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суббота, 2 июня 2012 г.

Defense strategy of Alistar Overeem

Alistar Overeem, a UFC fighter, appealed his suspension which was received by him for intake of anabolic steroids on April 24, 2012. But Alistar Overeem couldn’t win his appeal against members of NSAC. This fighter lost his license for nine months. Then Alistar Overeem can return.
Alistar Overeem admitted that he had applied injectable testosterone that was recommended him by his doctor. Alistar Overeem used the strategy which was claimed to be boring. He claimed that he had never used anabolic steroids or other related medications intentionally. He tried to make the NSAC believe that his injectable usage of steroids was accidental.
David Chenoff, the defense attorney for Alistar Overeem, is experienced in representing prominent sportspersons.
David Chesnoff called the personal health care provider of Overeem to testify during the hearing. It was suggested that Dr. Molina would testify in defense for this athlete. Testimonies of this health care provider were too pitiable. The physician Molina provided an explanation for prescriptions of certain drugs which led to Overeem’s increased testosterone: epitestosterone ratio.
The treating physician of Alistar Overeem acknowledged that he directed and injected this athlete with a mixture of Toradol and Dexamethasone because he suffered from an injury. Actually, these preparations are used for anti-inflammatory needs. But intake of testosterone for recovery from injuries is not approved by the FDA.
It is believed that the doctor Molina hasn’t warned Alistar Overeem that these medicines contain the anabolic steroid testosterone. But it is obviously that he has never asked about it.
Thus, testimonies of the health care provider Molina turned out to show lack of the evidence connected with therapeutic purposes for usage of forbidden preparations by Alistar Overeem. The health care provider couldn’t provide any reasonable explanation that could justify recommendations of Toradol and Dexamethasone to this fighter. Testimonies of the doctor Molina worked against Alistar Overeem.
Actually, it was felt that Alistar Overeem was a victim of the physician’s quack.
But it is possible to suggest that this strategy was designed by the defense attorney for this fighter.
Pat Lundval, a commissioner, was probably impressed by the defense of Overeem. She even called him a “smart guy”.
The members of the NSAC seemed to be convinced that Alistar Overeem has been actually a great guy but he has surrounded himself with such questionable persons, as the health care provider Moline. They advised him to look for more qualified professionals in the future.

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