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четверг, 28 июня 2012 г.

Norwegian police officers continue Operation Gilde

Norwegian law enforcement officers have busted a huge doping ring. More than 10 persons that were implicated in illegal actions were arrested. Six persons went to jail.
According to news of the newspaper Dagens N?ringsliv (DN), the doping ring was located in Trondheim. DN published own investigation connected with illicit sale of anabolic steroids in Norway. Police officers investigated the case.
It is suggested that a secret center is established in Trondheim. It manages illicit sale of performance-enhancing drugs and money laundering.
The arrested individuals were connected with bodybuilding, fitness and health industries in Norway. Some individuals were arrested at their homes; others – in business offices, parking lots and tram stops.
Police officers suggest that some persons are hidden by the names of Guru and Karma.
Robert Eilertsen is included in those who have been arrested. He is an operator and editor of a fitness blog. He coached famous sportspeople within football, boxing, handball, etc.
It is suspected that Eilertsen and certain other individuals have provided dangerous performance-enhancing drugs to Norwegian youth during several years.
Circa 60 police officers were implicated in raids. The raids resulted in 11 arrests.
Since the investigation is not finished yet, police officers say nothing about their further actions.
Norwegian customs officers and tax authorities were also involved in the investigation.
Many computers and some documents were seized during raids of homes, business officers, cars, etc.
Eilertsen and Gunnar Strand Jacobsen, another arrested person, have denied their connections with doping drugs. Jacobsen is the owner of Kaliber Gym in Trondheim, one of the most well-known gyms in Norway. Jacobsen was personal trainer of sportspersons who obtained prizes. He coached sportspersons that attended to different sports. Jacobsen is considered to be a high-profile nutrition expert.
The raid was called “Operation Gilde”.
Eilertsen and Jacobsen are accused in sale of doping medicines and money laundering.

Spain’s police officers busted multinational drug ring

Spain’s policemen arrested Scott Boote, a man, who was implicated in illicit actions connected with an international drug ring producing stimulants that increase sexual desire. Huge measures of products were seized by police officers. The street value of the medications was estimated. It was claimed that it was almost ?3 million. A citizen of the UK, a 72-year-old person from Liverpool, was also questioned. According to affirmations of police, these two persons produced eight new sexual stimulants and sold them via internet without medical controls. Six other individuals were also questioned during this investigation. Investigators affirmed that the persons who were implicated in this illicit drug ring got vehicles and another property due to distribution of illicit sexual preparations. Several bank accounts were blocked by police officers. More than 100,000 doses of anabolic steroids, properties and cars were seized.
A spokesperson for Spanish police stated that all members of the drug ring lived quite luxuriously. They have numerous properties and luxury cars. They got properties abroad in order to hide the shaded business. Investigators defined that the ring offered for sale sex stimulants for both men and women. The drugs were sold per internet. Individuals from around the world could get the products. Thus, people from the USA, the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. were customers that acquired medications from this ring. Three factories were set in Costa del Sol. Investigators suggest that those who were producing the medicines didn’t have needed knowledge for this purpose. According to them, the persons who were implicated in the drug ring managed also legal business in order to hide the illicit one. They tried to give legitimate appearance to illegal actions. Several commercial companies were managed by these persons in order to mask the profits obtained due to illegal sale of sex stimulants.
Police officers also found boxes that had to be sent to customers. Anabolic steroids were also found and confiscated by police officers. Packages, labels and leaflets were also found in possession of the arrested persons.

вторник, 26 июня 2012 г.

British driver claims that he has got furious due to steroid use

Although it is not yet proven scientifically whether uncontrolled aggressiveness is an undesirable consequence of steroids, these preparations are blamed for various crimes quite frequently.
Michael Barton, a young person from Britain, hit a Ford Fiesta, while he was driving his Volkswagen Golf. Paul Gard was driving the Ford Fiesta. Barton had passed Paul Gard. But then Michael Barton had to pull back in front of Paul Gard, since another vehicle was driving the other way. Paul Gard flashed him. Thus, he had to brake immediately. Barton got furious, stopped his car, broke the wing mirror of Gard’s car and hit the man in the face. Then Gard’s wife called police. While she was calling, Barton left calmly.
Michael Barton, a 21-year-old man who has a kid of two years old, uses steroids to bulk up. So, it has been said that these substances affected his behavior. The defense attorney for this young person claimed that steroids had a negative impact on temperament of his client, since these preparations enhanced his testosterone levels.
Previously Michael Barton was convicted for several crimes, including domestic violence. Last year this young person pleaded guilty to an assault, criminal damage and driving incautiously due to his anger following assaults.
The judge Patrick Hooton confirmed that he was not sure that steroids were responsible for the situation. But he added that it was totally mad to get angered and hit a man in the face just because he flashed him. The judge claimed that Barton’s behavior was too immoral and he said: “you ought to go to prison”.
So, this young man was given 6-month jail sentence suspended for a year; he was also sentenced to pay 500 dollars in compensation and ?277 for damage of Paul Gard’s Ford Fiesta.

Anti-doping agencies are warned that green tea may mask testosterone use

Sportspersons become more and more sophisticated in usage of steroids. They find new methods to mask their administration of forbidden products. Some sportspersons spend time studying scientists’ statements which may help them to hide that they dope. Nowadays a way has been found: athletes can mask intake of testosterone by drinking of green tea.
Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in body naturally. Thus, it may be difficult for anti-doping agencies to determine that an athlete has used testosterone. T: E ratio testing is ordinarily used by anti-doping organizations. Such tests can manifest uncommon ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone in urine. But it is not capable to display difference between testosterone which has been produced in body naturally and that introduced into body with the help of injections, gels, etc.
 Declan Naughton and his colleagues at Kingston University ( London) have determined that green tea has such substances that are called “catechins”. They have capacity to inhibit the enzyme UGT2B17. This enzyme induces attaching glucuronic acid to testosterone. In case UGT2B17 is inhibited, less testosterone glucoronide is excreted in urine.  
Catechins, the substances that are able to mask usage of testosterone, are in green and white tea. Black tea doesn’t contain such compounds.
Naughton and his colleagues have conducted certain experiments. They claim that a cup of strong green tea mask administration of testosterone.
Thus, those athletes that administer testosterone can reduce amounts of testosterone excreting in urine by consumption of green or white tea. Green or white tea has capacity to block excretion of testosterone, increasing circulating levels of this hormone.
The World Anti-Doping Agency was informed about the discovering by the scientists. If this process occurs, it means that it is not worthy to test urine. Blood tests must be performed in order to detect testosterone use.
Olivier Rabin, the WADA’s scientist, affirms that regular checks of blood steroids will be added. Everything will be done by anti-doping officials in order to avoid fooling of urine tests.

среда, 20 июня 2012 г.

Case against Wim Vansevenant was changed dramatically

The case linked with Wim Vansevenant, a former Belgian rider, altered dramatically. An analysis illustrated that the doping preparations which were ordered by him didn’t contain the contents written on the labels. This former sportsperson was cheated by the company where he ordered the medications.
Last year several packages sent to this former professional rider by an Australian company were intercepted by customs officials. It was written on the intercepted bottles that they contained the doping drug TB-500. It represents a peptide hormone that has ability to enhance muscle strength and promote healing. An investigation was started by the Belgian authorities. It was believed that Wim Vansevenant supplied the Omega Pharma-Lotto team with doping medicines. This sportsperson rode professionally 10 years, from 1998 to 2008. Last 6 years of the career he was working with this team.
An analysis of the bottles intercepted by customs manifested that just amino acids were presented. Wim Vansevenant’s lawyer argued that the charges had to be dropped. He pointed out that since the preparation was not connected with doping, the former sportsperson didn’t deserve to be punished.
The prosecutor’s spokesperson Johan Lescrauwaet confirmed that the contents didn’t correspond to the name of the preparation which was written on the label and to the words of the former sportsman.
 Only amino acids were found in the bottles. No any doping drug. Thus, there is no any evidence that Wim Vansevenant provided doping products to other individuals.
The hearing of former professional athlete was scheduled to be later.

Toxicologist Bruce Goldberger testifies on behalf of accused athlete

Testimonies of the famous toxicologist Bruce Goldberger will probably influence greatly on decision of the court in the case related to Roger Clemens. Bruce Goldberger is the Professor of Pathology and Director of Toxicology at the University of Florida College of Medicine. This specialist testified on behalf of Roger Clemens. Although he was called in order to replace Don Catlin, the director of the WADA UCLA Medicine, Goldberger’s testimonies differed from those which are commonly provided by anti-doping agencies. This toxicologist testified on behalf of the accused athlete.
Bruce Goldberger is known due to his participation in different news programs. Even during such programs he doesn’t refrain from critical words. Bruce Goldberger criticized several anti-doping organizations, including the WADA.
Bruce Goldberger expressed critical words for federal prosecutors in the case related to Roger Clemens. They based on “beer can evidence” presented by Brian McNamee to support that his client administered steroids and HGH. Brian McNamee, the former personal coach of Roger Clemens, provided a beer can containing used needles and syringes which had traces of such steroids, as Sustanon, Primobolan Depot and Deca Durabolin and were mixed allegedly with Clemens’ blood. The beer can was maintained by McNamee more than 6 years. Bruce Goldberger argued that such basis wasn’t reasonable.
Goldberger claimed that it was impossible to base on “beer can evidence”. He noted that no one could prove that Roger Clemens used steroids and HGH, basing on the beer can, because the theory of contamination could present.
Thus, Bruce Goldberger didn’t support the affirmations of the federal prosecutors. Earlier he also expressed criticism related to evidence applied by some anti-doping agencies.
Certain years ago Goldberger testified on behalf of the American cyclist Floyd Landis, when this sportsperson appealed positives for steroids. A WADA-accredited lab located in France found traces of exogenous testosterone; T: E ratio and carbon isotope ratio tests were applied by the lab. Bruce Goldberger pronounced similar words and criticism during the appeal related to Floyd Landis.
Bruce Goldberger noticed during an interview that the WADA utilized inadequate ways and violated rights of sportspersons in order to have the success in anti-doping programs.
Floyd Landis lost his appeal and acknowledged that he had applied steroids, EPO and certain other related medications.
No one can be sure which results will be achieved by Roger Clemens. Will the federal prosecutors prove that he has lied before the Congress? Will he admit to doping? Or will be the results opposite?

воскресенье, 17 июня 2012 г.

Certain persons claim that there are no changes in physical appearance of Roger Clemens

Each baseball fan knows that Roger Clemens is charged with obstruction of justice. It is believed that he has lied before Congress about administration of steroids and HGH.
Rusty Hardin claimed that there was no any difference in physical appearance of Roger Clemens before, during and after his trainings with the coach Brian McNamee. The attorney claimed that this aspect was a proof that Roger Clemens hadn’t used steroids and other related preparations.
Enhancement of muscle mass is commonly utilized by federal prosecutors as proof that a sportsperson takes steroids or/and other related medications. But this tendency was not utilized during the governmental case against Roger Clemens. No one could affirm that Roger Clemens’ muscles displayed that he had administered steroids and HGH. It is a difference between the case against Roger Clemens and that against Barry Bonds.
As for the governmental case against Barry Bonds, federal prosecutors called many individuals in the trial who were able to testify that anabolic steroids led to evidential changes in physical appearance of this person. They affirmed that intake of steroids led to enhancement of muscle mass, increased size of the head and testicular shrinkage in Barry Bonds.
So, Rusty Hardin presented four photos of Roger Clemens. The pictures manifested physical appearance of Roger Clemens, including the time when Clemens was working with the coach Brain McNamee. The attorney noted that the pictures showed that there were no changes in physical appearance that could support that he took steroids and HGH.
The attorney Rusty Hardin claimed that the photos displayed just the process of ageing. The masseur Cheryl Redfern noticed that she didn’t observe any changes in physical appearance of Roger Clemens. Roger Clemens experienced neither back acne, nor gynecomastia, nor essentially increased muscle size.
Phil Garner, a former baseball player, also claimed that there were not any essential changes in physical appearance and performance of Roger Clemens during working with the trainer Brian McNamee.
The Assistant US Attorney Steve Durham tried to discredit the affirmation about lack of physical changes in Roger Clemens during the cross-examination of the former baseball player Phil Garner. He confirmed that while several steroids increased muscle mass, others didn’t induce getting muscles. Thus, he claimed that the pictures could say nothing about steroid use.
Federal prosecutors desire to take advantages in both cases: in the case against Roger Clemens and in that against Barry Bonds. While they affirm that changes in physical appearance of Barry Bonds manifest that he has utilized steroids, lack of physical changes in Roger Clemens doesn’t prove that he hasn’t utilized steroids.

Murderer of over 70 persons used steroids and ECA, when he was preparing for crimes

Anders Behring Breivik was accused in murder of  70 persons. He bombed buildings of government in Oslo (Norway). Certain teenagers of the Workers’ Youth League camp were also killed by this person on Utoya island in July 2011.
The killer trained for the murders substantially. He admitted that he had used cycles with steroids.  Since he utilized steroids, these drugs were blamed for the crimes by many reporters.
But what did experts confirm? Joerge Moerland, a professor of forensic toxicology at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, contested affirmations of these journalists. Dr. Joerge Moerland affirmed that anabolic steroids didn’t contribute in rampage of this person. But the toxicologist noted that it was impossible to contest that these medicines could lead to aggressiveness in Breivik.
An “ECA stack”, a combination of caffeine, aspirin and ephedrine, was also used by Breivik. Actually, this stack is normally taken by bodybuilders in order to burn fat and stimulate themselves for trainings. It was set that Breivik has taken great quantity of the combination. The amount taken by him was by 50 % greater than it is allowed under European Union’s rules.
The forensic toxicologist Joerge Moerland noted that the killer’s behavior was more substantially affected by the “ECA stack” than steroids. He explained that ephedrine might cause desire to be involved in dangerous activities. Joerge Moerland affirmed that Breivik’s central nervous system had been affected by ephedrine.
Nonetheless, the specialist Joerge Moerland mentioned about limitation of the ECA’ influence. The amount of caffeine consumed by Breivik was equal to approximately 5 cups of coffee. So, the quantity was not enough great in order to be blamed for the crimes.
Anders Breivik described his usage of steroids and dietary supplements in details. He also recommended other persons ordering steroids at Alinshop.
Anders Breivik expressed his dislike of Dianabol because it could cause liquid retention. He explained that Dianabol could add more body weight than consumers could carry. According to his affirmations, about 50 % of the mass gotten due to Dianabol is fluid retention. The killer decided to administer several stacks that were appropriate for his purposes.
The killer learnt about effects of different steroids in order to choose those who were proper for his purposes. He claimed that Testosterone Propionate had certain priorities over Dianabol. He also suggested that combinations of Dianabol with Aromasin or intake of Dianabol followed by application of Winstrol could benefit substantially.
Thus, Breivik prepared for the massacre scrupulously. He spent time in order to study effects of steroids and plan steroid cycles and administration of dietary supplements. He also pondered about every detail connected with attacks and murders.
However several persons claimed that Breivik was legally insane, it’s wrong. It is evident that the crimes have been committed consciously.

вторник, 12 июня 2012 г.

Motorcycle gangs supply bodybuilders with steroids

According to the newspaper “The Sydney Morning Herald”, illicit administration of steroids has become widespread in Australia due to outlaw motorcycle gangs. The gangs have essential profit and reduced risks.
Nick Bingham, a detective, has said that New South Wales Police doesn’t focus on investigation connected with intake of steroids but anabolic steroids become targets of investigations, when police officers arrest motorcycle gangs for violation of other laws.
According to the detective Nick Bingham, however New South Wales policemen don’t raid houses of gangs for steroids, they find them, when searches for weapons and stimulants are conducted.
Nick Bingham has noted that they commonly seize such quantities of steroids from motorcycle gangs that are just for personal use. Amounts of other preparations that are commonly found in possession of gangs are much greater than those of steroids.
The detective Nick Bingham has noted that criminals prefer utilizing anabolic steroids in order to get threatening muscular bodies. They desire to look big and strong.
Although the detective Nick Bingham is sure that gangs have steroids only for self-administration, the newspaper “The Sydney Morning Herald” presents opposite point of view. It reports that motorcycle gangs are implicated in smuggling of steroids.
However gyms are considered to be the chief sources of steroids for bodybuilders, it is confirmed by “The Sydney Morning Herald” that some gyms have close links with motorcycle gangs. The Herald claims that many seizures made by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service are linked directly with distribution of steroids by motorcycle gangs.
According to affirmations of Australian Customs, mail seizures of steroids have been increased greatly in comparison with past years.
More than 2, 000 seizures were made in 2009-2010 and over 5, 000 seizures of steroids were recorded in 2010-2011.
The majority of seizures were connected with self-administration of steroids imported illegally by bodybuilders.

David Segui’s statements provided to various persons differ completely

Federal prosecutors hope that the judge Reggie Walton will permit the former first baseman of the Major League Baseball David Segui to testify in the trial related to the case of Roger Clemens. This person had a conversation with Brian McNamee, the former personal trainer of Roger Clemens. It is claimed that they have discussed about usage of steroids by the former celebrated baseball player.
The former personal trainer of Roger Clemens was called to testify against his client because he turned out to be the only person who had direct knowledge about usage of steroids and other related products by Clemens. Furthermore, he stored injection equipment: vials, syringes and needles which were allegedly mixed with the blood of Roger Clemens. DNA analysis was made in order to define whether the blood belonged really to Clemens.
Rusty Hardin, a defense attorney for Roger Clemens, confirmed that the steroid evidence was created by Brian McNamee after the interrogation by federal prosecutors.
But prosecutors claimed that David Segui told them that Brian McNamee said that he kept some things as evidence of steroid use by some players in 2001. It was certain years before Roger Clemens’ former trainer became the target of the investigation.
Information presented by David Segui to federal prosecutors differed significantly from that presented to Jim Baumbach, a sportswriter. His words provided to the sportswriter were published in an article in 2008. According to that article, David Segui confirmed that he had never spoken about steroids with his friend Brian McNamee.
Segui found out about involvement of Brian McNamee into the case of Roger Clemens just in 2006, when he read a piece of news in the Los Angeles Times.
Segui said openly about personal administration of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. He said that he had been asked many times by players of the Major League Baseball whether he had utilized steroids. The former Major League Baseball first baseman admitted that he had applied them. But Segui noticed that he had never discussed about application of steroids with Brian McNamee.
Segui supported the decision of McNamee to keep evidence about usage of banned medications by his clients. According to the former first baseman of the Major League Baseball, it is a reasonable decision because sometimes innocent persons are blamed but guilty individuals are covered. Thus, Brian McNamee could help to reveal the truth.
Although the judge Walton was asked to permit David Segui to present testimony in the trial linked with Roger Clemens, the judge didn’t announce his decision yet.

суббота, 9 июня 2012 г.

Positives for steroids lead to worsening of certain promotional companies’ financial position

The professional boxer Andre Berto tested positive for the steroid Nandrolone. This athlete was tested by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA).
 This boxer was scheduled to meet Victor Ortiz on June 23, 2012 in Los Angeles. This boxer agreed to submit to random drug testing before the fight. Both “A” and “B” urine samples indicated about usage of Nandrolone.
It was already the second time this month, when the VADA tested fighters and caught them utilizing steroids. The first boxer that tested positive this month due to tests conducted by the VADA was Lamont Peterson. He had to fight against Amir Khan. It is quite ironically that Peterson requested random blood and urine testing. The drug test conducted by the VADA indicated that Peterson had testosterone of exogenous origin some weeks before the match.
The tests conducted by the VADA impacted on financial position of certain companies obviously. For example, Golden Boy Promotions lost significant potential profit due to Lamont Peterson’s positives. It was determined by the CEO of the company Richard Schaeffer that the company lost 250, 000 dollars.
The cancelation of the fight between Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz will probably not influence greatly on financial position of certain promotional companies because Andre Berto will be possibly replaced by another boxer who will meet Ortiz.
Berto didn’t explain why he tested positive. This boxer hired the attorney Howard Jacobs who would represent and defeat him.
Andre Berto noted that he had never taken steroids. Thus, he confirmed that he investigated with his attorney what could cause positives for steroids. Berto concluded that he had never cheated; he succeeded in sport because of hard work and dedication.
The attorney Howard Jacobs defeated numerous other sportspersons who turned out to be victims of contaminated food supplements.
It is claimed that since the steroid Nandrolone has too long half life and it is detected easily, it isn’t very popular among dopers. But it has been defined many times that some nutritional supplements contained the substance nandrolone which caused positives for steroids. But since sometimes not each compound is listed on the label, athletes become victims of contaminated sport supplements.

Steroid user will participate in UFC 148

The American fighter Chael Sonnen is allowed to administer anabolic steroids. The doctor Timothy Trainor noted that this mixed martial artist really had hypogonadism.
What does this disease represent? Hypogonadism is connected with insufficient production of the hormone testosterone. Health care providers usually recommend hormone replacement therapy for treatment of this condition.
The fighter Chael Sonnen has received a therapeutic use exemption (TUE). So, this mixed martial artist is allowed to use steroids for medical needs and fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 148 in July 2012.
According to recommendations of Chael Sonnen’s physician, he has to introduce injections of Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate twice a week. The dosages which are indicated have not been revealed. But under establishments of the Nevada Athletic Commission, blood serum levels of testosterone in this mixed martial artist must remain within normal range on the morning after the fight against Silva.
The doctor Trainor confirms that those that compete with TUE should be tested on the morning after the match to learn whether they have applied something right before the competition.
The physician Trainor believes that testosterone is able to produce performance-enhancing effects, if it is administered right before the fight. He states that injections must not be applied in the days before a match to prevent increased testosterone levels.
But it seems that the NAC doesn’t know that steroids produce effects related to increase of performance, not only if they are utilized right before competitions. Usage of steroids enhances performance during trainings before competitions. And the effects remain even after sportspeople stop administering them.
The fighter Chael Sonnen had high testosterone levels at UFC 117. He noted that he had tested positive because he had been on TRT.  After his appeal the suspension was reduced to 6 months from one year. But Chael Sonnen didn’t have any TUE that time.

среда, 6 июня 2012 г.

Well-known Bulgarian weightlifter was sentenced to 9 months in jail due to drug trade

The world champion in weightlifting Galabin Boevski went to nine months in prison because of illegal international drug trade. This athlete was arrested in October 2011 at the Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil after he attempted to board the plane with eight kg of cocaine. This sportsman was led to Bulgaria. Cocaine was estimated. It could be sold at the price of 500, 000 dollars on the streets in countries of Europe.  
Galabin Boevski is a well-known sportsperson in Bulgaria. He is considered to be one of the most famous weightlifters in this country.
First he was caught administering steroids in 1995. Undoubtedly, he was sentenced to suspension.
Then this sportsperson was caught administering forbidden medications in 2004. It was the second time when he broke doping laws. In fact, Boevski didn’t test positive for any forbidden medications. But anti-doping officials defined that he didn’t provide own urine. The urine that was provided by this sportsman belonged to another person. As a result, Boevski was sentenced to 8-year suspension. During serving the suspension he was caught smuggling cocaine.
Boevski became famous due to his achievements in weightlifting. This sportsman won gold medals at some competitions: at the 1999 World Weightlifting Championships in Athens, the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney and the 2001 World Weightlifting Championships in Antalya.
At the 2003 World Championships in Vancouver this athlete and his teammates from Bulgaria provided urine samples which belonged to another individual. It was defined by anti-doping officials that the 3 urine samples were produced by one person. These athletes were sentenced to suspensions. Galabi Boevski appealed the suspension but it was not successful.
Galabin Boevski broke certain world records at various competitions. He held three world records. His best lifts were following: a 162, 5 kg snatch, 196, 5 kg clean and jerk and a 357, 5 kg of two lifts at the 1999 Championships.
It is wondering but this sportsman’s reputation was not destroyed in Bulgaria. He utilized his status of celebrity in sports in order to establish a Technogym fitness center in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The center was called Atama Wellness and Spa.
Moreover, Maria Isabel do Prado, the Brazilian judge, affirmed that Galabin Boevski used also his status of celebrity in sports in order to traffic cocaine. She also noted that this weightlifter utilized the participation of his daughter in a Brazilian tennis tournament in order to cover his illegal operations linked with smuggling of the narcotic.
The weightlifter Boevski said that he would appeal the conviction.

After Andy Pettitte’s testimony at court Roger Clemens may confirm that they are friends

The desire of the federal government connected with the case of Roger Clemens was following: they hoped to prove that this sportsman had lied before the Congress about administration of anabolic steroids and HGH. But the government couldn’t do it. It was expected that Andy Pettitte would confirm that Roger Clemens had acknowledged that he had taken the banned medicines during a conversation in 1999 or in 2000. But Pettitte shocked the prosecutors. This man stated that he couldn’t affirm that Roger Clemens had used steroids and HGH because he was not sure.
Actually, did the testimony of Andy Pettittte shock the prosecutors of Roger Clemens? This person swore for the 2008 Congressional hearings on intake of steroids in the Major League Baseball that Roger Clemens admitted to usage of HGH. But he provided opposite statements at the Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse in Washington.
Michael Attanasio, a defense attorney for Roger Clemens, asked Andy Pettitte whether he can affirm that he is 50-50 that he has misunderstood Roger Clemens about HGH. Pettitte answered that he is actually 50-50 about this factor.
When the prosecutors heard the answer of Andy Pettitte, they didn’t know what to do. They claimed that Pettitte never said this way, when he was asked several times.
The judge Reggie Walton noted that he understood that Andy Pettitte’s answer has been conflicted. In fact, his statement was following: “I don’t know”.
The attorneys for Roger Clemens used the moment of the prosecutors’ confusion. They asked the judge to brush aside the testimony of Andy Pettitte because he was 50-50. The attorneys concluded that he probably misunderstood Roger Clemens or he forgot the details of the conversation.  
The government has noticed that the jury still allows considering the affirmation of Andy Pettitte. ASUSA Dunham has pointed out that under federal laws jury is allowed to choose which affirmation to believe. He hopes that the jury will ignore the testimony that doesn’t support the government.
So, the testimony presented by Andy Pettitte and his wife led to problems. Testimonies of Andy’s wife during the first trial resulted in the declaration of a mistrial by the judge Walton.
Pettitte affirms that he is Roger Clemens’ friend. Clemens must also confirm that they are friends after the last testimony of Andy Pettitte.

суббота, 2 июня 2012 г.

Steroid user was found dead the next morning after he shot five policemen

Law enforcement officers raided the house of Cullen Mutrie for a drug investigation. This person shot five police officials at his home. One of them, the Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney,  was killed; 4 police officers were wounded. The next morning this killer and a woman were found dead.
It is suggested that Cullen Mutrie was applying steroids at the time of the shootout. Jane Young, the New Hampshire Associate Attorney General, stated that toxicology reports were waiting in order to find out whether metabolites of steroids were in the body of this person.
Police officials reported that Cullen Mutrie had been a very muscular man. He worked at Genetix Fitness in Seabrook. It was noted that he was 6 feet 3 inches tall. Cullen Mutrie weighed 275 pounds. During a raid which was in July 2010 law enforcement officials discovered anabolic steroids at his home. The police officer Wayne Young found them in a coffee table. He said that he had observed a plastic bag with several vials. A vial was with powder; others contained solution. According to the labels, they were steroids.
The New Hampshire State Crime Lab analyzed the vials. It was reported that the vials contained such preparations, as Trenbolone Acetate, Sustanon 250, Boldenone Undecylenate and Nandrolone Decanoate.
John Miller, a professor of kinesiology, was asked whether a connection between the crime and aggressiveness due to anabolic steroids could present. The specialist confirmed that it was plausible. But according to him, it is impossible to conclude that there was a direct connection between usage of anabolic steroids and the crime.
John Miller suggested that steroids which were on the black market were provided from legal pharmaceutical companies. But he has been mistaken because the majority of steroids which are offered for sales on the black market are manufactured in underground labs. It is even suggested that Cullen Mutrie produced steroids.
Since a link between criminal actions and steroid use is a controversial issue, not only police officials but also correspondents investigate the case connected with this shootout.

Defense strategy of Alistar Overeem

Alistar Overeem, a UFC fighter, appealed his suspension which was received by him for intake of anabolic steroids on April 24, 2012. But Alistar Overeem couldn’t win his appeal against members of NSAC. This fighter lost his license for nine months. Then Alistar Overeem can return.
Alistar Overeem admitted that he had applied injectable testosterone that was recommended him by his doctor. Alistar Overeem used the strategy which was claimed to be boring. He claimed that he had never used anabolic steroids or other related medications intentionally. He tried to make the NSAC believe that his injectable usage of steroids was accidental.
David Chenoff, the defense attorney for Alistar Overeem, is experienced in representing prominent sportspersons.
David Chesnoff called the personal health care provider of Overeem to testify during the hearing. It was suggested that Dr. Molina would testify in defense for this athlete. Testimonies of this health care provider were too pitiable. The physician Molina provided an explanation for prescriptions of certain drugs which led to Overeem’s increased testosterone: epitestosterone ratio.
The treating physician of Alistar Overeem acknowledged that he directed and injected this athlete with a mixture of Toradol and Dexamethasone because he suffered from an injury. Actually, these preparations are used for anti-inflammatory needs. But intake of testosterone for recovery from injuries is not approved by the FDA.
It is believed that the doctor Molina hasn’t warned Alistar Overeem that these medicines contain the anabolic steroid testosterone. But it is obviously that he has never asked about it.
Thus, testimonies of the health care provider Molina turned out to show lack of the evidence connected with therapeutic purposes for usage of forbidden preparations by Alistar Overeem. The health care provider couldn’t provide any reasonable explanation that could justify recommendations of Toradol and Dexamethasone to this fighter. Testimonies of the doctor Molina worked against Alistar Overeem.
Actually, it was felt that Alistar Overeem was a victim of the physician’s quack.
But it is possible to suggest that this strategy was designed by the defense attorney for this fighter.
Pat Lundval, a commissioner, was probably impressed by the defense of Overeem. She even called him a “smart guy”.
The members of the NSAC seemed to be convinced that Alistar Overeem has been actually a great guy but he has surrounded himself with such questionable persons, as the health care provider Moline. They advised him to look for more qualified professionals in the future.