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среда, 26 сентября 2012 г.

California legislators promote protecting rights of athletes

Legislators of California claim that anti-doping agencies violate fundamental constitutional rights of sportspersons suspected of steroid use. So, athletes that have never tested positive for any forbidden medications are targeted. That’s why the legislators initiated a request to Congress to review this issue.
It is known that the USADA is sponsored mainly by taxpayers. The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) gives 10 million dollars every year. This governmental office induces fighting against application of prohibited medications. Its goal is to uproot illicit manufacture and drug use, crimes related to application of illicit products, etc.
The request of California lawmakers was initiated soon after Lance Armstrong decided not to appeal his lifetime suspension from professional sports.
Everybody knows that Lance Armstrong has forfeited his 7 titles won at Tour de France. He was also suspended from competitions wholly.
In June Lance Armstrong filed a lawsuit against the USADA, affirming that his constitutional rights were violated. But the judge Sam Sparks didn’t desire to accept the lawsuit. He affirmed that the USADA acted appropriately. Sam Sparks also noticed that the USADA was formed in order to clean sports from sportspersons that apply banned drugs.
California Senator Michael Rubio claimed that Sam Sparks didn’t act appropriately, refusing to accept the lawsuit against the USADA. Thus, the senators claimed that the USADA violated rights of certain athletes. That’s why they presented the request before Congress.

Barry Bonds understands feelings of athletes suspected of doping

Barry Bonds knows what an athlete experiences, when he/she is targeted by the government and anti-doping officials. He understands what this person feels. That’s why the former professional baseball player is able to sympathize and support athletes accused of doping. Thus, Barry Bonds supports the cyclist Lance Armstrong.
During an interview a reporter asked Barry Bonds about troubles of Lance Armstrong linked with doping suspicions. The former baseball player showed his admiration towards the seven-time Tour de France winner. He claimed that Lance Armstrong was the greatest cyclist that has ever been in professional cycling.
Of course, Barry Bonds knows what he says. He understands what it means to be a good cyclist. After this person retired from baseball, he became a cyclist. He took part in some competitions successfully. Being a cyclist, the former baseball player sees that this sport has the same issues like baseball. He sees that cyclists are pursued by federal prosecutors and anti-doping agencies like professional baseball players.
Both Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds were suspected of doping. They were pursued by feds and anti-doping officers.
Feds accused Barry Bonds of lying about application of forbidden preparations and obstruction of justice. They couldn’t prove that the athlete lied about intake of prohibited products. But they affirmed that he was guilty of obstructing justice. Barry Bonds decided to appeal the decision of the court.
As for Lance Armstrong, the government dropped the case against him. But the USADA continued to prosecute the cyclist. The USADA claimed that Lance Armstrong had been taking forbidden substances throughout his cycling career. The cyclist decided to discontinue fighting against accusations of the anti-doping agency. He lost his Tour de France titles and money he had received at these events.
However Lance Armstrong lost his titles, Americans continue to respect him. They affirm that he is the most wonderful cyclist of all times. Lance Armstrong’s sponsors haven’t refused to support his cancer charity. The seven-time Tour de France winner helps people to combat cancer. Thus, numerous persons are thankful. They will never forget what Lance Armstrong has done for them.
Barry Bonds’ reputation has been spoiled by suspicions linked with application of banned medications. The former baseball player hopes that his achievements during the baseball career are more essential than the suspicions. He believes that people will forget about the accusations and he will be considered to be a baseball star.

суббота, 22 сентября 2012 г.

Belarusian shot putter should serve one-year suspension

The Belarusian shot putter Nadezya Ostapchuk won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. But she tested positive for a steroid. As a result, she was stripped of the medal which was given to Valeria Adams of New Zealand.
Two tests indicated presence of a steroid’s metabolites in her urine samples.
If an athlete is caught applying any prohibited preparations, he/she is usually sentenced to a suspension of two years. As for this Belarusian shot putter, she received one-year ban. Why was the sentence lighter? There were certain circumstances that proved the following condition: Nadezya Ostapchuk didn’t apply any forbidden preparation intentionally.
At the beginning the shot putter blamed his former coach. She said that he had sabotaged her sample.
The Belarusian National Anti-Doping Agency examined this case. The International Association of Athletic Federation assisted the investigation. It was determined that Yefimov was guilty. This person put powder of methenolone into food of Nadezya Ostapchuk during the last week before the 2012 London Olympics. The coach claimed that he had worried about the shot putter. He believed that this steroid would help to win.
In fact, it is difficult to define why Yefimov has done it. He only caused the trouble.
Anti-doping officials accepted these affirmations. That’s why Nadezya Ostapchuk was sentenced just to one-year ban.
As for supporters of Valeria Adams, they didn’t believe that the Belarusian shot putter had not used the steroid intentionally. They affirmed that Yefimov just tried to protect the shot putter. They claimed that Nadezya Ostapchuk had taken steroids under recommendations of her coach.
If the Belarusian shot putter’s performance was amazing certain months before the 2012 Summer Olympics, her trainer had to be sure that she would win. Why did he trouble about?

Do testicular atrophy and erectile dysfunctions indicate about steroid use?

Certain athletes who are suspected of steroid use become targets of the government. Feds do almost everything in order to determine whether some sportspersons have administered any performance-enhancing drugs. They don’t spare taxpayers’ funds for this goal. Much money is wasted to reveal even private life of sportspersons. According to the government, several details of their private behavior can disclose the truth about intake of prohibited drugs. Thus, girlfriends of certain athletes are interviewed by feds.
For example, it has been reported that former girlfriends of Lance Armstrong and Roger Clemens and a former mistress of Barry Bonds have been asked about certain aspects linked with private life of these athletes. Which questions were asked?
Kimberly Bell, a former mistress of Barry Bonds, was asked about size of testicles of this athlete. She reported that the athlete’s testicles were shrunken. So, her answer served as an argument that Barry Bonds took steroids and/or other prohibited drugs.
It is known that testicular atrophy is included in side effects of several steroids. So, the government decided to find out whether Barry Bonds had had this problem. But it is a poor argument in order to prove that someone has administered several banned medications. Steroid users may prevent this undesirable reaction, if they use several medications for this need.
Mindy McCready, a former mistress of Roger Clemens, was asked whether this former baseball player had had erectile dysfunctions. The woman said that sometimes Roger Clemens had experienced this problem.
As for erectile dysfunctions, they may occur during usage of steroids. But if you study information about undesirable reactions of steroids more attentively, you can understand that this effect is more likely to appear after discontinuation of intake. It happens because natural secretion of testosterone is usually suppressed by application of exogenous testosterone. But since there are such medicines which can restore natural testosterone production, erectile dysfunctions can be avoided.
Sheryl Crow, a former girlfriend of Lance Armstrong, was also interviewed by the government. But questions are not disclosed. According to certain suppositions, she might have been asked also about sexual abilities of the 7-time Tour de France winner.
Actually, federal prosecutors have a mistaken opinion in this case. Although testicular atrophy and erectile dysfunctions may occur on account of steroid use, these arguments are not proper.

среда, 19 сентября 2012 г.

Don Hooton uses PowerPoint presentations to manifest dangers linked with steroids

Some medications are called “performance-enhancing drugs”. What do these medications represent? Why have been they named “performance-enhancing”? Various individuals may present different definitions. Let see what a teenager says! Before presenting her opinion it is necessary to mention that her brother, Taylor Hooton, had serious depression after administration of steroids. Finally, he committed suicide. He wanted to look like Melky Cabrera, Barry Bonds and other celebrated sportspersons that have applied steroids. But his life ended suddenly. His sister says that performance-enhancing drugs are unsafe preparations. They are named “performance-enhancing drugs” in order to lure young people who want to improve their appearances and performances.
Don Hooton, Taylor’s father, established a foundation to educated youth about risks connected with steroids. He describes which dangers are associated with administration of anabolic steroids and other related medications. He also uses slideshow presentations in order to explain that these drugs may lead to such negative effects, as diabetes, heart diseases, liver dysfunctions, etc.
Don Hooton put efforts to teach young individuals about serious risks connected with administration of steroids. But he admits that it is difficult. He affirms that a lot of young individuals apply doping medications. When their friends see that they become stronger and more muscular, they want to look like them. They follow their examples in order to improve appearance and have more endurance.
Unfortunately, some parents think that their children are free from steroid use. Some of them think that their daughters don’t apply steroids because these medications are recommended to add muscles and body weight in general. But according to several sources, girls also administer steroids. They apply these medications in order to lose fat. Several parents don’t know that anabolic steroids are also applied to burn fat. That’s why adults also should be educated about effects of steroids. Furthermore, several parents think that their children don’t apply steroids because these products are expensive. But it is enough to have 20-500 dollars in order to purchase steroids for a cycle.
It is considered that each16th high school student administers steroids. But this point of view is mistaken. Each 16th high school student admits to taking performance-enhancing drugs.   But numerous young people hide that they use these preparations.
Those that listen to Don Hooton’s presentations about steroids express their thanks. They are happy that they get knowledge about these preparations.

Examination of arguments pronounced against steroid use

Anyone knows that anabolic steroids are frequently blamed. If an athlete or a bodybuilder takes steroids and/or other doping products, he/she is called a cheater. Journalists report about such sportspersons as about those who have destructed their reputation. Anti-doping agencies put incredible efforts and spend money in other to catch athletes that dope. Even the government spends taxpayers’ funds and time in order to prove that several sportspersons have applied steroids and/or performance-enhancing drugs. It is affirmed that those who dope take unfair advantages during competitions.
Numerous pieces of news describe the fight against steroids. But let see whether arguments against administration of steroids are strong enough to prove that it is disgraceful to apply them.
It is stated that steroid-using sportspersons serve as a bad example for children and young people. It is known that youth sees a lot of sports stars that take steroids and other related medicines. As a result, young persons want to look and be as strong, as these celebrated sports figures.  Moreover, it is widely discussed about health dangers related to steroids. But if you are attentive, you can see that these arguments are weak because they are full of hypocrisy.
Let examine the most frequently used arguments against usage of anabolic steroids and/or other related preparations.
According to the first argument, administration of steroids is closely associated with some probable health risks. Numerous articles warn about testicular atrophy and enlarged heart which may occur on account of steroid use. Although it may be true, let analyze our life. We eat unhealthy food, however we know that it destroys our health. Some individuals use antidepressants that are also very unsafe. We are also involved in other unhealthy activities.
According to another argument against steroids, steroid-using sportspersons take unfair advantages in competitions. They win because they increase performance with these medicines. Let pay attention what happens in other areas, for example, in the world of entertainment.  A lot of actors and actresses improve their appearances and performances in order to play several roles in movies. They also take unfair advantages over others with the help of certain surgeries and other things. But they are not suspended from the world of entertainment.
While it is stated that steroid-using sportspersons send bad messages to young people that desire to look like them and follow their examples, no one notes about the bad example of actors and actresses. Young girls also want to look like those they see in magazines.
While federal prosecutors pursue sportspersons who use steroids, they have nothing to do with actors and actresses that act the same way.
It is clear that arguments against application of steroids are quite weak. They manifest hypocrisy which reigns in our fake world.

понедельник, 17 сентября 2012 г.

General information about metenolone

The Belarusian shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk won the gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games. But the athlete lost the award because she was caught using the anabolic steroid metenolone (methenolone). She was asked to provide two samples. The substance metenolone presented in both urine samples.
If you read news related to steroid use in sports, you must know that professional sportspeople and bodybuilders are usually caught applying other steroids and/or doping products. But as for Nadzeya Ostapchuk, she was caught taking metenolone. It is strange, according to statements of anti-doping officers. What does this prohibited medication represent? Why don’t sportspersons ordinarily use this medication for increase of performance?
Metenolone belongs to anabolic steroids. It possesses weak androgenic properties. It acts like testosterone, enhancing muscle mass and adding endurance.
Although this drug possesses just weak androgenic nature, it causes development of sex male characteristics in women. Women that administer this medication may face common effects of virilization: the voice deepens; excessive hair grows on the face and on other parts of the body; etc.
This product can be taken orally or injectionally.
Metenolone (Methenolone) produces amazing effects, when it is taken by athletes during their workouts. It is not administered during competitions. It doesn’t work, if it is applied only on the day of a competition.
It is also confirmed that it is easy to detect those that apply this steroid.
Side effects of Metenolone (Methenolone) depend on measures that are applied. They include fluid retention, hypercalcaemia, bone growth, hirsutism, acne, hair loss, irregularities of menstrual cycles, enhanced sex drive, etc.
So, if you see a female athlete who has deep voice and excessive hair growth on the body, you may accuse her of doping. Actually, it is wrong because these troubles may occur also in those females who don’t apply any steroids. But sometimes these signs demonstrate that certain female athletes apply drugs that possess androgenic nature.

How did Australian doctor abuse his position?

Certain health care providers abuse their position, recommending medicines which don’t correspond to clinical needs of patients. Why do they do it? It is known that several medications are claimed to be prescription drugs. It means that you can’t get them legally, if you don’t have any prescription from your treating physician. Anabolic steroids belong to such preparations. It is illegal to buy steroids without a prescription in several countries. Those who do it may be punished. They may be sentenced to imprisonment and/or fines. Of course, numerous persons are looking for methods to buy and take these medications without having legal troubles.
Anabolic steroids are often abused. Numerous athletes and bodybuilders administer these medications not for medical needs but for enhancement of performance. If they live in countries where these drugs can’t be bought legally without prescriptions, they find some ways to mask their illegal purchase and administration. Athletes, bodybuilders and even ordinary people ask their physicians to prescribe them these preparations, as if they had therapeutic needs to take them. Thus, several physicians induce selling anabolic steroids to those that abuse them. Here is a situation.
Peter Grant, an Australian physician, prescribed steroids to 14 persons during nine years. Medical state of these persons didn’t require application of these products. Thus, the doctor was accused of improper practicing medicine. For example, he prescribed to a patient taking such preparations, as Halotestin, Sustanon, Andriol Testocaps, Deca Durabolin, Scitropin and Proviron. But there was no any medical basis to recommend these drugs to this person. Moreover, these preparations were recommended him during 9 years.
The health care provider Peter Grant acknowledged that several patients were competing. Thus, he prescribed them steroids. He also admitted to learning scientific literature about anabolic steroids. He claimed that he knew how steroids acted. Thus, he supervised the patients that administered anabolic steroids.
Taking these factors in consideration, it is possible to state that the doctor Peter Grant was better known by those that applied steroids for enhancement of performance than by those who had to be treated from certain health troubles. Peter Grant confirmed that he knew that steroids were bought by his patients only for personal administration.
When the physician appeared in the court, the judge claimed that the doctor induced selling steroids. The judge noticed that Peter Grant had to be punished properly. Peter Grant was suspended from practicing medicine for 12 months. Moreover, the judge claimed that he would be disciplined during the next 2 years.

среда, 12 сентября 2012 г.

Lance Armstrong’s former girlfriend was implicated in his doping scandal

Lance Armstrong was accused of doping. It was suspected that the athlete had used EPO and other forbidden preparations.
A lot of individuals provided their testimonies in the court during the investigation related to Lance Armstrong’s case. A former girlfriend of the sportsperson was also targeted. She was scheduled to appear in the court. Some sports journalists claimed that the musician Sheryl Crow had been interviewed by federal prosecutors.
The athlete Lance Armstrong and the musician Sheryl Crow were considered to be one of the most famous couples. They spent much time together. Sheryl Crow lived with the seven-time winner of Tour de France in Spain. The musician travelled with the cyclist during his workouts. They were engaged, when Lance Armstrong won Tour de France the 7th time.
Lance Armstrong’s former teammates Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton noted that Lance Armstrong had taken forbidden drugs. They also affirmed that the athlete had been the leader of a doping group. In addition to these affirmations, they noted that Armstrong’s apartment had been full of equipment utilized for usage of banned drugs. These persons were going to testify against Lance Armstrong. They confirmed that the cyclist had won Tour de France 7 times with the help of prohibited medicines.
As for Sheryl Crow, she didn’t appear in the court because the case against the athlete was dropped before the hearing.
While the government dropped the case, the USADA continued to pursue the former athlete. As a result, Lance Armstrong forfeited his titles. He was also banned from sports for the whole life. Fortunately, his charity against cancer was not affected at all. Sponsors continue to support Lance Armstrong and donate. Although his titles are forfeited, Lance Armstrong is appreciated because he helps numerous people that fight against cancer.

ESPN2 journalist accuses Derek Jeter of doping but without evidence

The sports journalist Skip Bayless accuses Derek Jeter, a baseball star, of steroid use. He has expressed his thoughts of criticism during the talk show “First take”.
In fact, the ESPN2 journalist doesn’t have any basis in order to suggest that Derek Jeter applies forbidden drugs. Despites this fact, the affirmations of Skip Bayless have been spread. Before accusing Derek Jeter of steroid use, the reporter began to criticize anti-doping program of the MLB. He confirmed that the MLB’s tests for banned drugs are not good enough to catch those that take banned preparations.
The journalist Skip Bayless reminded Victor Conte’s opinion related to testosterone:epitestosterone ratio test which is performed in the MLB. This method is not sophisticated enough to catch those who apply banned products. Instead of this method, it is necessary to utilize another. Carbon isotope ratio is more suitable.
The ESPN2 journalist also stated that the MLB didn’t have any testing for HGH. The test for this product is performed in the MLB only once per year. But blood tests for this medicine should be performed more times per year. Otherwise, players may apply this product and avoid detection.
Thus, Skip Bayless suggests that Derek Jeter takes HGH and prohibited medicines. The ESPN2 journalist also confirms that if he were a baseball player, he would take HGH.
Thus, the sports journalist supposes that MLB players use HGH and probably other forbidden drugs without being caught by anti-doping officers.
It goes without saying that the steroid era in baseball is not over. Professional baseball players take various banned medications and avoid detection. But no one can accuse a sportsperson of doping, basing just on unsophisticated drug testing. It is important to focus on facts, accusing an athlete of intake of forbidden preparations. Under other circumstances, any suspicion doesn’t have any value.

понедельник, 10 сентября 2012 г.

Melky Cabrera’s hoax was unsuccessful

It happens frequently that when athletes test positive for any banned products, they try to prove that they have never used any banned medication intentionally. They find various ways to demonstrate that they are innocent. They do a lot in order to avoid bans and/or other sanctions. Here is a situation.
The baseball player Melky Cabrera tested positive for testosterone. Of course, he was sentenced to a suspension. Like other sportspersons he decided to find a way to prove his innocence and avoid the suspension.
A lot of doping sportspersons who are caught claim that they have administered a dietary supplement that caused positive for certain forbidden substance. Although some athletes may have taken contaminated dietary supplements, a lot of athletes apply steroids and choose this way of defense because it works in numerous cases.
Thus, Melky Cabrera affirmed that he had administered a dietary supplement which caused his positive for testosterone. Actually, it was a lie. Trying to avoid the 50-game suspension, he also created a web site and posted a fictitious product and advertisements that induced selling it. The product didn’t exist in reality. It was just a lie of Melky Cabrera and his associates in order to defend the professional baseball player.
Juan Nunez, a paid consultant for Athletes’ Career Enhanced and Secured Incorporated (ACES), was the person that created the site.
But the lie turned out to be unsuccessful. The MLB exposed Melky Cabrera and Juan Nunez. Thus, the baseball player was enforced to serve the ban.
The ACES got troubles as well. Since Juan Nunez has been a consultant for ACES, the agency and Seth and Sam Levinson were suspected of involving in the hoax. But these individuals claimed that they were not implicated in the creation of the site and the lie that was invented by Melky Cabrera and Juan Nunez. Juan Nunez also confirmed that Seth and Sam Levinson had not been implicated in this lie.
The Food and Drug Administration is still investigating the case. It is unclear yet whether other persons would be also pursued and sanctioned for the hoax.

Corticosteroids help prostitutes to serve more clients

Recently Australian Customs and Border Protection arrested four men who possessed the anabolic steroids Oxandrolone (Anavar) and Primoteston Depot (testosterone). Andrew Almada, Cheuk Fai Chan, Prabal Islam and Mohammed Islam tried to smuggle these drugs to Bangladesh. The medications were seized and these men were detained.
The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper presented a report about this situation, claiming that four persons were detained while they wanted to smuggle steroids that were intended for intake by prostitutes in Bangladesh. This report surprised a lot of people. What does The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper mean? Do prostitutes apply the same products like sportspeople and bodybuilder that try to improve their performance, increasing muscle size and energy? Why do prostitutes apply anabolic steroids? Which is the purpose?
Some persons realized that it was wrong to suggest that Andrew Almada, Cheuk Fai Chan, Prabal Islam and Mohammed Islam wanted to smuggle the steroids in order to inject prostitutes with them. Of course, prostitutes don’t take anabolic steroids. There is confusion here. Prostitutes apply corticosteroids that differ from anabolic steroids totally. Corticosteroids produce other effects. They have capacity to increase performance in prostitutes. While anabolic steroids help to gain muscle size and lower fat deposits, corticosteroids promote wasting muscles and enhance body fat deposits.
Orexadon is one of catabolic steroids used by prostitutes. Those that administer this preparation look healthier and more attractive. So, such prostitutes that administer this medication have more clients.
A prostitute that uses Orexadon claims that she has ability to serve up to 15 clients a day.
Thus, it is possible to claim that prostitutes don’t administer anabolic steroids which are normally recommended for performance-enhancing effects in sports and bodybuilding. Corticosteroids are more suitable preparations for them.
The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper published a false report. Andrew Almada, Cheuk Fai Chan, Prabal Islam and Mohammed Islam didn’t smuggle steroids for prostitutes in Bangladesh.

среда, 5 сентября 2012 г.

Clomid during and after steroid use

When you buy steroids for cycles, you should also prepare such compounds which must be administered to receive recovery after administration of steroids.
In case a steroid cycle lasts over 8 weeks, HCG must be used during the cycle. It is important to take in consideration that this product is applied only during steroid use.
There such remedies that should be administered after steroid cycles. For example, Clomid should be taken after steroid use. It is necessary to start administering this product after androgen levels fall substantially and recovery with this remedy becomes possible. It is ordinarily advised to start applying Clomid with a high dose (300 mg/day) and reduce it gradually till 50 mg daily. Then reduced measures are administered until steroid users become convinced that natural production of testosterone is restored and testicles have returned to their ordinary size.
If Clomid is taken circa 6 weeks and no improvement is observed, it is necessary to interrupt application of this drug. Then if improvements don’t occur, it is needed to continue taking Clomid till recovery is gotten. It is allowed to take this medicine a year. Some studies have demonstrated that long-term application of this drug doesn’t lead to severe problems. However several persons may experience vision problems because of Clomid, these problems are not permanent. They disappear after discontinuation of intake. If any problems linked with vision system appear in those that take Clomid, they must stop applying this preparation.
Clomid may be also administered after steroid use. A common dose is 75 mg a day in such situations.
However there are such medicines which help to get recovery after steroid use and keep strength and muscle gains, it is not a good idea to apply prolonged steroid cycles.

Which product is more suitable for PCT: Clomid vs Nolvadex?

Many people frequently ask which drug is more proper for a PCT: Clomid or Nolvadex. While some steroid users think that Clomid is better for this need, others believe that Nolvadex is more suitable. Some individuals confirm that Clomid and Nolvadex should be combined.
When you evaluate structures of these drugs, you can see that they have similar structures. That’s why they have certain similar features. But the most of individuals and even specialists affirm that Clomid and Nolvadex are wholly different medications. Which basis does this opinion have? These medicines are utilized in medicine for various purposes. Nolvadex is recommended for treatment of breast cancer in females. As for Clomid, it is taken in case of infertility. That’s why it is affirmed that these are totally different medicines.
In fact, they may be also administered for different needs in bodybuilding and sports. Clomid is advised in order to receive recovery after a steroid cycle during a PCT. When it comes to Nolvadex, it is normally utilized as an anti-estrogen medicine.
Comparing potency of these products, it is possible to see that Nolvadex is more powerful anti-estrogen substance than Clomid.
Both Clomid and Nolvadex can reduce levels of estrogen, stimulating hypothalamus to secrete greater quantities of testosterone.
When it comes to dosages of these drugs, they differ because one of them is more potent than another. Clomid should be applied in more enhanced doses. So, such quantities of Nolvadex, as 20-40 mg, lead to more obvious benefits than 100-150 mg of Clomid.
Nolvadex is not the most potent anti-estrogen. Such drugs, as Proviron, Arimidex and Viratase, are considered to be more potent but Nolvadex and Clomid work faster.
Sometimes Clomid or Nolvadex may be taken together with Arimidex or Proviron during a steroid cycle. Such combinations are commonly applied in case of gynecomastia.
When you try to choose which medicine you should use: Nolvadex or Clomid, you should take into account several aspects.
Nolvadex influences on cholesterol levels positively. It also has more direct influence on natural production of testosterone than Clomid. As it has been already noted, Nolvadex is more potent than Clomid. In addition to these priorities, Nolvadex is safer. Moreover, Nolvadex causes less severe unwanted consequences than Clomid because more reduced measures are needed to produce good results. Furthermore, while undesirable consequences of Clomid are irreversible, those of Nolvadex disappear after discontinuation of usage. The only priority of Clomid is following: it helps to keep more potential gains than Nolvadex.
Knowing these differences between Nolvadex and Clomid, consumers of steroids can make their choice properly.