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среда, 12 сентября 2012 г.

Lance Armstrong’s former girlfriend was implicated in his doping scandal

Lance Armstrong was accused of doping. It was suspected that the athlete had used EPO and other forbidden preparations.
A lot of individuals provided their testimonies in the court during the investigation related to Lance Armstrong’s case. A former girlfriend of the sportsperson was also targeted. She was scheduled to appear in the court. Some sports journalists claimed that the musician Sheryl Crow had been interviewed by federal prosecutors.
The athlete Lance Armstrong and the musician Sheryl Crow were considered to be one of the most famous couples. They spent much time together. Sheryl Crow lived with the seven-time winner of Tour de France in Spain. The musician travelled with the cyclist during his workouts. They were engaged, when Lance Armstrong won Tour de France the 7th time.
Lance Armstrong’s former teammates Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton noted that Lance Armstrong had taken forbidden drugs. They also affirmed that the athlete had been the leader of a doping group. In addition to these affirmations, they noted that Armstrong’s apartment had been full of equipment utilized for usage of banned drugs. These persons were going to testify against Lance Armstrong. They confirmed that the cyclist had won Tour de France 7 times with the help of prohibited medicines.
As for Sheryl Crow, she didn’t appear in the court because the case against the athlete was dropped before the hearing.
While the government dropped the case, the USADA continued to pursue the former athlete. As a result, Lance Armstrong forfeited his titles. He was also banned from sports for the whole life. Fortunately, his charity against cancer was not affected at all. Sponsors continue to support Lance Armstrong and donate. Although his titles are forfeited, Lance Armstrong is appreciated because he helps numerous people that fight against cancer.

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