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четверг, 28 июня 2012 г.

Norwegian police officers continue Operation Gilde

Norwegian law enforcement officers have busted a huge doping ring. More than 10 persons that were implicated in illegal actions were arrested. Six persons went to jail.
According to news of the newspaper Dagens N?ringsliv (DN), the doping ring was located in Trondheim. DN published own investigation connected with illicit sale of anabolic steroids in Norway. Police officers investigated the case.
It is suggested that a secret center is established in Trondheim. It manages illicit sale of performance-enhancing drugs and money laundering.
The arrested individuals were connected with bodybuilding, fitness and health industries in Norway. Some individuals were arrested at their homes; others – in business offices, parking lots and tram stops.
Police officers suggest that some persons are hidden by the names of Guru and Karma.
Robert Eilertsen is included in those who have been arrested. He is an operator and editor of a fitness blog. He coached famous sportspeople within football, boxing, handball, etc.
It is suspected that Eilertsen and certain other individuals have provided dangerous performance-enhancing drugs to Norwegian youth during several years.
Circa 60 police officers were implicated in raids. The raids resulted in 11 arrests.
Since the investigation is not finished yet, police officers say nothing about their further actions.
Norwegian customs officers and tax authorities were also involved in the investigation.
Many computers and some documents were seized during raids of homes, business officers, cars, etc.
Eilertsen and Gunnar Strand Jacobsen, another arrested person, have denied their connections with doping drugs. Jacobsen is the owner of Kaliber Gym in Trondheim, one of the most well-known gyms in Norway. Jacobsen was personal trainer of sportspersons who obtained prizes. He coached sportspersons that attended to different sports. Jacobsen is considered to be a high-profile nutrition expert.
The raid was called “Operation Gilde”.
Eilertsen and Jacobsen are accused in sale of doping medicines and money laundering.

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