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четверг, 3 мая 2012 г.

The BOA thinks that it has superior rules on steroids

The British Olympic Association put efforts to justify itself for the fact that it violates laws of the World Anti-Doping Agency. According to laws of the WADA, punishment for usage of anabolic steroids and other related preparations have to be universal in the whole  world. The punishment which is indicated for an athlete that has applied forbidden preparations for the first time is sentencing to 2-year suspensions.
But the British Olympic Association claims that such punishment isn’t sufficient. The BOA sentences users of steroids for life-time bans from taking part in the Olympic Games. The WADA confirms that this law of the BOA contradicts the WADA Code that is unvarying.
Lord Moynihan, the chairman of the BOA, hasn’t agreed to change the rule. As a result, a hearing has been scheduled to be at a Court of Arbitration for Sports in London.
The athletes who had administered prohibited substances were suspended by the International Olympic Committee from taking part in Olympics under the Osaka Rule.
Lord Moynihan confirmed that the rule of the BOA related to life-time suspensions wouldn’t be cancel, if even the CAS would be in contradiction with it. The BOA confirms that it has the best laws.
Lord Moynihan supported statements written by the former British Olympic decathlete Daley Thompson who claimed that British laws linked with doping were the best. He noticed that they shouldn’t be overthrown by the rest part of the world.
Delay Thompson notices that cheaters must be punished harshly. They must be suspended for the whole life. According to his affirmations, the BOA shouldn’t agree with the law of the WADA to sentence dopers just for 2-year suspensions. He notes that the Britain wants to have the highest sport standards. He notes that if the rest part of the world refuses to have high standards, it doesn’t mean that Britain should follow their low levels.
David Howman, the director general of the WADA, criticizes the opinion proclaimed by Daley, noting that steroid testing has been only on its early level of development, when he has won his gold medals in Olympics in Moscow and Los Angeles.
Travis Tygart, the CEO of the US Anti-Doping Agency, blames the BOA for its refusal to agree with the rules of the WADA. It seems to be strange that Travis Tygart who always criticizes cheaters criticizes the BOA for the strict law.
Travis Tygart claims that since international laws have been once established and all have agreed to them, anyone must follow them.
Dwain Chambers and David Millar, British athletes, who have been earlier suspended for administration of prohibited medications wait for the decisions connected with this issue. They desire to know whether they will be allowed to compete at the 2012 London Olympics.

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