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суббота, 18 февраля 2012 г.

General safety measures for distributors of steroids

Distribution of anabolic steroids without doctors’ prescription for performance-enhancing effects is not legal in United States of America. If anybody wants to sell these preparations and is involved in actions linked with the steroid black market, this person takes risks having serious troubles. But there are also methods to prevent or lower risks being caught by police officers.
Distributors of steroids should follow all traffic rules. This aspect is too important. If a person violates any traffic law, driving his vehicle, police officers’ attention will be attracted upon this action. Imagine what happens: when anybody violates speed limit laws, he/she will be stopped by police officers. Furthermore, if this person also smokes pot with his friend, driving the car and violating traffic laws, drug-sniffing dogs will be probably brought to determine whether there are any drugs in the car.
Furthermore, reasonable steroid dealers keep the all medications, the price list and the customer list in a safe place. But if certain steroid dealers store all these things in the vehicle in which they were smoking pot, violating speed limit rules, they will be caught possessing steroids illegally with intentions to distribute them. Then the troubles begin.
Steroid dealers can say that it is not required to write such precautions because it goes without any saying that all distributors of illegal medicines understand  these warnings. But real facts display that several distributors of steroids are not careful and that’s why they are caught.
A case will be presented further. Deputies of Yavapai County Sheriff Office stopped a car driven by Johnson because this man violated certain traffic rules. The deputies suggested that there might be contraband in this car. The suppositions were justified. Marijuana, certain 10-ml vials of the steroid testosterone and syringes were found in this cat. Several documents founded in the car displayed that the measures of steroids were at the price of more than 3,000 dollars.

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