users of such steroids may suffer from gynecomastia, fat accumulation, fluid retention, etc. Undoubtedly, gynecomastia is very unpleasant effect for men. Sometimes it can’t be treated with medicines. Thus, it may require a surgery.
Some steroids are dangerous for females. They may lead to masculinizing effects in them. So, certain females that administer androgenic steroids have deep voice, hirsutism, male-pattern baldness, menstrual irregularities, infertility, etc.
Many steroids may influence on liver negatively. They may cause liver disorders. If anyone has had liver troubles before intake of steroids, these preparations may lead to severer complications.
Nonetheless, nobody can doubt about positive effects that can be gotten owing to application of steroids. These products induce developing new muscle tissues. They also enhance existing muscles. Furthermore, these medicines help to gain strength. Certain steroids promote fat burning, making muscle harder.
Although possible positive effects of steroids are amazing, it is necessary to consider possible adverse effects. It is stated that steroids may lead to depression and uncontrolled aggressiveness. Thus, several users of these medications commit various crimes. While several consumers may commit suicides, others violate, murder other individuals.
Steroids may lead also to other adverse effects that are not noted in the article. People should be aware of what they use. Those that distribute these preparations illegally should be punished appropriately.

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Football is not “clean”

Numerous articles report about administration of steroids in baseball. Sportswriters and reporters describe steroid scandals which take place in this sport. It is often discussed about steroid era in baseball. MLB players are subjected to numerous drug tests. It seems that every individual interested in sports demonizes baseball players for intake of doping products. Do just baseball players use steroids and other related preparations? What do you think about football players? Don’t they dope? Why do we demonize only baseball players for intake of banned medications?
Application of doping products is widespread among football players. Since 1960s administration of performance-enhancing drugs plays a great role in this sport. It is impossible to imagine football without application of steroids and other related medicines.
Strength and size are substantial features in football. Some people believe that football players have great strength only because of intensive trainings and appropriate diets. But it is a wrong point of view. A lot of football players use banned substances in order to obtain strength and increase muscle size.
As you see, usage of forbidden medications is widespread in football. Nevertheless, baseball players are more widely blamed for administration of steroids and other related medications. Such baseball players, as Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were exposed to public shame on account of doping. But such football players, as Lyle Alzado, Shawne Merriman, Chris Cooper and Thomas Romanowski, also administered banned drugs. Nonetheless, they were not so widely demonized, as dopers in baseball.
Furthermore, it is necessary to take in consideration that administration of steroids is related to more risks in football.
It is confirmed that football is unlikely to be cleaned from doping.

Steroids are dangerous for teens

Adolescents’ addiction to anabolic steroids becomes a significant problem today. Why do teens take these medications? They do it in order to enhance their muscles, reduce fat deposits and add definition to muscles. They want to be more attractive. Actually, adolescents use these medicines because they desire to look like models, sports figures and heroes. Since teens want to be celebrated so, as well-known sportspersons are, they try to improve their physique and performance with anabolic steroids.
But teenagers don’t take into account several important factors in this situation. Firstly, professional athletes and bodybuilders ask doctors for recommendations. Thus, doctors indicate how they should take steroids. That’s why usage of anabolic steroids by celebrated sportspeople is relatively safe. When it comes to teens, they don’t know what they administer; they don’t know how steroids should be used. Secondly, the process of development is not over in teens. That’s why steroids may be dangerous for them. Anabolic steroids may destruct functions of reproductive, cardiovascular and other systems in adolescents.
Unluckily, a lot of adolescents apply anabolic steroids. Certain surveys of the Michigan University show that the number of steroid users in high schools continues to grow.
Furthermore, it is not a problem to purchase these preparations. High schools students obtain steroids without essential efforts.
As a result, some adolescents become addicted to steroids. While several teens try to cease administering these medications, they can’t do it. In fact, it is quite difficult to get rid of this addiction. Addicted steroid users can’t stop using these preparations without help of high-qualified specialists. They must stay in special centers of rehabilitation where well-trained experts help them to get rid of the addiction.
It is necessary to educate adolescents about dangers linked with anabolic steroids. Teens must know not only about benefits of these products. They should be taught also about negative effects of these medicines. If schoolchildren and high school students are not educated about dark sides of steroids, they will take these products. Ultimately, their systems will be destructed. If the society doesn’t care about adolescents, they will experience many health problems.

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Anti-doping policy continue prospering

While sportspeople that dope seek new ways to avoid detection, anti-doping agencies elaborate new tools in order to catch those who administer banned medications. One of new tools introduced into anti-doping system is biological passport. It helps to set whether an athlete has administered any forbidden preparation. The biological passport measures several biomarkers which can indicate whether a person has used certain products. Thus, it can measure hemoglobin levels. Unexplained reduced or increased hemoglobin levels may indicate doping. So, the biological passport sets physical changes which play great role in detection.
It is clear that anti-doping system becomes more sophisticated. It develops new ways to catch dopers and make sports free from doping.
If you compare drug tests that have been applied earlier with those that are utilized nowadays, you can understand that the difference is significant. Anti-doping efforts are essential. Drug testing becomes more progressive.
It was also created a test for detection of CERA. This preparation was originally created in order to treat anemia linked with kidney dysfunctions. Since earlier there was not any drug test that could determine metabolites of this substance, Rashid Ramzi of Bahrain avoided detection at the Beijing Olympics. Recently his sample was re-analyzed. Anti-doping officers defined that this athlete had administered CERA. As a result, he was stripped of his awards.
Earlier it was hard and even quite impossible to catch those who applied HGH. Lately a blood test for this medicine was also elaborated.
Another new drug test, known as Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry, was also recently elaborated. This test helps to set whether testosterone has been applied from outsides or it has been secreted in the body naturally.
So, anti-doping system is more sophisticated today. Anti-doping officers claim that they will be able to make sports free from doping.

It is necessary to stop fighting against doping

The cyclist Lance Armstrong never tested positive for any forbidden substance. But the sportsman forfeited his seven Tour de France titles because the USADA suspected him of doping.
You can see that usage of banned medicines is considered to be a last sin of competitive athletes. They are banned, if they are found guilty or just suspected of doping.
For example, Dwain Chambers, a British sprinter, was suspended because he tested positive for tetrahydrogestrinone. This sportsman claimed that he was not the only Olympic  sprinter that administered steroids. According to his statements, numerous runners of the US racing team applied prohibited products.
Several persons are probably bothered by reading articles about war on usage of banned preparations in sports. It seems that the battle never ends. Although anti-doping agencies put great efforts in order to eradicate doping from competitive sports, numerous sportspersons continue administering banned preparations. It is impossible to confront doping. It seems that it is better to legalize doping. Let athletes use whatever they want!
Athletes break more excellent records from one year to another. It may require to measure thousandths of a second in order to define who the winner is. It seems that it will be impossible to notice with a naked eye the fastest sprinters. That’s why several specialists fear that it will be too difficult to keep sports interesting.
Some experts see that anti-doping policies fail. Sportspersons who have never tested positive for any banned drug are sentenced to lifetime suspensions. Drug tests are not capable to induce catching those that use steroids and/or other doping products.
Doping plays a great role in sports. Almost every winner of Tour de France has been involved in a doping case.
Fans have great expectations. Athletes have to push their bodies till the limits in order to win. They have to use steroids and/or other performance-enhancing drugs in order to keep their reputations and not disappoint fans. The society should be blamed for athletes’ doping. Not only sportspersons should be blamed for intake of prohibited products. The society creates such culture where sportspersons can’t win without administration of certain preparations. That’s why it is necessary to discontinue demonizing athletes. It is better to permit doping in sports. Each sport must compose own list of banned medications. Only drugs which are harmful to certain sport itself should be banned. Let take the sport of boxing as an example. This sport should ban just those drugs that withdraw fear because removing of fear in this sport is against its nature.

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How do pharmaceutical companies use steroid scandals for own prosperity?

It seems that steroid scandals must influence negatively on manufacture of these medications. But manufacturers of these products find ways to take advantages of certain steroid scandals. So, pharmaceutical companies utilize them in order to advertise own medications.
Let take as an example the case of the government and anti-doping officials against the former baseball player Barry Bonds. Although one may suggest that this steroid scandal must suppress purchase of some medications, the reality has manifested opposite things. The pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories could avail itself of the case. The company found numerous opportunities to promote selling transdermal testosterone because of the accusations related to Barry Bonds’ doping.
It was confirmed that the former MLB player Barry Bonds applied the transdermal testosterone product “AndroGel”. Undoubtedly, numerous reporters published news about this case. The pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories used this public scandal and began to advertise this product. Numerous Barry Bonds’ fans started getting and using this gel. This situation influenced on profits of the company essentially. According to certain sources, the profits of Abbott Laboratories turned out to be great.
Testosterone products are widely prescribed and taken. Many individuals apply them for testosterone replacement therapy. The number of steroid prescriptions has enhanced by 90 % during last five years. Thus, the number of steroid users is growing.
The pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories produces and sells the transdermal testosterone product “AndroGel”. Since other companies saw that testosterone gel was in high demand, they also started to produce it. So, such preparations, as  AndroDream and Axiron, appeared. While AndroDream is sold by Watson Pharmaceuticals, Axiron is offered for sale by Eli Lilly.
Pharmaceutical companies promote selling their medicines. They affirm that steroids have positive influence on men’s health. It is obvious that any company sees that since a lot of males have insufficient secretion of testosterone and since these medicines are applied for increase of muscle mass and endurance, the number of potential customers is great.

Further studies may lead to changes of indications linked with inhaled steroids

Inhaled corticosteroids are preparations which are utilized in case of asthma by children and adults. Persons that suffer from mild, moderate and severe asthma administer these products each day. Inhaled steroids prevent inflammation of the airways. Doctors supervise patients with this disease, adjusting dosage schedule each 6 weeks.
Unfortunately, inhaled steroids, like other preparations, may cause negative results. Regular application of these products is connected with certain risks. Is there any way for persons with asthma to avoid these problems?
A recent study has displayed that physicians should not recommend using these medicines daily to individuals with mild-to-moderate asthma. This research turned out to be very valuable. It is likely to alter instructions connected with treatment of asthma.
The research was conducted by scientists of the Texas Medical Brach in Galveston. The doctor William Calhoun and his colleagues enrolled 340 persons with asthma in the research. Some persons received inhaled corticosteroids every day; others took these drugs, when symptoms of asthma attacks appeared. Bronchial reactivity and functions of lungs were measured by the specialists during nine months. The results of the research displayed that there was not any significant difference between these two groups.
According to the specialists, if inhaled corticosteroids are administered, when symptoms appear, exacerbation can be prevented. Furthermore, these medicines have prolonged action. It means that positive effects are felt even several days after application. The specialists suppose that these products may be used by individuals with mild-to-moderate asthma only when symptoms appear.
Why is this research valuable? According to certain sources, 25 million Americans experience asthma. Of course, they must be treated. This piece of news must be valuable for them. Furthermore, if inhaled steroids are used prolonged period of time, they may lead to serious negative reactions, such as hormonal imbalance, cataract, etc. Thus, if persons that experience mild-to-moderate asthma don’t take these drugs each day, they are more unlikely to get these negative results.
Of course, it is early to alter guidelines linked with treatment of asthma. But this research may promote conducting further researches that may lead to some changes.