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среда, 15 февраля 2012 г.

Some fighters use plastic surgery in order to increase their performance

Sportspeople are always looking for any ways to increase their performance. Nobody can doubt about it. That’s why many athletes administrate anabolic steroids or/and other medicines which have performance-enhancing effects. But there is also another method. Mixed martial artists use even plastic surgery for this need.
 Everybody knows that mixed martial artists have facial lacerations. This is the nature of this sport.  After fighter have experienced a cut, they become more vulnerable to following cuts. The scar tissue can develop; wounds are sutured in certain situations improperly. It may happen that physicians suture just the superficial layer of the skin. This aspect leads to improper healing of underlying tissue.
An interesting article about the plastic surgeon Frank Stile was published by the writer Jake Rossen. This specialist performs operations for mix martial artists. The surgeon Frank Stile removes the scar tissue and replaces it with tissue from donated corpses. Such procedures are often used for cosmetic needs. Frank Stile is claimed to be the first surgeon who has used this procedure for increase of performance in fighters.
It is also important to mention that prominent facial bones in the nose, brow and cheek may make the fighters predisposed to lacerations. But it can be avoided as well. Surgeons can remove the sharp edges. It can help to avoid probable cuts.
Since inclinations to lacerations disturb fighters to reach better results, several specialists confirm that it is possible to create a super-fighter due to plastic surgery. So, these fighters will possess essential competitive advantages.
Earlier specialists thought about this possibility as well. It can prove the work written by the science fiction author Richard Matheson.  The work was created in 1956. The author described a future. It was written that persons watched how large robot athletes fought, trying to destruct one another’s central processing units.
When the science fiction writer was writing the story, he didn’t suppose that it would be provocative. Numerous people wanted to see other sportspeople in reality. They desired the fighter to be other than human. That’s why numerous fans invested large sums of money, hoping to reach this result.
It is possible to suppose that cosmetic surgery will soon achieve the level of the method of steroid use and intake of other performance-enhancing preparations.
Undoubtedly, many ethical questions appear in this situation. But certain experts say that it is too late to discuss these questions. Human performance is already tightly connected with technological progress. The corruption of sports has begun long ago and it can’t be stopped, according to opinions of many experts.
Anti-doping agencies have shown that they can’t war on steroids and other prohibited medicines successfully.  Will anybody be able to keep fighters from surgeries?

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