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воскресенье, 13 мая 2012 г.

Why do prostitutes use steroids?

Young women in Bangladesh who are involved in prostitution take steroids to add weight and bulk up. It has been written by Reuters. The article’s headline contains the following words: “dark steroid secret”. It is stated that prostitutes from Bangladesh take steroids to have better appearance. Of course, the first thoughts that come in mind in this case are related to application of anabolic steroids. But reading the article completely and more attentively, anyone can notice that it is written not about anabolic steroids but about corticosteroids.
One of corticosteroids that are available at pharmacies of Bangladesh is sold under the trade name Oradexon. It is not needed to have a prescription in order to get this medication. Its cost is circa 15 taka which equal to 0, 18 USD dollars. An alternative name of this medication is Dexamethasone. This is an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant remedy that is prescribed for cure of individuals who experience different illnesses. This drug is over 25 times more potent that the natural steroid hormone cortisol.
90 % of sex workers at the 15 legal houses of prostitution from Bangladesh take the corticosteroid Oradexon. 90 % equal to 900 young prostitutes who apply this preparation continually. They apply it willingly or are enforced to do it. So, some of them are enforced to apply it. But others administer this remedy willingly because it is said that corticosteroids have ability to add strength and improve health.
It may seem to be ironically but prostitutes from Bangladesh  who utilize corticosteroids have the same purposes like those which encourage bodybuilders to apply anabolic steroids. Sex workers apply corticosteroids in order to improve physical appearance, add weight and increase appetite.
It is confirmed that Oradexon can give healthy appearance to users. Customers appreciate it. A lady that is involved in prostitution in Bangladesh says that customers are seeking healthy girls. Since she needs money in order to pay her bills and loans, she should have customers each day. If she doesn’t have any customer a day, she doesn’t have what to eat. Furthermore, she tries to earn money for her son.
Actually, negative results that may be provoked due to corticosteroids are much more dangerous than those that can occur due to administration of anabolic steroids. Corticosteroids can affect immune system, lead to osteoporosis and insulin resistance, enhance appetite significantly, and enhance weight and fat.
Specialists try to draw people’s attention to abuse of corticosteroids and probable negative reactions of them.

Usage of AndroGel for bodybuilding!
Besides common indications to this steroid, it is required to follow some specified directions, when it comes to application of AndroGel for bodybuilding. Athletes who want to increase muscle mass due to this medicine need to do exercises which involve big muscles during administration of this medication. Bench presses, leg presses, squats and arm curls have to be done. As for cardio workouts, they should be avoided during application of AndroGel for bodybuilding. It is needed to have also proper diets, if you desire to receive needed results. You meal should contain much protein and starchy carbohydrate.

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