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четверг, 28 июня 2012 г.

Spain’s police officers busted multinational drug ring

Spain’s policemen arrested Scott Boote, a man, who was implicated in illicit actions connected with an international drug ring producing stimulants that increase sexual desire. Huge measures of products were seized by police officers. The street value of the medications was estimated. It was claimed that it was almost ?3 million. A citizen of the UK, a 72-year-old person from Liverpool, was also questioned. According to affirmations of police, these two persons produced eight new sexual stimulants and sold them via internet without medical controls. Six other individuals were also questioned during this investigation. Investigators affirmed that the persons who were implicated in this illicit drug ring got vehicles and another property due to distribution of illicit sexual preparations. Several bank accounts were blocked by police officers. More than 100,000 doses of anabolic steroids, properties and cars were seized.
A spokesperson for Spanish police stated that all members of the drug ring lived quite luxuriously. They have numerous properties and luxury cars. They got properties abroad in order to hide the shaded business. Investigators defined that the ring offered for sale sex stimulants for both men and women. The drugs were sold per internet. Individuals from around the world could get the products. Thus, people from the USA, the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. were customers that acquired medications from this ring. Three factories were set in Costa del Sol. Investigators suggest that those who were producing the medicines didn’t have needed knowledge for this purpose. According to them, the persons who were implicated in the drug ring managed also legal business in order to hide the illicit one. They tried to give legitimate appearance to illegal actions. Several commercial companies were managed by these persons in order to mask the profits obtained due to illegal sale of sex stimulants.
Police officers also found boxes that had to be sent to customers. Anabolic steroids were also found and confiscated by police officers. Packages, labels and leaflets were also found in possession of the arrested persons.

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