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среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

Depression was responsible for Matechuk’s decision to use steroids

Jordan Matechuk, a Canadian football player was busted by the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). He was caught having more than 540 tablets of oral steroids and more than 260 ml of injectable steroids, when he was returning to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats training camp. The football player said that his depression was responsible for the decision to buy and utilize anabolic steroids.
Matechuk said that he took anabolic steroids and marijuana in order to be capable to get rid of his depression. He confirmed that earlier he had administered anti-depressant medications. Discontinuing taking anti-depressant products probably resulted in usage of steroids.
Jordan Matechuk confirmed that he suffered from depression. He started to administer anabolic steroids and marijuana in order to feel better. Matechuk acknowledged that he was responsible for this condition. He wouldn’t have stopped using anti-depressant preparations. But he discontinued taking them. This factor resulted in usage of steroids.
The football player Matechuk pleaded guilty to possession of steroids and marijuana.
However he faced up to 2-year imprisonment, he was sentenced to 90 years in prison. But Matechuk was released after he served only 60 days.
Matechuk stated that there were certain other circumstances but he decided to keep them out of public knowledge.
The Canadian Football League gave him another possibility to play professional football.
He wrote a letter and sent it to every member of the team. Matechuk noted about his shame for the arrest linked with possession and administration of steroids. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats didn’t want to receive the steroid user back to the team.
But the Winnipeg Blue Bombers decided to give him the second chance. So, Matechuk was happily accepted by this team.

Bullying excuse in the Australian court

Brenton Dowell, an Australian bodybuilder, was caught possessing and importing significant quantities of anabolic steroids in March 2011. It was defined that these steroids could be sufficient to be utilized for over sixty years by one user. Many people thought that this bodybuilder would be sentenced to prison. But Brenton Dowell escaped from imprisonment successfully.
The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service claimed that Brenton Dowell had tried to import illegally over 3 kg of testosterone powder. The packages that contained the raw testosterone powder were mailed in September, October and November 2011. They were directed to 3 various places: to Dowell’s home, to his father and his stepfather.
Actually, such large quantities of raw testosterone powder could be bought only for manufacture of anabolic steroids by underground labs for selling them on the black market. 3 kg of raw testosterone powder could be utilized for getting of 1500 10-ml vials with ready preparations.
Len Hartnett, the defense attorney for Brenton Dowell, claimed that the steroid powder had been bought for his client’s personal use. He noticed that Dowell’s intake of steroids was caused by bullying attacks which he received, when he was an overweight child. So, according to the defense attorney Len Hartnett, Brenton Dowell became addicted to bodybuilding and began to take steroids because he was an overweight kid.
The judge Graeme Hicks was influenced by affirmations of the defense attorney Len Harnett who described experiences of Brenton Dowell in his childhood. The judge Graeme Hicks noted that it could be concluded that Brenton Dowell had become obsessed by bodybuilding.
So, the judge accepted bullying excuse. Based on the descriptions and arguments of the defense attorney, the judge Graeme Hicks concluded that the bodybuilder Brenton Dowell had purchased steroids personal use and for sales to his friends in order to pay off personal usage.
Brenton Dowell was enforced to pay a fine of 10, 000 dollars and to serve 2-year probation.

суббота, 26 мая 2012 г.

Death of a teenager was probably caused by steroids

Georgina Howarth, a pathologist, confirmed that the death of Mohammed Belkhair, a 19-year person, had been caused by application of anabolic steroids. She noticed that anabolic steroids had caused heart failure that had resulted in the death.
According to the doctor Howarth, if this young guy had not used steroids, he would have lived today. She confirmed that intake of steroids was the only cause of the death. The pathologist noticed that the death of this teenager was a lesson for every person to be far from such products.
The sister of Mohammed Belkhair found him vomiting in his room on May, 2011. The teenager admitted that he had utilized steroids. The death occurred at the same day. It was reported that steroids had been presented in his system.
According to some articles, DHEA and Tamoxifen were two steroids that were found in the system of the boy. DHEA is sold overall in Britain and in the USA.
But actually, the news is misleading. Tamoxifen doesn’t belong to anabolic steroids. It has been initially introduced to treat persons who have breast cancer. It has become widespread among sportspeople and bodybuilders that take steroids due to its ability to prevent aromatization of other products.
It seems to be curiously but nothing was noted about arrest of Mohammed Belkhair. This factor might contribute in his death. This boy was arrested on the night before his death by police officers. 4 various anabolic steroids were found in his room. But the names of the steroids were not mentioned.
Although the police encounter and arrest occurred certain hours before the death of Mohammed Belkhair, the doctor Georgina Howarth didn’t investigate these conditions. Moreover, she didn’t provide any explanation about this condition. Police officials released nothing too.
Since it was announced that Mohammed Belkhair had purchased steroids online, the news linked with risks of purchasing steroids per internet were spread in the country. Thus, it turned out to be convenient for altering the laws in order to make ordering of steroids per internet illegal in Britain. The British government plans to make personal importation of steroids per mail and per internet illegal. It will be in near future. However it is said that these laws will be enacted before the 2012 Olympics, they are not still enacted.

WADA can’t convince the government of the UK to make import and usage of steroids criminal

Officers of the British government will be not able to stop sportspersons importing steroids to the UK, when they come to participate in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Although administration of steroids is prohibited in sports, personal intake of these products is legal in the UK. Just distribution of steroids is claimed to be illegal in this country. So, if a person attempts to import amount of anabolic steroids that is essentially large, he/she will not be allowed to do it.
Before Olympic Games took place in Australia, Canada and China, governments of these countries modified legislation linked with import and application of steroids at least temporally. But the British government refuses to change steroid laws for the 2012 Olympic Games.
Ironically, while the government of the UK doesn’t want to make personal intake of steroids illicit, Britain athletes are banned for lifetime, if they utilize anabolic steroids. When it comes to the WADA Code, sportspersons that take prohibited products are banned for 2 years.
The Olympic minister Hugh Robertson claims that it is important to have a universal law connected with sentencing. He insists on at least 4 years or even longer.  However he is supported by the British Olympic Association, the UK Anti-Doping Agency doesn’t agree with such harsh sanction. The CEO of the UK Anti-Doping Agency Andi Parkinson believes that some sanctions should be milder.
Hugh Robertson realizes that there are various opinions in sports and it’s not well but he doesn’t ask the CEO of the UKAD to resign.
The spokesman for the minister has noted that any athlete can have steroids in his/her luggage, when he/she arrives to London. But the quantity of steroids should display that he/she has them only for personal usage. The spokesperson has added that it is not illegal for a sportsperson to administer steroids under laws of the UK but if any sportsperson is caught administering banned medications, he/she will be punished under anti-doping laws.
The UKAD noticed that they would collaborate with border control officers. Information about sportspeople will be utilized by anti-doping officers.
5, 000 drug test, including 1, 000 blood tests will be conducted by the International Olympic Committee.

среда, 23 мая 2012 г.

Findings related to links between steroid use and heart troubles

Prolonged application of anabolic steroids may cause different heart diseases. It enhances risks linked with heart failure. These statements have been noted in a study that has been presented in Circulation: Heart Failure, an American Heart Association journal.
Anabolic-androgenic steroids work like the hormone testosterone which occurs naturally and that is responsible for development of male sex features.
The leader of the study Aaron L. Baggish says that in addition to the factor that anabolic steroids are illegal, they are associated with negative consequences for health. He notices that it is the first time, when negative influence of long-term intake of steroids on heart is clearly realized.
The research displayed that the left ventricle in consumers of steroids was essentially weaker during contraction than in those that didn’t administer steroids.
A left ventricle that acts correctly pumps out 55-70 % of the blood which fills the heart.
 12 steroid users were implicated in the study. It was demonstrated that the left ventricles of 83 % these steroid users worked incorrectly: they pumped out less than 55 % of the blood.   Among the examined non-users only one person had problems linked with the function of the left ventricle.
The research manifested that ventricle relaxation among steroid users was reduced by circa half. It was 0, 93 among users of steroids; 1, 80 – among non-users. The structure of the left ventricle was the same in both groups: steroid users and non-users.
It was used the test “Doppler echocardiography” for examination of function and structure of the left ventricle. This technique uses ultrasound for creation of moving pictures of the heart and its blood flow.
 The group of steroid users included 12 weightlifters at the age of about 40 that confirmed that they applied approximately 675 mg of steroids per week for 9 years. Another group included weightlifters who didn’t use steroids. Both groups had similar physical activity and the same risks connected with heart diseases. But they had differences in body mass and muscle size. The consumers of steroids had more muscular appearance.
Although small number of steroid users has been included in the research, the results have demonstrated that there is a strong link between intake of steroids and heart impairment.
The scientists decided to conduct further researches in order to support the results of this study.
Baggish and his colleagues hope that people will realize that application of steroids can cause heart troubles and different unexplained heart dysfunctions in young persons.

Jay Cutler says that steroids are not everything in bodybuilding

Bodybuilding doesn’t belong to glamorous sports. Any bodybuilder may support this affirmation. People that are involved in bodybuilding spend much time at gyms, training; they prepare proper food and make continuous researches. What is this work done for? – Only for 30 seconds on stage. Undoubtedly, if bodybuilders achieve high results, they obtain awards, praise, and admiration of others. Their pictures are posted on covers of fit magazines. They become celebrated.
Unfortunately, the most of bodybuilders never achieve this level because it is needed much work and money for this purpose. But any bodybuilder hopes to achieve this level: to be a top bodybuilder, to receive money and other prizes. If you have any interest to find out what is required for success in bodybuilding, you can look at Jay Cutler and certain other individuals. You can also learn role of steroids for achievement of success in bodybuilding.
Jay Cutler is one of the most famous bodybuilders in history. In addition to this fact, he has received Mr. Olympia titles 4 times. This person spends much time for sports. He claims that he doesn’t make plans. He eats around the clock. Jay Cutler consumes 4, 000 – 7, 000 calories per day. Chicken breasts are at the center of his many meals.
It is interesting to mention that Jay Cutler spends more time for eating than for workouts. He lifts for about 2 hours and gets cardio an hour per day. Cutler confirms that his day differs significantly from thoughts of people about it. Those that are not involved in bodybuilding think that bodybuilders train 8 hours per day. They suggest that if they apply steroids, they will have the same appearance like professional bodybuilders.
Jay Cutler claims that steroids are not everything in bodybuilding but they have a great role in it. He claims that if anyone wants to achieve obvious success in sports, he/she should apply steroids. Ron Stevens, who is in the sport 15 years, supports the statement of Jay Cutler about steroids. He notes that it is impossible to compete without intake of these drugs. After some shows Ron Stevens made the decision to take steroids.
Stevens is a dedicated bodybuilder as well. He consumes much food that could be enough for a family that consists of five members.
The most of bodybuilders don’t have great supplement contracts. They don’t have sufficient money in order to support their efforts and obtain titles of Mr. Olympia.
In fact, the most of serious bodybuilders have regular jobs and dream that they will reach evident success one day.
As for Jay Cutler, he had two jobs. He worked and spent each dollar he got for bodybuilding. Finally, he obtained great success. His every effort was paid off.
Thinking over Jay Cutler, any bodybuilder can be encouraged to hope that he will succeed greatly one day. Infamous bodybuilders may dream at least.

суббота, 19 мая 2012 г.

False statements of Dana White about struggle of the UFC against doping

The UFC President Dana White tries to defend UFC efforts against usage of forbidden preparations.  Dana White notes that the UFC struggles seriously to push banned medicines out of sports. He confirms that they do more than any other sport organization for this goal.
Unluckily, affirmations of the UFC President are pronounced only for public relations purposes. They are completely false. The UFC doesn’t do more than any other sport organization, struggling against application of banned preparations.
Dana White affirms that it is impossible to perform random drug testing in the UFC. This person notices that they have 375 athletes under contract. The UFC President notes that it is impossible to perform random tests because these sportspersons live everywhere; they travel around the world. The UFC President finds it unreal to travel in various countries, seeking these 375 persons, in order to test them continually.
While The UFC President tries to prove that it is impossible to perform random drug testing of 375 UFC guys, other sport organizations do it with their sportspersons. They perform random testing successfully.
It isn’t completely clear what happens really. Does Dana White desire to mislead public about administration of prohibited products by the UFC athletes? Or is he ignorant wholly, when it comes to the laws of the World Anti-Doping Agency?
The CEO of the US Anti-Doping Agency thinks that the UFC does everything in order to avoid agreement with the code of the WADA. They have own points of views and struggle against the WADA rules. However the UFC states that they try to protect their sports from usage of forbidden preparations by the WADA rules, the reality displays that it is not true. The UFC rules are miserable in comparison with those of the WADA. Don’t be mistaken!

Santos Cyborg presented a speech about steroids

Each fan of Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos and every fan of Ronda Rousey desired to hear an open respond of Santos to her positives for the anabolic steroid Winstrol. Ultimately the female fighter Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos responded publicly. The female fighter pronounced a speech that was presented by Cristiane Cyborg spoke in Portuguese. The lady confirmed that steroids represented evil. She affirmed that she would have never administered them knowingly.
It was announced that Cyborg Santos tested positive for Winstrol during the Strikeforce: Melendez vs Masvidal in San Diego in December 2011. She claimed that she had never administered anabolic steroids intentionally. This fighter confirmed that she had taken a weight loss supplement that had been supplied by a member of her camp.
The female fighter noticed that she hadn’t known that the product was a steroid. She said that it had been her mistake that she had trusted that member of her camp.
Santos Cyborg tried to prove that persons who named her a cheater were mistaken. The mixed martial artist said that the only her mistake was to administer a product which was able to help her to escape from extra weight.
As a result, Santos Cyborg was sentenced to 12-month ban by the California State Athletic Commission. She lost her Strikeforce Women’s Championship title.
Santos’ appeal linked with her ban was scheduled on April 9, 2012.
After Santos tested positive for Winstrol, Ronda Rousey affirmed that she always suspected that Cyborg utilized steroids because her muscular appearance indicated about it.  Ronda noted that every person knew that Santos had taken steroids. Ronda Rousey added that nobody should be allowed to apply banned medicines in order to win. Ronda pointed out that it was a great thing that Santos had been caught.
Everyone is looking forward to a fight between Santos Cyborg and Ronda Rousey. Who will win?

вторник, 15 мая 2012 г.

Interest to the case linked with Roger Clemens was renewed after Mike Wallace had died

Mike Wallace, a celebrated investigative journalist, who was one of the initial correspondents of CBS’ 60 Minutes died, when he was 93 years old. This reporter hosted capturing interviews with world celebrated individuals. The most recent stories were about the former professional baseball player Roger Clemens and accusations connected with usage of anabolic steroids and HGH by this athlete. Mike Wallace’s last appearance on TV was linked with this case.
The interview with Roger Clemens about steroids was broadcast in January, 2008. Rusty Hardin, the defense attorney for Roger Clemens, arranged the appearing of this former baseball player in the program 60 Minutes. Roger Clemens had to defense himself against accusations of Brian McNamee, his former personal coach. This trainer accused Roger Clemens in administration of anabolic steroids and HGH. He collaborated with investigators of Mitchell Report, when they tried to determine the widespread of steroid use in the Major League Baseball.
Wallace didn’t enforce Clemens to tell that he administered steroids. He just convinced him to prove to others that he had used neither steroids, nor HGH. Clemens claimed that he would be able to pull a tractor with his teeth, if he had applied steroids.
The interview of Clemens was a calamitous public relations ploy for the attorney Rusty Hardin. It was not the best interview. But it renewed the interest after Wallace had died.
In fact, Wallace hosted much more substantial interviews during his career. The steroid interview with Roger Clemens was not the most interesting. Why did it draw every person’s attention?
Other interviews of Wallace are quite significant. Wallace interviewed the lawyer of the president Richard Nixon and the assistant to the president for Domestic Affairs John Ehrlichman during the Watergate scandal. Wallace named the Watergate scandal “perjury”. He mentioned such methods of Richard Nixon, as thefts, spying, obstruction of justice, etc. The scandal led to resignation of the president.
The Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini was also interviewed by Wallace. The reporter named him a “lunatic”. But he was quoting the president Anwar el-Sadat of Egypt.
Another person that was interviewed by Wallace was the Vice President of Research and Development at a tobacco company. Jeffrey Wigand noted during the interview that executives of the company cheated before the Congress about their knowledge linked with nature of nicotine.
Although these interviews were significant, numerous persons directed their attention to insignificant interview with Roger Clemens. It may be because while lying of Roger Clemens before the Congress can cause federal struggle against steroids, the war on nicotine will never exist.

Brassinosteroid contained in mustard may promote increasing lean muscle mass in mammals

Certain recent researches have determined some benefits of mustard. Anybody knows that it is a good remedy which adds pleasant flavor to meal. Moreover, it has been defined that mustard can help to lose fat and improve physical appearance.
A study related to mustard has been led by Debora Esposito and his colleagues at North Carolina University in Kannapolis (USA). It has been affirmed under results of the research that a compound which is named “homobrassinolide” found in mustard and other related herbs is able to enhance lean muscle mass and strength in mammals.
28-Homobrassinolide represents a brassinosteroid. It is a type of steroid which has been found in plants which are included in Brassica family. It has been known that it may promote growing plants. But nobody has been aware about its role in mammals. The specialists have defined that homobrassinolide is able to cause anabolic effects in mammals. It promotes enhancing synthesis of protein, stimulates appetite and enhances muscle mass through enhancement of number and size of muscle fibers in animals.
Healthy rats have been implicated in the study. They have been given oral homobrassinolide during 24 days. Dual-emission x-ray absorptiometry analysis has been applied in order to check changes in weight, food consumption and composition of rats’ bodies. It has been determined that animals who have been given homobrassinolide have obtained significantly more muscle mass than those that have not been treated.
Enhancement of muscle mass indicates about a higher basal metabolic rate. High BMR is associated with great caloric burning that helps to remain lean.
So, the study has clearly shown that homobrassinolide increases protein synthesis, enhances size and number of muscle fibers that play a great role for increase of energy.
Experts suppose that such plants, as mustard, may be used for more enhanced brassinosteroid content. It may help to have lean muscle mass, increase it and prevent some diseases.
It is suggested that future supplement and medicine industry will introduce preparations which will be efficacious in case of several maladies related to muscle wasting. Such preparations can be used as alternative products to synthetic steroids because the first ones will probably have minimal or no undesirable results.
Leaves of mustard have little calories. They are rich in antioxidants. Leaves of mustard cause anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, they represent an excellent source of iron, magnesium, fiber, selenium and phosphorous.
Mustard may be used for preparing salads, curds and tempering. It would be useful to consume at least one teaspoon of mustard with water or meal in order to obtain several positive effects.

воскресенье, 13 мая 2012 г.

Dr. Beltran was arrested as a result of the steroid investigation “Operacion Skype”

A steroid investigation by Mossos d’Esqudra and Spain’s Policia Nacional resulted in arrest of 10 persons that were implicated in a steroid chain. These persons provided top amateur and professional sportspeople and even Olympic athletes with anabolic steroids, HGH, EPO, CERA and other related preparations.  The operation was named “Operacion Skype”. The steroid ring was settled in Barcelona.
The investigation was originally connected with the professional cyclist David Garcia Dapena that tested positive for EPO after the 2010 Vuelta a Espana. It was claimed that the cyclist had enhanced hematocrit levels that indicated about intake of EPO.
Garcia didn’t deny application of the controlled substance. He collaborated with the police officials. David Garcia admitted that he had purchased drugs with performance-enhancing effects from the physician Alberto Beltran Nino.
It was defined that Beltran had been the leader of an organization focused on sophisticated doping. This organization supplied cyclists and other sportspersons with banned medicines. It was also defined that several sportspeople that took part in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2010 Vuelta a Espana, the 2009 Tour du Portugal and the 2012 Spanish Athletics Championships belonged to the group of sportspeople who got steroids and other forbidden medications from this doping organization.
It was even earlier suspected that Beltran supplied athletes with steroids and other related medicines and taught them how to avoid being caught. This physician was arrested in Italy after he was caught driving his car that contained steroids and other related preparations.
The Portuguese professional cyclist Nuno Ribeiro accused the physician Beltran in injecting him with banned medications after he tested positive for CERA in 2009.
The sprinter Jose Luis Blanco assisted in the steroid investigation that had been led against Beltran after this sportsperson tested positive for EPO at the 2012 Spanish Athletics Championships.
Beltran moved to Bahrain in 2009. Since that time the doctor had no any direct contact with any athlete.
Nevertheless, the police believe that he has established a team of intermediaries in different countries. They have purchased steroids and other related drugs and supplied top sportspeople with them.
Beltran was detained in Madrid in March 2012 by police officials. He was caught possessing AICAR and TB-500.
While no any sportsperson has tested positive for these medicines, it is suspected that several athletes have intended to apply these medications.

What have you to understand about AndroGel dosage for getting wanted benefits?
AndroGel dosage is prescribed by health care providers who take in consideration following conditions: testosterone levels of patients, responses of their systems to usage of this preparation, individual conditions and other preparations which are used by patients. It is usually indicated to begin with the AndroGel dosage of 5 mg daily. The measure is altered during the therapy. If serum testosterone levels are very decreased, the quantity should be enhanced. If the levels are higher than the normal level, the treatment with this medicine should be stopped. The dosage must be regulated only by health care providers but not by those who utilize this product.

Why do prostitutes use steroids?

Young women in Bangladesh who are involved in prostitution take steroids to add weight and bulk up. It has been written by Reuters. The article’s headline contains the following words: “dark steroid secret”. It is stated that prostitutes from Bangladesh take steroids to have better appearance. Of course, the first thoughts that come in mind in this case are related to application of anabolic steroids. But reading the article completely and more attentively, anyone can notice that it is written not about anabolic steroids but about corticosteroids.
One of corticosteroids that are available at pharmacies of Bangladesh is sold under the trade name Oradexon. It is not needed to have a prescription in order to get this medication. Its cost is circa 15 taka which equal to 0, 18 USD dollars. An alternative name of this medication is Dexamethasone. This is an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant remedy that is prescribed for cure of individuals who experience different illnesses. This drug is over 25 times more potent that the natural steroid hormone cortisol.
90 % of sex workers at the 15 legal houses of prostitution from Bangladesh take the corticosteroid Oradexon. 90 % equal to 900 young prostitutes who apply this preparation continually. They apply it willingly or are enforced to do it. So, some of them are enforced to apply it. But others administer this remedy willingly because it is said that corticosteroids have ability to add strength and improve health.
It may seem to be ironically but prostitutes from Bangladesh  who utilize corticosteroids have the same purposes like those which encourage bodybuilders to apply anabolic steroids. Sex workers apply corticosteroids in order to improve physical appearance, add weight and increase appetite.
It is confirmed that Oradexon can give healthy appearance to users. Customers appreciate it. A lady that is involved in prostitution in Bangladesh says that customers are seeking healthy girls. Since she needs money in order to pay her bills and loans, she should have customers each day. If she doesn’t have any customer a day, she doesn’t have what to eat. Furthermore, she tries to earn money for her son.
Actually, negative results that may be provoked due to corticosteroids are much more dangerous than those that can occur due to administration of anabolic steroids. Corticosteroids can affect immune system, lead to osteoporosis and insulin resistance, enhance appetite significantly, and enhance weight and fat.
Specialists try to draw people’s attention to abuse of corticosteroids and probable negative reactions of them.

Usage of AndroGel for bodybuilding!
Besides common indications to this steroid, it is required to follow some specified directions, when it comes to application of AndroGel for bodybuilding. Athletes who want to increase muscle mass due to this medicine need to do exercises which involve big muscles during administration of this medication. Bench presses, leg presses, squats and arm curls have to be done. As for cardio workouts, they should be avoided during application of AndroGel for bodybuilding. It is needed to have also proper diets, if you desire to receive needed results. You meal should contain much protein and starchy carbohydrate.

четверг, 10 мая 2012 г.

Two football players provided “non-human” urine samples for drug testing

The National Football League banned the linebacker D. J. Williams and Ryan McBean, a defensive lineman, of the team Denver Broncos for violation of steroid policy. These football players were suspended from 6 games. But they were not suspended for usage of steroids. They didn’t test positive for steroids or other forbidden drugs. They were accused in providing “non-human” urine samples to the officer of drug testing.
D. J. William affirmed that he had never tested for any prohibited substance during eight years of his career. The football player noted that he was proud of his records. The linebacker of the NFL noted that he was also proud of his manner in that he conducted himself, being a sportsman.
Peter Schaffer, the defensive attorney for McBean, stated that the NFL had violated rights of this player. He noted that since McBean had never tested positive for any forbidden preparation, the NFL didn’t have any right to sentence him to suspension.
Peter Schaffer said that he desired to make it clear that neither D. J. Williams, nor Ryan McBean tested positive for forbidden substances.
A lawsuit was filed in Denver County Court against bans of these football players.
D. J. Williams and Ryan McBean stated that the drug testing officer had violated some rules connected with the procedure of collecting urine samples.
Peter Schaffer mentioned that certain similarities had been between his client and Ryan Braun. Braun won his appeal connected with his suspension from 50 games for usage of testosterone. Ryan Braun could prove that Dino Laurenzi, the drug testing officer, violated steroid policy.
As for Laurenzi, different anti-doping agencies defended and supported him. The WADA also supported this drug testing officer. It was said that there was the same procedure of collecting and sending urine samples not only for the MLB but also for the WADA.
But as for the drug testing officer that collected samples of Williams and McBean, he was treated in another way. He was fired by the NFL for improper doing his duty.
At the hearing the NFL administrators acknowledged that the drug testing officer violated the chain of custody for urine samples.
Nonetheless, the appeal on behalf of the players was rejected.

Some products which are labeled as dietary supplements are not safe

What can be called “a medication”? The FDA affirms that a medicine represents a substance; it is not a supplement. It is applied for diagnosis, cure, prevention of diseases, for proper influence on body’s functions. It is possible to mention that a medicine is a medicine which has nothing to do with politics and great money.
But you may face certain ambiguity today. A law that has been established in 1994 by Senators Orrin Hatch and Tom Harkin has caused the confusion between dietary supplements and drugs. Thus, mega-billion dollar supplements industry has induced developing the disorder in clear definitions. Users’ ignorance and some legislative expressions with doubled sense have played essential role in creation of following wrong conception: anything which is sold may be used without dangers.
This wrong conception led to different serious troubles. For example, more than a year ago 2 young soldiers of the U. S. Army died as a result of administration of so-called “dietary supplements” Jack3d and OxyElite Pro. The case is still investigated. In fact, it has been set that those soldiers had utilized an amphetamine-like synthetic substance which has been called “dimethylamylamine”. It had negative influence on their cardiovascular and nervous systems. Since it has altered function of bodies, it is a medication. Although it is a banned compound utilized by sportspeople, it is available at the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC.
Health stores sell products which are similar to that substance mentioned above. They are getable as dietary supplements but it is not true.
Another preparation is DHEA. It is a steroid that may be transformed in consumers’ systems into anabolic steroids or neurohormonal steroids. This aspect influences on physiological functions of body. Is it a supplement actually?
Another preparation which is labeled as a dietary supplement is RockHard Weekend. It contains various substances. But does anyone know which substances are contained in the bottle? Can anyone reassure that they are safe for administartion?
One of people’s mistakes is that they think the following way: if any product is made of plants, it is safe for usage. A lot of persons believe that such supplements can’t have negative influence on body’s functions. It is wrong to believe this way. There are plants which are poisonous. It is banned to consume them.
Hemlock was the poison which led to Socrates’ death. It was derived from certain herb. Ricin that is claimed to be one of the most poisonous compounds on the Earth is derived from a castor been roots. That’s why it is necessary to know what you apply in order to prevent taking substances which contain any poison, regardless they are from herbs or not.
Why are companies allowed to sell medicines as if they were dietary supplemenets? Supplements don’t pass any FDA control. Here we may say about statements with doubled sense. The Hatch-Harken law allows the supplement industry to elaborate preparations that are labeled as supplements. But are they actually supplements? Some drugs are purchasable, being labeled as supplements. But it is wrong totally. These products may be unsafe.
Does anybody suggest that anabolic steroids and other related medicines may be labeled as dietary supplements? Do they supplement or treat? A term was elaborated in order to prevent utilizing medical terms. This term is “to support”. What does this verb mean? Isn’t it a wink to the term “to treat”?
The FDA desires to establish control over dietary supplements. There will be a requirement for all new supplements to be safe.
Pharmaceutical companies spend large sums of dollars in order to define whether new medicines are safe. Some of them fail to be called “safe” because of serious negative effects. But as for manufacturers of dietary supplements, they don’t have these problems because there do not have such regulations in supplement industry.
Supplement requirements are connected with money and not with science. In fact, they should have the same regulations like those which are established for pharmaceutical companies.

Important facts about Anavar results
General Anavar results include following benefits: decrease of glucocorticoid levels, improvement of muscles’ quality, enhancement of strength, repairing of damaged muscles and enhancement of metabolic rate. Cutting results of this medication are splendid. Numerous sportspersons take it to burn fat and acquire lean muscles. A 2-month phase with this steroid has ability to advance adding 10 lbs of hard muscles and approximately 2% of fat loosing. This product is used not only by athletes but also by common individuals that desire to look more attractive. One of the most precious capacities is that   it doesn’t represent any problem to sustain Anavar results. Benefits of this steroid are observed as well, in case it is applied for several medical needs.

вторник, 8 мая 2012 г.

Trainers encourage student-athletes to apply steroids and other prohibited preparations

Brian McNamee confirms that trainers are the principal individuals who induce application of anabolic steroids. The convicted distributor of steroids affirms that coaches have the most relevant influence on decisions of young sportspersons to use prohibited products. Their influence is larger than one of street dealers who offer banned substances for sales, trying to convince young persons that they may have great success due to intake of these products. Brian McNamee suggests that coaches and the society teach young sportspeople that they must win at any cost. This aspect pressures students that go info sports. It induces causing their decision to apply steroids and other related medicines.
Brian McNamee was invited to share his point of view at the Nassau Counselors Association’s conference. He pronounced some thoughts  during a presentation that was called “Creating a Safe Environment for Our Student-Athletes”. He received an honorarium of 200 dollars. McNamee presented this sum of money to the Taylor Hooton Foundation.
McNamee is known better as a coach that has injected Roger Clemens with anabolic steroids and HGH. It was claimed that he stored all syringes and vials which were used for injecting Roger Clemens with steroids during circa 7 years. He supported accusations of federal prosecutors against Clemens.
The testimony of McNamee promoted publishing the Mitchell Report on steroids in the Major League Baseball. The Report was worth of 20 million dollars. It was publicized in December 2007. Statements of Brian McNamee and Kirk Radomski were the base for publishing the report. They provided evidence related to administration of steroids in professional baseball. These persons were enforced to collaborate with investigators of the Mitchell Report. It was their agreement which was achieved due to charges related to steroids.
The agreement also suggests that McNamee will testify as a government witness in the trial of Roger Clemens. He didn’t have possibility to report details related to the case of Roger Clemens during the Nassau Counselors Association. But the time will come, when he tells the story linked with Clemens.
However it was declared a mistrial in the first trial related to the case of Roger Clemens, it was scheduled another trial.

Shaquille O’Neal has stated that he knows how to neutralize effects caused by steroids in Jose Canseco during their fight

It has been lately noted that Jose Canseco and Shaquille O’Neal have spoken about their possibility to fight against each other in a match of mixed martial arts. O’Neal challenged him last year but Jose Canseco didn’t take him seriously. Just now Jose Canseco changed his attitude.
Many people consider that Jose Canseco needs money since he has been invited to play for the Triple-A Quintana Roo Tigres of the Mexican Baseball League.
Jose Canseco should have a steroid test before starting playing in this team. But as it is stated, he administers Testosterone Cypionate and HCG that are indicated by his health care provider for testosterone replacement therapy. Although he has justified clinical purposes for application of these medications, he should get certain specific documents to be allowed to play professional baseball. While his fate connected with playing professional baseball is not yet clear, he wants to fight against O’Neal in a match.
O’Neal has reported that he is ready to fight against Jose Canseco. He mentioned that he had challenged Canseco long ago.
O’Neal doesn’t trouble that Jose Canseco administers anabolic steroids. He has own secret methods and he states that he has ability to neutralize effects of Jose Canseco which are caused by usage of Testosterone Cypionate.
It was scheduled that Jose Canseco would fight against the former player of the MLB Lenny Dykstra. When this man played professional baseball, he also applied anabolic steroids.
Randall Lane confirms in his book “The Zeroes: My Misadventures in the Decade Wall Street Went Insane” that Lenny Dykstra has admitted that he applied anabolic steroids. Dykstra told Lane that Jose Canseco and he had caused steroid revolution in baseball.
Jeff Scott, a bodybuilder from Florida, confirmed that he supplied Dykstra with drugs that enhance performance at sums of 20, 000 dollars. He also added that he injected Dykstra with steroids numerous times.
But the fight between Dykstra and Jose Canseco never happened because Dykstra was charged with thefts, false financial statements and possession of illegal medications. Finally, he was sentenced to prison.
O’Neil offered to fight against Jose Canseco instead of Dykstra. He asked the UFC’s president Dana White to arrange a ring with Jose Canseco. Jose Canseco accepted the challenge of Shaquille O’Neal.

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The BOA thinks that it has superior rules on steroids

The British Olympic Association put efforts to justify itself for the fact that it violates laws of the World Anti-Doping Agency. According to laws of the WADA, punishment for usage of anabolic steroids and other related preparations have to be universal in the whole  world. The punishment which is indicated for an athlete that has applied forbidden preparations for the first time is sentencing to 2-year suspensions.
But the British Olympic Association claims that such punishment isn’t sufficient. The BOA sentences users of steroids for life-time bans from taking part in the Olympic Games. The WADA confirms that this law of the BOA contradicts the WADA Code that is unvarying.
Lord Moynihan, the chairman of the BOA, hasn’t agreed to change the rule. As a result, a hearing has been scheduled to be at a Court of Arbitration for Sports in London.
The athletes who had administered prohibited substances were suspended by the International Olympic Committee from taking part in Olympics under the Osaka Rule.
Lord Moynihan confirmed that the rule of the BOA related to life-time suspensions wouldn’t be cancel, if even the CAS would be in contradiction with it. The BOA confirms that it has the best laws.
Lord Moynihan supported statements written by the former British Olympic decathlete Daley Thompson who claimed that British laws linked with doping were the best. He noticed that they shouldn’t be overthrown by the rest part of the world.
Delay Thompson notices that cheaters must be punished harshly. They must be suspended for the whole life. According to his affirmations, the BOA shouldn’t agree with the law of the WADA to sentence dopers just for 2-year suspensions. He notes that the Britain wants to have the highest sport standards. He notes that if the rest part of the world refuses to have high standards, it doesn’t mean that Britain should follow their low levels.
David Howman, the director general of the WADA, criticizes the opinion proclaimed by Daley, noting that steroid testing has been only on its early level of development, when he has won his gold medals in Olympics in Moscow and Los Angeles.
Travis Tygart, the CEO of the US Anti-Doping Agency, blames the BOA for its refusal to agree with the rules of the WADA. It seems to be strange that Travis Tygart who always criticizes cheaters criticizes the BOA for the strict law.
Travis Tygart claims that since international laws have been once established and all have agreed to them, anyone must follow them.
Dwain Chambers and David Millar, British athletes, who have been earlier suspended for administration of prohibited medications wait for the decisions connected with this issue. They desire to know whether they will be allowed to compete at the 2012 London Olympics.

Valuable information about the steroid Testosterone Propionate
The most significant difference between the steroid Testosterone Propionate and such testosterone esters, as Enanthate and Cypionate, is its duration of action. This medicine is administered for treatment of reduced testosterone levels, delayed puberty and HIV/AIDS-related muscle wasting.  This medication is able also to protect heart from various coronary diseases. A lot of sportspersons apply the steroid Testosterone Propionate to induce enhancing muscles and strength and protect muscles from catabolic glucocorticoid hormones. When it comes to women, it is recommended them to avoid application of this steroid.

Experiences of Patrick Arnold in manufacture of steroids

No one from New Jersey desires to be implicated in a low-paying job which is linked with production of chemicals which are used in shampoos and hair gels. Let tell you what has happened in this state in 1994.
Patrick Arnold, a person of the age of 24, was alone in a room. He was mixing various specific thickeners to enhance viscosity of some solutions. Arnold was doing this job much time. Thus, he had enough time to cogitate about his life, blaming it. This young man was unhappy that the job was bothering and nothing interesting happened. But there was no any other job.
However his future was before him, some months passed before he found the way.
Patrick Arnold was an enthusiastic weightlifter. But he has stopped much time ago to put his efforts in order to become bigger. Nevertheless, every day after his job he went to a gym where he had workouts and had discussions with other guys. Their discussions were often linked with anabolic steroids. Arnold had specialized in chemistry at the University of New Haven. So,  the conversions connected with steroids led him to meditations.
One day after Arnold had stirred thickeners he went to the chemistry library and looked at molecular structures of the steroids that were described in several fitness magazines. Anabolic steroids had been already announced to be controlled drugs. But there was still enough information about these preparations.
Staring at molecular structures of steroids, Patrick Arnold was meditating why he was doing that awful job. He concluded that it would be much more pleasant for him to try producing steroids himself. Arnold ordered several chemicals through the company. It was required to have them for manufacture of steroids. No one knew what he wanted to do.
At the beginning Arnold endured several difficulties. He didn’t get success at once. For example, he wanted to make a medicine which had to have a crystalline structure. But it turned out to be that he got liquid that was like sticky oil. He comprehended that it meant that potentially toxic impurities and reactants were not separated from the brew. Step by step he became more versed. Arnold started to apply solvents in order to wash impurities and reagents away. He could produce wanted preparations. Their crystalline structures proved that they had needed level of purity.

Chief truth about the steroid Testosterone Propionate
The most important difference between the steroid Testosterone Propionate and such testosterone esters, as Enanthate and Cypionate, is its length of action. This preparation is prescribed in case of hypogonadism, delayed puberty and HIV/AIDS-connected muscle wasting.  This preparation may also prevent coronary diseases. A lot of sportspeople utilize the steroid Testosterone Propionate in order to promote increasing muscles and energy and protect muscles from catabolic effects. As for females, it is recommended them to avoid administration of this steroid.