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вторник, 21 февраля 2012 г.

Cocaine and Xanax should be blamed for Hegstrand’s death

The professional wrestling tag team the Road Warriors were first that introduced bodybuilding-type muscularity in this sport. This tag team was composed of Hawk (Mike Hegstrand) and Animal (Joe Laurinaitis). Hegstrand died in 2003. The death of this wrestler came suddenly because of a heart attack. This professional wrestler died at the age of 46. It is known that popular media usually reports about deaths of professional wrestlers, linking the cases with use of anabolic steroids. The death of Hegstrand was not an exception. After the death of this wrestler many articles appeared in newspapers that blamed anabolic steroids for this case.
Joe Laurinaitis admitted to usage of steroids by this wrestling team. But he said that these drugs hadn’t lead to Hegstrand’s death. He added that other aspects were responsible for Hegstrand’s death as well as deaths of other wrestlers. This person noted that such drugs, as cocaine and Xanax had to be blamed for such cases. Laurinaitis announced that he wanted to explain that steroids had not been connected with Hegstrand’s death.
Joe Laurinaitis noted that cocaine and Xanax had contributed in the death of this wrestler. He also said that these drugs led to deaths of such people, as Henning, Rick Rude and Davey Boy Smith. According to Joe Laurinaitis, usage of cocaine frequently leads to intake of morphine. These drugs destroy health wholly and lead to heart attacks.
Why must statement of Laurinaitis be true? He was in Australia with Hegstrand. He knows about what he tells. Recently this person collaborated with Andrew William Wright to talk about his experiences with “Hawk”.

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