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суббота, 19 мая 2012 г.

False statements of Dana White about struggle of the UFC against doping

The UFC President Dana White tries to defend UFC efforts against usage of forbidden preparations.  Dana White notes that the UFC struggles seriously to push banned medicines out of sports. He confirms that they do more than any other sport organization for this goal.
Unluckily, affirmations of the UFC President are pronounced only for public relations purposes. They are completely false. The UFC doesn’t do more than any other sport organization, struggling against application of banned preparations.
Dana White affirms that it is impossible to perform random drug testing in the UFC. This person notices that they have 375 athletes under contract. The UFC President notes that it is impossible to perform random tests because these sportspersons live everywhere; they travel around the world. The UFC President finds it unreal to travel in various countries, seeking these 375 persons, in order to test them continually.
While The UFC President tries to prove that it is impossible to perform random drug testing of 375 UFC guys, other sport organizations do it with their sportspersons. They perform random testing successfully.
It isn’t completely clear what happens really. Does Dana White desire to mislead public about administration of prohibited products by the UFC athletes? Or is he ignorant wholly, when it comes to the laws of the World Anti-Doping Agency?
The CEO of the US Anti-Doping Agency thinks that the UFC does everything in order to avoid agreement with the code of the WADA. They have own points of views and struggle against the WADA rules. However the UFC states that they try to protect their sports from usage of forbidden preparations by the WADA rules, the reality displays that it is not true. The UFC rules are miserable in comparison with those of the WADA. Don’t be mistaken!

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