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среда, 19 сентября 2012 г.

Examination of arguments pronounced against steroid use

Anyone knows that anabolic steroids are frequently blamed. If an athlete or a bodybuilder takes steroids and/or other doping products, he/she is called a cheater. Journalists report about such sportspersons as about those who have destructed their reputation. Anti-doping agencies put incredible efforts and spend money in other to catch athletes that dope. Even the government spends taxpayers’ funds and time in order to prove that several sportspersons have applied steroids and/or performance-enhancing drugs. It is affirmed that those who dope take unfair advantages during competitions.
Numerous pieces of news describe the fight against steroids. But let see whether arguments against administration of steroids are strong enough to prove that it is disgraceful to apply them.
It is stated that steroid-using sportspersons serve as a bad example for children and young people. It is known that youth sees a lot of sports stars that take steroids and other related medicines. As a result, young persons want to look and be as strong, as these celebrated sports figures.  Moreover, it is widely discussed about health dangers related to steroids. But if you are attentive, you can see that these arguments are weak because they are full of hypocrisy.
Let examine the most frequently used arguments against usage of anabolic steroids and/or other related preparations.
According to the first argument, administration of steroids is closely associated with some probable health risks. Numerous articles warn about testicular atrophy and enlarged heart which may occur on account of steroid use. Although it may be true, let analyze our life. We eat unhealthy food, however we know that it destroys our health. Some individuals use antidepressants that are also very unsafe. We are also involved in other unhealthy activities.
According to another argument against steroids, steroid-using sportspersons take unfair advantages in competitions. They win because they increase performance with these medicines. Let pay attention what happens in other areas, for example, in the world of entertainment.  A lot of actors and actresses improve their appearances and performances in order to play several roles in movies. They also take unfair advantages over others with the help of certain surgeries and other things. But they are not suspended from the world of entertainment.
While it is stated that steroid-using sportspersons send bad messages to young people that desire to look like them and follow their examples, no one notes about the bad example of actors and actresses. Young girls also want to look like those they see in magazines.
While federal prosecutors pursue sportspersons who use steroids, they have nothing to do with actors and actresses that act the same way.
It is clear that arguments against application of steroids are quite weak. They manifest hypocrisy which reigns in our fake world.

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