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вторник, 12 июня 2012 г.

Motorcycle gangs supply bodybuilders with steroids

According to the newspaper “The Sydney Morning Herald”, illicit administration of steroids has become widespread in Australia due to outlaw motorcycle gangs. The gangs have essential profit and reduced risks.
Nick Bingham, a detective, has said that New South Wales Police doesn’t focus on investigation connected with intake of steroids but anabolic steroids become targets of investigations, when police officers arrest motorcycle gangs for violation of other laws.
According to the detective Nick Bingham, however New South Wales policemen don’t raid houses of gangs for steroids, they find them, when searches for weapons and stimulants are conducted.
Nick Bingham has noted that they commonly seize such quantities of steroids from motorcycle gangs that are just for personal use. Amounts of other preparations that are commonly found in possession of gangs are much greater than those of steroids.
The detective Nick Bingham has noted that criminals prefer utilizing anabolic steroids in order to get threatening muscular bodies. They desire to look big and strong.
Although the detective Nick Bingham is sure that gangs have steroids only for self-administration, the newspaper “The Sydney Morning Herald” presents opposite point of view. It reports that motorcycle gangs are implicated in smuggling of steroids.
However gyms are considered to be the chief sources of steroids for bodybuilders, it is confirmed by “The Sydney Morning Herald” that some gyms have close links with motorcycle gangs. The Herald claims that many seizures made by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service are linked directly with distribution of steroids by motorcycle gangs.
According to affirmations of Australian Customs, mail seizures of steroids have been increased greatly in comparison with past years.
More than 2, 000 seizures were made in 2009-2010 and over 5, 000 seizures of steroids were recorded in 2010-2011.
The majority of seizures were connected with self-administration of steroids imported illegally by bodybuilders.

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