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вторник, 28 февраля 2012 г.

Confusion related to steroids among members of the BWAA

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated says about debates connected with rughts of steroid users to be chosen for the Baseball Hall of Fame. But as it usually happens, this explanation shows only confusion of sportswriters about steroids.
The Baseball Writers Association of America (BWAA)  is a professional association of baseball journalists who chose players for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. All sportswriters that are members of the BWAA already not less than 10 years have opportunity to vote for up to 10 players for the Hall of Fame.
Recently it was a debate between members of the BWAA. They discussed whether admitted or just suspected users of steroids and other banned drugs might entry into Cooperstown.
Members of the BWAA usually should comment their votes:  they must explain why they have voted pro or contra certain affirmations. Some of them claim that doping destroys the integrity of sports and usage of forbidden drugs is often claimed by them to be immoral.
As for Tom Verducci, he doesn’t think that administration of steroids is necessarily a moral question. This writer says that steroids help consumers to take unfair advantage over those who don’t use controlled substances. According to this sportswriter, performance-enhancing drugs make competitions unfair. So, administration of banned medications induces unfairness in sports.  That’s why Verducci denies any connection between doping and morality. He confirms that it is a question that is related to performance but not to morality. So, this writer supposes that consumers of steroids must not be allowed to be in the Hall of Fame. But he has voted for the admitted steroid user Jeff Bagwell. This athlete has acknowledged that he had used androstenedione. It is necessary to notice that this medication was not classified as an anabolic steroid, when Bagwell administrated it. According to the Control Act 2004, it is enumerated among banned drugs. Since it wasn’t legally considered to be a steroid, Tom Verducci decided to vote for the user of this product; however, it was always named an anabolic-androgenic steroid by scientists. Moreover, it was said that Bagwell just became bigger but didn’t induce his performance due to intake of androstenedione.
Nonetheless, the decision of Tom Verducci to vote for the admitted user of the steroid is quite controversial. The following question appears: “Maybe Tom Verducci is not against intake of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs by sportspeople?”  Since this sportswriter doesn’t agree that usage of steroids is a moral question, he may suggest that enhancement of performance is not a real problem.
A lot of persons suggest that administration of steroids represents evil because they are illegal.

A teacher died in a medical centre because she was beaten by a steroid user

Johnnie Lee Wiggins is a NPC heavyweight bodybuilder. This bodybuilder was enough successful. He took the third  place at the 2011 NPC Emerald Cup and won the 2011 NPC Empire Classic.
Johnnie Lee Wiggins was a boyfriend of Prudence Hockley. She taught English at Woodinville High School in Washington. Prudence Hockley met the bodybuilder in a gym. He was a personal trainer at that time.
 Once Johnnie Lee Wiggins saw another man’s vehicle in the yard of her home. It was on Christmas day. Lee Wiggins was a jealous individual. Johnnie Lee Wiggins beat the woman too brutally.  Then he left Prudence Hockley unconscious and bleeding on the ground in the yard. Prudence Hockley was taken in a medical centre where she died that day.  The child of Prudence Hockley was at home and called police and hospital.
It was not the first time, when Johnnie Lee Wiggins was aggressive with a woman. Several ladies noticed that Johnnie Lee Wiggins was very jealous person. They also claimed that he became aggressive many times.
Earlier Lee Wiggins served over five years in prison for assault, robbery and theft. It was in Georgia. This bodybuilder was released in 2008. During May 2011 he was under supervision of the Washington Department of Corrections.
It is necessary to note that he was released on probation. During this time a police officer caught him possessing anabolic steroids; he attacked the officer. The Washington Department of Corrections sent him to Georgia but he didn’t tell the Georgia Department of corrections that he had come back.
It was said that Lee Wiggins had had “roid rage”. Actually, this term is widely used by media that confirms that it is an adverse consequence of anabolic steroids. But it is necessary to note that the affirmation about uncontrolled aggressiveness which is believed to be caused by intake of anabolic steroids is not proven scientifically. Only a significantly small number of steroid users suffer from this reaction. Usage of steroids doesn’t lead to violence against women.  Millions cases of domestic violence occur each year but they have no connections with anabolic steroids.
There are other conditions which lead to domestic violence. Anabolic steroids should not be blamed for aggressiveness and assaults. Media has to define other aspects to demonize for tragedies.

воскресенье, 26 февраля 2012 г.

The UFC refuses to have the same steroid-protocol as the WADA has

Dana White, the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) put efforts to defend the drug-testing program of this organization. According to the UFC, their strictest drug-testing program is in North America. Is it really true? Sometimes it seems that only fool sportspersons are caught using forbidden medicines by the UFC.
There are certain organizations that criticize the drug-testing policy of the UFC harshly. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) are main agencies that criticize drug-testing program of the UFC. But why do they do it? Undoubtedly, they struggle for own interests. They try to control steroid testing in all professional and amateur sport leagues in the whole world. It is not a secret that steroid testing has become a profitable business.  Since they haven’t tested fighters for banned drugs, they have lost a lot of money.
But there are also several actual problems linked with the UFC anti-doping policy that must be observed. The CEO of the WADA Travis Tygart claims that steroid testing of the UFC isn’t effective. It goes without saying that the WADA has the most appropriate anti-doping policy. The UFC drug-testing policy can’t be even compared with that of the UFC. The CEO of the WADA notices that the UFC tries to look better than they are actually. The CEO of the WADA announces that it is quite ironically that the UFC defends own drug-testing program and doesn’t agree to have the same or just similar principles as the WADA has.
Major League Baseball did a huge mistake, proclaiming that steroids represent an essential problem in this sport. Thus, it was hurt good public perception about baseball.  As for the National Football League, it was created perception that their drug-testing policy has been very effective.
A question appears: Is Dana White able to display that there is no steroid problem in the UFC?

The Association of Surfing Professionals has an initial budget to introduce the WADA’s steroid program

Anabolic steroids are used by surfers too. Sport governing body proclaims that prohibited medicines are a great problem in this sport. That’s why the Association of Surfing Professionals made a decision to implicate testing for anabolic steroids and other prohibited preparations that are used for performance-enhancing effects.
The Association of Surfing Professionals led several discussions with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). They asked how they could implicate testing for banned products into surfing. Since anti-doping program of the WADA is claimed to be the best policy, the surfing organization intends to use this protocol. Of course, this is the next victory of the WADA that induces the opportunity to manage drug-testing programs in sports.
It is known that surfing is a competitive sport. So, strength, speed and endurance are principal skills that promote winning. Thus, surfers could be convinced that administration of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs influences on success greatly. It is also important to take in consideration that amount of money which is obtained by winners is large. Winners obtain no less than 100, 000 dollars. Desire to receive money could lead surfers to decision to take anabolic steroids.
Nevertheless, it is said that administration of anabolic steroids and other products that enhance performance is not widespread in surfing. Numerous individuals believe that application of recreational drugs is more widespread among surfers than intake of steroids. Sport of 1970s and 1980s was frequently associated with marijuana and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Current facts support this impression. The number of surfers that are caught administrating marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine is quite enhanced.
The professional surfer Andi Irons died in November 2010. A heart attack that he had was caused by drug abuse. It was defined that steroids hadn’t been involved in this case. Traces of methamphetamine, cocaine and methadone metabolites were found in his body.
Another surfer, Peter Davi, died in December 2007. High levels of meth were also found in his system.
As for Anthony Ruffo, another professional surfer, he was caught selling meth.
Only Neco Padaratz, a professional surfer from Brazil, was caught administrating steroids. He received a one-year ban. This person tested positive for forbidden products in 2004. This person confirmed that he had used these medicines to receive a full recovery from back injuries. In spite of his defense, he was sentenced to a ban. He was the first individual who was caught taking steroids by the Association of Surfing Professionals. According to certain sources, he remains to be the only surfer that has ever been caught by the ASP.
The ASP has already the initial budget for introduction of the WADA steroid program into surfing.
Although it is unlikely that steroids represent a problem in surfing, the new anti-doping program can create a wrong public perception.

вторник, 21 февраля 2012 г.

A unusual way of a steroid investigation in Michigan

Robert Kusmack, a former officer of Paw Paw Police Department, was caught possessing Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin) due to a Michigan steroid investigation. The targets of the investigation were personnel of law enforcement and an owner of a gym. As a result, police official received probation of 1 year and was enforced to pay certain fine. So, this police officer was fired in 2010.
Steroid investigations are led commonly in the following way: users of steroids are used to steroid dealers. But sometimes authorities apply another method to lead investigations.
 United States Mail Inspection Service had discovered a package that contained 50 vials of HGH and was addressed to the steroid dealer Tom Radke. The West Michigan Enforcement Team (WMET) and the Kalamazoo Valley Enforcement Team (KVET) began to lead the investigation which resulted in detection of the steroid dealer.
But the authorities decided not to prosecute the dealer but to use him as an informant. It was made a decision to catch police officials that take steroids with the help of the distributor of steroids. An owner of a local gym was involved in this process as well.
Tom Radke acted as an undercover informant in this case. He sold Fluoxymesterone to Aaron DiPrima who was the owner of a local gym. The gym owner supplied the police officer Robert Kusmack with this preparation. Both the gym owner and the police officer were arrested.
Aaron DiPrima pleaded guilty in possession of an analogue. He was sentenced to one-year probation. He was also sentenced to 60 hours of community service. Thus, the steroid dealer was not sentenced to imprisonment. Three steroid users lost their jobs.

Cocaine and Xanax should be blamed for Hegstrand’s death

The professional wrestling tag team the Road Warriors were first that introduced bodybuilding-type muscularity in this sport. This tag team was composed of Hawk (Mike Hegstrand) and Animal (Joe Laurinaitis). Hegstrand died in 2003. The death of this wrestler came suddenly because of a heart attack. This professional wrestler died at the age of 46. It is known that popular media usually reports about deaths of professional wrestlers, linking the cases with use of anabolic steroids. The death of Hegstrand was not an exception. After the death of this wrestler many articles appeared in newspapers that blamed anabolic steroids for this case.
Joe Laurinaitis admitted to usage of steroids by this wrestling team. But he said that these drugs hadn’t lead to Hegstrand’s death. He added that other aspects were responsible for Hegstrand’s death as well as deaths of other wrestlers. This person noted that such drugs, as cocaine and Xanax had to be blamed for such cases. Laurinaitis announced that he wanted to explain that steroids had not been connected with Hegstrand’s death.
Joe Laurinaitis noted that cocaine and Xanax had contributed in the death of this wrestler. He also said that these drugs led to deaths of such people, as Henning, Rick Rude and Davey Boy Smith. According to Joe Laurinaitis, usage of cocaine frequently leads to intake of morphine. These drugs destroy health wholly and lead to heart attacks.
Why must statement of Laurinaitis be true? He was in Australia with Hegstrand. He knows about what he tells. Recently this person collaborated with Andrew William Wright to talk about his experiences with “Hawk”.

суббота, 18 февраля 2012 г.

Andrew Tilin’s book “The Doper Next Door: My Strange and Scandalous Year on Performance-Enhancing Drugs” describes experiences of persons that have doped

The amateur cyclist and writer Andrew Tilin  received a 2-year ban. United States Anti-Doping Agency banned this person after he had admitted taking steroids for legal hormone replacement therapy. The admitting was made by the cyclist in own book which will be soon probably published. The title is following: “The Doper Next Door: My Strange and Scandalous Year on Performance-Enhancing Drugs” .
this book presents individual experiences of many individuals who used drugs that have performance-enhancing effects.
Thus, Tilin applied the steroid testosterone for hormone replacement therapy. It is quite clear.  Actually, it is not yet clear whether this person has noticed about individual experience linked with other products which increase performance.
Andrew Tilin wants to comprehend and describe in his book why persons dope. He notes the motivations of various individuals. Do these preparations help really? These medications are quite controversial; the explanations related to these drugs are also controversial. Since many users do not like saying about their usage, a lot of answers on questions about doping remain unopened.
Andrew Tilin has been obviously changed due to intake of the steroid testosterone. He has become much more powerful but more aggressive. This person had to worry about his health and about the methods to lie, being an amateur cyclist. Thus, Andrew Tilin became to be involved in the doping subculture.
Writing his book, this journalist desired to explain that steroids are unsafe and have many unexpected results.  Numerous sportspersons that have administrated controlled products criticize Tilin. One of critics is Joe Papp, a former American cyclist. This person was caught distributing and administrating certain performance-enhancing drugs. He didn’t admit taking banned preparations willingly; he was caught due to an investigation. His professional and personal life was destroyed because of these banned drugs. Joe Papp wrote about Tilin that he had been doped for a year intentionally. Papp noticed that Tilin had known that the steroid testosterone was banned but he had taken it. Then he wrote that these preparations caused unexpected reactions in users.  According to Joe Papp, Andrew Tilin had to be banned for four years.
Andrew Tilin’s ban began in March 2011.

General safety measures for distributors of steroids

Distribution of anabolic steroids without doctors’ prescription for performance-enhancing effects is not legal in United States of America. If anybody wants to sell these preparations and is involved in actions linked with the steroid black market, this person takes risks having serious troubles. But there are also methods to prevent or lower risks being caught by police officers.
Distributors of steroids should follow all traffic rules. This aspect is too important. If a person violates any traffic law, driving his vehicle, police officers’ attention will be attracted upon this action. Imagine what happens: when anybody violates speed limit laws, he/she will be stopped by police officers. Furthermore, if this person also smokes pot with his friend, driving the car and violating traffic laws, drug-sniffing dogs will be probably brought to determine whether there are any drugs in the car.
Furthermore, reasonable steroid dealers keep the all medications, the price list and the customer list in a safe place. But if certain steroid dealers store all these things in the vehicle in which they were smoking pot, violating speed limit rules, they will be caught possessing steroids illegally with intentions to distribute them. Then the troubles begin.
Steroid dealers can say that it is not required to write such precautions because it goes without any saying that all distributors of illegal medicines understand  these warnings. But real facts display that several distributors of steroids are not careful and that’s why they are caught.
A case will be presented further. Deputies of Yavapai County Sheriff Office stopped a car driven by Johnson because this man violated certain traffic rules. The deputies suggested that there might be contraband in this car. The suppositions were justified. Marijuana, certain 10-ml vials of the steroid testosterone and syringes were found in this cat. Several documents founded in the car displayed that the measures of steroids were at the price of more than 3,000 dollars.

среда, 15 февраля 2012 г.

Some fighters use plastic surgery in order to increase their performance

Sportspeople are always looking for any ways to increase their performance. Nobody can doubt about it. That’s why many athletes administrate anabolic steroids or/and other medicines which have performance-enhancing effects. But there is also another method. Mixed martial artists use even plastic surgery for this need.
 Everybody knows that mixed martial artists have facial lacerations. This is the nature of this sport.  After fighter have experienced a cut, they become more vulnerable to following cuts. The scar tissue can develop; wounds are sutured in certain situations improperly. It may happen that physicians suture just the superficial layer of the skin. This aspect leads to improper healing of underlying tissue.
An interesting article about the plastic surgeon Frank Stile was published by the writer Jake Rossen. This specialist performs operations for mix martial artists. The surgeon Frank Stile removes the scar tissue and replaces it with tissue from donated corpses. Such procedures are often used for cosmetic needs. Frank Stile is claimed to be the first surgeon who has used this procedure for increase of performance in fighters.
It is also important to mention that prominent facial bones in the nose, brow and cheek may make the fighters predisposed to lacerations. But it can be avoided as well. Surgeons can remove the sharp edges. It can help to avoid probable cuts.
Since inclinations to lacerations disturb fighters to reach better results, several specialists confirm that it is possible to create a super-fighter due to plastic surgery. So, these fighters will possess essential competitive advantages.
Earlier specialists thought about this possibility as well. It can prove the work written by the science fiction author Richard Matheson.  The work was created in 1956. The author described a future. It was written that persons watched how large robot athletes fought, trying to destruct one another’s central processing units.
When the science fiction writer was writing the story, he didn’t suppose that it would be provocative. Numerous people wanted to see other sportspeople in reality. They desired the fighter to be other than human. That’s why numerous fans invested large sums of money, hoping to reach this result.
It is possible to suppose that cosmetic surgery will soon achieve the level of the method of steroid use and intake of other performance-enhancing preparations.
Undoubtedly, many ethical questions appear in this situation. But certain experts say that it is too late to discuss these questions. Human performance is already tightly connected with technological progress. The corruption of sports has begun long ago and it can’t be stopped, according to opinions of many experts.
Anti-doping agencies have shown that they can’t war on steroids and other prohibited medicines successfully.  Will anybody be able to keep fighters from surgeries?

Can steroid use cause improper decisions of police officers?

Many people think that “roid rage” or uncontrolled aggression is a normal negative symptom that occurs in steroid users. Moreover, certain persons consider that it is even impossible to avoid this undesirable consequence, if you administrate steroids. Nonetheless, it is not proven scientifically that it is a real adverse effect of anabolic steroids. But even if we suggest that it exists, it can appear just in small number of steroid users.
Since many people claim that “roid rage” is an unexpected consequence of anabolic steroids, numerous ill-informed legislative suggestions were made. Some such proposals have been made in Oregon. It has been proposed to introduce some new laws. According to these new laws, if any police officials  have been involved in deadly force, or if police force resulted in certain injuries, they must be tested for steroids.
The politician Lew Frederick has made the same proposal in Oregon House of Representatives. Those police officers who have applied deadly force will be investigated, tested for several drugs and their mental health will be evaluated as well.
In fact, it is not clear why police officers who use deadly force will be tested for steroids. Can administration of steroids prove that use of deadly force was unjustified? Is it claimed that steroids because of aggressiveness can make police officers unable to make right decisions?
Investigation team is a proper idea for police officials that use deadly force. But steroid use is not to be taken in consideration here. Positives or negatives for steroids can’t determine whether deadly force has been applied appropriately or not. It doesn’t matter a police officer has administrated steroids, aspirin or just consumed juice.
So, it is possible to make a conclusion that legislators turn to be captivated by hysteria connected with “roid rage” of anabolic steroids.  It goes without saying that illegal usage of steroids by police officials should be a legitimate concern. But it is not said about uncontrolled aggressiveness as a chief reason in this situation. The problem is that illegal intake of controlled substances by police officials makes them vulnerable to corruption and the steroid black market.  Such police officers are inclined to compromise.

понедельник, 13 февраля 2012 г.

Dr. Drew claims that steroid users cut their lives by 10-20 years

Jeremy Jackson played role of Hobie Buchanon, the son of David Hasselhof, in the television series Baywatch. He turned to anabolic steroids and HGH in order to overcome addiction to methamphetamine.
The actor Jeremy Jackson did it because he was told to go into fitness to escape from addiction to meth but now he fears for his life. The actor became addicted to the gym and HGH and the steroid testosterone. this person can’t discontinue taking these drugs.
This actor decided to join the cast of Celebrity Rehab with the doctor Drew Pinsky for Season 5. But unemployed actors should be defined having drug addiction in order to join Celebrity Rehab.  What does Celebrity Rehab represent actually? It is the first TV series about real life of celebrated persons that want to change their lives, to escape from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Thus, they join Celebrity Rehab to be treated.  All these individuals have a real decision to achieve the recovery.
The main expert is Drew Pinsky there. This person is known better as Dr. Drew. He is a radio and television personality. This expert hosted the talk show LOVELINE.
It is known that Jeremy Jackson doesn’t apply methamphetamine since 2000. He doesn’t have this addiction. Then, he has joined Celebrity Rehab to treat his steroid addiction.
 Earlier Dr. Drew claimed in an interview that he knew many things about steroids. He noticed that when he was 20 years old, he was in the world of bodybuilders. Those who used steroids told him about many conditions  because he was involved in medicine. They told him such aspects which were not said to others. The expert Drew Pinsky noticed that several persons start taking steroids just because anybody gave them  a pill. They attempted to take it and became addicted to steroids step by step. Now they are dying from the addiction. They have depression, aggressiveness, mania and physical disorders. They have cut their lives by 10-20 years. They have chosen it themselves.
Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that however it is widely discussed about steroid addiction and dependency, this aspect doesn’t have any scientific basis. The American Psychological Association has not yet proved it. One supposes that they need to change the methods. So, further studies are required in this field.

Dough Baron was defended by State Pharmaceuticals

State Pharmaceuticals manufactures subcutaneous pellet delivery system for the anabolic steroid testosterone. This company said that it was a sponsor of the professional golfer Dough Baron. It is spoken that this person is the only professional golfer that has been banned by the PGA Tour because he has violated anti-doping laws. Robert Whitehead, the chief executive of State Pharmaceuticals proclaimed that it was not fairly to ban this professional golfer. He defended this as well as other professional athletes who administrate the anabolic steroid testosterone, when it is recommended by doctors to increase reduced levels of this hormone in them.
While the golfer filed a lawsuit against the PGA Tour, Robert Whitehead supported him in this lawsuit. The CEO of State Pharmaceuticals noticed that the PGA Tour didn’t have any justice to call Dough Baron a  “cheater”. Although the status of the lawsuit hadn’t been made public, the PGA Tour decided to approve the therapeutic usage of the steroid testosterone by  the professional golfer Dough Baron. So, the golfer Dough Baron  received a TUE for administration of the steroid testosterone for therapeutic purposes.
Robert Whitehead mentioned why State Pharmaceuticals decided to be the sponsor of the professional golfer Dough Baron. The CEO of State Pharmaceuticals stated that the PGA Tour acted improperly in numerous situations. The professional athlete who needed therapeutic intake of the anabolic steroid testosterone was called a liar. Thus, the PGA Tour contributed in medical ignorance and kept sportsmen from improving their health. The CEO of State Pharmaceuticals mentioned that numerous opinions linked with testosterone replacement therapy were not proven scientifically. These incorrect statements have kept numerous persons from the medical care.
The CEO of State Pharmaceuticals noticed that Dough Barron was guilty in one mistake: he had become the innocent victim of other persons’ ignorance.
The terms of the agreement between State Pharmaceuticals and the athlete Dough Baron were not made public. It was just noticed that Dough Baron would teach public about hypogonadism and testosterone replacement therapy.

среда, 8 февраля 2012 г.

Ignorant statements related to Clenbuterol

David Howman, the director general of the WADA, seems to consider that Clenbuterol is included in the group of anabolic steroids. This man confirms that illegal heroin is not as profitable as anabolic steroids which are legal, if they are got and taken with health care providers’ prescriptions. He is also shocked by the statement that steroids are used in order to increase growth of livestock.
Howman  says that use of steroids for growth of livestock is quite obvious due to contaminated beef in China. Howman notices that the WADA has written to the Chinese minister who has to explain what actually happens in the food industry of this country.
The director general of the WADA speaks about Clenbuterol as about an anabolic steroid. He notices that Chinese beef contains steroids. This man thinks mistakenly like a lot of other individuals think that all medicines that have performance-enhancing effects are anabolic steroids. It shows ignorance of these persons. They have to comprehend that not only anabolic steroids are included in the list of forbidden products. There are preparations which cause performance-enhancing effects but they are not steroids.
Since David Howman is the director general of the World ADA, he must show essentially better knowledge linked with prohibited preparations. David Howman has to comprehend the difference between such medicines as Clenbuterol and anabolic steroids.
This person claims that steroid trafficking is much more profitable than heroin smuggling because steroids are legal in some cases but heroin is illegal under any circumstances. Furthermore, anabolic steroids are legal in numerous countries.
Howman  notices that banned medications are dangerous for youth, elite athletes and any person who gets and administrates them not for legal purposes.

Law enforcements don’t intend to support the drug tax law in Louisiana because the tax doesn’t go to them

A drug tax has to be paid in the state of Louisiana for sales of steroids. This tax exists in this state for the past 20 years. So, Todd Matherne, a steroid dealer was enforced to pay 52 million dollars because he distributed a lot of steroids with the labels of the “Zencall Labs”.  This man was sentenced to 7 years in prison but he served 3 years of them.
In fact, Todd  Matherne didn’t know the Louisiana’s drug stamp law. But when he was released from the jail, he found about this law. As a result, he filed a lawsuit against the State of Louisiana, confirming that it was incorrect to enforce him to pay 52 million of dollars. He claimed that it had been an unusual and even too cruel decision. This man claimed that his rights were violated.
The Louisiana Department of Revenue didn’t fight against this man in the court. It was decided to achieve agreement in this situation. So, the tax was lowered significantly. According to the new settlement, this steroid dealer had to pay only 2, 000 dollars instead of 52 million dollars. Nonetheless, the drug tax law has remained in Louisiana but its constitutionality is still discussed.
John Williams, a specialist in drug prosecution for the Louisiana District Attorney Association, mentioned that several laws in various other states were ruled unconstitutionally. He claimed that it was the same with the drug tax law in Louisiana. But since several laws try to criminal twice the same crime, they can be lifted.
Williams said that this law couldn’t work well because it might exclude criminal prosecution. John Williams claimed that this law was not being used because a criminal case could be lost in exchange only for taxes.
There is also another reason which may explain why law enforcements do not intend to impose the drug tax law in Louisiana. Law enforcements don’t support this law because the taxes go not to law enforcement; they go to state agencies.
According to drug tax law, the tax of 200 dollars is indicated per 1 g of anabolic steroids, if they are distributed by weight. If these medications are distributed by dose units, it is indicated to pay 400 dollars for 10 dose units.
As for Todd Matherne, he was a steroid dealer of the huge underground lab called “Zencall Labs”. The Louisiana State Police busted this lab in 2005. More than 10, 000 tablets and 300 capsules of Stanozolol, over 6, 000 tablets of Anadrol, 3,500 tablets and 1, 900 capsules of Cialis, 1, 5000 capsules of Tamoxifen, 2, 400 capsules of Clomid, 800 capsules of Anabol and 600 capsules of Dianabol were seized by the  police officers. Moreover, over 700 vials of injectable anabolic steroids and certain pounds of raw steroid powder were also seized.

вторник, 7 февраля 2012 г.

The interactive soccer game posted on is not able to promote achieving needed goals

The anti-steroid campaign “Don’t Be An Asterisk” was organized to teach people about application of steroids, about dangerous things related to performance-enhancing substances within and outsides sports in order to promote stopping administrating these medicines.
 But ”Don’t Be An Asterisk” was in negligence during certain time. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and Ad Council decided to restore activities of this campaign. It was decided to create a new gateway page for the website and to change the name from the “Don’t Be an Asterisk” to the “Play Asterisk Free”.
The new website for “Play Asterisk Free” has links and leads to the initial “Don’t Be Asterisk” which has been unmodified for more than 2 years. This site encourages the visitors to visit another new page which is on Facebook. So, they may play asterisk free there. The same page will be established on Twitter with the same name “Play Asterisk Free”. So, the popular social media will promote spreading the messages of the campaign.
The original website includes an interactive soccer game. Players  are encouraged to score goals avoiding the asterisks. The asterisks represent anabolic steroids. If the interactive soccer players don’t avoid the asterisks, they become much more muscular.
Although the game has been established to make perception among children that steroids are not safe, the results are turned to be opposite. Kids find it funny to fail avoiding asterisks and to observe how muscles of the interactive soccer players become essentially enhanced. Although this game is still available on the website, it is unlikely that it can convince kids that steroids are dangerous.
The chief purpose of this campaign is to teach children that a consumer of steroids is not a fair person; he\she is “fake”, a “joke” and a “poser”.

Will the third book of Jose Canseco reach any celebrity?

Jose Canseco who has proclaimed himself as a “godfather of steroids” in baseball writes his third book. He avoids discussing anabolic steroids and other medications which have performance-enhancing effects. The author wants to revolve about his own experience. The book which has the title “The truth hurts” will describe how Jose’s revelations about administration of steroids by celebrated baseball players influenced on his life negatively. He is going to notice that he has been affected both professionally and financially because he knew the truth.
Jose Canseco’s first book is entitled as “Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got Big”. It is the bestseller. This writer named some baseball players who took steroids. Such players, as Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro and Jason Giambi were mentioned in the book. Thus, Jose Canseco made public steroid users in baseball. Moreover, as a result, certain of these accused sportspeople admitted that they used forbidden products. Later, as a celebration of his winning, Jose Canseco published another book which had been entitled as “Vindicated”. Jose Canseco mentioned also names of other baseball players who took steroids. Alex Rodriguez and Roger Clemens were identified by the writer.
Certain individuals claim that the third book of this writer will fail. It will not reach the same success as previous books, according to them. These individuals say that Jose Canseco will be probably surprised but links between truth about steroids and his professional life will not draw readers’ attention.
But it is unclear whether the suppositions of these persons that consider that the third book of Jose Canseco will fail will be turned to be true. The author has been entertaining many persons, when he fought against Danny Bonaduce in a celebrity boxing match in 2009. Earlier Jose Canseco was humbled, when he fought against the football player Vai Sikahema in a boxing match. Jose Canseco was knocked by the former football player and was mocked by numerous persons.
It is known that Jose Canseco administrated anabolic steroids and his natural testosterone creation became suppressed. Thus, he had such unwanted results of steroids, as reduced libido and depression.
Jose Canseco also intended to contraband HCG across the Mexican border. He did it for self-administration to be treated from low testosterone level. Thus, he had legal troubles linked with steroids.
Recently Jose Canseco entertained numerous individuals, when he wrote on his Twitter account that he would hit easily a softball further than Rodriguez can hit a baseball. Jose Canseco challenged Alex Rodriguez to compete with him.
The time will come and we will see whether the third book of this writer “The truth hits” will achieve celebrity.