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понедельник, 13 февраля 2012 г.

Dr. Drew claims that steroid users cut their lives by 10-20 years

Jeremy Jackson played role of Hobie Buchanon, the son of David Hasselhof, in the television series Baywatch. He turned to anabolic steroids and HGH in order to overcome addiction to methamphetamine.
The actor Jeremy Jackson did it because he was told to go into fitness to escape from addiction to meth but now he fears for his life. The actor became addicted to the gym and HGH and the steroid testosterone. this person can’t discontinue taking these drugs.
This actor decided to join the cast of Celebrity Rehab with the doctor Drew Pinsky for Season 5. But unemployed actors should be defined having drug addiction in order to join Celebrity Rehab.  What does Celebrity Rehab represent actually? It is the first TV series about real life of celebrated persons that want to change their lives, to escape from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Thus, they join Celebrity Rehab to be treated.  All these individuals have a real decision to achieve the recovery.
The main expert is Drew Pinsky there. This person is known better as Dr. Drew. He is a radio and television personality. This expert hosted the talk show LOVELINE.
It is known that Jeremy Jackson doesn’t apply methamphetamine since 2000. He doesn’t have this addiction. Then, he has joined Celebrity Rehab to treat his steroid addiction.
 Earlier Dr. Drew claimed in an interview that he knew many things about steroids. He noticed that when he was 20 years old, he was in the world of bodybuilders. Those who used steroids told him about many conditions  because he was involved in medicine. They told him such aspects which were not said to others. The expert Drew Pinsky noticed that several persons start taking steroids just because anybody gave them  a pill. They attempted to take it and became addicted to steroids step by step. Now they are dying from the addiction. They have depression, aggressiveness, mania and physical disorders. They have cut their lives by 10-20 years. They have chosen it themselves.
Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that however it is widely discussed about steroid addiction and dependency, this aspect doesn’t have any scientific basis. The American Psychological Association has not yet proved it. One supposes that they need to change the methods. So, further studies are required in this field.

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