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среда, 6 июня 2012 г.

After Andy Pettitte’s testimony at court Roger Clemens may confirm that they are friends

The desire of the federal government connected with the case of Roger Clemens was following: they hoped to prove that this sportsman had lied before the Congress about administration of anabolic steroids and HGH. But the government couldn’t do it. It was expected that Andy Pettitte would confirm that Roger Clemens had acknowledged that he had taken the banned medicines during a conversation in 1999 or in 2000. But Pettitte shocked the prosecutors. This man stated that he couldn’t affirm that Roger Clemens had used steroids and HGH because he was not sure.
Actually, did the testimony of Andy Pettittte shock the prosecutors of Roger Clemens? This person swore for the 2008 Congressional hearings on intake of steroids in the Major League Baseball that Roger Clemens admitted to usage of HGH. But he provided opposite statements at the Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse in Washington.
Michael Attanasio, a defense attorney for Roger Clemens, asked Andy Pettitte whether he can affirm that he is 50-50 that he has misunderstood Roger Clemens about HGH. Pettitte answered that he is actually 50-50 about this factor.
When the prosecutors heard the answer of Andy Pettitte, they didn’t know what to do. They claimed that Pettitte never said this way, when he was asked several times.
The judge Reggie Walton noted that he understood that Andy Pettitte’s answer has been conflicted. In fact, his statement was following: “I don’t know”.
The attorneys for Roger Clemens used the moment of the prosecutors’ confusion. They asked the judge to brush aside the testimony of Andy Pettitte because he was 50-50. The attorneys concluded that he probably misunderstood Roger Clemens or he forgot the details of the conversation.  
The government has noticed that the jury still allows considering the affirmation of Andy Pettitte. ASUSA Dunham has pointed out that under federal laws jury is allowed to choose which affirmation to believe. He hopes that the jury will ignore the testimony that doesn’t support the government.
So, the testimony presented by Andy Pettitte and his wife led to problems. Testimonies of Andy’s wife during the first trial resulted in the declaration of a mistrial by the judge Walton.
Pettitte affirms that he is Roger Clemens’ friend. Clemens must also confirm that they are friends after the last testimony of Andy Pettitte.

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