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среда, 19 сентября 2012 г.

Don Hooton uses PowerPoint presentations to manifest dangers linked with steroids

Some medications are called “performance-enhancing drugs”. What do these medications represent? Why have been they named “performance-enhancing”? Various individuals may present different definitions. Let see what a teenager says! Before presenting her opinion it is necessary to mention that her brother, Taylor Hooton, had serious depression after administration of steroids. Finally, he committed suicide. He wanted to look like Melky Cabrera, Barry Bonds and other celebrated sportspersons that have applied steroids. But his life ended suddenly. His sister says that performance-enhancing drugs are unsafe preparations. They are named “performance-enhancing drugs” in order to lure young people who want to improve their appearances and performances.
Don Hooton, Taylor’s father, established a foundation to educated youth about risks connected with steroids. He describes which dangers are associated with administration of anabolic steroids and other related medications. He also uses slideshow presentations in order to explain that these drugs may lead to such negative effects, as diabetes, heart diseases, liver dysfunctions, etc.
Don Hooton put efforts to teach young individuals about serious risks connected with administration of steroids. But he admits that it is difficult. He affirms that a lot of young individuals apply doping medications. When their friends see that they become stronger and more muscular, they want to look like them. They follow their examples in order to improve appearance and have more endurance.
Unfortunately, some parents think that their children are free from steroid use. Some of them think that their daughters don’t apply steroids because these medications are recommended to add muscles and body weight in general. But according to several sources, girls also administer steroids. They apply these medications in order to lose fat. Several parents don’t know that anabolic steroids are also applied to burn fat. That’s why adults also should be educated about effects of steroids. Furthermore, several parents think that their children don’t apply steroids because these products are expensive. But it is enough to have 20-500 dollars in order to purchase steroids for a cycle.
It is considered that each16th high school student administers steroids. But this point of view is mistaken. Each 16th high school student admits to taking performance-enhancing drugs.   But numerous young people hide that they use these preparations.
Those that listen to Don Hooton’s presentations about steroids express their thanks. They are happy that they get knowledge about these preparations.

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