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понедельник, 13 февраля 2012 г.

Dough Baron was defended by State Pharmaceuticals

State Pharmaceuticals manufactures subcutaneous pellet delivery system for the anabolic steroid testosterone. This company said that it was a sponsor of the professional golfer Dough Baron. It is spoken that this person is the only professional golfer that has been banned by the PGA Tour because he has violated anti-doping laws. Robert Whitehead, the chief executive of State Pharmaceuticals proclaimed that it was not fairly to ban this professional golfer. He defended this as well as other professional athletes who administrate the anabolic steroid testosterone, when it is recommended by doctors to increase reduced levels of this hormone in them.
While the golfer filed a lawsuit against the PGA Tour, Robert Whitehead supported him in this lawsuit. The CEO of State Pharmaceuticals noticed that the PGA Tour didn’t have any justice to call Dough Baron a  “cheater”. Although the status of the lawsuit hadn’t been made public, the PGA Tour decided to approve the therapeutic usage of the steroid testosterone by  the professional golfer Dough Baron. So, the golfer Dough Baron  received a TUE for administration of the steroid testosterone for therapeutic purposes.
Robert Whitehead mentioned why State Pharmaceuticals decided to be the sponsor of the professional golfer Dough Baron. The CEO of State Pharmaceuticals stated that the PGA Tour acted improperly in numerous situations. The professional athlete who needed therapeutic intake of the anabolic steroid testosterone was called a liar. Thus, the PGA Tour contributed in medical ignorance and kept sportsmen from improving their health. The CEO of State Pharmaceuticals mentioned that numerous opinions linked with testosterone replacement therapy were not proven scientifically. These incorrect statements have kept numerous persons from the medical care.
The CEO of State Pharmaceuticals noticed that Dough Barron was guilty in one mistake: he had become the innocent victim of other persons’ ignorance.
The terms of the agreement between State Pharmaceuticals and the athlete Dough Baron were not made public. It was just noticed that Dough Baron would teach public about hypogonadism and testosterone replacement therapy.

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