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вторник, 8 мая 2012 г.

Trainers encourage student-athletes to apply steroids and other prohibited preparations

Brian McNamee confirms that trainers are the principal individuals who induce application of anabolic steroids. The convicted distributor of steroids affirms that coaches have the most relevant influence on decisions of young sportspersons to use prohibited products. Their influence is larger than one of street dealers who offer banned substances for sales, trying to convince young persons that they may have great success due to intake of these products. Brian McNamee suggests that coaches and the society teach young sportspeople that they must win at any cost. This aspect pressures students that go info sports. It induces causing their decision to apply steroids and other related medicines.
Brian McNamee was invited to share his point of view at the Nassau Counselors Association’s conference. He pronounced some thoughts  during a presentation that was called “Creating a Safe Environment for Our Student-Athletes”. He received an honorarium of 200 dollars. McNamee presented this sum of money to the Taylor Hooton Foundation.
McNamee is known better as a coach that has injected Roger Clemens with anabolic steroids and HGH. It was claimed that he stored all syringes and vials which were used for injecting Roger Clemens with steroids during circa 7 years. He supported accusations of federal prosecutors against Clemens.
The testimony of McNamee promoted publishing the Mitchell Report on steroids in the Major League Baseball. The Report was worth of 20 million dollars. It was publicized in December 2007. Statements of Brian McNamee and Kirk Radomski were the base for publishing the report. They provided evidence related to administration of steroids in professional baseball. These persons were enforced to collaborate with investigators of the Mitchell Report. It was their agreement which was achieved due to charges related to steroids.
The agreement also suggests that McNamee will testify as a government witness in the trial of Roger Clemens. He didn’t have possibility to report details related to the case of Roger Clemens during the Nassau Counselors Association. But the time will come, when he tells the story linked with Clemens.
However it was declared a mistrial in the first trial related to the case of Roger Clemens, it was scheduled another trial.

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