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четверг, 10 мая 2012 г.

Some products which are labeled as dietary supplements are not safe

What can be called “a medication”? The FDA affirms that a medicine represents a substance; it is not a supplement. It is applied for diagnosis, cure, prevention of diseases, for proper influence on body’s functions. It is possible to mention that a medicine is a medicine which has nothing to do with politics and great money.
But you may face certain ambiguity today. A law that has been established in 1994 by Senators Orrin Hatch and Tom Harkin has caused the confusion between dietary supplements and drugs. Thus, mega-billion dollar supplements industry has induced developing the disorder in clear definitions. Users’ ignorance and some legislative expressions with doubled sense have played essential role in creation of following wrong conception: anything which is sold may be used without dangers.
This wrong conception led to different serious troubles. For example, more than a year ago 2 young soldiers of the U. S. Army died as a result of administration of so-called “dietary supplements” Jack3d and OxyElite Pro. The case is still investigated. In fact, it has been set that those soldiers had utilized an amphetamine-like synthetic substance which has been called “dimethylamylamine”. It had negative influence on their cardiovascular and nervous systems. Since it has altered function of bodies, it is a medication. Although it is a banned compound utilized by sportspeople, it is available at the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC.
Health stores sell products which are similar to that substance mentioned above. They are getable as dietary supplements but it is not true.
Another preparation is DHEA. It is a steroid that may be transformed in consumers’ systems into anabolic steroids or neurohormonal steroids. This aspect influences on physiological functions of body. Is it a supplement actually?
Another preparation which is labeled as a dietary supplement is RockHard Weekend. It contains various substances. But does anyone know which substances are contained in the bottle? Can anyone reassure that they are safe for administartion?
One of people’s mistakes is that they think the following way: if any product is made of plants, it is safe for usage. A lot of persons believe that such supplements can’t have negative influence on body’s functions. It is wrong to believe this way. There are plants which are poisonous. It is banned to consume them.
Hemlock was the poison which led to Socrates’ death. It was derived from certain herb. Ricin that is claimed to be one of the most poisonous compounds on the Earth is derived from a castor been roots. That’s why it is necessary to know what you apply in order to prevent taking substances which contain any poison, regardless they are from herbs or not.
Why are companies allowed to sell medicines as if they were dietary supplemenets? Supplements don’t pass any FDA control. Here we may say about statements with doubled sense. The Hatch-Harken law allows the supplement industry to elaborate preparations that are labeled as supplements. But are they actually supplements? Some drugs are purchasable, being labeled as supplements. But it is wrong totally. These products may be unsafe.
Does anybody suggest that anabolic steroids and other related medicines may be labeled as dietary supplements? Do they supplement or treat? A term was elaborated in order to prevent utilizing medical terms. This term is “to support”. What does this verb mean? Isn’t it a wink to the term “to treat”?
The FDA desires to establish control over dietary supplements. There will be a requirement for all new supplements to be safe.
Pharmaceutical companies spend large sums of dollars in order to define whether new medicines are safe. Some of them fail to be called “safe” because of serious negative effects. But as for manufacturers of dietary supplements, they don’t have these problems because there do not have such regulations in supplement industry.
Supplement requirements are connected with money and not with science. In fact, they should have the same regulations like those which are established for pharmaceutical companies.

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