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суббота, 22 сентября 2012 г.

Do testicular atrophy and erectile dysfunctions indicate about steroid use?

Certain athletes who are suspected of steroid use become targets of the government. Feds do almost everything in order to determine whether some sportspersons have administered any performance-enhancing drugs. They don’t spare taxpayers’ funds for this goal. Much money is wasted to reveal even private life of sportspersons. According to the government, several details of their private behavior can disclose the truth about intake of prohibited drugs. Thus, girlfriends of certain athletes are interviewed by feds.
For example, it has been reported that former girlfriends of Lance Armstrong and Roger Clemens and a former mistress of Barry Bonds have been asked about certain aspects linked with private life of these athletes. Which questions were asked?
Kimberly Bell, a former mistress of Barry Bonds, was asked about size of testicles of this athlete. She reported that the athlete’s testicles were shrunken. So, her answer served as an argument that Barry Bonds took steroids and/or other prohibited drugs.
It is known that testicular atrophy is included in side effects of several steroids. So, the government decided to find out whether Barry Bonds had had this problem. But it is a poor argument in order to prove that someone has administered several banned medications. Steroid users may prevent this undesirable reaction, if they use several medications for this need.
Mindy McCready, a former mistress of Roger Clemens, was asked whether this former baseball player had had erectile dysfunctions. The woman said that sometimes Roger Clemens had experienced this problem.
As for erectile dysfunctions, they may occur during usage of steroids. But if you study information about undesirable reactions of steroids more attentively, you can understand that this effect is more likely to appear after discontinuation of intake. It happens because natural secretion of testosterone is usually suppressed by application of exogenous testosterone. But since there are such medicines which can restore natural testosterone production, erectile dysfunctions can be avoided.
Sheryl Crow, a former girlfriend of Lance Armstrong, was also interviewed by the government. But questions are not disclosed. According to certain suppositions, she might have been asked also about sexual abilities of the 7-time Tour de France winner.
Actually, federal prosecutors have a mistaken opinion in this case. Although testicular atrophy and erectile dysfunctions may occur on account of steroid use, these arguments are not proper.

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