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вторник, 7 февраля 2012 г.

The interactive soccer game posted on is not able to promote achieving needed goals

The anti-steroid campaign “Don’t Be An Asterisk” was organized to teach people about application of steroids, about dangerous things related to performance-enhancing substances within and outsides sports in order to promote stopping administrating these medicines.
 But ”Don’t Be An Asterisk” was in negligence during certain time. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and Ad Council decided to restore activities of this campaign. It was decided to create a new gateway page for the website and to change the name from the “Don’t Be an Asterisk” to the “Play Asterisk Free”.
The new website for “Play Asterisk Free” has links and leads to the initial “Don’t Be Asterisk” which has been unmodified for more than 2 years. This site encourages the visitors to visit another new page which is on Facebook. So, they may play asterisk free there. The same page will be established on Twitter with the same name “Play Asterisk Free”. So, the popular social media will promote spreading the messages of the campaign.
The original website includes an interactive soccer game. Players  are encouraged to score goals avoiding the asterisks. The asterisks represent anabolic steroids. If the interactive soccer players don’t avoid the asterisks, they become much more muscular.
Although the game has been established to make perception among children that steroids are not safe, the results are turned to be opposite. Kids find it funny to fail avoiding asterisks and to observe how muscles of the interactive soccer players become essentially enhanced. Although this game is still available on the website, it is unlikely that it can convince kids that steroids are dangerous.
The chief purpose of this campaign is to teach children that a consumer of steroids is not a fair person; he\she is “fake”, a “joke” and a “poser”.

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