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воскресенье, 17 июня 2012 г.

Certain persons claim that there are no changes in physical appearance of Roger Clemens

Each baseball fan knows that Roger Clemens is charged with obstruction of justice. It is believed that he has lied before Congress about administration of steroids and HGH.
Rusty Hardin claimed that there was no any difference in physical appearance of Roger Clemens before, during and after his trainings with the coach Brian McNamee. The attorney claimed that this aspect was a proof that Roger Clemens hadn’t used steroids and other related preparations.
Enhancement of muscle mass is commonly utilized by federal prosecutors as proof that a sportsperson takes steroids or/and other related medications. But this tendency was not utilized during the governmental case against Roger Clemens. No one could affirm that Roger Clemens’ muscles displayed that he had administered steroids and HGH. It is a difference between the case against Roger Clemens and that against Barry Bonds.
As for the governmental case against Barry Bonds, federal prosecutors called many individuals in the trial who were able to testify that anabolic steroids led to evidential changes in physical appearance of this person. They affirmed that intake of steroids led to enhancement of muscle mass, increased size of the head and testicular shrinkage in Barry Bonds.
So, Rusty Hardin presented four photos of Roger Clemens. The pictures manifested physical appearance of Roger Clemens, including the time when Clemens was working with the coach Brain McNamee. The attorney noted that the pictures showed that there were no changes in physical appearance that could support that he took steroids and HGH.
The attorney Rusty Hardin claimed that the photos displayed just the process of ageing. The masseur Cheryl Redfern noticed that she didn’t observe any changes in physical appearance of Roger Clemens. Roger Clemens experienced neither back acne, nor gynecomastia, nor essentially increased muscle size.
Phil Garner, a former baseball player, also claimed that there were not any essential changes in physical appearance and performance of Roger Clemens during working with the trainer Brian McNamee.
The Assistant US Attorney Steve Durham tried to discredit the affirmation about lack of physical changes in Roger Clemens during the cross-examination of the former baseball player Phil Garner. He confirmed that while several steroids increased muscle mass, others didn’t induce getting muscles. Thus, he claimed that the pictures could say nothing about steroid use.
Federal prosecutors desire to take advantages in both cases: in the case against Roger Clemens and in that against Barry Bonds. While they affirm that changes in physical appearance of Barry Bonds manifest that he has utilized steroids, lack of physical changes in Roger Clemens doesn’t prove that he hasn’t utilized steroids.

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