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вторник, 12 июня 2012 г.

David Segui’s statements provided to various persons differ completely

Federal prosecutors hope that the judge Reggie Walton will permit the former first baseman of the Major League Baseball David Segui to testify in the trial related to the case of Roger Clemens. This person had a conversation with Brian McNamee, the former personal trainer of Roger Clemens. It is claimed that they have discussed about usage of steroids by the former celebrated baseball player.
The former personal trainer of Roger Clemens was called to testify against his client because he turned out to be the only person who had direct knowledge about usage of steroids and other related products by Clemens. Furthermore, he stored injection equipment: vials, syringes and needles which were allegedly mixed with the blood of Roger Clemens. DNA analysis was made in order to define whether the blood belonged really to Clemens.
Rusty Hardin, a defense attorney for Roger Clemens, confirmed that the steroid evidence was created by Brian McNamee after the interrogation by federal prosecutors.
But prosecutors claimed that David Segui told them that Brian McNamee said that he kept some things as evidence of steroid use by some players in 2001. It was certain years before Roger Clemens’ former trainer became the target of the investigation.
Information presented by David Segui to federal prosecutors differed significantly from that presented to Jim Baumbach, a sportswriter. His words provided to the sportswriter were published in an article in 2008. According to that article, David Segui confirmed that he had never spoken about steroids with his friend Brian McNamee.
Segui found out about involvement of Brian McNamee into the case of Roger Clemens just in 2006, when he read a piece of news in the Los Angeles Times.
Segui said openly about personal administration of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. He said that he had been asked many times by players of the Major League Baseball whether he had utilized steroids. The former Major League Baseball first baseman admitted that he had applied them. But Segui noticed that he had never discussed about application of steroids with Brian McNamee.
Segui supported the decision of McNamee to keep evidence about usage of banned medications by his clients. According to the former first baseman of the Major League Baseball, it is a reasonable decision because sometimes innocent persons are blamed but guilty individuals are covered. Thus, Brian McNamee could help to reveal the truth.
Although the judge Walton was asked to permit David Segui to present testimony in the trial linked with Roger Clemens, the judge didn’t announce his decision yet.

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