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вторник, 15 мая 2012 г.

Interest to the case linked with Roger Clemens was renewed after Mike Wallace had died

Mike Wallace, a celebrated investigative journalist, who was one of the initial correspondents of CBS’ 60 Minutes died, when he was 93 years old. This reporter hosted capturing interviews with world celebrated individuals. The most recent stories were about the former professional baseball player Roger Clemens and accusations connected with usage of anabolic steroids and HGH by this athlete. Mike Wallace’s last appearance on TV was linked with this case.
The interview with Roger Clemens about steroids was broadcast in January, 2008. Rusty Hardin, the defense attorney for Roger Clemens, arranged the appearing of this former baseball player in the program 60 Minutes. Roger Clemens had to defense himself against accusations of Brian McNamee, his former personal coach. This trainer accused Roger Clemens in administration of anabolic steroids and HGH. He collaborated with investigators of Mitchell Report, when they tried to determine the widespread of steroid use in the Major League Baseball.
Wallace didn’t enforce Clemens to tell that he administered steroids. He just convinced him to prove to others that he had used neither steroids, nor HGH. Clemens claimed that he would be able to pull a tractor with his teeth, if he had applied steroids.
The interview of Clemens was a calamitous public relations ploy for the attorney Rusty Hardin. It was not the best interview. But it renewed the interest after Wallace had died.
In fact, Wallace hosted much more substantial interviews during his career. The steroid interview with Roger Clemens was not the most interesting. Why did it draw every person’s attention?
Other interviews of Wallace are quite significant. Wallace interviewed the lawyer of the president Richard Nixon and the assistant to the president for Domestic Affairs John Ehrlichman during the Watergate scandal. Wallace named the Watergate scandal “perjury”. He mentioned such methods of Richard Nixon, as thefts, spying, obstruction of justice, etc. The scandal led to resignation of the president.
The Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini was also interviewed by Wallace. The reporter named him a “lunatic”. But he was quoting the president Anwar el-Sadat of Egypt.
Another person that was interviewed by Wallace was the Vice President of Research and Development at a tobacco company. Jeffrey Wigand noted during the interview that executives of the company cheated before the Congress about their knowledge linked with nature of nicotine.
Although these interviews were significant, numerous persons directed their attention to insignificant interview with Roger Clemens. It may be because while lying of Roger Clemens before the Congress can cause federal struggle against steroids, the war on nicotine will never exist.

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