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среда, 12 сентября 2012 г.

ESPN2 journalist accuses Derek Jeter of doping but without evidence

The sports journalist Skip Bayless accuses Derek Jeter, a baseball star, of steroid use. He has expressed his thoughts of criticism during the talk show “First take”.
In fact, the ESPN2 journalist doesn’t have any basis in order to suggest that Derek Jeter applies forbidden drugs. Despites this fact, the affirmations of Skip Bayless have been spread. Before accusing Derek Jeter of steroid use, the reporter began to criticize anti-doping program of the MLB. He confirmed that the MLB’s tests for banned drugs are not good enough to catch those that take banned preparations.
The journalist Skip Bayless reminded Victor Conte’s opinion related to testosterone:epitestosterone ratio test which is performed in the MLB. This method is not sophisticated enough to catch those who apply banned products. Instead of this method, it is necessary to utilize another. Carbon isotope ratio is more suitable.
The ESPN2 journalist also stated that the MLB didn’t have any testing for HGH. The test for this product is performed in the MLB only once per year. But blood tests for this medicine should be performed more times per year. Otherwise, players may apply this product and avoid detection.
Thus, Skip Bayless suggests that Derek Jeter takes HGH and prohibited medicines. The ESPN2 journalist also confirms that if he were a baseball player, he would take HGH.
Thus, the sports journalist supposes that MLB players use HGH and probably other forbidden drugs without being caught by anti-doping officers.
It goes without saying that the steroid era in baseball is not over. Professional baseball players take various banned medications and avoid detection. But no one can accuse a sportsperson of doping, basing just on unsophisticated drug testing. It is important to focus on facts, accusing an athlete of intake of forbidden preparations. Under other circumstances, any suspicion doesn’t have any value.

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